Discovery Channel – Raging Planet: Lightning VO (Fuerzas de la naturaleza: Rayos VO)

Discovery Channel – Raging Planet: Lightning VO (Fuerzas de la naturaleza: Rayos VO)

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this is the most powerful electrical
force from a bar generations on history now the latest
camera technology reveals its most shocking secrets around the world lightning strikes more
than eight million times every day a hundred times a second a bolt of lightning supersedes the
surrounding air causing it to rapidly expand and exploded shockwave creates a clap of thunder it discharges inside the underclass to lead the clouds it can strike
anywhere on Earth delivering at room of electricity energy to power an entire city running across the center of florida is
america’s lightning hot spot known as lightning Ali every year there are over
50 strikes per square mile and every year people hit on a September evening
in 1999 fisherman Dave Grohl Meyer had just cast his line into the lake without
warning a bolt of lightning struck down from the cloud above him with shocking
consequences here what’s left of it was about a 74
offices so hot it burned your box you way that parade and left nothing but the
carbon fibers at the end of the road it wasn’t just the rod that was damaged
Dave suffered multiple burns it was the condition of his close to reveal the
true power of the strike zipper was all gone and I several months later I asked
her medical was hearing things stuck in me he goes your zipper was almost burned
on yours dear Adam that’s how hot it got what’s left 0 my beeper was at my side doesn’t look
too bad there compared to what to be from the cliff and I got it back deep thought his boots were untouched
until he saw strange pin holes with a lightning finally left his body I guess
the literacy passed in my body to the bottom of the shoe and jumped over the
hill and back to the ground grounded so deep was one of the lucky ones one out
of ten lightning strike victims dies instantly across North America more people are
killed by lightning and by tornadoes or hurricanes but there is a place on earth
but even more dangerous the heart of the equatorial africa here there are more
likely strikes than anywhere else on earth dr. Lou Williams of the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology is a world authority on lightning using data from NASA satellite he
calculates that lightning strikes the Congo Basin twice as many times as
Florida in some places there are over 300
strikes per square mile every year but lightning in this part of the world has
rarely been studied so today at the border between Zambia and the Democratic
Republic of Congo to witness the Lightning for himself as darkness falls the thunderstorms
again the high rates of lightning is very
exciting some strikes can’t be seen with the
naked eye so one way to count them is by using an optical sensor that beeps every
time there’s a flash an average storm producers around two
strikes a minute here measures more than sixty minute
definitely living up to expectations are producing lightning raids which are
extraordinarily on this is really the best place to study liking provides the perfect conditions large
electrical storms as the earth is heated by the Sun it produces lots of warm
moist air arises as against height the moisture
cools and condenses to form clouds these clients grow and merge into larger
ones rising all the time some of the water drops become too heavy
for the updraft of air to lift and solid frame by powerful air conscious high into the
cold Abu regions where they freeze in a tiny crystals of ice as the cloud hits the base of the
stratosphere it spreads out sideways to form the anvil ship typical of thunder
clouds clouds that make widening of the largest
clouds in the atmosphere a big active cumulonimbus cloud is about as wide as
it is deep and they generate long animals which extend horizontally in the
prevailing winds aloft some ice crystals building size to form small hail stones
scientists believe that is these hills Stone’s fall back through the rising ice
crystals millions of tiny collisions occur these collisions build up an
electric charge which is stored in the cloud battery cloud is very much like a battery but a
battery with a much higher voltage in the typical flashlight battery not one
and a half full but polls but what scientists don’t know exactly
how this electric charge generates like this remains a major meteorological mystery
is how it is that ice particle collisions result in a generation of
lightning were very much in the Middle Ages on that problem it’s extremely difficult to study
lightning since each strike last just a fraction of a second one of the best ways to investigated
mister freeze the action using a camera Damon Stillings is a photographer who
