Blowing Bubbles in Freezing Weather

Blowing Bubbles in Freezing Weather

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What’s up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority. What would happen if you blow soap bubbles right on the snow at 5 degree weather? Well let’s find out. Look at that, it’s five degrees right now and this bubble just froze all the way. Look, it’s just ice. You see it’s not popping anymore. This is so cold, wow look at that! That’s so insane. Look at this bubble, it’s just ice. It just turned to ice, wow! Look, there is another one just turn into ice. Just look at this, these bubbles are just icicles now- when they sit on the snow, in five degree weather. (Laughs) Hugo, stop eating snow! He’s so cute. And when you touch those bubbles, they just melt in your hand. Wow, it’s almost like putting bubbles onto liquid nitrogen. (Chuckles) Stop eating bubbles, Hugo. Let me show you something. All these bubbles flying and then they just drop and look they turn into ice. It’s so cold, look these bubbles are just rolling. Right there, you see? It’s just ice bubbles! Look at this bubbles, stayed down as ice. They don’t want to even pop at all. It just turn into ice. So cool, I love that experiment so much. Woah! It’s so cold, I’m going to go take a break. That’s a pretty big one, let’s see what happens. Wow, the bottom you can see already ice. Oughhh, and look a lot of bubbles turn into ice. (Silent) Well guys, that was awesome. Those soap bubbles, when they hit the ground or the snow and they don’t pop, they just freeze like an icey bubble? I don’t even know how you call that. It’s so awesome, wow! So, if you’re living in the cold weather, go outside and try this. This is such a cool experiment. But, stay warm! Well guys thank you for watching, check me out on Instagram links in description and I’ll see you next time. 🙂

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