Chicago’s Best Donuts: Kuipers Family Farm

Chicago’s Best Donuts: Kuipers Family Farm

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thanks to the unsurpassed fuel economy
of the new 2017 chrysler pacifica i can get to places like maple park and still
have a few bucks left over for the you pick orchard at capers family farm how
you like them apples all right so wait pool is my favorite
time of year pumpkins apples and also the haunted stuff you cover everything
haunted forest a nature trail a haunted burn pig races and probably the main
things is the Apple picture we had a really good time going through the
orchard opportunity it’s that feeling of the season it’s an all inclusive ball
activity we like to call an experience because they ride a tractor out they get
a little bit of an education and they get to sample the apples while they’re
there what makes you shake ah goes best we’ve been told by so many people that
were you know the best apple cider donuts you make it with the apples that
you pick from your own orchard I’m ready and willing as ever to take one for the
team and sample those perfect flavors for myself I might join you in that you
can come along for the right okay this sounds good but before we do that I’m
headed out to the orchard to make some apples this is the tractor we’re gonna
take all right can I just can’t drive huh hey you look like a farmer to me
what we’ll have to see difficult driver if I can search a
YouTube video on how to drive a tractor after a bit of light persuasion wait
wait let me drive wait relents come and drive okay drive now yeah ha ha ha he
gets right in this mine tractor man alright enough
shenanigans let’s pick some apples when we pick we’re gonna want to lift and
twist quick the bud for next year is already on the tree right there so if we
pick and pull we lost Tigers crop oh oh death to another family it takes a
little bit of doing to get used to it maybe I’ll have better luck in the
kitchen time to make some donuts Chuy’s gonna
put me through the doughnut paces okay so we are ready I want to add a special
apple cider this is this is the stuff you guys made from the apples that we
pick today yeah we add capers secret spice blend that just smells like four
and eight heaping portions of don’ mix these are ready to go boom in the hopper
maybe some doughnuts somebody tweet there you go I’m outta here Chuy is
there anything more full than sitting outside on the farm with apple cider
donuts and this beautiful weather what should we toast to there we should do oh
my word oh my god they did a good job on that just taste like that pure apple
essence should we see if we were tasting the donuts I think we should the apple
cider you can taste it in there oh my god
fluffy light airy that is apple cider infused spice blended full perfection
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