DUMBO NYC Travel Guide From a Local

DUMBO NYC Travel Guide From a Local

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I’m Jen with The Travel Women and today we’re exploring one of my favorite areas in Brooklyn and New York City: DUMBO. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. If you walk across the Manhattan Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge this is where you end up in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It is one of the top places which used to be completely industrial about ten years ago when I visited my friend who lived here and grew up here. It was so different and there were no tourists… now it is a not so hidden gem but still definitely worth the visit and one of the top places to take photos is right behind me of the Manhattan Bridge. You have to come here and check out my top picks for what to see and do in Dumbo but first how do you get to Dumbo other than walking across the Brooklyn Bridge? There are three train lines to get to Dumbo Brooklyn you can take the F train to York or take the A or C train to High Street or the two or three to Clark Street. The East River Ferry also connects Manhattan and Dumbo. One of the best spots for photos is right here at Plymouth in Washington. This intersection is where a ton of people are actually lining up for photos so my best advice is to come here early and to take a couple steps back go do it a block or two locks down so you don’t have to wait in line for a photo of the Empire State Building framed within the Manhattan Bridge. One of my favorite spots in Dumbo is jane’s carousel restored by Jane Wharton and her husband who were the main developers who really revitalized this whole entire area. This carousel was from 1922 in Ohio and just completely restored. Come take a ride! Opened in 1883 the Brooklyn Bridge is the longest bridge in the whole world, it is now one of the top tourist attractions, for good reason, I highly recommend walking across the bridge at sunrise and very early is the best for photos but once you arrive here in Dumbo you can continue doing the rest of these things on my list. Number four Pebble Beach. Main Street Park has some of the best photo opportunities of the bridges and the Manhattan skyline and includes Pebble Beach, dip your toes into the East River if you dare – note it is illegal to swim in it not that you would want to or instead just walk along the rocks and enjoy the views. Number five Yes wall there are some gorgeous murals and street art in Dumbo for one of my favorites is the pair of yes walls right next to the f-train’s York subway stop are two walls that say yes: one in black and white and another written in a pink octopus style. Number six rock climb under the Manhattan Bridge. Rock climb at the cliffs at Dumbo in New York City’s first outdoor climbing gym located in Brooklyn Bridge Park since it is an outdoor bouldering gym it is only open seasonally during warm weather, check their website to see when they’re open. Number seven Juliana’s many have heard of Grimaldi’s but the original Grimaldi’s name was actually sold and patsy Grimaldi opened the new Juliana’s pizza just next door which ranks higher in reviews than Grimaldi’s there is even a shorter line in front of Juliana’s if you still cannot wait, then skip the line by ordering takeaway which you can enjoy in the park. Number eight One Girl Cookies. If you need a break go to One Girl Cookies the coffee and cookies are delicious and super photogenic. Number nine Almondine Bakery: this new French bakery serves one of my favorite chocolate mousse cakes I’ve ever tasted, it is heavenly! Number ten Dumbo sign: this is a new flashy sign that changes colors with social media hashtags and even doubles as a binary clock. If you have a question you can also ask the sign on twitter by using the hashtag: #Dumbomagic to see a magic 8-ball answer via a colored code number 11 Empire stores rooftop located at 55 Water Street: this former 1860s warehouse was recently restored to include vibrant stores offices and restaurants one of the best views that not too many people know about – so don’t tell – is the rooftop on top of the Empire stores. Number 12 Brooklyn Historical Society history buffs will enjoy learning about Brooklyn’s 400 year history at the Brooklyn Historical Society. It now has two locations one in 55 Water Street and the other in the historic 128 Pierrepont street. Number 13 J Street connecting railroad while walking near the Brooklyn Bridge you might notice the remains of the J Street connecting railroad or JSC for short which was closed in 1958. It was built by the original coffee kings the Arbuckle brothers. I’m Jen with The Travel Women, thank you so much for watching my top picks in Dumbo Brooklyn if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up click the subscribe and bell button so you don’t miss any future videos and don’t forget to watch other videos in New York City while you’re here. As always say yes to new adventures and I’ll see you next time bye!

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    As always, a wonderful movie. Regards.

  • Jennifer O'Brien Post author

    Loved making this guide to DUMBO, like my Guide to SOHO video, should I do another neighborhood guide, which neighborhood? Downton Manhattan or UES or UWS or Williamsburg? Thanks for subscribing and engaging with my videos!

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    Awesome video. ~ Robert

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    Great video! Loved it. DUMBO looks amazing. I look forward to exploring it very soon and will check out the 13 things to do that you highlighted in your video. You are very talented and I always enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the great work.

  • Gerardo Ku Post author

    excellent video as always, I love … I was glad that you were careful with those stones and that they would have hurt you. excellent day and blessings. regards

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    At what time do you recommend go to the Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo for pictures?

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    Keep the vids coming 😊

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    Nice. Haven't been over there in a long time. Yeah, skip the line at Grimaldi's. They had a little problem with the Health Department anyway. Too bad One Manhattan Square is overshadowing the bridge now. It's really obvious from Governor's Island. Have you been over there yet?

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    Heading there in October. This was perfect. Thank you!!

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  • Mac Harper Post author

    Do not walk across The Brooklyn Bridge on a hot sunny day. It takes about a half hour and the sun is brutal. You will get fried. Its better in the fall on an overcast day.

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    No one grows up in dumbo. Unless you live in the welfare projects which is a few blocks from dumbo.😛

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