DIY Rainbow Bench (and techniques that FAILED)

DIY Rainbow Bench (and techniques that FAILED)

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for sponsoring that portion of the video. Now onto the project. EVAN: Hey guys we
are Evan and Katelyn. Today we are gonna be
dying in six unique and different ways so
that you guys don’t have any doubts about
what was the correct way to dye your wood. KATELYN: The
analogy kind of like broke up at the end there. Well I wanted to make
sure that we weren’t actually talking about dying,
we’re talking about dying. (giggles)
(clapping) Good joke. (laughing) Thank you. Thank you. I’ve been working on
it for like an hour. Today we are making
a rainbow bench. And its probably not
what you are picturing because when I Googled
rainbow benches it all has a very like
kids furniture look. Kind of looks like
a (xylophone noise) like a xylophone. Bold blocks of color. Bold blocks of color. And that’s not
really what we want. We want kind of like
a faded, rainbow, watercolor, ombre. An adult rainbow bench. Heh, an adult, an
adult bench, yes. Almost as if rainbow
light was shining through the window and just happen
to hit a wooden bench. There are some dyes that are
perfectly suited for this. They’re bright-bold colors that still let the wood show through. But since they are a little
bit on the expensive side, we thought we would try
out a few that you might already have laying
around, a few that are on the cheaper end, and
see how they compare cause they might work just
as well but they might be complete, utter failures
Like terrible, yeah, yes. I don’t know. Because this is all
very much an experiment and we’re gonna be making
our bench out of chunky, slightly more expensive,
butcher block, and we don’t wanna just
start throwing dyes on that we’re gonna do some
small scale tests first. (soft jazz music) So today we will be testing
a gel-based, wood stain. Acrylic stain for wood
and other natural fibers. Alcohol inks. Food coloring. Fabric dye. And a powdered drink with
artificial flavoring. Oh yeah! (loud laugh) So first we will try
the gel-based stain which is meant for wood. (whimsical music)
Whoa, look at that. Wow, those are
already pretty strong. This is fun. Art projects, whoa! (slow motion whoa) (chuckles)
Oh, I got you. I tagged you. Luckily I am wearing
the exact same color shirt as that one. You know what I
am curious about? What’s that? Mixing colors together. Yeah, you want to
try to make a green? I’m going to scoot these
guys out of the way. Yeah Oh gosh! It’s already started,
the experiment started. Yeah, my hope is that
this is just kind of like a water color and my worry is being able to
feather the edges. Let’s see if this might
Yeah, the edges are harsh right now.
The edges are harsh. It’s almost like a
little too liquid-y, I might have applied
too much water. Yeah. I’m going to get
the big boy brush. Wondering if we
diluted them too much. I’m sure you can do
multiple layers to build up color that you want. Yeah. And you can definitely see
the wood grain through this, which is nice. No response. Okay so lets try a slightly
less diluted version. (whimsical music) I actually like this
a decent amount. Yeah, should we move on
to another technique? Yeah. We will reserve our
judgment until the end. Alright so now we
are going to try the acrylic-based dye for
wood and other natural fibers. Ooh, oh my gosh, that’s a lot
Okay Actually a little bit, oh we were supposed
to shake them. (chuckles) (upbeat techno music
and liquid shaking) Very similar. It maybe seems a
little smoother to me. Blends out a little
bit better I think. Look at that, alright, cool.
Wow, wow. (high-five clap) Next. Okay next, alcohol inks. This could be the
best or the worst. Yeah cause we use these
all the time with resin but I’m curious to see how
they will perform on wood. We kind of do it
like dot per each one because alcohol actually
evaporates really fast. I’m going to squirt some
alcohol on the wood too. Both
(cough) Did you cough cause of that? No, I preemptively coughed. How funny, a preemptive cough. Yep, it was. (spray and small fake cough) Oh and we have a
Supurrvisor with us now she has decided to
oversee our testing. (robotic voice)
Am inspecting. Woo, I just got a koh-hua I just got a whiff of that, hoo. Joobie I don’t know if you
want to be in here right now. That’s actually like very nice. It’s subtle, might need
to add a little bit more. Yeah. And it’s very smooth. That has a very nice look to it. Yeah. Oh yeah, the alcohol I
sprayed down to disperse it is already gone. See after you like spray it on, and right away apply. Yeah, so here is
the hard thing about this is that you have
to work kind of quickly. Yeah. And it smells great. Smell great. Purple is like still
spreading like a plague I’m trying to stop it. Oh no, stop! Stop! (laughs loudly) What’s interesting, it’s bolder but it doesn’t
really have that soft nice pastel-ness to it. Let’s see how it dries. Yeah, let’s see how it dries. Don’t judge a dye by its first try. Thank you, I’ll have
my PayPal linked below. For what? People are going
to pay you because you said a really fun thing? (money register) You want out, you all done? Yes.
