God & the Weather, Part 2

God & the Weather, Part 2

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>>Was hurricane Katrina a
judgment of God that was sent to call this nation to
repentance? And if so what prompted God to place such a
remedial judgment upon us? Was it our growing immorality and
violence? Was it the sins of New Orleans? Or did it have
something to do with our mistreatment of Israel? Stay
tuned. >>[Music] >>Lamb and Lion Ministries
presents Christ in Prophecy a program that focuses on the
fundamentals of Bible prophecy showing how current events in
the news relate to biblical predictions of end time events
and the soon return of Jesus. Now here’s your host Dr. David
Reagan. >>Greetings in the name of
Jesus our blessed hope I’m Dave Reagan Founder and
Director of Lamb and Lion Ministries. Welcome to Christ
in Prophecy. Last week we began sharing a message with
you that I delivered at the Steeling the Mind Conference
in Coeur d’Alene Idaho the message was entitled, “God,
Judgment and the Weather.” In that message I looked in depth
at what the Bible has to say about God and the weather. I
pointed out that God has always spoken through signs of
nature and that throughout history God has used signs of
nature in two primary ways. First God has used signs of
nature to emphasize the importance of great events, as
He did for example when He put a special light in the heavens
when Jesus was born, or when He caused an earthquake and
three hours of darkness when Jesus was crucified. I then
pointed out that God uses signs of nature more
frequently in another way. Now more often, God uses signs of
nature as remedial judgments to call nations to repentance.
Both the Bible and history attest to the fact that God
has a pattern for working with nations. First of all the
Bible teaches beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is the one
that raises up nations, and He is the one who sets their
boundaries, and He is the one who gives them purpose. And
that when a nation begins to rebel against Him the first
thing He will do is raise up prophetic voices to call the
nation to repentance. And when I say prophetic voices I’m not
talking about people with supernatural knowledge of the
future. I’m talking about the gift of prophecy, as it
operates today. And the way it operates today is that God
gives to certain individual’s supernatural ability to take
the Word of God and apply it to contemporary events. When
you find a person who can take the Word of God and preach
about abortion, or preach about the national debt, or
preach about same sex marriage that’s a gift of prophecy. And
there are people who have that gift and God raises up
prophetic voices to call a nation to repentance. These
are people who look at the Word of God and they say the
nation is in violation of the Word of God. And they know
from the Word of God what’s going to happen not because
they have supernatural knowledge of the future
because they know that God deals with nations according
to a certain pattern. And that He will deal with that nation
if they don’t repent and so they call the nation to
repentance. If the nation refuses to repent then God
sends remedial judgments. He will send one, after another,
after another. These can take many forms, it can be economic
calamity, it can be military defeat, it can be weather
phenomena, but God will send remedial judgments. And
finally if the nation sets its jaw against God and refuses to
repent God will then deliver the nation from judgment to
destruction. The Bible says over, and over it uses a very
special term there it say that God does this when the wound
becomes incurable. That’s used in nearly all the prophets,
when the wound becomes incurable is when God moves a
nation from judgment to destruction. >>[Music] >>I proceeded to give many
biblical examples of God using natural calamities as remedial
judgments to call nations to repentance. I then shifted to
our own nation as an example of God responding to rebellion
with remedial judgments. Our own nation is a good example
of what I’m talking about, we have been blessed as no other
nation that has ever existed except the nation of Judah.
