77 thoughts on “Climate change: Europe’s melting glaciers | DW Documentary

  • Irving Kurlinski Post author

    Just think, when the glaciers are gone there will be room for even more people.

  • Concerned Citizen Post author

    Ice ALWAYS melts above 32 degrees. No surprise. What's changed is the SNOW DROUGHT, not 'warming'. It always gets warm in Summer. BTW the 'climate' has ALWAYS changed and is ALWAYS in a continuous state of change. WHY are you people WORRYING about trying to STOP NATURE from happening?
    "The melting of the glacier is irreversible." What a contemptibly stupid statement.

  • Mob Rules Post author

    The Sahara Desert was once an ocean. Who are you going to blame that one on?

  • Myron McKinney Post author

    This world was not intended to last forever

    God gave us glaciers, a natural way to preserve fresh water. as the world population increases, the glaciers ore giving up their freshwater, and It is, being absorbed by humans. one need not worry about global warming, we will have plenty of fresh water until God puts an end to this world.

  • Keyboard Dancers Post author

    There's a certain irony about rich European countries experiencing direct effects of climate change brought on by modern industrial activity and fossil fuel usage.

  • Michael Heider Post author

    Water by helicopter? – for cows ?
    It's not about stoping climate change – it's about how to deal with it

  • down under Post author

    by the 2010 there will no ice on mt. Kilimanjaro, this was stated by the greens almost 20 yrs ago. Google what it looks like today. Now they say by the year 2050, is Joseph smith writing their scripts? Thankfully eventually glaciers do melt, otherwise we wouldn't be here

  • Alan D Post author

    The party is over!

  • Alan D Post author

    We do not get it!

  • Yau stedes saben Post author

    Just because some people don't believe in global warming because their daily routine remains the same, sitting in a comfy couch with cold weather and a bit of heat in summer it doesn't mean that the rest of the world are, people are dying for heat strokes, the sea level is getting higher and sea creature are reaching the coast more easily, Huracanes are going into places they never went and getting stronger, things that never happened 30 – 50 years ago and the fact that it's happening today is very concerning.

    So what I'm saying with this speech is that, don't be selfish don't just think on yourself and in your comodities, look around the world and for a moment step in the shoes of other people who are feeling the climate change more straight than you.

  • William Copeland Post author

    What have they done to the Earth?
    What have they done to our fair sister?
    Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her.
    Stuck her with knives in the side of the Dawn and
    Tied her with fences and dragged her down!

    50 year old lyrics and we still haven't learned.

    Civilization is abhorrent to the Universe.

  • Tippersnore Post author

    America's radio babbler-supreme, Rush Limblob, call stuff like this "fake news".

  • sundiii99OWS Post author

    Say goodbye to the earth…..all because people don’t want to eliminate all vehicles and build Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide.

  • Richard Dames Post author

    ONLY ten years ago there were lots more of them. And yet "we" Greta Thunberg and "US" Climate Activists are warning and demanding the we change NOW WITHIN the next 10 years. Forget about 2030 and absolutely NOT 2050. By that time we will be GONE!!! Every year (1 year) not TEN, Climate Conditions are getting WORSE! We need to act NOW!

  • Richard Dames Post author

    Her house stood for 345 years and in 1 day was destroyed in a few minutes, because of CLIMATE CHANGE!!! And people want to wait till 2030 and even 2050 REALLY??? I truly just shake my head.

  • Richard Dames Post author

    Buying SNOW!! WOW! Now i've heard it all. Buying SNOW to cover a mountain so people can ski to save their resorts business. And there's NO CLIMATE CHANGE!

  • Richard Dames Post author


  • Serene Greene Post author

    Pretty bold statement; "The landslide WAS a result of climate change"…I would like to see the scientific data to back up that statement….I also like how those young trusting influential minds unquestionably just soak up the data they are fed and regurgitate facts they haven't bothered to research themselves….Sad.

  • Smith Post author

    Rich people go climb mountains…?

  • Bobby Wells Post author

    No volcanic eruptions aren't to blame . No cutting down co2 breathing trees aren't to blame .hell it's not even a Little something "us " non gov funded scientist s. Call solar cycles . It's me.. I'm eating too much red meat. Lmao

  • jukebox symposium Post author

    If you irrigate the mountain meadows there will be a trickle down effect & the wells begin to fill again with groundwater. Collect the manure & use!
    Collecting rainwater at ground level and pumping for irrigation of mountain meadows would also help. Connect to ground level aquifer now & later!
    As the sea levels rise, this mountain meadow will likely become a local savior for the villagers. As the age old saying goes –> "Head for the Hills!"
    With this in mind, it is imperative to begin building irrigation & agriculture at higher altitudes as the Sea levels begin to rise even faster.

