Deadly Cold Arctic Intrusion Continues – Overall U.S Weather Forecast

Deadly Cold Arctic Intrusion Continues – Overall U.S Weather Forecast

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hello, everybody, it’s David Schlotthauer
here with another very detailed weather forecast for Tuesday afternoon December
10th 2019 I sure hope you all had a very fantastic day with your friends and
family and if you are in school I hope you had a great day in school also we’re
gonna be talking about the very cold arctic air in this video not just over
the next few days but all into next week we can be talking the coldest December
ever on record across the Northern Plains and the Great Lakes as
temperatures could be as much as 50 degrees below average by the middle to
the end of next week and also we’re going to be covering the possibility for
a significant snow storm to develop across the Eastern Rockies the high
plains and the Midwest can bring possibly as much as a foot of snow in
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as I do release videos all right it’s really it’s really helpful if you can do
that all right what’s not very helpful is the cold air across Minnesota
northern Wisconsin and even for northern northern northern I mean portions of
Michigan there and also across Central and North Dakota getting this very cold
air there are wind chill advisories believe it or not because of some breezy
winds out there combined with the very cold temperatures
making wind chill values as cold as minus 25 maybe minus 30 degrees out
there it can be a little more in some locations this is just a taste of what
might be coming by the middle of next week as there is going to possibly be
one of the biggest Arctic outbreaks ever so far this late fall early winter
season we can be seeing temperatures really reaching all-time record low
temperatures which would be terrible for December we saw back in November we
could see it again by the middle of December believe it or not so get
prepared for that everybody otherwise much of the nation we are not seeing
much in the way of significant weather well winter storm watches are issued for
the Washington state for Idaho for the Wyoming for the Utah area but otherwise
really quiet until those get issued into warnings however there is a winter
weather advisory issued all the way across Tennessee stretching northward or
northeastward across the Virginia and also for New York so be careful out
there also doctor fell and candy ass you want to be very careful out there as you
could see some wintry weather over the next couple of days so we’re gonna take
a look at the GFS model everybody provided by tropical tidbits calm what a
fantastic website this actually is and the reason why I am using this is
because you actually get to see where precipitation is expected and it’s
really important that we do actually look at this so we’re gonna take a look
at Wednesday morning here on our weather model prediction page and you can see
there is a little bit of this snow that is beginning to develop right now and
it’s going to continue to move through across the area into the overnight hours
into Wednesday morning that’s why there’s a winter weather advisory issued
for that area so get ready for some snowfall out there a doctor fell it’s
probably falling already and it’s gonna continue to fall into the overnight
hours so be careful out there if you are out and about across eastern
Tennessee across a New York area a little bit of snow coming down there’s
making for some slick conditions your morning commute
could be a little on the dicey sign a little bit of rain here for California
not really much just a few hundredths of an inch of rain there’s a ridge of high
pressure just to our East and this system is gonna kind of be nudging on
that Ridge really ripping this storm apart so we’re not expecting to see any
very heavy precipitation more on the light side here across Oregon Washington
in California for northern Idaho a welcoming sight there to see some
snowfall now across the Midwest here really quiet except it’s gonna be wrong
a rather cold sign as this arctic air is moving out of the north especially for
Wisconsin the South Dakota North Dakota Minnesota really feeling the impacts of
this very cold air more rain and some gusty winds for Oregon Washington in
Northern California make a return by Thursday really this system that’s
moving through is kind of an impulse of moisture we’re not gonna really call it
a system since it’s gonna be within this whole overall band of moisture that’s
gonna be kind of rolling its way through except the one on third Wednesday night
can be a little more heavier for Northern California they’re bringing in
a more light to moderate rainfall and some breezy winds out there more snow
though for the lawn for Idaho be careful out there again
there’s a lot of holiday travel going on even so it’s not Christmastime doesn’t
mean no one is out traveling to their friends or their family’s house or
anywhere across the US so be sure to make sure you do have your chains ready