Only nation been blessed like this nation. And yet in the
1960’s this nation began to thumb its nose at God as a
cultural revolution was launched and very quickly we
descended into a cesspool, a cesspool of sexual
promiscuity, a cesspool of drug abuse, abortion on
demand, legalized gambling, rampant blasphemy, and a flood
of pornography. The lifestyle of hedonism swept our nation
and we ended up calling good evil and evil good. And God
responded by raising up prophetic voices all across
this nation to call this nation to repentance. One of
the most important was the voice of Dave Wilkerson the
pastor of Time Square Church in New York City, who in the
early 70’s began to speak out very forcibly about the sins
of this nation and warning that if we did not repent God
was going to send judgment, after judgment, after
judgment. He didn’t have any supernatural knowledge of the
future he just knew the Word of God. And he knew that when
a nation was blessed like ours and rebelled against God that
God was going to put judgments upon it. But when we ignored
the prophetic voices God responded by putting remedial
judgments like the Vietnam War, like the AIDS epidemic,
like the plague of sexual transmitted diseases, like the
outbreak of homosexuality, and also natural disasters;
quakes, floods, tornadoes, even an incredible volcanic
eruption that you know of well in this area. All of which
culminated I believe in the attacks of 9/11. I believe
this was Gods major wake up call to this nation to call
this nation to wake up, to call this nation to repent of
its immorality. Have you ever stopped to think that we are a
far greater threat to the world then the Soviet Union
has ever been because we are the moral polluter of planet
earth? Everywhere I go on this planet I just got back from
China everywhere I go if you turn on the TV set in the room
where you are anywhere in the world you know what you’re
going to see you’re going to see the most immoral and the
most violent American movies and American television shows.
We are the moral polluter of planet earth and God is going
to hold us responsible for it. I don’t think it was any
accident that on 9/11 what was attacked were two symbols of
American pride. What is it that America takes pride in?
Its money and its power. And the two symbols of money and
power were attacked. God sent us a wake up call and
unfortunately we are like the guy who is very sleepy and
when the alarm goes off we roll over and hit the snooze
alarm, and I think we went right back to sleep. >>[Music] >>This week I want to focus on
a new factor that I believe is producing remedial judgments
upon this country; it is our mistreatment of Israel that
began in the early 90’s. But what we have failed to realize
is that since 1991 many of the judgments that we have
experienced have been related to our mistreatment of the
nation of Israel. The Bible says two very important things
about this, Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless
you, and I will curse those who curse you.” That is part
of the Abrahamic Covenant it’s an eternal covenant that God
made with Abraham. I’m going to bless those who bless the
Jews and I’m going to curse those who curse the Jews. In
Zechariah 2:8, “For the Lord said, ‘He who touches Israel
touches the apple of my eye.'” Those are very serious
statements and history attests to the truth of it. I could go
all the rest of the day giving you historical examples. I’ll
give you three; the first Spain; in the 15th Century
Spain was the greatest power in the world. In 1492 the same
year that Columbus discovered America Queen Isabella ordered
that every Jew in Spain convert to Christianity over
night or be expelled. Over 250,000 were expelled over
night. In a matter of years the Spanish Empire was in
ashes and has never existed to anything since then. In
addition to that is the Nazi government. Hitler was well on
his way to conquering all of Europe when he launched the
Holocaust, and within a matter of years his Third Reich was
in ashes. Third example; Britain and the great blockade
the British were blessed, oh they were blessed in the 19th
century. God showered His blessing upon the British they
sent out missionaries all over the world, they wrote hymns
they translated the Gospel into different languages and
God greatly blessed them. They came into the 20th Century
blessed they came into the 20th Century with evangelical
leadership even in the government, which is the
reason they issued the Balfour Declaration in November of
1917 saying, “We are going to make Palestine a homeland for
the Jewish people.” But suddenly they turned against
the Jews. In 1922 they announced they were going to
give two-thirds of Palestine to the Arabs to create the
modern day state of Jordan. And then when the Holocaust
broke out in the late 30’s they did something
inconceivable they blockaded Israel, and they refused to
allow any Jews of Europe to come home to Israel. They
turned the ships back and sent them back to the ovens because
they would not allow any Jews to come from Europe into
Israel. At the end of World War II they sided with the
Arabs. Today the British Empire is simply a memory. I
believe many of the blessings of our nation have been due to
the fact that we have been a safe haven for the Jews. One
of the only nations in the world that has not launched
pogroms against them or persecutions. And also because
we have been Israel’s best friend ever since the state
was reestablished in 1948. But the Bible says that in the end
times all the nations of the world will turn against Israel
over the issue of Jerusalem, and in the early 90’s we
joined the rest of the world in their opposition to Israel.