  • mwj5368 Post author

    I stopped everything, thought I would watch a few minutes and come back after a break outdoors, but couldn't leave this. At times near tears. We need a rapid paradigm shift to on a major scale create devices that remove the carbon from the atmosphere. We can do it as look what they did during WWII and manufacturing at tremendous rates, and that was many years ago. I was several months in Grindelwald Switzerland in 1975 and 1976. The resort I did kitchen work for to earn travel money… Hotel Sunstar, the workers lived in the old chalet, which I liked much better than the new one ha! There was a beautiful oil painting of the valley there where (I don't know today but probably not visible any more) you could see how the glacier receded in the maybe 80 years prior. I was amazed then at how much the glacier receded. You could still see the glacier from the chalet then. I hiked along it on solid rock and saw mountain climbers in training climbing it. So if I saw that then, there's nothing new in regard to the glaciers receding too fast. I bet all that is receded by far more than it was then, maybe none of it visible from the chalet. Sad.

  • The Don Post author

    As long as we keep VW as the biggest car company in the world, that is all the matters, who need ice, water, and clean air?

  • Sam Lair Post author

    Interglacial Temps Have Been Tempered by Younger Dryas Event —
    The ‘Younger Dryas’ event disrupted the warming effect of the Milankovitch Cycle. Temperatures would’ve been much warmer and sea levels higher during our current interglacial period otherwise. Milankovitch himself said we were sliding into the next ice age a hundred years ago — however, CO2 levels increased and the Greenhouse Effect held sway. Now, we see a dynamic increase in global temperatures that will not stop unless we reverse overall greenhouse gas levels.
    Search: mann's hockey stick too short
    Search: doable drawdown solutions

  • scott left Post author

    Stop telling children the end is near, it's a lie and you know it… you are robbing them of a future, they are scayed and soon to be self harming depressed In 15 years they will get out of rehab and see another generation getting lied to, and say…WTF?, then attack YOU.

  • Leo Post author

    06:27 Using windows 8.1 in 2019, climate change is a hoax.

  • Garázs Géza Post author

    It is so imortant rescuing the millon euro ski turism ?
    The whole World should rescue them ?

  • polka Post author

    Single events are not a sign of climate change. Decade long events are. If you look at the glaciers 100 years ago and today, the difference is very clear. The glaciers retreated hundreds of meters.

  • Anton Burdin Post author

    Why when you talking about glaciers not mentioning that "studies show that solar variability has played a role in past climate changes. For example, a decrease in solar activity coupled with an increase in volcanic activity is thought to have helped trigger the Little Ice Age between approximately 1650 and 1850, when Greenland cooled from 1410 to the 1720s and glaciers advanced in the Alps". https://climate.nasa.gov/causes/

  • Aniera Sirrah Post author

    Why is not one talking or investigating about the effect of all the polución on the sky made by the chemtrails or contrails? Most people are unaware of that because they are focused or glued to their cell phones and hardly look up to the sky … all those white trails on the sky are happening everyday and worldwide in almost every big city around the world… it’s sickening to witness that. I constantly heard in the news that climate change is caused by us (regular citizens) ignoring that mostly is been caused by big corporations… and Governments do so little to help, they are more interested on wars and destroying nature in the process.

  • Pamela Homeyer Post author

    This is such a shocking bit of news. I was skiing in wengen and I went to Saint Moritz in the summer I loved writing on the ski lifts and seeing the beautiful animals graze Below in those wonderful fields of flowers and grass. And we went to the zugspitze also. My heart is breaking for Switzerland

  • Moldovan Dorin Post author

    keeping the visitors happy is all that matters….isn't that great? visitors who pollute to get there, by car, by planes…this society is really fucked up. Only monies matter

  • Jason Melton Post author

    According to the Vostok Ice Core Records, CO2 level changes have followed Earth's overall temperature changes at an 800 year lag for the last 800,000 years. That means that our current CO2 levels are the result of Earth's overall temperature 800 years ago. World leaders have convinced their dependents that this works in the reverse order, relatively quickly, and that we are to blame, so that they can tax us out of a false shared guilt in order to be able to afford to "fight" climate change, an unstoppable natural cycle. The following is the source of this information:

