Coastal Bend Weather Forecast, Sept. 14, Noon

Coastal Bend Weather Forecast, Sept. 14, Noon

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6 News at Noon continues well good noontime everybody a pretty ugly looking day out there but now we’re looking for the heavier rain to start rolling in and for those of you that think you’re going out this weekend well you’re not going out without your rain gear unless you want to get wet we are looking of course at the showers that are moving onshore right about now there’s the city you can see the whole spiral of all that shower activity moving ashore and we’re beginning to pick up some of these little orange and yellow tops those are the heavier thunder showers we haven’t had a lot of rain just yet in the city but right about now we’re getting one big thunderstorm complex coming in from Port Aransas into the Portland area so there’s Ingleside is where that heaviest activity is occurring and on the south end of town we’re picking up some rain as well so drive carefully take it easy don’t snow need for speed we’ve got flash flood watches up and down from Houston to Del Rio and all the way to Brownsville so everybody in South Texas is getting some rain now in addition to the rain these yellow areas or orange areas that you see right here this would be the Nueces River around the Big Bend out into the lake and this is the O so they’re already at flood stage if we do get those 4 to 6 inches of rain that are expected you can imagine these are gonna get even maybe out of their banks so if you’re along the river as in creeks do watch out for that now here’s the city and this is well there’s Portland there’s a lucky to channel all the way out to Ingleside they have a flood watch because of the rain that’s occurring right now that just went on about 30 minutes ago so already we’re beginning to see the heavier rain move as Shore why is this rain happening well this is in vest 95 it’s that tropical wave that crossed the Gulf and came to our area never organized into a storm nonetheless it is bringing us all that rain well it could be worse get a load of our friends in the Carolinas the storm Florence has now downgraded to a 1 category and will continue weakening as it moves onshore the center of it came the center of it touched the shore about 7:30 this more and now it’s not so much a big wind event it’s going to be a big flood event with inland rains going to be a huge problem over the next 48 hours you can see that in South Texas we look to get that four to six inches of rain and therefore by tomorrow being Saturday if you can minimize driving it would be a good thing because we’re looking at four periods of heavy rain and some of the areas will quickly start flooding especially out the county roads so do watch out for that but by Sunday this starts pulling out of here the easterly wave passes our area as a matter of fact those of you in Hebron Ville you’ll likely see most of your rain on Sunday as it moves through so thunderstorms courtesy of invest 95 as well on Saturday on Sunday we start seeing breaks here along the coast and Monday Tuesday Wednesday well it’ll be partly cloudy warm and steamy with a few little showers but will do we will have a chance to dry out that is your seven-day forecast brought to you by NEC co-op energy back to

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