Conan Buys Waterfront Property In Greenland – CONAN on TBS

Conan Buys Waterfront Property In Greenland – CONAN on TBS

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(audience cheering and applauding) After failing to broker the purchase of Greenland in Nuuk, I headed north to give it one last shot. (dramatic music) This one here.
I brought you [Conan] Look. this little girl. Oh my God. Not to keep, obviously. No, sorry. (audience laughing) (child giggling) Oh, you got me! (exclaiming) (child giggling) You like that one, you like that one. Wow, look at that. And there’s a cruise ship. Everyone on that cruise ship has diarrhea. (child giggling) (audience laughing) That is incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen an iceberg before. They used to be bigger. About 20 years ago they were three times bigger than now. Temperatures this July smashed heat records across the globe, and the impact was particularly tough on Greenland. Nearly half of Greenland’s ice sheet began melting this week after an unprecedented warm spell hit the arctic region. Temperatures were more than 40 degrees above average. [Helicopter Reporter] There’s enough ice in Greenland to raise sea levels by 25 feet world wide. If unprecedented changes are not made, and made soon, there will be irreversible damage to the planet. Ah. Broke again! (child giggling) With just an hour left before my flight home, I was finally able to buy some waterfront property. Okay, you get your ice. We’re getting really close, this is cool. This is the dumbest thing we’ve ever done. (audience laughing) (dramatic music) There’s no way. It’s not even going in. Oh wait, there’s a little crack right here. Oh props, (beep) props. (audience laughing) (audience laughing and applauding) It just occurred to me, it’d be funny if this is how the Titanic sank, they were trying to get a gag iceberg shot, (audience laughing) and they got too close. (dramatic music) Here we go! Ready? Oh, we’re already drifting away. We’ve gotta go back. I need to get down here. (dramatic music) (audience laughing) Back! Dammit! (audience laughing and clapping) Don’t let it fall. The sign’s falling apart. It’s not gonna stay. Do we have anything to fix this? All right, let’s go! (dramatic music) (upbeat music) (audience cheering) No icebergs were injured in the making of this video. (dramatic music) (audience cheering and applauding)

100 thoughts on “Conan Buys Waterfront Property In Greenland – CONAN on TBS

  • D E Post author

    Humans are killing the planet

  • Eric Swenson Post author

    excellent work internet king male

  • C J Post author

    25 feet? Why aren’t more here concerned?

  • YouDontKnowMe Post author

    Lots of carbon footprint wasted on this..
    Conan should be ashamed

  • Bogdan Savchenko Post author

    I hope you collected that trash again..

  • Michael OMalley Post author

    I think Greenland might be the only country that would actually benefit from those glaciers melting kind of right? I’m probably not factoring a lot of ecological effects and consequences but if the ice melted there might be some decent land underneath. Who knows there may even be some valuable natural resources to exploit.

  • Igor Schmidlapp Post author

    Next: Conan buys bridge in Brooklyn… ;-P

  • amanda Popham Post author

    Conan looks like a soccer mom. With those ear warmers

  • crystal deer Post author

    That iceberg will probably melt in 3 years 🙁

  • crystal deer Post author

    I was here to have a fun time! Not to have an existential crisis!
    But thank you for shedding light into this.

  • D Parker Post author

    He's just trying to set himself up as the NEW jeffrey Epstein with his "operation" in Greenland…….

  • J0ECRAWF15H Post author

    Global Warming is fake.

  • MicTheGuitarMan Post author

    thats a cute little hammer you got there conan

  • Geir Endre Jenssen Post author

    Why should Trump buy Greenland?
    The Ice there will melt and flow down to USA in a few years, so he'll get almost all of Greenland for free.
    Now that's a cool bargain. Just wait and get it for free.
    Wonder if Conan will make fun of it then… oh wait, of course he will. That's the only thing he's good at.

  • Conner Boyd Post author

    Conan made a brand new lifelong fan in Greenland

  • lalit Sharma Post author

    So don't count on your gov and Paris climate deal
    Take step yourself

  • A Savannah Post author

    Conan and the baby girl became instant BFFs ❤️

  • David Grider Post author

    One thing for sure, Turmp put Greenland on the map. I bet half the young folks today didn't know Greenland existed let alone find it on the map. Even less know that Greenland is in North America. Yes it is. People actually argue about this. Technically speaking and in every way, It lies on the North American tectonic plate. Just ask anybody if Green land is part of North America or Europe, most will tell you Europe. Yet, if you fly from Chicago to London you will fly right over Greenland, it's like half way. Trump did Greenland a favor. He probably wasn't all that serious about it. It's the media that made all the hoopla about it. I bet the Google Maps searches on Greenland went up 1000%.