    Historical Carbon Dioxide Record from the Vostok Ice Core

    J.-M. Barnola, D. Raynaud, C. Lorius
    Laboratoire de Glaciologie et de Géophysique de l'Environnement,
    CNRS, BP96,
    38402 Saint Martin d'Heres Cedex, France

    N.I. Barkov
    Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute,
    Beringa Street 38, 199397,
    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Period of Record
    417,160 – 2,342 years BP

    In January 1998, the collaborative ice-drilling project between Russia, the United States, and France at the Russian Vostok station in East Antarctica yielded the deepest ice core ever recovered, reaching a depth of 3,623 m (Petit et al. 1997, 1999). Ice cores are unique with their entrapped air inclusions enabling direct records of past changes in atmospheric trace-gas composition. Preliminary data indicate the Vostok ice-core record extends through four climate cycles, with ice slightly older than 400 kyr (Petit et al. 1997, 1999). Because air bubbles do not close at the surface of the ice sheet but only near the firn-ice transition (that is, at ~90 m below the surface at Vostok), the air extracted from the ice is younger than the surrounding ice (Barnola et al. 1991). Using semiempirical models of densification applied to past Vostok climate conditions, Barnola et al. (1991) reported that the age difference between air and ice may be ~6000 years during the coldest periods instead of ~4000 years, as previously assumed. Ice samples were cut with a bandsaw in a cold room (at about -15°C) as close as possible to the center of the core in order to avoid surface contamination (Barnola et al. 1983). Gas extraction and measurements were performed with the "Grenoble analytical setup," which involved crushing the ice sample (~40 g) under vacuum in a stainless-steel container without melting it, expanding the gas released during the crushing in a pre-evacuated sampling loop, and analyzing the CO2 concentrations by gas chromatography (Barnola et al. 1983). The analytical system, except for the stainless-steel container in which the ice was crushed, was calibrated for each ice sample measurement with a standard mixture of CO2 in nitrogen and oxygen. For further details on the experimental procedures and the dating of the successive ice layers at Vostok, see Barnola et al. (1987, 1991), Lorius et al. (1985), and Petit et al. (1999).

    There is a close correlation between Antarctic temperature and atmospheric concentrations of CO2 (Barnola et al. 1987). The extension of the Vostok CO2 record shows that the main trends of CO2 are similar for each glacial cycle. Major transitions from the lowest to the highest values are associated with glacial-interglacial transitions. During these transitions, the atmospheric concentrations of CO2 rises from 180 to 280-300 ppmv (Petit et al. 1999). The extension of the Vostok CO2 record shows the present-day levels of CO2 are unprecedented during the past 420 kyr. Pre-industrial Holocene levels (~280 ppmv) are found during all interglacials, with the highest values (~300 ppmv) found approximately 323 kyr BP. When the Vostok ice core data were compared with other ice core data (Delmas et al. 1980; Neftel et al. 1982) for the past 30,000 – 40,000 years, good agreement was found between the records: all show low CO2 values [~200 parts per million by volume (ppmv)] during the Last Glacial Maximum and increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations associated with the glacial-Holocene transition. According to Barnola et al. (1991) and Petit et al. (1999) these measurements indicate that, at the beginning of the deglaciations, the CO2 increase either was in phase or lagged by less than ~1000 years with respect to the Antarctic temperature, whereas it clearly lagged behind the temperature at the onset of the glaciations.

    Barnola, J.-M., D. Raynaud, A. Neftel, and H. Oeschger. 1983. Comparison of CO2 measurements by two laboratories on air from bubbles in polar ice. Nature 303:410-13.

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    Delmas, R.J., J.-M. Ascencio, and M. Legrand. 1980. Polar ice evidence that atmospheric CO2 20,000 yr BP was 50% of present. Nature 284:155-57.

    Jouzel, J., C. Lorius, J.R. Petit, C. Genthon, N.I. Barkov, V.M. Kotlyakov, and V.M. Petrov. 1987. Vostok ice core: A continuous isotopic temperature record over the last climatic cycle (160,000 years). Nature 329:403-8.

    Lorius, C., J. Jouzel, C. Ritz, L. Merlivat, N.I. Barkov, Y.S. Korotkevich, and V.M. Kotlyakov. 1985. A 150,000-year climatic record from Antarctic ice. Nature 316:591-96.

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    Petit, J.R., J. Jouzel, D. Raynaud, N.I. Barkov, J.-M. Barnola, I. Basile, M. Benders, J. Chappellaz, M. Davis, G. Delayque, M. Delmotte, V.M. Kotlyakov, M. Legrand, V.Y. Lipenkov, C. Lorius, L. Pépin, C. Ritz, E. Saltzman, and M. Stievenard. 1999. Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420,000 years from the Vostok ice core, Antarctica. Nature 399: 429-436.

