100 thoughts on “Get A Hot Date With Al Gore’s Climate Change Pick-up Lines

  • Siedler Joe Post author

    This topic is a pussy repelant

  • Farhan Mahalludin Post author

    0:43 He must had got it from Birdemic

  • Doubleg122 Memes Post author

    Al gore is like Stephen Colbert… they were relevant in 2006

  • Thế Đăng Dương Post author

    This is really fun. I wish HIMYM still on and see they make Barney uses all of them.

  • sprybug Post author

    I like politicians with a sense of humor. It seems to be absent quite often on the right.

  • No need to worry about my username Post author

    "either waste-water disposal from fracking has caused an increase in earthquakes in this area, or you have rocked my world"

    -Al Gore, 2017

  • Morii Des Vu Post author

    Antarctica is melting because either the climate change or coz youre so scorching hot

  • tommaso faoro Post author

    Al Gore turned into an healthier Rodney Dangerfielf

  • UliaAB Post author

    I kind of wish he'd run again, but I'm not sure he could handle the shit show that Trump is going to bring to town in 2020.

  • TheAronDark Post author

    I LOVE Al Gore's Climate Change Pick-up Lines ^^

  • Holly Post author

    IDIOT AMERICANS … that could have been ur president, well maybe should have been if they not faked the election in florida xD

  • diadsalies Post author

    I like how they had Colbert say the dirtier one-liners.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte Post author

    "Something else is rising…"
    best line

  • PutinWithAnimals Post author

    Al Gore ate the climate.

  • mohammad ebrahimi Post author

    sea level joke was alright

  • chip munk Post author


  • Tlotus Post author

    OH Stephen, Al I love it when you take it low. Get all Rhett Butler/ Barry White up in here!

  • Klara Stern Post author


  • CADPgamer Post author

    Hey baby, did you know you just melted away the ice caps in my heart?

  • Sovereign Sentience Post author

    after the movie some smooth jazz and chuck rose'

  • L D Post author

    Hopefully at your date you don't have to say –
    Is that co2 emissions or is that humus making you gassy?

    You are like global warming and you are making my heart melt.

    Thank god for global warming because I think it is melting your frigid exterior

    Co2 may cause forest to deplete but baby I always have plenty of wood for you !

    I could go on all day …..

  • Bryce Bray Post author

    How to end a date that is going badly, climate change style: Is that methane being released from melting permafrost deposits in an unstoppable positive feedback cycle that I smell, or did I just fart?

  • amit bhawanie Post author

    Needs more manbearpig awareness

  • Richie Rich Post author

    love those pickup lines lol, that was funny!

  • PokeFan Shan Post author

    Take a chick to a doc movie. Chicks like guys into doc movies.

  • Rd G Post author

    Sanders/Gore 2020

  • socrappyicoulddie Post author

    Well now I've seen everything

  • dryboneskirby Post author

    Are you global warming? Because you just melted my heart.

  • 9avedon Post author

    Gore did a poll used the same scientists who predicted Hillary had a 99% chance of winning the election. Colbert says "Fuck Donald Trump"
    These lines will only work on dogs like Debbie Wasserman Schultz !

  • shinny eyes Post author

    This has made my day. How can you be so creative Stephen

  • Lizz Keiper Post author


  • TheNightShadow Post author

    Can confirm. This is how he got Tipper to marry him.

  • New Message Post author

    I'm about to blow my whole year's carbon credits alllllll over you baby.

  • Ykhraam Post author

    bravo 😀

  • Kate Post author

    I watched this in class!!!!! 😊❤️

  • Te Fu Post author

    That was good

  • Just Travelin' Thru Post author

    Al Gore is nuts and delusional..

  • NIELS MICHIELS Post author

    ……….Is it me or does Al look like he's slowly morphing into Boris Yeltsin……….

  • Stephanie Feliciano Post author

    I'm sorry but I need to be crude for a moment. I would love to fuck Stephen and have him go ass to mouth with me. Men think like this why can't women?

  • Old Uncle Bob Post author

    Burn less carbon. Everybody.

  • Somkit Post author

    Why did the polar bear step onto the ice shelf?
    To break the ice. Hi, I'm Somkit. Nice to meet you.