We did so primarily to ensure our access to Arab oil. The
turning point came in 1991 when the Soviet Union
collapsed and the Jews of Russia began flooding into
Israel at the rate of 2,000 to 3,000 a day for one year. Can
you imagine that 2,000 to 3,000 a day for one year?
Israel was literally overwhelmed, overwhelmed.
They went to the World Bank and said we can’t handle this
we need 5 billion dollars so the World Bank said, “You will
not get a dime unless the United States underwrites the
loan.” They went to the first Bush Administration said,
“Would you underwrite the loan?” And President Bush
said, “I will do so on one condition you must go to the
negotiating table and you must start trading land for peace.”
We are the ones who forced Israel into the suicidal
policy of trading land for peace. And we have been their
chief arm twister ever since forcing them to divide the
land that God gave them. And in doing so we have been
courting God’s wrath in a very special way. Look at these
sobering verses Joel 3:1-2, “I will gather all the nations
and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat, the
valley of judgment, and then I will enter into judgment with
them on behalf of my people and my inheritance Israel whom
they have scattered among the nations and have divided up my
land.” God says in the end times I’m going to bring
special judgment against any nation involved in dividing up
my land, and we are now one of those nations involved in
dividing up the land. Last year 2004 a White House
correspondent Bill Koenig wrote a book entitled, “Eye to
Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel,” “Eye to
Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel.” The book
had a very prophetic cover on it notice it shows President
Bush standing looking over his right shoulder eye to eye with
a menacing hurricane. And at the eye of the hurricane is
what? The symbol of Israel the Star of David. In this book
Koenig attempted to show the relationship between U.S.
mistreatment of Israel and subsequent natural disasters,
economic setbacks, and political crisis. Let me just
share a few of the natural disasters with you. It all
began on November the 1st, 1991 when we forced Israel to
the Madrid Conference where we forced them to sit down at the
table and start negotiating away their land to the
Palestinians. That conference began on November 1st, 1991
and on that exact day the perfect storm formed in the
Atlantic. That perfect storm produced waves of over 100
feet and almost completely destroyed President Bush’s
home in Kennebunkport, Maine. In fact on November the 1st
“USA Today” had twin headlines: one side it said
“Madrid Conference Convenes” the other side “Perfect Storm
Forms.” Or consider what happened in the summer of 1992
Yitzhak Rabin was elected the new Prime Minister of Israel
and the moment he was elected in June we put pressure on him
and we said you must come to Washington, you must sit down
with Arafat, you must negotiate with Arafat, you
must give land to Arafat. He came he sat down with Arafat
their meeting began on August 24th, 1992 and on that very
day Andrew Hurricane, Hurricane Andrew slammed into
Miami the greatest hurricane in the history of the United
States up to that point. Or consider the Camp David Summit
in July of 2000 when Bill Clinton brought Ehud Barak and
Yasser Arafat together, and he began to put pressure on Barak
to trade away the heartland of Israel, and also to give
Arafat one half of Jerusalem. The day that conference began
fires broke out in the western United States, 50 fires
consumed 500,000 acres of land before the end of the month.
Or consider the White House celebration of Ramadan. The
White House celebration of Ramadan. It’s the strangest
thing why President Bush started this I have no idea.
This was his response to 9/11. Part of his response to 9/11
was to schedule the first ever celebration of Ramadan.