    Raynaud, D., and J.-M. Barnola. 1985. An Antarctic ice core reveals atmospheric CO2 variations over the past few centuries. Nature 315:309-11.

    CITE AS: Barnola, J.-M., D. Raynaud, C. Lorius, and N.I. Barkov. 2003. Historical CO2 record from the Vostok ice core. In Trends: A Compendium of Data on Global Change. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tenn., U.S.A.

    Revised February 2003

  • Not Q Post author

    Fake news.

  • FIJN MAN Post author

    Researchers being a bunch of party-poopers, showing the real face of tourism in the Alps. Great Documentary!

  • E Rea Post author

    Sea level rise? How come the Obamas paid $15million for a waterfront property in summer 2019?

  • peter allison Post author

    For the same or similar reasons they melted over the last 20 million years+: it freezes it melts it freezes yep change the globe has always changed its the great cycle we as humans just dont like change. Here is the paradox for human existence if it was not for change we would not be here. Plastic thats the killer no natural phenomena. One day the Sun will go out who are you going to blame.

  • Blaise Gauba Post author

    Sad, and scary for the future of all life on this planet. I think that human beings think that they're not somehow connected to what is happening on this planet. Meanwhile, corporations are still fracking, pumping crude oil out of the ground, manufacturing plastics that are saturating our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans while we obliviously live our toxified lives.

    May you live in interesting times. ~Chinese curse

  • 01glenn0101 Post author

    please check current weather map, oh hang on , what , record snow , take that you tree hugging hippies, global laming…….

  • A voice In the wildernes Post author

    On a quest to talk utter bullshine, talk about doomsayer’s, experts say we are at a turning point, people are waking up to the scam.

  • kurt danielson Post author

    Nature does what nature does. Nothing we can do about it.

  • Abie Martin Post author

    I wonder which rivers took up the massive amounts of water with 5 feet of snow and 1.5meters (5feet?) of glacier melt.

  • Fender Blues Post author

    Nothing wrong with the Climate.

  • the Unrepentant Post author

    Warmer at the poles. Heat output from the molten core is not uniform. Greater output used to coincide with the equator but now more heat is directed towards the poles. Each ice age is preceded by about three centuries of warmer temperatures as this shift takes place. Ice ages repeat on an 80,000 and 120,000 year cycle, as if directed from a foci of an ellipse. The ice age has never really ended. What used to be over America and Europe is now at the poles. Once again the arctic regions will experience a tropical climate and the continent of Antarctica will be ice free. Ice free oceans in the polar regions will absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it precipitating another ice age on mid-latitude continents. Sunlight has a major effect on daytime temperatures, but overall temperature is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the internal heat source. That is why there is snow at the top of a mountain at the equator, but the sun will give you a tan. Despite a claim of global warming mid-latitude cites that formerly knew only a rainy season are now experiencing cold winters with heavy snowfall, something that never happened before.

  • JOHN WICK Post author


  • Lenin Lives Post author

    Trump digs coal!

  • Luca Siciliano Post author

    26:25 a pastoralist is classified as a farmer

  • p kerit Post author

    Sea Level Rises Hundreds Of Feet Due To Sweat From Celebrities Waiting To Be Outed As Perverts

  • Richie Tattersall Post author

    Less Ice and Snow on the ground = more water in the oceans. Once an Iceberg is floating, it melting does not raise the level, ice is 2/3rds the density of water.

  • Frank Lowe Post author

    What will be will be.There is nothing we can do.period .

  • Richie Tattersall Post author

    Snow is water molecules that sublimate, more snow in one location means more water evaporated somewhere else. The only reason for more water to evaporate is a higher temperature or the same temperature for a longer period of time.

  • Carlo de Guzman Post author

    its funny that plebs question the specialists. one guy said, "well scientists should question these findings." to that i say, u can't question a topic when u dont even know the basics of it. the ppl u call "scientists" are like children questioning 2+2=4, when they can't even count up to 3. Forget educational degrees of doctorates and masters, u certainly dont need a piece of paper to tell that u understand something. But the thing is, the ppl who are claiming climate change is fake news, dont even understand the water cycle. its not even close to a peer review. these ppl are as good as antivaxxers and flat earthers.

