Behind the Scenes | WARNING: We’re Saving Small Talk | The Weather Channel

Behind the Scenes | WARNING: We’re Saving Small Talk | The Weather Channel

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– [Cameraman] Scene
one, take three, marker. (clap) – We are on the set of The
Weather Channel’s production of Save Small Talk. It’s gonna be a big day;
we got a lot of set-ups. We’ve got a big green screen, so we’re gonna be putting in
some weather patterns later on. The trick of the game is
just gonna be keep moving. We’re gonna get it, and
it’s gonna be awesome. (soft music) – When The Weather Channel came to us, they wanted us to make a
video about climate change. As we were thinking about
how to approach this, we knew the best way to approach something like this is through humor. We’re really excited that we’ve made a really great concept. It’s a mock-PSA, and we
hope you’re gonna like it. – Dude, it’s cold. – That’s what we get for
melting all the glaciers! – Writing this script was a lot of fun. We got to use a lot of
puns, a lot of alliteration. Watch out for all the weather
puns we throw at you today. – If you’re passionate about
preserving pleasantries, share this video and
help save small talk. – The Weather Channel really gets it. Although they’ve been
in the media landscape for years and years, they know how to evolve,
and they’re excited about getting into this new
landscape of shareable content. – Don’t flush! We’re in a drought, and you better pray you don’t wash your hands. – That’s gross! – I like that some directors,
they have just a certain way of doing it, and you stick to that. There was some flexibility,
so we got to play a little bit with the lines and the delivery. – We finished the awesome
scene in the weather room, that went super well,
and now we’re moving on to the water cooler scene, where
our poor protagonist, Greg, his boss just lays into
him because he makes a very innocent comment about the weather and he reads it wrong. – Weather changes. That’s why they call it “the weather.” (laughter) That’s water. – We even have a stunt man
on the show, so watch out. – [Angry Woman] You’re
not a meteorologist! – Please stop! – [Angry Man] I’d like
to see your science! – Here we are at our separate location. We’re gonna have an amazing
trampoline workout scene here. If you notice, we’ve got
five trampolines set up, and we’re getting ready for this. We didn’t even think trampoline
workouts were a real thing until we’ve saw it on the internet, but we’re really excited to
recreate it for this scene. – I want my mom to see this shoot. I want her to see this
shoot and go, “well, shoot.” – [Man] I’m proud of you, boy! – “You did it.” – So that’s a rap, guys. It was a great day. We had a lot of filming
outside, some filming inside, the weather was really nice. I think it was a success. Huge thanks to The Weather Channel for letting us do the shoot. It was a lot of fun. I think we’re gonna have
a really great video. (piano music)

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes | WARNING: We’re Saving Small Talk | The Weather Channel

  • Micha EL Post author

    I know you people see the dollar signs behind this ridiculous man made climate change crap. But at least you could have the intellectual honesty to admit it is being caused by the Earth's​ precession, IE: Milankovich cycles !

  • Txn Tom Post author

    how bout instead of all the bullshit lies you tell some truths guys till then get fucked i wish you all involved the worst!!!!

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