Someone said recently scheduling a celebration of
Ramadan after 9/11 would be equivalent to FDR scheduling a
celebration of Shintoism after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It
makes no sense whatsoever, it just doesn’t make any
sense. At this meeting which was held in November of 2002
President Bush made this incredible statement he said,
“We have come to honor Allah, the God of Abraham, the God of
Abraham.” The next day at tornado swarmed of 88
tornadoes hit the central United States. Then came the
incredible Road Map Plan. The road map that was put together
by the quartet you talk about an ungodly quartet: Russia,
the United Nations, the European Union, and the United
States. And this was to force Israel to give away its
heartland. This was delivered by Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer
to Ariel Sharon on May the 4th, of 2003. The next day
Colin Powell went to the Middle East to implement the
plan. The first thing he did was to meet with this
terrorist leader Hafez Assad who’s now dead. As soon as the
meeting was over he called a press conference and announced
I have promised President Assad that we are going to
include the Golan Heights in the road map. And we are going
to force Israel to give up the Golan Heights. That very day
the greatest tornado swarm in the history of the United
States occurred 412 tornados broke out. The previous high
was 177. In summary between November the 1st, 1991 and
November 2004 not including this year, during those
thirteen years that we have turned against Israel here’s
what’s happened: 9 of the 10 largest insurance events in US
history, 9 of the 10 greatest natural disasters as ranked by
FEMA relief cost, 5 of the costliest hurricanes in US
history, 3 of the 4 largest tornadoes swarms in US
history. All of which were linked in one way or another
to our attempts to press Israel into dividing its land,
or surrendering all or part of Jerusalem. The world would
laugh at this and the world would say its coincidence. I
don’t believe in coincidence, I believe in God incidences.
The most recent chaotic event in Israel, and the most
traumatic in their modern history was the forced
withdrawal from Gaza that began on August the 17th.
Nearly 9,000 Israelis were forcibly ripped from their
homes and their farms. It was heart wrenching to watch women
and children man handled, to watch synagogues violated,
Torah scrolls desecrated, houses bulldozed, graves dug
up, farms destroyed. The economic impact on Israel is
simply overwhelming, look at this Gaza Strip produced 70%
of Israel’s organic produce, 60% of the nations exported
herbs, 15% of its total agricultural exports, 60% of
its exported cherry tomato crop, and $120 million
of its flower exports. In the midst of all of this before it
was even finished Condoleezza Rice called a press conference
in which she said, “Every one empathizes with what the
Israelis are facing, but it can not be Gaza only, this is
going to be the beginning of these withdrawals.” Well it’s
interesting all of this ended, all of it ended on August the
22nd, and the very next morning the government of
Bermuda announced that a tropical depression had formed
off the coast of Bermuda which was dubbed Katrina. It quickly
developed into the most powerful hurricane in modern
history slamming into New Orleans on August the 27th. It
disrupted 25% of our crude oil production, destroyed the
largest port in this nation and the fifth largest in the
world. I think its interesting to note that New Orleans had a
special event scheduled 3 days after this hit an event that
was called the Gay Mardi Gras. The theme this year here’s the
poster was going to be Jazz and Jezebels. Last year the
event drew 125,000 revelers who proudly flaunted their
perversion publicly in a parade that featured the
bizarre. Incredibly this event is sponsored by an
organization that proudly calls itself southern
decadence. New Orleans is also known for its occult practices
particularly Voodoo. And it’s also infamous for its high
murder rate and its political corruption. None the less I do
not believe personally the storm was meant primarily as a
judgment upon the city of New Orleans. Rather I see it as a
judgment on our entire nation for our mistreatment of
Israel, and that’s because it had national consequences.
Higher fuel prices, higher prices for all goods,
disruption of the flow of goods, an increase in the
national debt, and ultimately an increase in taxes, shamed
before the whole world, and a deeply scarred Bush
Administration. Speaking of President Bush many Christians
have been asking, “Why doesn’t President Bush realize the
prophetic significance of Israel? He’s a Christian, why
doesn’t he realize it? Why doesn’t he treat Israel the
way he should?” I recently had the opportunity, I had some
ideas about that but I recently had an opportunity to
interview Bill Koenig on one of my television programs. So
I put the question to Bill, I said, “Bill what about it?
