Bars of The Month = November 2019 | PART 1

Bars of The Month = November 2019 | PART 1

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This the thanks after I pitched you game?
Helped ya home base
Get to every card and all (Cardinal), y’all think it’s cause of the bol’ pen (bullpen)? How if when, tryin’ to win, he talked all that SMACK and it pushed yo’ a&& right back in the Lionz Den N&+&a, I’m im Him! Trez your chest (treasure chest) got gold shells in it Pull the stick off the side chair and put his feet up it was Emperor’s New Groove I take this Llama out and spit. Scope, camera shy, hide behind a lens, everybody dii
I spot him by his friend, n%&a Surf will never make it to his mama house again! Boy I should chill cause this the longest (mil) I ever bought for real
I call it the lean, mean, fat burnin’ machine So it can get at least four men (Foreman) Grill(ed)
The Horsemen will, … The Horsemen will, kll the Goonies
So please don’t get ya homies smoked I thought about Glue and A. Ward (gluin’ award) like my trophy broke Yo’ ancestors was prolly hidin’ in forests
On my end, my origin is Mayan warriors
Cut off my head b+%&h I might grow four of ’em [?] same motion, n%+&s play the accordion
Look how I talk to y’all Morpheus Put some bread on him like a stock exchange
Directions read, “Lots of pain”
Picture, open heart like a locket chain I’ve been watchin’ Bane
Ride up, rockets bang from a proper range He terrified, swervin’, spinnin’ the wheel like he Dr. Strange If I hit you I positively got DNA, I’m the father
Aim Glocks, like Las Vegas weather, the flame hot {gun clicks} I bang Top and you gon’ evaporate before Rain drop Family vans
You know, the good stuff
‘Til you gotta watch one of they community leaders gettin’ put in the trunk for tryin’ to lift his hood up
That s%+t rougher than mechanic hands
Man, I be, “D%+n.” All this work, they got me up here tryin’ to be a lazy n%&+a
Put my kid in park not playin’ wit’ him You know how I know?
Last year you could’ve got ate (8)
They told me, “Wait” I said, “Cool it’s N.O.M.E. it’s fine.”
F+%k is Verb? I could’ve battled anyone and headlined
But you know when you know it’s time All these gun bar n%&+s on the card, but you can bet Smack still call Lux to fully Load this .9 Shooter and the driver hangin out the window, my knee steering Bow,now is heart over there, That’s the way love goes the fans came here to see a clean body Had to take him out of his field, road game
Show the n+%a how this feel In his field, backstage his water be lightly chilled and distilled.I still, walk in and hit the faucet like this still And I’ma pull up like skkkkkert
“Aye look here n*&+a. First off
This is Offset talkin’ to Quavo ’bout a bad ad lib, yeah You see right here, is when you gonna have to take that skirt off.” N*%&a man up! You got drugged all this way to be up here lookin’ like you usin’. I’m crackin’ this n%&+a head,
I had to Whitney a n*&+a in Houston, man … you know what happens in Vegas supposed to stay there
Metal right outside them pearly- yellows and this s&*t’ll fly
Since he like to kiss and tell, tell him kiss his lips goodbye Listen guy, visit the nearest clinic by, check ya health
You know what they say, “Women known to twerk (Twork) don’t respect themselves” I disagree, cause I can teach an old thot to cop that fully
So if she wanna tw€rk (Twork) I tell her, “Don’t stop – pop that p*&%y!”

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