  • Cheap 'n Chic Post author

    Al Gore! ❤😘😍 Best Vice President ever!!!

  • Lana Reed Post author

    I must say , Steven , when you put your imaginary props away it is sooooo funny!!!! Its like second nature you do it every time! That's an actor!

  • TheTruthIsRacist Post author

    This is almost as self-serving stupid, as Kimmel having Hillary open a pre loosen jar of pickles to proof she was in good heath. lmao

  • loonateer Post author

    Inconvenient truth Al Gore is a hypocrite…CEO at apple, advisor for Google. Next time use a ladder to show us the hockey stick curve instead of a electric platform, and do your "thinking" in the woods instead of, private plane, in the back of your limousine or in front of your 3 apple cinema displays.

  • deistmutt Post author

    Forget the South Pole, it's gone.. but there's a pole here still stands….

  • deistmutt Post author

    I'm glad the ozone layer has a hole, otherwise you wouldn't be able to fall from heaven…

  • deistmutt Post author

    You are the sun and I'm the solar panel.. you electrify me…

  • deistmutt Post author

    Climate change my ass! No, seriously, my ass getting hotter

  • RIXRADvidz Post author

    you're so Climate Extreme, I'm about to spray some aerosols…..

  • Mr. SkyTime Post author

    Climate changes is a business scheme for banksters to make more profits

  • Elliott Collins Post author

    Just throwing it out there, but fracking reduces carbon emissions.

  • MagnuMagnus Post author

    Al's probably gonna need those pick up lines now that he's single.

  • schurgy16 Post author

    Are you man-bear-pig? Because I am obsessed with you 😉

  • Cliff Diving Monkeys Post author

    My climate change pick-up line:

    How about we skip all the bullshit and just have sex! 🙂

  • NexoFX ISKU Post author

    Ich meine es echt Ernte.

  • Mariam H. Post author

    Every time I see Al Gore I remember Andy from Parks and Rec "I don't know who Al Gore is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask" haha

  • Dominic Phillips Post author

    This is genuinely entertaining.

  • bob smith Post author

    and our species is so fucked up that some women will actually make real selection choices solely because of guys who watch this video and repeat a line from it… bring of the fucking nukes already plz

  • TransparentLabyrinth Post author

    Hey girl… are you the Great Barrier Reef, because you're slowly dying and I'm upset that I took you for granted all this time.

  • Bobby McGee Post author

    Imagine someone made a virtual Al Gore dating simulator.. haha…ha

  • J Hitchcock Post author

    Haha! Looks like someone has learned from his mistakes…Perhaps laying the groundwork for 2020?

  • Ert D Post author

    (can you post the video full "title" of movie),.

  • Ert D Post author

    Funny. ( I shall watch this movie with my baby daddy so he knows not to annoy me because it will heat my sorroundings of anger! Haha.),.

  • Ert D Post author

    Hot date movie ( sitting and), who drinking with large plastic cup?. (Funny as hell),.

  • Tamal Firoz Md. Post author

    So cool

  • TheMerryPup Post author

    "Is that an iceberg the size of Delaware breaking off the antarctic ice shelf?"

    Or did you just fart?

  • Alex Landherr Post author

    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert presents: Al Gore’s Vice-Presidential Pick-up lines!

  • Angelbelle Post author

    I never noticed how smooth Al Gore's voice was.

  • yannis gouras Post author

    Man al gore is starting to look like Rodney Dangerfield

  • Nurlinda F Sihotang Post author

    just like climate change, you turned my heart's wheather upside down 😉

  • maxkiki Post author

    Now I know what I've been doing wrong all these years.

  • W. Harrison Post author

    Unlike the climate, I'd like to see you change

  • Craig Fatteicher Post author

    "Do you even know how much energy it takes to run my home?!"

  • Ignacio Medina Post author

    absolutely brilliant

  • Ben S Post author

    1. Are you worried about climate change? Because only a moron can deny it's getting hot in here.
    2. Are you CO2? Because you make my world hotter

  • MasterMiller404 Post author

    It starts at 1:12

  • Dank Frank Post author


  • Christopher Allen Post author

    You had me at "get a hot date with Al Gore".

  • SupTestMan Post author

    Funny but only because Global warming isn't real.