if you’re out and about this continues all the way through Friday just kind of
these impulses a moisture light to moderate light to moderate snowfall out
there more on the heavier sign though for the southeast such as Florida
Georgia North and South Carolina getting more of a subtropical system
sub-tropical we’re not calling it a tropical depression it’s just a
subtropical system that’s gonna bring in some enhanced rainfall across the area
that moves across the New York area yep we it’s just rain and nothing too
serious about that as long as it’s not snow or freezing rain it’s gonna be
actually really warm with this system as it moves across the area but on the
backside of this especially for the high plains there’s gonna be a winter storm
that develops here later on in time or not too far down the road this is for
Saturday all right it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens here
because the models have been kind of flipping back and forth throughout the
time frame showing significant snow or not showing much snow at all that’s the
first impulse of moisture moving across the Kentucky the Ohio Valley and also
for West Virginia and Pennsylvania but there’s gonna be a second impulse in
this is the impulse of moisture that can transpire to moderate to heavy snow the
winds do not look to be so bad with this I don’t think we’ll see Blizzard
warnings maybe a blizzard warning but more likely winter storm warnings could
be issued if not we could be looking at some freezing rain warnings across that
pink area as there could be between a tenth to a quarter of an inch of ice
accumulation there across Ohio Indiana also for central Illinois Central
Missouri could get in on some of that ice now
we really gotta be careful on is what comes behind this we’re not looking at a
lot of rain but the cold air is going to be a very big concern here notice the
height Falls or isotherms or thicknesses in the atmosphere right up in this area
pay attention to that that’s gonna be dipping its way really far a South here
into the the Midwest and the high plains as this system will be moving to the
Northeast a very look classic system here on the
analysis map here provided by tropical tidbits showing a really well-defined
warm front with a cold front here and maybe even an occluded front with this
so very classic setup here where warm air is coming out of the south and this
colder air is wrapping in on the backside and that’s why there’s freezing
rain associated with this system developing by Tuesday again probably a
foot of snow in some locations especially for Kansas for northern
Missouri alright and then maybe for the Iowa and northern portion there of
Illinois all right that continues all the way through Tuesday again a messy
system lots of rain wind and possibly some minor severe weather with that
system freezing rain there for Vermont in New Hampshire by Tuesday next week
this is December 17th but here comes the colder air get ready for it it doesn’t
look like it’s not going to be a big deal but the isotherms here for 84
northern portion here of the the Minnesota area indicating lots of cold
air aloft okay a lot of cold air aloft will transpire too very cold
temperatures now since the Great Lakes the water temperatures are really
cooling down in a hurry here thanks to this cooler air or the cold arctic air
that you’re seeing it looks like the chances for lake effect snow could be
decreasing a little bit we’re seeing some but right now it doesn’t look to be
SuperDuper significant at this point maybe for Lake Michigan could have an
extra amount of lake effect snow but we’ll see that could be a little tricky
to pinpoint all right so that Arctic hi look how strong that
is 1045 1050 millibars a really strong polar high coming out of the north and
the last model run showed 1050 millibars in the early and so we really have to
watch where this goes over the incoming days because this is by Wednesday and
Thursday it could be really bad all right
and that could develop maybe some freezing rain by day 10 that’s as far as
I’m going with this model obviously because after day 10 things become very
very hard to pinpoint at this time even this probably will not be in the next
model run as it wasn’t in the previous one you can see here the previous run
really a bit somewhat of a big difference but keeping that sleet and
snow and freezing rain there across Texas and Oklahoma that could be a big
disaster if it actually does verify let’s hope it doesn’t more rain here for
California strong winds associated with that system for Oregon and Washington so
now let’s take a look at the cold arctic air all right I’m not trying to over
exaggerate but it is cold out there right now we’re talking minus 15 degree
temperatures it’s gonna cool down a little bit more tonight – 18 – 20
degrees here across Fargo Devil’s Lake in central Minnesota Minneapolis – 15
degrees you’re already feeling the cold it’s gonna just get a wee bit more
colder overnight so just be careful out there
frostbite could happen as little as probably 10 to 15 minutes under these