patrols lightning Ali pursuit electric storms for the last thirty years he’s
been obsessed with like my last four cents in my gas tank and then I can go
Jason storm his success rate is less than one
percent when he does capture lightning the results are spectacular 76 this was a personal one and when it
popped out of that card right there with a blue sky and they’re in a purple cloud from that point on lightning was
everything I want to photograph this particular one it’s got so many
bolts of lightning and they all happened at the same time this is in 2004 the
shutter could have been open more than one second purple sky gold sense at all the neat
stuff that I love to see out there and it all came together one photograph
school before David can even begin to photograph like he has to find it might be getting high enough to produce
lightning and the Sun is breaking through it is going to hit up the
humidity is going to start school this is as a potential good stuff has found a thunderstorm that will
produce lightning now the challenge is to point his camera in the right
direction right there and average storm here will produce a couple of lightning
flashes every minute but it’s impossible to predict where they will strike next this lightning can strike anything and
anyone up to twenty-five miles away from the club to use a traditional film camera so we
never knows whether he’s got this shot until he gets the process photos back
there after all I gotta say occasionally David’s patience pays off and he manages
to capture the elusive phenomenon on film this is this is needed the bottom line is you have to be
addicted to something look picture of a lightning strike frozen in
time can be hard photography is also extremely valuable
for scientific analysis by lightning appears to travel from the
clouds directly to the ground but recent advances in video camera technology
revealed that the anatomy of lightning is much more complex this is the USAir force Atmospheric
Research Center in Colorado Springs here dr. Jeff McHargue is using a super slow
motion camera to capture like me to do this he needs split second timing
fishing you just have to get lucky and get a lightning bolt inside your field
of view success is rare but two years ago McHargue hit the gym simply watching the
lightning get closer and closer and I kept recording it and I didn’t know what
I had until I went back and reviewed for the first time ever jeff had recorded the birth of a
lightning bolt in super slow motion when playback it shows a flash of light
turnout of a cloud and zigzag downward in roughly 15 yards segments this first stage of lightning is called
a stepped leader leader coming down here looking for ground going back and forth
you can see the torturous channel is taking is it divides back and forth as
these stepped leader gets close to the earth it has an extraordinary effect on
objects on the ground they respond to the strong electric field by growing
positive streamers these regions anywhere between three and
a few hundred feet above the ground as seen in these rare photographs finally stepped leader and a positive
streamer meet the electric charge can drain to earth resulting in a blinding
flash of ride thing higher fuel of you light up that’s the main part of the
lightning strike that your iPod touch of cameras has enabled scientists to
record a strike that last just a fraction of a second back over 200 times
slower to analyze its detail these super slow motion images show this template
leader making the connection with the ground tired charge then dreams from the
cloud above seen as a series of pulses using the latest camera technology
scientists are beginning to unravel the mysteries of lightning research has revealed that hot and human
city environments can cause much more frequent lightning storms is the
lightning capital of the United States with more lightning than anywhere else from the State University of New York
believes the reason the city attracts like this because Tampa is an urban heat
island caused by the fact that the city has a
lot of improving the services of a lot of a soft solar radiation that ever to
get to rehabilitate dwarfs the area in the city a city can be as much as 15
degrees warmer than the surrounding areas as the warm air rises it creates
strong conviction in the atmosphere over the city can cause more thunderstorms as it
develops and convergence zone over the city which helps lift the air and
initiate more thunderstorms the creation of thunderstorms is
inevitable and warm humid climates like Tampa Bay
Florida in Houston Texas are very capable of producing more thunderstorms
and lightning which is more dangerous to the public live in all cities scientific
research has recently produced scientists time warner has been using
high-speed photography to uncover a previously hidden world of lightning
we’re seeing things in such a way that we never seen before using a battery of cameras he’s managed
