دیگدان و تنور – مستاوه مزه دار بدخشی / Afghan Street Food – Delicious Badakhshi Mastawa

دیگدان و تنور – مستاوه مزه دار بدخشی / Afghan Street Food – Delicious Badakhshi Mastawa

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Greetings to all the fans of Degdan wa Tanoor Hope you are all in a good health Welcome to our show and today I am at the 3rd street of Taimani project of Kabul city There is a restaurant here, where our women of Badakhshan, cook local Badakhshi foods Today I will showcase a Badakhshi food name “Mastawa” Stay with us know what is Mastawa and how it is cooked and the interesting thing is the name of that restaurant “Nakhchir”; we will ask them what does this name mean Now I am at the restaurant with two other female friends from the beautiful Badakhshan Ms. Humaira and Ms. Nazaara Mitra: Hello, how are you doing? Humaira: Thank you. How are you doing? Mitra: Thank you. How are you doing? Thank you. Hope you are alright Humaira: Thank you very much. Mitra: Ms. Humaira is a chef at the “Nakhchir” restaurant Before we go for other questions, Nakhchir was like my homework to find out what does it mean I would like the chef to tell us what does Nakhchir mean. Humaira: Nakhchir is the name of a family of deer Mitra: A family of deer. Humaira: There is a family of deer named Nakhchir Mitra: That’s why all the women of Badakhshan have beautiful eyes of deer and are named after deer Humaira: Thank you, it is your kindness. Mitra: You are welcome. Ms. Humaira, can you tell us where you live, Kabul or Badakhshan? Humaira: No, it has been 5 months that I live in Kabul. Mitra: You live in Kabul. Do you also? Nazaara: Yes, me too. Mitra: That’s great. You are the teacher here at the restaurant, how many female students do you have? Humaira: There is only one female student here. Mitra: Only one person. You are a beloved one We won’t let you work more Great. How many types of Badakhshi foods you can cook? They have many delicious foods, which ones can you cook? Humaira: One of the famous foods of Badakhshan is Mastawa that I am going to cook you today It is one of the local foods in Badakhshan, cooked during the Eid-ul Adha And there are some other foods like Mantu and Ashak that are available in Kabul but are cooked in a different way in Badakhshan Mitra: They have a different recipe like you might add some extra ingredients Our country has many famous foods and so does Badakhshan province Humaira: This restaurant is mainly to cook and keep-alive the local foods of Badakhshan Mitra: Great. It really is great and pride for us Humaira: Thank you very much. Mitra: Welcome Chef, can you tell us the recipe of Mastawa, what are the ingredients and what should we do? Humaira: We will now go to the kitchen and will tell you the ingredients then we will cook it Mitra: I will also cook to learn it. Humaira: Sure, why not. Mitra: I will then invite you as guest Humaira: We will go to the kitchen, I will tell you the ingredients and the recipe of Mastawa Mitra: Okay. Stay with us to know what is Mastawa, its recipe and the ingredients Humaira: Mitra Jan, these are the ingredients of Mastawa Which are peas, rice, meat, oil, salt and turmeric I have already boiled the water I will add the peas and meat and cook them for 30 minutes to soften them Mitra: We will boil them Humaira: Yes, we will boil them. Mitra: An organized woman; she has already boiled the water on the fire She is first adding the peas Here Humaira: I will now add the meat Mitra: Okay. They have boiled the water as needed Humaira: Yes, I have already boiled as required Mitra: Okay. They are now boiling the peas and meat to soften it. Humaira: Yes, we are boiling to cook it. Mitra: How long does it take? Humair: About 30 minutes But is usually the time it takes the peas and meat to become softened Mitra: Okay, then you will check it if it is softened or not? Humaira: Once the peas and meat is cooked, we will add the other ingredients Then we fry the turmeric and add the rice to soften it We will now put the lid on and let it cook Mitra: Let me tell you that your kitchen is very beautiful Everything here is in a traditional Afghan and Badakhshi style Humaira: Yes. Mitra: Badakhshani, not to forget that. Look, how beautiful these hand-made scarves are. And look at these local-made bowls, everything is traditional Afghan style These are clay bowls Mitra: bowls made of clay Look at these local-made clay bowls Badakhshan also have beautiful places These are the clay bowls they use it when they have guests Humaira: We use these in the restaurant as usual Mitra: Great. It is the culture of our country Humaira: Yes. Mitra: Thank you. There are beautiful places in Badakhshan, like Jurm, Kishim and Faiz Abad Then there are upper Faiz Abad and lower Faiz Abad Humaira: No, Faiz Abad the capital and Kishm Mitra: Kishim has the upper and lower regions Which part of Badakhshan are you from? Humaira: I am from Faiz Abad Mitra: You are from Faiz Abad She is from the capital city of Badakhshan Great. Badakhshan is the last province before the border reaches? Humaira: Yes, it is the last province and after that, it is the border with Tajikistan and China Mitra: Didn’t you try to go to those countries? Humaira: No. Mitra: Why? Nazaara Jan is the beloved one, she has become chubby and I don’t know what is she up to. Humaira: Nazaara Jan is from a distant district of Badakhshan She is from Sheghnan Mitra: Come here. Humaira: You can see that most of the songs are sung for the Sheghnan girls Mahdi Farrukh has also sung for her and you can see how beautiful she is Mitra: Don’t say like that, I am also here. That’s great. Afghan people are all very beautiful, lovely and cultured and the people of our provinces are also cultured and hospitable and we have very good people Thank you. We will wait for 30 minutes until the peas and meet are softened Humaira: What are your memories when you travel to provinces? Like, when you travel to villages, it is hard to go there, how do you