  • Ryan W Post author

    Better title for the video, "Conan almost drowns in the arctic in an attempt to troll the President"

  • Kristine Mayo Post author

    Did they get the sign board? I dont want it to be a trash hahahaha sorry it bothers me but i think so

  • Shalani K Post author

    I must say this a sad view of what's happening to the world. Just imagine how big the iceburgs should have been to sink a Titanic. Save the planet.

  • Lorie Ca Post author

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    Conan Buys Waterfront Property In Greenland – CONAN on TBS

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  • Ron Weasley Post author

    This is why we bring water with us to Mars to start colonizing bro let’s go

  • Rainer Dietwerner Post author

    guess its gonna be green again soon, then…

  • Antonio Velázquez Post author

    The dramatic music is the best!

  • RevolveR Post author

    Conan should do a documentary/movie of all places he’s traveled it would be awesome and hilarious .would buy for sure 👍

  • Concrete Lightbulb Post author

    Next time use duct tape.

  • Andrew Marshall Post author

    Obviously Conana thinks he’s the world savior . Hey dumbass have you ever heard of the planets cyclical motions ?

  • Andrew Marshall Post author

    Thanks for killing a baby iceberg

  • Selene Post author

    The only thing that can make Conan speechless: Great mother nature

  • Mental Mickey Post author

    Littering the ocean on holiday while on vacation, what a sad man.

  • Ming Post author

    Take it a a sign the deal is falling apart.

  • okumonux Post author

    Must be a Botnia Targa!?

  • Chris Fields Post author

    So we need to prevent the cows from farting….. We can do this!!!!……..!

  • Loddy Dah Post author

    Please tell me someone has GPS on Conan's new property. Lol I must know where it goes.

  • Red Balloon Post author

    This is why I respect Conan. He actually included a shot at the end to prove he or his team didn't disregard the sign on an iceberg. It's a small but meaningful gesture

  • Customer Service Post author

    RIP Conan’s sense of humor

  • Customer Service Post author

    Obongo buys $15m beach house

  • Greg Bolin Post author

    They had to show that they didn't leave the sign. The icebergs are absolutely fucked, however. No changing that fact.

  • kilroy987 Post author

    Enough ice on Greenland to raise oceans 25 feet. Um… if it's floating ice, no. It doesn't work that way, although there will be a small difference in sea levels if it all melted. If it's ice on land and it melts and flows into the sea, then yes, that will raise sea levels. But 25 feet? Don't know about that. Ocean waters getting warmer, however, will absolutely affect sea levels.

  • Annalise Noeltner Post author

    This made me thirsty?

  • Balaji Post author

    It's an absolutely breathtaking place it feels like when you see an iceberg you have seen it all!

  • Muhammad Smith Post author

    i really miss the old shows and format, but without borders has become the best thing conan has done.

  • Peng Win Post author

    "If unprecedented changes are not made soon, there will be irreversible damage to the planet…" *Cut to Infant human child*

    I see what you did there…..;_;

  • Ta Chi Post author

    Do u have a vd named bullshit dream?

  • Mikael Jensen Post author

    End of clip shows typical American behaviour. Lets polute this clean water and this 55.000 year old piece of ice with some multicoloured chemical paint and some glued plywood…

  • K Wang Post author

    They really look like Asian, aren't they

  • I'm gonna say it Post author

    1:44 song name?

  • dvchel Post author

    The baby is adorable in this video.

  • Souha Jouhar Post author

    What's the music call after 1 mins in???

  • Gelap Jinkuro Post author

    After the news report clips about the global warming worsening, they transition it to Conan playing with the baby.
    I'm sure that's a message by Team COCO and Conan himself – Is this the future the next generation inheriting from us ?..

  • Анфиса Смирнова Post author

    Lady "i brought you a baby!"Conan "not to keep obviously"Lady " oh…nooo, sorry"

  • Abdulah Osmanbegovic Post author

    And that’s how first garbage was thrown on Greenland

  • cryptnick Post author

    I wish I could travel the world with Conan.

  • Sean Sartor Post author

    If the US bought Greenland, Trumps environmental policies would DEFINITELY accelerate the ice melting , then Florida would be under water. Hmm ?!

  • Ebling Outdoors Post author

    I love Conan just hope he starts staying away from politics more….funny how ppl in LA think everyone hates Trump… he'll win again so….

  • snyllermand2 Post author

    And , using a Diesel powered boat. Diesel, are killing, the world, .