Number one is the President a Christian? Number two why
doesn’t he realize the prophetic significance of
Israel?” He said, “Dave, let me tell you I’ve gotten to
know the President well as a White House correspondent.”
There is only 250 of these in the world he’s one of 250. And
he says of the 250 there is only 5 who are Christians only
5. He said, “I’ve got to know the President,” he said, “I
have absolutely no doubt whatsoever he is a born again
Christian, an evangelical Christian, born again serious
about his faith.” He said, “You’ve got to understand
something, he was born and raised in the Episcopal
Church. And when he found the Lord Jesus Christ and got born
again he moved to the Methodist church.” And he
said, “Although there are both Episcopal Priests and
Methodist Pastors who know something about Bible
prophecy, and understand the importance of Israel. The vast
overwhelming majority in those two denominations do not and
the national leadership of both are absolutely dominated
by people who believe in Replacement Theology.” He
said, “All President Bush has heard all his life from the
pulpit is Replacement Theology. That in the First
Century God washed his hands of the Jewish people. He has
no purpose left for the Jewish people, and there is
absolutely no prophetic significance whatsoever to the
nation of Israel.” And he says, “David he’s surrounded
by godly advisors who are also Christians, but,” he said, “I
know them too and they all come from Replacement Theology
churches.” He said, “I don’t know one advisor who truly
believes that there’s any prophetic significance to
Israel.” Well I believe the message of Katrina is that God
is on His throne. God is in control. He can not be mocked.
He will not tolerate the division of His Holy Land, nor
will He tolerate gross immorality that mocks
everything that is moral and decent. God loves our nation
folks. He has blessed us more then any other nation, but the
Word of God says to those to whom much is given much is
expected. And the Word of God says God disciplines those
whom He loves. Another thing His Word makes clear is that
when He sends discipline the fundamental purpose is never
to punish. Let me say it again when God sends discipline when
He sends a remedial judgment His fundamental purpose is
never to punish. His fundamental purpose is to call
us to repentance so that we might be saved. Here is the
way Isaiah puts it in Isaiah 26:9, “When the earth
experiences your judgments, the inhabitants of the world
learn righteousness.” I know that first hand because when I
was fifteen years old growing up in Waco, Texas we had a
tornado. The worst tornado in the history of Texas to this
day, it was like an atomic bomb went off in downtown
Waco. That tornado killed more people then in any other
tornado in the history of Texas; it killed 114, it
injured over 597. This is a picture of a five story
building that collapsed killing everybody inside of
it. You know what I noticed? For the next three months
there was standing room only in every church in town,
because these disasters have a way getting people’s
attention. And getting them focused on an eternal
perspective. The only problem is that due to our fallen
nature it only lasted about three months and then people
began to forget and the church attendance began to fall off.
With regard to the spiritual impact of Katrina I think it’s
interesting that the Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco
called for a statewide day of prayer. She said, “As we face
the devastation wrought by Katrina we search for those in
need as we comfort those in pain, and as we begin the long
task of rebuilding we must turn to God for strength hope
and comfort.” Those are noble words but I want you to notice
something not one statement about repentance. President
Bush issued a Presidential Proclamation calling for a
National Day of Prayer on September 8th, he asked the
nation to pray for the victims and to reach out to them in
compassion. Again those are noble words but there was no
expression of repentance. New Orleans City Council President
Oliver Thomas came the closest of all public
officials in recognizing that Katrina had a spiritual
message. On national TV he said, “You know this all
reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah and I’m beginning to
believe that God has a message for us that maybe He’s
cleansing us.” But cleansing requires a response of
repentance something God is calling for from the whole
nation and not just from the city of New Orleans. No public
official in our history has yet seen the spiritual
implications of a disaster as clearly as did Abraham Lincoln
when he evaluated the cause of the Civil War. In a
proclamation which he issued on March the 30th, 1863 the
President called for quote, “A National Day of Prayer and
Repentance.” And he made this comment, “In so much as we
know that by His divine law nations like individuals are
subjected to punishment and chastisements in this world.