find it when you meet the women? Mitra: What a good question, no one has asked me that before. Thank you. It really feels good when you travel to provinces and find out about our people and their culture You will be more than happy with their hospitability You find them a very good and hospitable people We had a great show when we were in Bamiyan province And thanks to all our fans who watched those shows and wrote us beautiful comments Do you know what was a great memory for me in Bamiyan? Everyone wanted to propose to me. Humaira: Are you married? Mitra: Yes, I accepted the proposal of six of them Humaira: If aren’t married so I would ask for my son Mitra: I wasn’t thinking to this level Humaira: If you want to marry a Badakhshani guy so I will do a marriage proposal for my son Mitra: Sure. One from Badakhshan, one from Bamiyan One from Kunduz and from Jalalabad, good to have one from different places Well Was just kidding; we really have good people, thank you all. We respect you all. Ms. Humaira has added the rice to the pot to soften it You can then come for a marriage proposal, I won’t reject yours. Humaira: I will definitely come Mitra: Sure. Humaira: Try to go to Badakhshan too and record some show. Mitra: The Degdan and Tanoor team You will find a beautiful weather in Badakhshan and can meet with females there Mitra: This is our purpose Humaira: There is a new restaurant established in Faiz Abad, Badakhshan that is fully managed by women You can go and visit there too Mitra: Okay. So, the rice is inside the pot, how long are you going to boil it? Humaira: Until it is softened. Mitra: Until it is softened. Rice, peas, and meat is inside the post, and we are waiting for them to be cooked and are you married? Humaira: Yes, I am married. Mitra: That’s great. Can you sing me a nice Badakhshi song, please? One will do anything for her daughter-in-law That’s alright, let’s ignore the song; tell us one of your interesting memories in your life Humaira: One day, I was passing by the graveyards, I saw kids, my son and two other They were in the graveyard. I am talking in the Badakhshani accent I hope you understand it Mitra: Yes, I do understand. Humaira: The graveyard was far from home, so I asked them what are you doing here? He said that I came over to my grandfather’s grave to recite holly Quraan He was very young, I asked him what did you recite? He said, I recited something. I then asked what did you say when you finished reciting? He answered that I stood and said to deaths, thank you for your attention. Mitra: Really, he said to deaths, thank you for your attention Humaira: He meant that since you have listened to my reciting, thank you for that. Mitra: Very interesting. It is life, you will have both good and bad memories You are laughing but not talking Now, it is your turn. Talk to us and tell us something Where do you live? Tell us about beautiful Sheghnan, how is everything there? Find me a husband there Nazaara: I will find one, if you like them. Mitra: Just kidding. Your family live in Sheghnan? Nazaara: Yes, they are in Sheghnan. Mitra: That’s great. Nazaara: We currently live in Deh Afghanan of Kabul Mitra: So, you live in Kabul. What are the famous foods in Sheghnan? Nazaara: The famous ones are white halva and some other foods Mitra: There are many other That’s great, thank you. Humaira: Mitra Jan, this is almost cooked and ready I will now add some more hot water into it I will also prepare the turmeric Mitra: You want to prepare the turmeric Humaira: Yes, want to prepare the turmeric Humaira: We will Put this here We will first fry the turmeric and then add it to rice and peas Let me tell you that we only cook Mastawa only on Eid-ul Adha in Badakhshan Those who have Eid sacrifice, prepare to cook Mastawa on Eid’s eve to make sure it is ready by morning Once the Eid prayer is performed, people will visit those who had Eid sacrifice to eat Mastawa We have something like bowl called “Chini” in Badakhshan The guests eat Mastawa on that Chini Mitra: We have very interesting culture, if Mastawa is not cooked in ones home, people will not visit them on Eid Humaira: Yes, even the most rich people will cook Mastawa Mitra: She now wants to fry the turmeric, why would you do that? Humaira: If you fry turmeric, it will have a good flavor. Mitra: To make its flavor better. Humaira: We fry turmeric to make its flavor better and remove the raw smell it has That’s why we fry it in oil I will add some salt and a bit water to this pot Mitra: Nazaara, you look very lazy like me Humaira: Nazaara Jan is going to bring us the hot water Mitra: She will bring hot water. I will now add the turmeric into it Mitra: They have added turmeric to change its raw flavor pleasant Humaira: Mastawa depends on turmeric You got it? Mastawa totally depends on turmeric It is now ready. Since the water is evaporated we have to add some more water Mitra: Look, what a clear and beautiful yellow color does it have Thank you very much. You really are very intelligent and organized and you have made our show more sweet with your kinds words You have told us beautiful stories of the past too Humaira: Thank you. Mitra: We really enjoyed it Humaira: I hope you have enjoyed it. Mitra: We really enjoyed. I will keep coming to your restaurant from now on.

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    New hairstyle and black dress, Mitra in this episode has gone to a different level-She is always cute but this time she looks stunning!

  • Wali Khan Lag Post author

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  • said khan Post author

    It is very late at night in London, I had to cook food after watching this programme- I will blame Mitra if I become a fat man.

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    صادق حکیم مقیم امریکا در ایالت ورجنیا : پروگرام های شما را همیشه تماشا میکنم بسیار جالب ودیدنی است
    اگر لطف نموده طرزی پخت شوله غوربندی
    را تهیه نماید

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