(robotic voice) You had enough of
our shenanigans? Yes.
(robotic voice) Goodbye Bye You want to call it? Yeah, I’ll call it. I feel like I got
a good enough feel. Yeah. Wait for it. Sorry I just said I would
call it and then I just It’s okay, I understand. (upbeat music) (slower jazz) (coughs loudly) Next up, the humble
food coloring. Hmm. Do you think this one will work? Yes. Wow, that is already
pretty much orange. That’s fun. It is super concentrated,
it makes sense. Alright. You want to try to
like mix something? Want to do a purple? Oh, or just black. Maybe once we thin it out. Yeah. Alcohol, the food coloring
is not as concentrated as I first thought. Yeah. Something about it, I don’t
want to call it too soon. But like
It seems a little grainy. Seems a little grainy,
seems a little bit like not as like punch color. Okay, next one. Next one. (upbeat piano music) Next is fabric dye which
we don’t have as many colors of, it’s just
what we have on hand. That’s like leftover
from the wedding. Yeah. (laughing loudly) I wonder if like
do these expire? Oh. Probably not right
they’re just dye? It’s fine. Oh wow look at all the
crusties coming off! A little crusty,
the tan looks green. Oh! Oh that one might be bad,
let’s just try it anyway. So crusty! It’s crusty, let’s
see what comes out. Oh, its goop-y. Oh
gosh, and it’s chunky! Oh, oh, oh, that’s horrifying! Looks kind of brownish. How is this tan? Pink, tan. Does it really say tan? Yeah, it’s tan! It used to be tan. I’ll admit, I’m kind of like
not trying at this point. (chuckles) Katelyn just gave up. What else am I supposed to do? It’s like red to blue gradient. I think we’re done here.
Done. You know. Now it’s time to test the
sugary candy drink mix. Not candy. It is if you just
eat it right now. Good? (tangy eating noises) So this is the orange flavor. Let’s see how
orange you go, wow! Oh that’s great oh!
Oh my gosh! Orange.
This might actually work! I know right!
I think people have used this to dye their
hair and to dye resin. Resin, Peter Brown. Okay, so its white What, its in a blue packet! Oh
(gasps) What sorcery is this? (laughs) That’s not bad. Not bad, that’s
pretty concentrated. Hoowoo! Could we have used
a shot of that? Does like, no, no, no,
don’t, don’t, don’t. No, no, no. All the brushes
have been in there. (swallows) (coughs) (yells) Was it sour? Oh man, it’s amazing! That’s not what I was expecting. It’s like you know those
candies that you have in school that were the
most sour thing ever. Yeah, yeah, yeah. A sip of one of those
is like equivalent Oh my gosh Katelyn, oh! (chiming music) (yells) Oh gosh aren’t you supposed
to add sugar to that or something, how is
it, oh it’s so sour! It’s so sour! It taste so good though.