to capture some astonishing images which show lightning traveling not from cloud
to ground but shooting upwards has been known about these pictures have
finally confirmed the existence is the first time and such detail as
we’re seeing right now and understanding of physics relating to these upper
lashes is increasing monthly tom has observed that upward lightning is
triggered by a nearby cloud to ground lightning strike in this image a
lightning strike produces a bright flash of light in his second it initiates the
formation of upward leaders from to radio masts why this happens is still a
mystery but times theory is that the lightning strike causes large amounts of
electric charge to build up around the top of the tall structure and discharge
leaps up and connects with the cloud above between takes place and then the leader
is shot up from the tower 10th and goes up for the images Thomas filmed over the
last few years have astounded the world of lightning science without state of the art technology but
to see one of the greatest lightning displays on the planet the only equipment you need is your eyes
Maracaibo a team of scientists from the University of the cilia are sending out
in search of the region’s legendary capital no lightning unusual conditions in this area create a unique kind of lightning bubbles up from rotting vegetation in
the swamps and rivers and Lake Maracaibo oilfields also produce methane gas as a
by-product it all relates in the atmosphere above the marshes as night falls the scientists are hoping
for an electrical storm so they can study the extraordinary effects of the
gas is lighter than air as it rises up in
the clouds it feeds the storm greening brighter much more colorful lightning professor and he’ll move and his team
think there may be more nimble lightning and the I found out there are flashes so
we still need to do some research leads from cloud to cloud and is much more
powerful than cloud to ground lightning on average it can be seen on two hundred
nights of the year for up to 10 hours a night our heart that’s used for navigation it
was known as the Maracaibo lighthouse a distance but up close like this during a thunderstorm the most dangerous
place to be is in a wide open space including any large expanse of water and it’s true that sheltering under a
tree some bad idea lightning can turn tree sap into
superheated steam making the tree explode in a shower of potentially
deadly spiders lightning can also travel down telephone
buys there is a very scary morning signed in
danger and coming down from there is a negative
leader that if you don’t do something right now when they connect this happens to you the best thing to do
is to quickly squat down on the balls of your feet student Carolyn there had no warning she
was in danger she was making our way to class at the University of South Florida
in Tampa when lightning struck crack of thunder and within a second I thought a
light basically the corridor in front of me of palm trees with over both picture and
I thought the electricity start going through my entire body feel it every
ounce every inch of my body my muscles expanded that contracted very tightly every nerve just could feel that
pressure going through my entire body the after effects are devastating
completely fallen life in with lobster red it was basically like I had a very
very severe sunburn so afterwards everything almost killed off contains up to 200,000 camps but it
takes just one tenth of an a half hours victims survived a lightning strike and
lived to tell about it doctors at the University of Illinois
have been trying to find the answer professor mary anne cooper is an expert
on what happens when lightning strikes to a person the vast majority of the energy goes
around the outside of the person through them instead of striking vital organs
the charge follows the moisture in the skin and down to the ground behind scars and bookmarks that’s going around the outside and made
from the rain water or this whether the person has on them in the steam
sometimes the buildup of steam in clothing shoes can have explosive
consequences you may have heard about it people in
explosions were blown out of their shoes that’s what we can see sometimes with
lightning as well because that’s where the water expands tremendously we actually see more damage to the
inside of footwear and sometimes the clothing and we think the answer lightning strike can cause cardiac
arrest but this is rare survived lightning injury although they
may have permanent problems including damage to the nervous system and Cooper
is still suffering from the damaging power of a strike on the beach with my
book minding my own business doing nothing extraordinary change forever by
lightning I don’t remember that actually been of being struck through my friends