  • YEAR OF THE ROOSTER Post author

    Well it sounds like their strategies working. Go out and buy some surfboards and get ready for a Beach resort

  • YEAR OF THE ROOSTER Post author

    You know it's China's three gorges dam that's causing this don't you.

  • bluskies1000 Post author

    Warming beats freezing. Conditions were much colder 1400-1800 than today,  "The Baltic Sea froze over, as did many of the rivers and lakes in Europe. Pack ice expanded. Winters were bitterly cold and summers were often cool and wet. These conditions led to widespread crop failure, famine, and population decline. The tree line and snowline dropped and glaciers advanced, overrunning towns and farms in the process. There were increased levels of social unrest as large portions of the population were reduced to starvation and poverty."  
       Then Jamestown and Boston were established….

  • Ben Sochacki Post author

    Idiots. Too much money.

  • Allen Clark Post author

    This ice is 1000 years old..
    Puts axe through it.

  • Patrick Barry Post author

    The farmer's paddock looks pretty bare. Not quite up to Australian standards, but getting there.

  • Michael Fletcher Post author

    As I say, people will get what they deserve. That's the way its going to be. That's already been decided. No one is leaving the industrial world to live sustainably. My spell check doesn't even recognise the word 'sustainably'!! Not a sniff of it. We have a 5billion human surplus. Nature will exterminate them all, like any infestation collapses, and much else will be lost in the process, but it recovers. One thing you can rely on, if any people survive, they will not have learned a bloody thing. Its a good game played fast.

  • Andrew Vare Post author

    Sehr kuhl!

  • Andrew Vare Post author

    More hard science please.

  • Andrew Vare Post author

    Welcome to the Grand solar minimum. Your food is about to go up 4x.

  • Jim Coulter Post author

    God's Wrath is soon coming to Earth, Earth will face many Large Disasters as humans have become sick stiff neck sinners!

  • SuperSix Delta Post author

    Lies. All lies.

  • Ellen Rose Gaynor Post author

    Rain catching reservoirs should steadily be made at higher altitudes world wide to gravity feed water supplies as the glaciers disappear. Lots of them. Good public investment for kids to come, ya?

  • Joe Weis Post author

    Climate Change is REAL ! Trump is FAKE !

  • Den Niero Post author

    Carbon tax.

  • Den Niero Post author

    35:22 so what was causing global warming 140 years ago?

  • Anonymous Sender Post author

    don't build near mountains and flood zones, it isn't only until recently that people were forced to settle in villages and towns people in many of these places were nomadic and didn't stay at the foot of mountains for decades on end where things like landslides, rock slides, floods could cause such misery. Thank you again Europe!

  • Ian Nichol Post author

    Once we can get our Political classes to understand that this GROWTH thing has to stop, maybe then we can do something about polution. Climate change, well, that has been going on since time began, i don't think we are going to be able to control the weather by increasing taxes.

  • Kay EM Post author

    lol white mans creates a problem…… white man forces his problem on other races…. white man complains about the problem after shit hits the ceiling….. white man cries for solution …

  • ɱaiden Ξngland Post author

    students from munich travel to the alps in order to help the earth environment. im stunned no one says wtf hypocrisy

  • UFO TRAILERS Post author

    You will never stop ? “global warming” OR humans pollution unless you live in the Stone Age and stop capitalism! infact it’s only a TAX on life! FOOLS this is a way company’s pivot and charge you more money the rich get richer and there products magically always cost more even with state of the art high speed manufacturing… CORPORATION MANUFACTURING YOUR THOUGHTS ?

  • Paul Makinson Post author

    There are still people in Switzerland like Werner Munter denying human caused climate change. Werner is a renowned and influential mountain guide who wrote the book on avalanche safety all pro mountaineers are required to read. He invented the 3×3 method of risk assessment. Deniers in Switzerland always use him as a reference. But he is not a climatologist or even a scientist. I just do not understand Werner's position as you can see the ancient levels of of the glaciers etched in the rock and marked out by the moraines. The places I used to ski in the 80's and 90' are totally unrecognisable. Change is normal, but it takes thousands of years, not decades.