It’s kind of good right. Weird. It like punches you in the face and then your like ahh
and then your like oh. Oh I like it. Shall we continue. Yeah. You know what, it’s working,
it’s not working well. I mean this is actually if
you want a really subtle look I don’t hate it. Okay, I knew that was
pretty good though. Yeah, well. Should we let these dry
a bit and then evaluate? Yep, let’s do it. Alright here they all are. Okay, the surprising contender
here is drink powder. Yeah, my only worry is
its a tiny bit muddier although I kind of like
that and I worry about getting the full range of colors cause mixing them was not
a success, it turned gray. Fabric dye is the worst. The worst. It didn’t blend well,
it didn’t dilute well. Now I will say, ours
was old and chunky but I still didn’t like it. I did not like it. Alcohol ink, interesting option. Very bold but hard to
blend, blending with alcohol Too much time pressure. Too much time pressure. Smelled terrible. Yeah, so these two are
definitely like down by their battle. I’m going to put food coloring
as the next worse actually. The color was okay but
the colors weren’t even. I thought between these
two, food coloring could actually win over drink powder just because you can
build it a lot faster. It seemed not even. I added four layers of yellow
and same with the green where as the blue and red so
I worry about the evenness. Can you believe
the drink powder? I don’t know, I kind of
like it in a weird way. I like it in a weird way,
each packet was 25 cents it’s generally like
a fairly cheap thing. You might need to experiment
to see which color gets which and there is a
limited number of colors. Really we got like
bluish, greenish, yellow, and red, and that’s is. But still, now for the
real true main contenders. This is like the box, the match, the like what’s the
final boxing thing? Oh, I don’t know. The throw down,
it’s the throw down! The throw down. The two of course legit
things that are meant for this gel stain and the acrylic dye. Yep
Yep The acrylic dye was
easier and I think it just looks nicer, it was
easier to blend. It was easier to get it to bold and it was easier to
feather the edges. Yeah. It’s by far the like
the clear winner to me. Acrylic dye, numero uno. It was a little bit
cheaper than this one. It was. So at least there is that. Per volume Like a dollar cheaper
right per bottle? That’s probably
the most expensive. Oh well gosh darn it! Alright well then
that’s it though, it’s great to know. Now we can go ahead and get
to, what are we doing next? Wood working? Wood working. Next, we are going to
get to the wood working. (upbeat music) Is that deep enough? Oh yeah. What happened? I was thinking bench,
okay legs go down. The leg’s the wrong way. We have a zig-zag bench. I just realized, okay. Can we just cut it the
other way and our bench will just be a
little bit shorter? Okay. Gosh darn it. (upbeat music) Taadaa! (chuckles) You dusty. (motor buzzing) I mean it’ll go in. (upbeat music) It didn’t work. Look at this giant
gap right here. I must not have like this
has a detent at 45 degrees but it must not be
calibrated or that accurate Here’s a little
metal feeler gauge, so I’m going to stick
about an inch in. Oh no. This is not even contacting, there just a thin little
bit of contact at the top so I think we’re
just going to have to power through this and sand it.
(robotic voice) (rock music) (power tool whirs) Oh, oh that’s so
much better, wow! (harmonica plays) That was a lot of work. Alright, time to bust out
the thick and quick glue to fill the gaps and
hide our mistakes. We don’t quite have the
tools to do a perfect waterfall edge so
there’s still a few gaps. It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. (piano playing) Oh, oh this is thick. Is it thick and quick? Its thick and kind
of hard to squeeze. Is it old? Yes. (upbeat tempo music) It is thick and just
move it into place. It is a pretty wide
board, it’s a wide boi. It’s a wide boi. Oh yes. (upbeat tempo music) (softer jazz music) That’s my excited dance. If you were wondering. (upbeat techno music) Not at full strength yet but Should we not flip it. Maybe not. Okay. Let’s clean it up
a little bit first. Yeah. It’s looking good though. Looking good. (waltz music)
(buzzing tool) Okay, we turn it over. I’m sure it’s dry by now. It’s yeah, it’s
been enough time. It’s heavy. The beefy boy. (crash and cat shrill) Yay! Nice! That’s pretty sturdy,
that’s real solid. Want to make it pretty
with some rainbows? I’m kind of nervous because like this is a really
nice classy bench and I could ruin it. Or you could ruin it. The potential is there
for something even more. I know. Let’s realize the potential. Cause we don’t want to just
be basic benches you know. We don’t want to
be basic benches. Want to get this guy. Everyone is here,
the gangs here. Gangs all here. We have our
Man this is so satisfying all the brushes
