CANTONESE #20 Weather & Seasons

CANTONESE #20 Weather & Seasons

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hi everybody today we’re going to talk about weather 天tin1 氣hei3
(tin hei) and we’ll learn different keywords according to the four seasons okay let’s get started (please rmb to subscribe if you haven’t) 春ceon1 天tin1 =spring
(chun tin) 春ceon1=spring
(chun) 天tin1=day
(tin) 春ceon1 天tin1=spring
(chun tin) it’s the time when the trees start to blossom and the weather is usually humid and warm 🙂 潮ciu4 濕sap1=humid
(ciu sup) 潮ciu4=tide
(ciu) 濕sap1=wet
(sup) 潮ciu4 濕sap1=humid
(ciu sup) warm 溫wan1 暖nyun5
(waun nyun) 溫wan1=temperature
(waun) 暖nyun5=warm
(nyun) 溫wan1 暖nyun5=warm
(waun nyun) and, if it gets even warmer or, I should say, hotter it would be the time of Summer Summer, 夏haa6 天tin1
(has tin) 夏haa6=summer
(haa) 天tin1=day
(tin) 夏haa6 天tin1=summer
(haa tin) hot is 熱jit6
(yit) 熱jit6=hot
(yit) in daytime, it’s usually much hotter becz the sun is really shiny and…sunny is 曬saai3
(saai) 曬saai3=sunny
(saai) 曬saai3=sunny
(saai) or, you can say: 好hou2 猛maang5 太taai3 陽joeng4=the sun is so strong
( hou maang taai yueng) 好hou2 猛maang5=very strong/violent
( hou maang) 太taai3 陽joeng4=sun
(taai yueng) im not sure when is the rainy season in your country @[email protected]? but in Hong Kong, it’s usually around the summer time rainy season is 雨jyu5 季gwai3
(yu gwai) 雨jyu5=rain
(yu) 季gwai3=season
(gwai) 雨jyu5 季gwai3=monsoon
(yu gwai) so, rain as a noun is 雨jyu5
(yu) as a verb is 落lok6 雨jyu5
(lok yu) and, if you want to say it is raining it would be: 落lok6 緊gan2 雨jyu5 =raining
(lok gun yu) and here comes my favourite season of the year! which is Autumn, 秋cau1 天tin1
(cau tin) 秋cau1=Autumn
(cau) 天tin1=day
(tin) 秋cau1 天tin1=autumn
(cau tin) the weather is usually very moderate not quite hot and not that cold ^ ^ 唔m4 太taai3 凍dung3 又jau6 唔m4 太taai3 熱jit6
(m taai dong yau m taai yit) or, you can just say: 唔m4 凍dung3 唔m4 熱jit6 =not cold not hot
(m dong m yit) but apart from the moderate temperature it’s also a bit windy and dry 大daai6 風fung1=windy
( daai fung ) 大daai6=big
( daai ) 風fung1=wind
( fung ) 大daai6 風fung1=windy
( daai fung ) 乾gon1 燥cou3=dry
(gon chou) 乾gon1=dry
(gon) 燥cou3=dry (in a condition with heat)
(cou) 乾gon1 燥cou3=dry
(gon cou) and after this lovely autumn, it would be the time to sing: ( sorry, i know this is embarrassing=v=”) anyway that is winter, 冬dung1 天tin1
(dong tin) 冬dung1=winter
(dong) 天tin1=tin
(tin) 冬dung1 天tin1=winter
(dong tin) snow as a noun is 雪syut3
(syut) 雪syut3=snow
(syut) and snow as a verb is 落lok6 雪syut3
(lok syut) 落lok6=falls down
(lok) 雪syut3=snow
(syut) 落lok6 雪syut3=snow (verb)
(lok syut) even though we don’t have snow in HK i think it’s pretty cold in winter=v=” and cold, is 凍dung3
(dong) 凍dung3=cold
(dong) okay, that’s it for the keywords related to 4 seasons a bonus word that I’s like to share with you today, is 春ceon1 夏haa6 秋cau1 冬dung1
(chun haa cau dong) which means spring, summer, autumn and winter ^^ so, instead of saying 4 seasons in a year, 一jat1 年nin4 四sei3 季gwai3
(yat nin sei gwai) you can also say (they have identical meaning) 春ceon1 夏haa6 秋cau1 冬dung1
(chun haa cau dong) for example 無論春夏秋冬都可以黎香港架
mou4 leon6 ceon1 haa6 cau1 dung1 dou1 ho2 ji5 lai4 hoeng1 gong2 gaa3 no matter it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can also come and visit Hong Kong! okay, that’s really the end of today’s episode i hope you like it and if you want more Cantonese videos like this, please don’t forget to give a thumbs up subscribe, and share it to your friends ( ^ ^ )/ and if you have any Cantonese questions, feel free to ask in the comment below and I will try to answer you as long as i know (how to answer=v=) and i would also like to know which is your favourite season? please share with us by sharing a comment down below as i think it would be better if we have more interactions 🙂 so…yea ^ ^ that’s it for today see you later, bye bye~ ( ^ ^ )/

20 thoughts on “CANTONESE #20 Weather & Seasons

  • robert lee Post author

    yay! new video!

  • 文子MtzCherry Post author

    What is your favourite season of the year? Feel free to share with us~!
    e.g. i love 秋cau1 天tin1 ( ^ ^ )/

  • Xeqcme Post author

    I'm not sure how I came across Cantonese Couple, but I found you through them!
    Winter is my favorite. I like walking in the fresh snow. Spring is allergy season. Summer is too hot. Autumn is my second favorite.
    Thank you for the Cantonese lessons. I have family coming over from Hong Kong in 2 months and I'm not very confident in my Cantonese.

  • Polar Po Post author

    冬dung1 天tin1 because I can hide my tummy lol

  • Bill Gross Post author

    Summer. I love the sun. Thanks, good lesson. I can practice by watching the weather report on the Cantonese TV station here in San Francisco…Tien He Bodo I think it's called?

  • Minhee Jeong Post author

    韓國嘅春天係乾燥. (Korean spring is dry.) Is this right?? I just made it up;) btw, my favourite season is late spring. greens & flowers, sunshine not too strong, makes me so 開心!! and I really wanna visit HK in autumn. heard it's the most lovely season of HK (and your favourite:)

  • MrTsiqsin Post author

    咦,今次呢集應該係 #20 喎!

  • Valdemar Batalha da Cruz Post author

    In Hong Kong the winter (冬dung1 天tin1) it's my favorite but in Portugal, I prefer the summer (夏haa6 天tin1) time. Nice video and a nice lesson too.

  • Rubytav Post author

    Great video! Please make more Cantonese learning videos

  • china jo Post author

    Superrrrr !!!

  • Janette Wong Post author

    Maybe you could teach the words "degree[s]" and "Celsius?" I'm in the US and we use Fahrenheit so it's not a big deal but it might be good for people who want to listen to a weather report.

    Perhaps other forms of precipitation like "drizzle" or "fog" and in places where it snows, "sleet."

    All together, a great primer!

  • Сергей Зарницын Post author

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