Christine Lagarde: “We must take climate change into account”

Christine Lagarde: “We must take climate change into account”

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On climate change: I have tried to
identify those areas where I think from my vantage point having been
president of the ECB for hardly four weeks now, I think it would have an
impact. On the identification of macroeconomic analysis we must take
climate change into account. When we do models, when we construct models, when we
try to measure the output gap, when we try to forecast growth, when we try to have identification for expected inflation and all of those, we need to
embed climate change imperatives in that work that we do. And it’s going to
be a joint decision by the Governing Council and one where there will be a
dialogue with you and with civil society. I just spent half an hour with those
representing the signatories of the letter that you alluded to and we
certainly agreed to pursue the dialogue because I need their input, I need the
understanding of the imperative and the conundrum that we have to deal with.

3 thoughts on “Christine Lagarde: “We must take climate change into account”

  • FinanceFreak Post author

    Shouldnt she be in jail? By the way, is any of these people suggesting moving production/consumption from China/India or just taxing EU peasants?

  • userwhosinterestedin Post author

    Very vague and shallow promises so far …

  • Michael Brown Post author

    Well the Euro and Eurozone crisis is a train cash waiting to happen imo, so let's deflect the reality of this by bringing up climate change as the reason why we must print more money and lower interests further (below -0.5% !!!) as we are really doing some good. No matter that the Eurozone is a basket case. All these do gooders will walk away from the crash but the plebs won't know what's hit them, mark my words.

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