Oh yes. So we are going to do a
similar pattern to what we did with our little test pieces
where it kind of starts red in one corner goes
through the rainbow ends up violet on
the other side. Oh, we should spray it down. Yeah. (classical piano music) Who’s gonna go like this? Katelyn what if we
did finger painting? I’m joking. Start light. Yeah, we can always go more. What if it looks horrible
on butcher block? It’ll be fine. If it looks terrible
we will sand it off. Change the entire
premise of this video. Pretend like it never happened. You ready? Yeah. Okay, this is good, it
looks like a Jolly Rancher. Look at that, yeah. Oh, you have so vibrant! Yeah, you’ve got, you uh I added so much water. Just brush it off and
dip only in water. Whoa, it’s running
down the sides! Okay. Oh my gosh, hey it
looks beautiful! Everything is fine
Katelyn, don’t worry. Don’t look over here. I was just feeling
good about this like oh yeah, this is totally easy
its just like the little one and then you’re like “Ehwl”. (classical music) Oh yeah, that is actually
looking a lot better. Aw man that fade over the
edge, mmh, mmh, mmh so good. You know how I joked
about finger painting? That actually works great. Oh yeah! Oh this is so so pretty,
so subtle, I love it. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, okay
I’m going to start blue. I’m kind of like cool
with not doing the green and just like fading it. That was really fun. So far it’s like exactly
what I’d hoped for with that like watercolor look. Yeah, it’s like there’s
a prism right here and the sunlight is
hitting the prism and creating like a
rainbow that is fallen upon this bench. That’s what I wanted, like
like the rainbow light hitting wood, like if
it was coming through your prism. You can see that
inside of the legs we need to wrap it
slightly on the inside. So I need to wrap this slightly and you need to wrap
that purple slightly you see what I’m saying? (loud sneeze) Oh my gosh! I’m sorry. (classical music) Pose with your work, pose
with your masterpiece. It’s like I love it, I
don’t want to do anymore but at the same time, I wanna do more! Okay, how about we pause
we let it dry a little bit. Yeah and then we, And then we look at it again. Yeah, that’s probably smart. Okay, cause I
think once it’s dry it’ll either become
worse you know it might become more subtle, and we will be like
oh we do need more, or we might be like
oh, that’s perfect. Let’s, tsk, tsk, leave it. I just want to do more! I know, I know. Okay we just gotta do
more furniture builds and let’s add rainbows
to all of them. Rainbows to everything,
galaxy resin to everything Glow in the dark resins And RG LEDs (swoosh swoosh) Okay, so we let it dry. Stop, I did a weird thing. Okay, so we let it dry
and we really, really like how it looks. I feel like touching it more
we would just go too far It has that perfect
fade, it’s so smooth. It’s so smooth, it’s
so subtle yet also very obviously there but it
really has that look of just rainbow light just
(whistle) (blows air) Right across the wood. Alright so we did some tests to see what finish
we like over this. We did a varnish,
a clear varnish a wipe on poly and, a water-based polycrylic and
the one we liked the most is the water-based polycrylic But it’s a matte,
its a matte finish and that’s what we’ve
really been liking that it’s the perfect balance of like you can tell it’s finished
but it’s not like glaring. So, we just gonna do that. Yeah (tango music) Am I off screen? Yeah, you’re off screen. It’s done! (instrumental music) I think my mom’s reaction
when she saw this was the best. She looked around and was like “where’s where’s the
light coming from? How is the light hitting it?” Evan’s mom was here yesterday. It was really cool,
that’s exactly the look that we were going for and
I’m so glad that we hit it. Light, gently touching the wood. Just very excited that we
could actually make it work. Cause we haven’t really
seen this out there and it’s just cool to take
what’s in your brain and make it. We have to do one
more thing though we have to sit on it. (drumroll)
Three, two, one sit. It didn’t fall apart. I feel like it’s anytime you
make a piece of furniture if you don’t test
it and sit on it you are going to upset people. We’ve made that mistake
before so, observe. Good job! Alright guys so thank
you for joining us in another video. We’ll just be here, sitting here and we will see you next time. Bye Bye So bad! What video is that from? Looks so bad!
Bad! Sorry Joobie. Three, two, one (bleep) You said (bleep) No I said (bleep) Sit, sit We’ll explore in
different directions. You don’t want to be together? Of course I want to be together but I also want to be efficient. I just want iron. Girls only want one thing. Iron, I’m iron digger. (chuckles) I am cause I’m digging it.
That is disgusting. I’m digging it.

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