  • Terry Moore Post author

    It is impossible to model the effects or even to cover all the aspects of the current extreme climate events in short articles, lectures or video documentaries because of the complexity of the many parameters. Additionally, with so many specialized areas of study, very few looks at the overall 'big picture' encompassing every aspect of the subject of climate change. Just one aspect not considered in models is the huge variation of crustal thickness on land and sea and the huge variation in the structure of soils, minerals, metals and magnetic materials at different locations around the planet. These variations have an immense bearing on the recorded magnetic fields at any one location and the variations generate localized variations at different times as a result of the quantity of magnetic material in each location. As the pole shift progresses, variations in the thickness and quantities of magnetic materials at different locations are already displaying huge localized variations in the magnetic fields around the planet. Currently, as a result of the pole shift, there are two main magnetic north poles and two south poles….these represent the intense poles of the core and the lesser intensity of the poles of the magnetized crust. The geographic poles remain the physical center of the Earth's rotational spin.

    Historically, this planet has seen surges of earthquake, volcanic activity and generally increases and decreases in temperature, but these changes have happened over many tens of thousands of years. Some changes have almost certainly happened suddenly as a result of asteroid strike, pole migrations and pole shift (see the current and predicted accelerating movement of the position of the North Pole at) http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/data/poles/NP.xy and have been accelerated by the effects of excessive plate movements causing extensive earthquakes https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/ (then click the cog top right hand corner, select Magnitude 2.5 + worldwide, then twice on the – sign on the top left side to see how many earthquakes have occurred in the past month. Earthquakes have increased by 20 times in the past 16 years in recent months! For volcanic eruptions http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/erupting_volcanoes.html activity now up to 79 from 3 sixteen years ago. See also http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/40-volcanoes-are-erupting-right-now-and-34-of-them-are-along-the-ring-of-fire Currently, as a result of the pole shift, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (79 active volcanoes!) are on the increase and there are over 3,500,000 fissures in deep ocean releasing much greater volumes of greenhouse gases than man produces and pole shift will increase this volume. Hence the spike in CO2 recorded by the IPCC! (It is not us driving 100 times more for the past few years!) So prepare for more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and more severe climate change in the future!  The next pole shift is well overdue and the last one caused mass extinctions worldwide. See also www.magneticreversal.org 

    One very good example of the current effects of sea-level rise can be seen with the Florida sea level rise  
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjZtdpD2XiE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JbzypWJk64 & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zqfuie-fCzE where sea level rise is not to do with global sea rise but to do with pole shift as North America moves south towards the bulge of the ocean at the Equator. Coastlines approaching the bulge of the ocean at the Equator are sinking. Coastlines moving away from the Equator are expanding.

    In previous pole shifts, there is now strong evidence to show that leading up to such events, oxygen levels decrease as more poisonous and inflammable greenhouse gases are released from the increased number of volcanic eruptions, deep ocean fissures and earthquakes. In addition, following massive volcanic eruptions, without sun to allow plants to grow converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, carbon dioxide levels increase and oxygen levels fall exponentially. See  
    http://earth-pages.co.uk/2014/04/17/oxygen-magnetic-reversals-and-mass-extinctions/ Wild weather is on the increase monthly. Please see 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVeRAaNokfQ ; Worldwide extreme climate change 2019. Many more problems are on the horizon, see
     http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1060696/pg1 http://beforeitsnews.com/japan-earthquake/2017/02/fukushima-out-of-control-radiation-levels-significantly-higher-than-unimaginable-still-getting-worse-after-6-years-of-meltdowns-2447440.html

    The costs of the current increases in extreme climate events already exceed the world economic cost of recovery, so many will fail to recover. In many countries, even defense forces are already overwhelmed assisting those suffering from the increase in extreme climate change events. There is a possibility that the world economy could collapse as more and more food and manufactured 'essential' goods become scarce and power grids fail. There has been an increase in civil unrest in an increasing number of countries as a result of the effect of climate change and this can only increase. Tens of millions have already lost their homes, businesses and family members to climate change. At very least governments should warn us all to keep our critical documents in fireproof and waterproof boxes in safe locations and even photocopies in alternative safe havens in the event that an extreme climate event arrives in a previously historically safe area. To re-establish identity and critical documents take time and money at a time when everything else may have been lost. Those living in potentially vulnerable locations such as river banks, low lying coastal homes etc should consider moving as soon as practicable in the event that an extreme weather event occurs in their location sometime in the future.

  • Joel Enríquez Sánchez Post author

    The sixth extinction; an unnatural history/Elizabeth Kolbert!! @mifuerzamorales/check the documentary post… The humanity continue!!The planet,it's the only coutinue for century's!!The big question it's…how many? In what conditions???

  • 19thewanderer Post author

    Brain washing on a grand scale.
    Climate changes. always has always will.

  • Fireball Xl5 Post author

    Climate has been changing all through the history of the Earth,the debate is how much is down to Mankind !

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