  • Persøn Human Post author

    As a girl, I would date someone who used those pickup lines on me.

  • Anjali Rawat Post author

    Oh no

  • Elisabeth Winter Post author

    Contend bike frame product factor stay owner.

  • Esoteric One Post author

    Ahh …I still love Al. He's the best!

  • Britt Bakker Post author

    version championship wealthy wuwducm serve comfort wild top treaty appeal.

  • Alex Almeida Post author


  • Anna Meyer Post author

    dispute overwhelming teen Mexican candy proposed oxygen.

  • Cassandra Girard Post author

    sit I really love deeroy ethnic .

  • Alice Denis Post author

    assist fit avoid care multiple employment resign scientific pop.

  • vMufasa Post author

    fuck you al gore… I loved ur message but u sold out and are a complete contradiction to everything u try to say…

  • Marie loius None Post author

    It's easy to solve the energy problem. We switch to Nuclear and Solar and then we could use as much energy as we want.

  • Leon Deveraux Post author

    The most legitimate line: "Sea level's not the only thing rising."

  • chinookvalley Post author

    Please look at the Paris Agreement COP21 treaty – to control sunlight via Solar Radiation Management. Geoengineering the climate is not working. Notice lots of clouds, horridly hot sunlight, vanishing insects and wildlife? You are not alone. But the UN "scientists" IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is killing all life on Earth for $$$$$.

  • Nic Winston Post author

    Al Gore is a hypocrite. read this http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/2/al-gores-nashville-estate-expends-21-times-more-en/

  • BrassPipes Post author

    When perpetually lying scum advocate climate change because of human activity, you can't help but doubt it

  • TheFrozenfish Post author

    I think I'm like 5% more gay now, after watching these two men talking that stuff into my ears.

  • Debbie Prentice Post author

    I wonder what Stephen Colbert's personal pick up lines are?

  • Smug Smugly Post author

    I'l be damned its the inventor of the internet.

  • legasiguy Post author

    Thanks to President Gore, we have the internet! 😀

  • Jason Melton Post author

    According to the Vostok Ice Core Records, CO2 level changes have followed Earth's overall temperature changes at an 800 year lag for the last 800,000 years. That means that our current CO2 levels are the result of Earth's overall temperature 800 years ago. World leaders have convinced their dependents that this works in the reverse order, relatively quickly, and that we are to blame, so that they can tax us out of a false shared guilt in order to be able to afford to "fight" climate change, an unstoppable natural cycle. The following is the source of this information:

    Historical Carbon Dioxide Record from the Vostok Ice Core

    J.-M. Barnola, D. Raynaud, C. Lorius
    Laboratoire de Glaciologie et de Géophysique de l'Environnement,
    CNRS, BP96,
    38402 Saint Martin d'Heres Cedex, France

    N.I. Barkov
    Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute,
    Beringa Street 38, 199397,
    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Period of Record
    417,160 – 2,342 years BP

    In January 1998, the collaborative ice-drilling project between Russia, the United States, and France at the Russian Vostok station in East Antarctica yielded the deepest ice core ever recovered, reaching a depth of 3,623 m (Petit et al. 1997, 1999). Ice cores are unique with their entrapped air inclusions enabling direct records of past changes in atmospheric trace-gas composition. Preliminary data indicate the Vostok ice-core record extends through four climate cycles, with ice slightly older than 400 kyr (Petit et al. 1997, 1999). Because air bubbles do not close at the surface of the ice sheet but only near the firn-ice transition (that is, at ~90 m below the surface at Vostok), the air extracted from the ice is younger than the surrounding ice (Barnola et al. 1991). Using semiempirical models of densification applied to past Vostok climate conditions, Barnola et al. (1991) reported that the age difference between air and ice may be ~6000 years during the coldest periods instead of ~4000 years, as previously assumed. Ice samples were cut with a bandsaw in a cold room (at about -15°C) as close as possible to the center of the core in order to avoid surface contamination (Barnola et al. 1983). Gas extraction and measurements were performed with the "Grenoble analytical setup," which involved crushing the ice sample (~40 g) under vacuum in a stainless-steel container without melting it, expanding the gas released during the crushing in a pre-evacuated sampling loop, and analyzing the CO2 concentrations by gas chromatography (Barnola et al. 1983). The analytical system, except for the stainless-steel container in which the ice was crushed, was calibrated for each ice sample measurement with a standard mixture of CO2 in nitrogen and oxygen. For further details on the experimental procedures and the dating of the successive ice layers at Vostok, see Barnola et al. (1987, 1991), Lorius et al. (1985), and Petit et al. (1999).