temperatures maybe sooner if you’re really exposed to the cold air use these
temperatures are colder than your freezer your standard commercial or not
commercial freezer but your standard freezer at home so these temperatures do
improve a little bit throughout the day Thursday all right this is for actually
early early Thursday into Thursday morning with temperatures minus eight to
minus nine degrees in these areas the Minnesota area minus one poly – 19 agura
not – 19 where am I going with this folks I’m so sorry I have I had a long
day let’s just put it that way so one degree there we go above zero 20 degrees
above zero therefore southern Minnesota for Wisconsin six degrees above zero but
I’m so used to saying these negative numbers that I’m just spitting them out
there earlier and you get a break here all right for Friday obviously doesn’t
like to be too bad I can take 5 degrees above 0 then minus 20 let’s just put it
that way right cuz you’re gonna really hate this by the beginning of next week
cold air returns – 23 by Sunday by Saturday so a very cold weekend ahead
and that lifts up to the north a little bit but more negative numbers return
here look at this by Tuesday by Wednesday next week this is when it gets
pretty serious all right we’re talking minus 30 we’re looking at
some areas here – 35 degrees below zero that is cold ok and it could even get
colder here we’re looking at – 35 – close to minus 40 in some locations this
would be Thursday more yeah Thursday early morning December 19th where a lot
of this cold air is going to be moving across the area so dangerously cold
temperatures again by the middle of next week possibly if these models continue
to verify all right it’s not out of the question it is definitely a possibility
alright so now let’s take a look at that temperature anomaly forecast because we
want to cover this because it’s pretty important temperatures about 5 to 10
degrees above average across much of the Intermountain West the Northwest and the
West for portions of the high plains and the
Midwest temperatures about -5 degrees below zero so 5 degrees below zero I
should put it between about 10 degrees above average all right so that’s what
we’re looking at here and then for the weekend for most locations across the
east between 5 to 10 degrees above average 10 to 15 degrees above average
for the four-corners so some really warm unseasonally warm temperatures there and
for the New York area province you’re seeing temperatures about 5 to 15
degrees above average but on the other side of things the Dakotas seeing you
coldest spot on this map for Saturday morning here looking at temperatures
about 10 to as much as 25 degrees below average more colder air coming out of
the north this is not the worst of it all right that comes later on you’ll see
that here on the modeling forecast so let’s carry this on let’s go all the way
through into let’s go to Tuesday Sunday morning here for December 15th
you can see there temperatures about 30 to 35 degrees below average for central
Minnesota for portions of Wisconsin or all of Wisconsin 10 to 20 degrees below
average so that cold air continues for the
Northeast in fact some areas can have temperatures near 20 degrees above
average so really warm for this time of year for December for those locations
for much of the US it starts to cool down a little bit temperatures right
around zero to about 25 degrees below average of the exception of the deep
south seeing those really warm numbers that
warmer air does move in across the southeast here by the looks of this
model by 5 and a half days we’re looking at temperatures about 10 to 25 degrees
above average look at that for Ohio really warm possibly next week but this
is when the pattern goes downhill for much of
the north and the great links pay attention to this pink up here across
the north watch this very closely this is going to be pushing southward
throughout the next couple of frames here you’ll see that here by Wednesday
then by Wednesday morning look at these temperatures
45 maybe 50 degrees below average are you flipping kidding me 50 degrees below
average in some locations here that is got to be miserable you just literally
just take a look at that for a second really really cold air the European
model is not showing it but the CMC is and the GFS is also latching on to that
so really really cold numbers here we’ll have to really watch if this verifies
because boy oh boy if it verifies it could mean serious serious trouble
obviously for a lot of residents that live across this area well below average
temperatures for much of the Great Lakes and for portions of the Northeast
stretching across the Midwest and the North here really seen all time record
low temperatures possibly I did forget to share the windchill index here we’re
just gonna fast-forward it into next week obviously because the windchills
will be really cold all right you looked at the actual air
temperature – 30 – 40 degrees possibly windchills look at those – 55 degrees