and family that I know secondhand what exactly happened to me on that fateful
day Destin beach in florida was hot and sunny family says that they heard a clap
of thunder lightning everyone else is starting to scurry pick
up their belongings because the Lightning right wing so close I was
sitting with my feet in the sand and the lightning struck the city and and then
came up through my feet and was rushed to the hospital with extensive burns later she still suffers from mobility
problems and short-term memory loss very computer crash I look by but on the inside my circuitry
experience could happen to anyone so it’s vital to know exactly what to do to
protect yourself a lightning strike forms people’s lives can be at risk tell people when Thunder roars go
indoors what we mean is secrecy for shelter and a thunderstorm one of the
safest places to be as an enclosed vehicle many people believe the rubber
tires on a car will keep them safe but that’s not true cars metal body that provides protection as this high voltage experiment will
demonstrate is the Lightning’s an electrical
transformer that discharges three-quarters of a million volts of
electricity doctor lisa is an electrical engineer
who’s willing to sit in a car underneath to prove the metal body will protect her
charge is going to conduct around the outside surface of the enclosed body so
I should be fine as long as I don’t touch the middle of the car but it’s one
thing to talk about the theory and it’s another thing to put it into practice so
I guess I’m ready the electrical charge flows around the
metal body of the car and discharges harmlessly to the ground I’m fine he has worked as expected my
feet are slightly tingling and because I was nervous my hands are still together
but other than that I’m fine the experiment has just proves the rule
of physics that an electrical charge like lightning will always travel around
the outside surface of an enclosed metal body passengers are unharmed has struck
by lightning incredibly rare footage of a plane
flying into Sydney Airport shows a dramatic strike captures another as a plane takes off
from an airport in Japan the passengers had no idea what happened average every commercial aircraft is hit
once a year fires are a common occurrence freely is a park ranger charged with
looking after them and because they clear the ground and encourage edible
plans bush tucker also helped produce vital plant
fertilizers the temperature of its fifty thousand degrees to create nitrates for plants scientists have discovered that
lightning may also be playing a part in the earth’s atmosphere these images were
taken from the earth they took scientists completely by surprise they
showed huge bursts of light flashing over the top of electric storms photographed in nineteen since then scientific projects around the world
have joined the heart in 1997 scientist Professor Richard Quest one of the first
to capture them on camera scientific team to beatrice hill sixty miles even then they’re hard to see that the
naked eye because they’re only for a few seconds so richard has a special modification on
his standard camera Richard and his team waited night taking
the camera after nearly two weeks these flickering images of sprites here scientists at the first two years later
dr. Geoff Carr of the USAir force me made another breakthrough he managed to
record sprites using on the front of his super slow motion camera it was probably the most fun I’ve ever
had taking dated was just great we took data
we recorded pretty much every take them an incredible variety of sprites the
scientists have since now right thing with the upper part being like the
leaves and character and the downward tendril that we call it going like the
stock of the carrot also captured the sea or columns pride here we have three of them side by side
and the motion is pretty much all down hence the name column C span around the world as many as 10 sprites
could be shooting up from the clouds every minute if you think about the atmosphere the
only energy input is sunshine what we found out that night was the night when
the Sun is of course that sprite can actually input energy and change the
middle atmosphere that was very exciting we didn’t understand that until this area that they may be important is for
instance in climate change scale electrical discharges that make
the air above them glow in similar way to a fluorescent light bulb but it will
take a lot more research before scientists truly understand these
electrical phenomena even though the serious study of
lightning began over two centuries ago scientists are still struggling to
figure out what guides like things pass chooses to strike in one place or
another in the last few hundred years but there
is still a major meteorological mystery solved is that lightning has an incredible
capacity for destruction be control