May we not justly fear that the awful calamity of Civil
War which now desolates the land may be but a punishment
inflicted upon us for our presumptuous sins to the
needful end of our national reformation as a people.” He
continued by saying, “We have been the recipients of the
choices bounties of heaven. We have been preserved these many
years in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers
wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown.” But he
said, “We have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious
hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied,
enriched, and strengthened us. And we have vainly imagined,”
listen to this, “we have vainly imagined in the
deceitfulness of our hearts that all our blessings were
produced by our superior wisdom and virtue.” He then
ended it with these words, “Intoxicated with unbroken
success we have become too self-sufficient to feel the
necessity of redeeming and preserving grace. Too proud to
pray to God that made us. It behooves us to then humble
ourselves before the offended power to confess our national
sins and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.” >>[clapping] >>That’s the kind of
proclamation we need today. But folks the sad thing is we
have become so secular, and so pagan that if our President
were to issue such a proclamation today I have no
doubt that someone in Congress would issue an indictment of
impeachment for the violation of separation of church and
state. We as a nation have set our jaw against God we are
tempting Him to move us from judgment to destruction. Our
God is merciful. He is patiently sending us one
wakeup call after another. He never pours out His wrath
without warning. I thought of that recently, here is a
billboard in Florida. Last year when all those hurricanes
hit. This billboard had a temporary sign over it, the
hurricane peeled it back and this is what was left for
people to see, We need to talk signed God. Folks, I want to
call you to prayer. I want to call you to prayer. Pray that
our eyes will be opened. Pray that our hearts will be
melted. Pray for a national revival. Pray too for the
hearts of our leaders to be open to the significance of
Israel in Bible prophecy. Thank you and God bless you. >>[music] >>We are pleased to make
available the “God and the Weather” DVD album that
contains the complete 45-minute presentation by Dr.
Reagan that you have just been watching. In this fascinating
presentation Dr. Reagan addresses a series of
difficult questions related to God and the weather. Are all
natural disasters a result of man’s sin? Can a natural
disaster be a remedial judgment from God? Is Satan
the one who is in control of natural disasters? Could US
treatment of Israel play a role in the natural disasters
that America has recently suffered? Was there a message
from God in the Katrina disaster? This is a thought
provoking presentation to help you to understand why Bible
believing preachers throughout the history of Christendom
have pointed to natural disasters as signs of God
calling nations to repentance. “The God and the Weather”
video album is available for a gift of $20, including the
cost of shipping. Dr. Reagan has also produced a powerful,
hard-hitting presentation about the decay of American
society, and our nation’s spiritual crisis that is
titled, “The Twilight of America.” In this video Dr.
Reagan presents a sweeping survey of America’s rebellion
against God and His Word. He then points out that the Bible
teaches that in God’s dealing with a rebellious nation there
is a point of no return when God deliverers a rebellious
nation from judgment to destruction. Has America
reached that point? View the 55 minute presentation and
decide for yourself. The video can also be acquired for a
donation of $20 or more, including the cost of
shipping. And if you would like to get both video albums
you can do so for a gift of $30 or more, including
shipping. Just ask for offer #726. You can place your order
in two ways, either by calling the number you see on the
screen or by accessing our website at www.lamblion.com. >>[music] >>Well folks that our program
for this week I hope it has been a blessing to you and I
hope you will be back with us next week. Until then this is
Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries saying,
“Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.” >>Thank you for joining us on
today’s Christ in Prophecy a presentation of Lamb and Lion
Ministries a non-denominational ministry
dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of biblical
prophecy and proclaiming the

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