  • Ericc McKissick Post author

    That’s so sweet with the little baby laughing bro.

  • NiloJaaniste Post author

    i dont know if anyone already said it but the child is a paid actor.😁

  • Cisneros H Post author

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    Conan Buys Waterfront Property In Greenland – CONAN on TBS

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  • Tah Sin Post author

    good job taking it out, it could've been bad for the environment

  • Geek The Girl Post author

    No foolish climate deniers in Greenland.

  • Martin Goltermann Post author

    Just "Nuuk" it

    Jk jk 🙂

  • Edgar Hernandez Post author

    Names a country greenland. Complains when it’s actually starting to turn the color green. Smh this is why you people live isolated on an island because no one can stand your neediness! It’s almost as bad as my need for attention on YouTube and that’s why I made this joke.

  • SentinalSlice Post author

    Wow! Greenland is beautiful! We should buy it.

  • Laser Space Ninja Post author

    *discussion about how climate change will affect Greenland and the world* *cut to baby* *tears flow from my face*

  • Matthew Fifer Post author

    "This is the dumbest thing we've ever done" — Conan O'Brien

    I don't know….I've seen them do some pretty dumb stuff…..and I loved all of it!

  • Esa Panda Post author

    I need a baby’s day out with conan in it 😂

  • Juggalo fLip Post author

    Enough with the going overseas and showing ten-year-old clips….Bring back Wiki-bear 0r we riot😁

  • Jeejo Pallayi Post author

    What sounds track is it that starts at 1:13 ? Beautiful!

  • viviana santos Post author

    they left that there ?

  • adam bennett Post author

    Ice is dense, the sea level won't rise. when you hop in a bath what happens? the level rises your the ice burg. If you melt it won't continue to rise. You have a drink at the bar filled with whiskey and coke and ice. You go to the toilet come back the ice melts… does your drink over flow?? Comon ppl stop being so stupid

  • Rajiv S Post author

    I cannot understand why protection of the environment is not priority number 1 worldwide.

  • Yehet Galaxy Post author

    Oml, my ovaries are gonna explode from the baby’s cuteness!! Her laughs 😭

  • Carter Tse Post author

    Should've put a american flag on that new piece of USA territory.

  • Solo Lay Post author

    Leaving plastic in the ocean, I see.

  • Sandii Belle Post author

    “This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”

  • jlos09 Post author

    He is so,good at cracking kids up, and those with hearts of kids. Dude, don’t believe the CNN takes. They are lying to you

  • Pranesh Khaling Post author

    U just threw another trash in the ocean just for that video…clean it up

  • Mauricio S. Perez Post author

    Conan, it’s gags like these that make you my most favorite Buffon.
    I love seeing you abroad, glad this was not scrapped from your new program.

  • Sarah S Post author

    What a beautiful country

  • Kashif Anwer Post author

    Man i thought I'll have a blast blasting Conan about injuring that iceberg. 😏

  • Arnie O'Dell Post author

    Cutest lil kid ever.

  • Duncan Winter Post author

    Conan for White House. He did what Trump failed to do miserably. He bought a piece of Greenland…

  • Paul Lampron Post author

    Hilarious that you had to prove you didn’t litter

  • MetreX Post author

    Why they look like asian?

  • PapaKryptoss Post author

    So you are saying that when you put ice in a cup of water the cup will overflow. Bwahaha

  • ZoHx Post author

    * American goes to Greenland and pollutes the water with his sign* LOOOL

  • sewardt Post author

    This is the best after the Korea serie !!! 😂😂

  • Underleaf76 Post author

    "There's enough Ice in Greenland to raise the sea levels by 25' feet all over the world"…. I laughed so hard…… talk about over-exaggeration.

  • Mark Oneill Post author

    Think ive been on a 2 day conan youtube binge fs i cant stop watching him to funny loll

  • Steve Bigley Post author


  • Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia Post author

    What month was he visiting??

  • Jades Golds Post author

    Hot hot hot atmospheres. ☮️☮️☮️

  • legasiguy Post author

    Conan's tour through the icebergs are beautiful, however, it's very obvious that they're melting. 🙁 Where he put the sign is obviously a small piece of iceberg.

  • Amon garra cirice the destroyer Post author

    Yep we are fuked….propper fuked

  • Herman L Post author

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    Conan Buys Waterfront Property In Greenland – CONAN on TBS

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  • Bryan Post author

    ALL property in Greenland is going to be 'waterfront property' within the next 5 years.

  • Joe Smartballs Post author


  • jds hempfarm Post author

    We need to grow Hemp and use it, leave the trees for homes not paper.

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