    There is a close correlation between Antarctic temperature and atmospheric concentrations of CO2 (Barnola et al. 1987). The extension of the Vostok CO2 record shows that the main trends of CO2 are similar for each glacial cycle. Major transitions from the lowest to the highest values are associated with glacial-interglacial transitions. During these transitions, the atmospheric concentrations of CO2 rises from 180 to 280-300 ppmv (Petit et al. 1999). The extension of the Vostok CO2 record shows the present-day levels of CO2 are unprecedented during the past 420 kyr. Pre-industrial Holocene levels (~280 ppmv) are found during all interglacials, with the highest values (~300 ppmv) found approximately 323 kyr BP. When the Vostok ice core data were compared with other ice core data (Delmas et al. 1980; Neftel et al. 1982) for the past 30,000 – 40,000 years, good agreement was found between the records: all show low CO2 values [~200 parts per million by volume (ppmv)] during the Last Glacial Maximum and increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations associated with the glacial-Holocene transition. According to Barnola et al. (1991) and Petit et al. (1999) these measurements indicate that, at the beginning of the deglaciations, the CO2 increase either was in phase or lagged by less than ~1000 years with respect to the Antarctic temperature, whereas it clearly lagged behind the temperature at the onset of the glaciations.

    Barnola, J.-M., D. Raynaud, A. Neftel, and H. Oeschger. 1983. Comparison of CO2 measurements by two laboratories on air from bubbles in polar ice. Nature 303:410-13.

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    Barnola, J.-M., P. Pimienta, D. Raynaud, and Y.S. Korotkevich. 1991. CO2-climate relationship as deduced from the Vostok ice core: A re-examination based on new measurements and on a re-evaluation of the air dating. Tellus 43(B):83- 90.

    Delmas, R.J., J.-M. Ascencio, and M. Legrand. 1980. Polar ice evidence that atmospheric CO2 20,000 yr BP was 50% of present. Nature 284:155-57.

    Jouzel, J., C. Lorius, J.R. Petit, C. Genthon, N.I. Barkov, V.M. Kotlyakov, and V.M. Petrov. 1987. Vostok ice core: A continuous isotopic temperature record over the last climatic cycle (160,000 years). Nature 329:403-8.

    Lorius, C., J. Jouzel, C. Ritz, L. Merlivat, N.I. Barkov, Y.S. Korotkevich, and V.M. Kotlyakov. 1985. A 150,000-year climatic record from Antarctic ice. Nature 316:591-96.

    Neftel, A., H. Oeschger, J. Schwander, B. Stauffer, and R. Zumbrunn. 1982. Ice core measurements give atmospheric CO2 content during the past 40,000 yr. Nature 295:220-23.

    Pepin, L., D. Raynaud, J.-M. Barnola, and M.F. Loutre. 2001. Hemispheric roles of climate forcings during glacial-interglacial transitions as deduced from the Vostok record and LLN-2D model experiments. Journal of Geophysical Research 106 (D23): 31,885-31,892.

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    Petit, J.R., J. Jouzel, D. Raynaud, N.I. Barkov, J.-M. Barnola, I. Basile, M. Benders, J. Chappellaz, M. Davis, G. Delayque, M. Delmotte, V.M. Kotlyakov, M. Legrand, V.Y. Lipenkov, C. Lorius, L. Pépin, C. Ritz, E. Saltzman, and M. Stievenard. 1999. Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420,000 years from the Vostok ice core, Antarctica. Nature 399: 429-436.

    Raynaud, D., and J.-M. Barnola. 1985. An Antarctic ice core reveals atmospheric CO2 variations over the past few centuries. Nature 315:309-11.

    CITE AS: Barnola, J.-M., D. Raynaud, C. Lorius, and N.I. Barkov. 2003. Historical CO2 record from the Vostok ice core. In Trends: A Compendium of Data on Global Change. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tenn., U.S.A.

    Revised February 2003

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