might be a minus 60 in there really close in some of these areas – 58 there
for much of North Dakota for Minnesota really cold wind chill numbers it’s
gonna get colder than this all right in some areas – 52 – 60-degree windchills
really really dangerously cold all right that’s the bad thing about this really
really cold arctic air making a big big come back alright let’s just say that
right now so make sure you are bundled up because it’s not warming up I just
gotta say that already if you’re in South Dakota North Dakota Minnesota and
Wisconsin you’re pretty much in the crosshairs for some really cold air that
could continue for the foreseeable future let’s just put it that way we’ll
see models change all the time but right now for the beginning or through the end
of next week it’s looking colder so what about snowfall all right so snowfall
looks to be rather significant in some areas here between forty to sixty inches
across a cascade range of the mountains here for the West also for California
looking at some significant snow over the next ten days or so that’s where
we’re looking at and then that winter storm that could bring possibly 10 to 15
inches of snow there for northern Kansas and for southeastern portion of the
Nebraska area looking at some of that snow so we’ll have to just watch it
closely continue some significant snow out there now later on in time here over
the next 10 days that same system could produce a lot of freezing rain will you
be looking at between 1/10 of an inch in some areas all the way up to as much as
possibly an inch in some locations here of Oklahoma and Texas we’ll see if this
verifies more likely that’s too significant for it to verify so we’ll
probably see a lot lesser amounts than what this is showing but be careful lots
of freezing rain could be in the offering by the middle of next week we
really gotta watch that really really closely as this could be the time of
year for a lot of snow or not snow but freezing rain and obviously snow in
these areas all right we’re now gonna take a look at our deal potential height
map because obviously we’re in this zonal flow right except for the north
you have a little bit of a trough enos there but the geopotential height is
very important because it tells us where ridges
and we’re troughs are located within the troposphere or troll yeah the
troposphere of the atmosphere alright well I made a rhyme that I can’t believe
that alright a little bit of a ridging here across the West more of a subtle
Ridge we’re not calling a huge massive blocking ridge pattern across our area
otherwise much of the Pacific Northwest across this area would be really dry
good news here this ridge won’t be strong enough to keep the storm track
well to the north that we’ll get some rain here for California and a little
bit of a trough enos here a shortwave low or shortwave trough there across the
high plains for tomorrow morning into Thursday a little bit of a kind of a
zonal flow right here now the pattern changes around as we move forward with
time here you’ll see this whole bloom subtle ridge kind of breaks down across
the West it deepens the trough or a huge overall trough that spreads across much
of the north here isn’t that why much of these areas will remain extremely cold
because of this whole trough enos that’s really parked up across this area
intensifying this more zonal flow pattern that’s going to be racing across
Southern California the deep south and the southeast alright
that’s for your Sunday the pattern doesn’t change very much except again
this deep trough here comes down across the art of the Canadian Prairie across
the Great Lakes and this is why temperatures could be well below average
like 50 degrees below average because of this humongous amount of cold air that’s
gonna be impacting the area again let’s take a look at our temperature anomaly
lots of pink on your screen there okay I mean that’s a lot of pink okay that’s
gonna be my thumbnail I think with this video because it is so intense lots of
cold air across this area because of well below average height lines or thick
is in the atmosphere where we look at these troughs all right so that’s what
the pattern is showing for Thursday for Wednesday next week again if this was
say 10 days out we’ll probably not worry much about it but this is common we’re
looking at some areas here could be impacted by this cold air as soon as
probably or at least this renu amount of cold air by Tuesday next week so that’s
enough to for me to kind of get a little concerned because the models are showing
a lot of that and this is a time of year for it well not necessarily the time of
year it’s more in January and February for it but it’s December and we’re
seeing something this significant we really kind of have to watch things
closely and then later on with time we’ll have to see on how the pattern
overall gets okay well that is going to do with this forecast I sure hope you
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a good one see you in the next video peace

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