?SS專精教你把狄拉克玩成T0之0!這樣玩MVP秒成法神!法典流極限傷害秒悟空!敵:躲溫泉也死?【MAD Team】【傳說對決】【Liên Quân】字幕 DIRAK SUB TH VN EN ID

?SS專精教你把狄拉克玩成T0之0!這樣玩MVP秒成法神!法典流極限傷害秒悟空!敵:躲溫泉也死?【MAD Team】【傳說對決】【Liên Quân】字幕 DIRAK SUB TH VN EN ID

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In addition, hidden until now You, Oh hit me (^ _ ^ Tsu) Oh well (?) This, we are the opposite monkey you want to cut How little blood or blood little resort Close kite This is our passive You’ll get to teach you This locks the arena of his death, had opposed Next, the two control skills Ni opposite of Hafen Before closing Then, cannons map Then, close the Dirac Make for 2- Depending on the skill of control, the opposite of summer Two of the skills, control Lenny, do not hit directly Oh, you take it We, to polish passive, you want to have to cut this monkey It is passive brush up Seal first skill here That two of her skills Stan For the direct killing of teammate Having nickel Kafen his spikes Squatting in the grass Contrary to the control monkeys direct sec I do not teach you a lesson that However, now, 讚喔 please the following points There is a maximum support so that all the small point for me Oh, for what little Brother HI everyone I MAD Wowo This time we brought Tempur comment on Dirac’s new hero Everyone will do right away to see If you do not subscribe to the Wowo Channel, please subscribe Otherwise, to teach, you will lose S on the road So, if you’ve played the way Or as the new hero of information Similarly, make sure that: If you want to play any other way other hero, you are welcome to leave a comment below It tells the Wowo You want to play road What hero my word that try hero In order to show the actual description Direct road building skills Follow the controls during summer cover his head Yet another skill skills II If you are, pasted on the wall, You do not need to actually position the second time He put a meteor to play automatically Qiluo brothers opposite Right across the two heroes win Amazing that opponents Ni present Kafen We have direct control of two skills To come out after his death And teammate to cover the top of his head Death is the equivalent of living Wu In this case, in fact most She lies on life insurance There is a real life live scores Dirac, is that of a hero He has been very restrained Here is viewed as a whole We are, I want to open a large step In order to consume the blood to the grid, This, it should be noted heroes Dirac In terms of equipment Curly and equipment levels to eat It is to fight Oh hero If early the injury is not a story that has been greatly exaggerated Big step does not play to say a few seconds Instead, his power, the start will be very good Compared with many heroes the skills you need to control emotions Here you have two opposing skill to control the nickel Kafen Closure head and teammate Later, about the opposite of residual blood And where the army continues to the finish line Please see the bottom of the grass L gathered there yet. However, according to point this summer, it will face a time hei We have called this direct squat This is our Dirac In fact, you need to bring the skills of what Summoner In fact, the hero many times If this does not happen, teleport Even comfortable enough to fear, would be the opposite of the character of the cut line Or, like this According to the great movement of the summer, So he went to lock After that there teleport If we simply take hasty Or other skills of Summoner It will be removed before the absolute Here, two people from around the hero that is, take direct cannon this will To the outside of the tower our way It will control two of the skills, said At the opening of a large movement skills followed Dirac to date Open big step today We are a big movement and the answer Directly put your head very impressive revenue dropped calls This distance, control because, still far I remember that when you play in front of the king, called the goddess and SS hero This is referred to as a hero in the goddess However, it is not exactly the same skills Here, in the direct control of the opposition to participate in summer Little Brother He really will control the hero If Brother, I want to play with the help of aid Here, look at this amazing wave Goku does not want to charge us, we immediately closed Instead, it immediately closes Why, there is a hero to this He just said control We wanted to make him We were soon two skills First, dizziness Then, the skills later, he pushed back A We can take it Of course the hero If you want to rearrange your skills, You can use 121 However, you go that way brush He does not like failure AEGON This can sometimes be a hero I want to use direct Oh two skills It is also possible to go controls The following is from the opposite of the kite from OtotoSatorusora Teammate and Brother cover his head So, seeing this hero In fact, it would be very easy to cut In fact, there is no We are the only remaining blood should And, through passive systolic blood pressure of the blood of the rest of the country In order to ensure that you have Goku, shut otherwise It’s not just the many heroes of having one large step Map cancer function He will be more features in practice 12 skills will control skill So, if you want more control, it It can Oh ice sticks In this case, to determine the opposition in the assembly To play on the contrary, the two skills We turned up dead arena, do not waste Two control skills We wanted to cross Goku We hit Wow reasons we do not always die The reason of this is, is a passive Blue bar, such as blood Goku killed in a wave of anti-bounds Here you can see the hero du Lac hei If more than if the sister You will feel ah The first day you should be able to use ah No one should BAN Here there is a large movement According to the direct opposite of summer closing, So far Labeled as blood layer across Durakku blood Drop blood Drop The line was just more than BAN qualifying hero angle I think it makes a big opportunity after BAN The best option in the middle of the Hero adequately control the actual Here is the opposite of Goku We’ll cut straight Oh we were hungover two skills Unfortunately, her brother did not come to the point in time But still we barely make a one-to-one his Here, continue in the middle of it This wave finish line of troops Then, you look at the nickel Hafen Wow one of the skills skills took her cleavage I ran to escape ah arc bloodthirsty Moreover, they can not be opened Due to such a defendant’s level Directly Oh kite Then, evaporation We, as I said this hero In fact, in addition to its power, He also mastered Uranaishogata He hopes to be able to avoid death There flatness country here skills Heroes whole Then, two control skills Then, the skills will always put the line of soldiers this monkey, I want to cut in between us We, Masu first retreat Then, continue to use the skills Big move again Two young brothers opposite Oh shut In addition, conduct one-to-3 hero 1 Tsunomin’na case, I think If there is excess gold You really can afford this His very practical and heroes The difficulty level of the operation is not high The higher the plus injury Here’s my brother wanted to open a small Caesar Please see the monkeys come straight ADO. Flash directly before fleeing Here you do not, ah Then, we eat Caesar Brothers immediately called to become for the first summer resort Once again, we Wow control game Our brave sisters output Oh directly opposite second of these monkeys dan, Here the finish line directly to the army In practice, then, the other at this point in time One closing word This can be done Caesar Or zone will be able to squat squat Caesar Midst of it point in time of the build-up Both skills now say control Together, you get out beyond the summer harvest This was contrasted take Caesar here We are, I want in the way of pressure Oh Heights We will continue to organize the army line This again is not a place of our own activities Please do was to not play team battles The distal consumption can Oh Follow directly opposite the first collection during the summer After it closes a pet again, Once again the two control skills Dirac more and take Qiluo also opposition Direct one-to-four continuous control of continuous output Coupled with low skills cooling hero of this 12, He made one of the new words The first opposite Kafen Ni and control where Then, in the new version out near absolute hero word This, only a chance BAN Then, the hero is recommended that you actually go Why become a big movement that we can not wait here CD Because we can open a big step directly, The main tower of the castle, you can not hit us directly Hard to the inverse of the main castle tower removed To win the victory of the game thanks for watching MAD Wowo I was, like them Share point also, do not forget to subscribe to praise. This, taking MVP thanks for watching We refer to the next time

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