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    interesting the expert is comparing the thunderclouds to a battery when it's actually a gigantic CAPACITOR. Batteries store CHEMICAL energy and convert it to electricity. CAPACITORS store ELECTRICAL energy, not batteries.

  • Rick Cruz Post author

    Great video HANK !

  • AlteringRealitystudios Post author

    I hace some good footage and pictures of lightning my self. It can become an obsession. Lol

  • Rob Wilsn Post author

    I think I figured out why lightning hits golf courses so much. Think about it. It's what they fertilize the grass with. Theres alot of zinc on all that grass. Yet alone aluminum. It's in the fertilizer. And lots of it. Hmmmm? Just a thought.

  • Troy Kempton Post author

    Update, those step leaders have been recorded as going from ground all the way up into the cloud.

  • NIGHTOWL 1963 Post author


  • NIGHTOWL 1963 Post author

    Now we only have to train the lightning to stack the wood after it cuts and splits it!

  • Wimzical Post author

    Colorado springs to Denver is more like 90 miles.

  • Wimzical Post author

    So…..what was the rocket man doing firing those rockets up? I have a good idea, but no explanation was given.

  • Rosie Rawlley Post author

    Most people chase cheap thrills in life but I love some crazy people who chase lightning, thunderstorms, tornadoes, volcanoes,hurricanes etc etc for adrenaline high!

  • Jeffstone17 Post author

    That intrepid photographer was wise enough to stop near the border of the Dem Rep of the Congo for good reason. He might've been killed in the ongoing civil war there.

  • Jakester Time Post author

    His exitment tho

  • NLM Post author


  • I AM THAT I AM Post author


  • radioactivelarry Post author

    Our house got struck by lightning back in the mid 80's. I was watching Star Wars on TV and my wife went out on the deck to bring in the dog from the sudden downpour. Then the lightning hit, blew out everything that was plugged in, the flood lights on the deck exploded and sparks were dancing on the metal rain gutters. The big boom was what scared the crap out of us and then watching Star Wars when it hit. That was a freaky thing, I thought Darth Vader was at my door! Wife and dog OK but the house across the street caught on fire and the entire 2nd story burned up. Good thing we all had insurance.

  • S3IL3CT Post author

    " can never be controlled "
    rather will not, because it doesnt make much sense atm
    but it can/could be controlled (can because we can already give it a path by shooting high energy lasers up in the clouds which creates a plasma channel through which it can discharge)

  • bagariddum Post author

    10:30 finding joy in the everyday = living well.

  • soham pal Post author

    And I'm from India

  • J Chr G Post author

    Zit je je toch af te vragen hoe diegene de aarde zullen verlaten die uitverkoren zijn..
    Hier "antwoord" van met het overtollige moet er toch wat g..die rommel nog op aarde
    Hoeveel "rounds per minute" gaat dat ding?
    Geëlectrucuteerd worden door de bliksem en tot stof de overblijfselen weder keren tot het al universum

  • Rick Deegan Post author

    Thanks Discovery Channel for this LOW RESOLUTION pos.

  • dylan kagely Post author

    My mom's cousin was struck by lightning while pregnant. Both survived but her son is handicapped physically and with his speech but everyone in town loves him. He's an amazing landscaper and is a penny pincher so he is probably the richest person in town

  • Chane Clarke Post author

    Is that man from africa..

  • 4014 The Boss steam locomotive Post author

    I love Lisa lazareck!

  • Mark Streight Post author

    Not a word about chemtrails what do you expect from a world government propagandist like the bbc?

  • Michael Patterson Post author

    I wonder if any wild animals have been burned by fires caused by lightning in any forest.

  • Steven LaRose Post author

    Up to 25 miles away.. Yep.. And I know that for a fact.. I was on the front porch with clouds way way off..All of a sudden I had the smell and the taste of electricity (some people know what I mean)then for some reason I looked at the top of this little 25 foot dogwood tree about 15 feet off the porch (tall pine trees everywhere) and the leaves turned brown on top (I thought to myself that's odd) then crackle crackle FLASH, BOOM all this in under 2 seconds.. Next thing I see is my dad leaning over me some 2 hours later.. All I got was a nice red mark on my belly

  • Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall Post author

    I'm like him or he's like me…. ALL I can say is….. COOOOOL!!!

  • Susan Vernon Post author

    very interesting programme

  • Cole Kitchen Post author

    11:36 – This man needs to be struck, he'd love it.

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