Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis

Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis

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This is not a drill. My name is Greta Thunberg. We are living in the beginning
of a mass extinction. Our climate is breaking down. Children like me are giving up
their education to protest. But we can still fix this. You can still fix this. To survive, we need
to stop burning fossil fuels. But this alone will not be enough. Lots of solutions are talked about. But what about the solution
that is right in front of us? I’ll let my friend George explain. There is a magic machine
that sucks carbon out of the air costs very little and builds itself. It’s called… a tree. A tree is an example
of a natural climate solution. Mangroves, peat bogs, jungles,
marshes, seabeds, kelp forests, swamps, coral reefs, they take carbon out of the air
and lock it away. Nature is a tool we can use
to repair our broken climate. These natural climate solutions
could make a massive difference. Pretty cool, right? But only if we also leave fossil fuels
in the ground. Here’s the crazy part… right now we are ignoring them. We spend 1000 times more
on global fossil fuels subsidies than natural based solutions. Natural climate solutions get just 2% of all the money used
on tackling climate breakdown. This is your money. It is your taxes and your savings. Even more crazy right now when we need nature the most, we’re destroying it faster than ever. Up to 200 species are going extinct
every single day. Much of the arctic ice is gone. Most of our wild animals have gone. Much of our soil has gone. So what should we do? What should YOU do? It’s simple… We need to PROTECT RESTORE and FUND. PROTECT Tropical forests are being cut down at the rate of
30 football pitches a minute. Where Nature is doing something vital we must protect it. RESTORE Much of our planet has been damaged. But Nature can regenerate and we can help ecosystems bounce back. FUND We need to stop funding things
that destroy nature and pay for things that help it. It is that simple PROTECT RESTORE FUND This can happen everywhere; Many people have already begun
using natural climate solutions. We need to do it on a massive scale. You can be part of this. VOTE for people who defend nature. SHARE this video. Talk about this. All around the world
there are amazing movements fighting for nature. JOIN them. Everything counts. What you do, counts. [THIS FILM WAS MADE FROM RECYCLED FOOTAGE] [WITH NO FLIGHTS

100 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis

  • Patrik Gavran Post author

    So will you finally say is overpopulation reason for this or not. Cuz we in Europe cna not change anything.

  • F.F Tovar Post author

    You want people to work for your. Sawmill company planting treess for free is that an excuse to continue cutting trees around the world!. See hwo owns the sawmill in the world.

    Climate change is a necessary acction. Like the big Noa's flod Was necessary!.. the extinction was by water and now will be by fire… at the end nobody can stop climate change.
    You don't need to plant more trees.
    That accion is goin to encourage big National and Internationals sawmills to continue cutting trees
    You nedd to stop cutting trees.
    You need to stop buying wood in HOME DEPOT. LOWE'S LUMBER YARDS. ETC.
    There is 9 big sawmills in sweden. Can they stop there ferocious appetite of money. No. They can't.

  • Jean-Lou K Post author

    I wrote a song for greta @ezYY

  • David Wheatcroft Post author

    Greta is poorly educated and not very bright. The CO2 greenhouse effect is logarithmic, so even doubling Co2 would do nothing. Man made CO2 has increased plant growth 50% since 1950; some 300m tons of grain inter alia.

  • Do what you must, I have already won Post author

    I'm not going to stop driving my Land Rover so people from the third world can continue having 5 kids each.

  • Til williams Post author

    OUR CLIMATE ?? It is not ours. That's part of the problem, humans claiming things of nature are theirs. Humans are breeding at an uncontrollable rate. We do not live within natures rules. We have no predators yet breed and breed and breed. That is not what apex predators do within the natural order. We over breed, we use medicines to prolong our natural life cycle. Nature knows this and is now fighting back to rid itself of some of the human parasites that plague it We are not the cause of global warming we are not the cause of all these natural so-called disasters. But our uncontrollable urge to pop out children so our species is starting to grow at an exponential rate is a reason our species will find itself struggling

  • Til williams Post author

    Why are you all using dead trees to make signs to protest about natures demise? smh

  • Star Wars x EXO Collab Post author

    Greta is so smart she is thinking for the well being for your children and grand children and great grand children and etc…. Go go greta! 🌱✌🙏

  • Yuri Sucupira Post author

    So much misinformation in one single video, lol. Poor girl, so manipulated.

  • Yuri Sucupira Post author

    There are sooooo many things wrong in this video that it's hard to debunk it with a single comment and no more than 10 lines. I'll thus cite only a couple of reasons why the statements made on the video above are absurdly damn wrong:
    1. Trees spend 12 hours converting CO2 in O2 and the next 12 hours converting O2 in CO2. Therefore, trees are not the "lungs of the planet", they are not "oxygen makers".
    2. Our atmosphere currently has 400ppm of CO2. Plants need at least 150ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere in order to live. If we reduce the CO2 concentration to a level below 150ppm, our plants will first starve, then stop growing, then die. Ironically, this will destroy the very same environment that these "environmentalists" state that they're trying to save. Also ironically, such extinction of plants will also lead to our own extinction.

    Environmentalists must stop associating conservation with climate and CO2 reduction. Humans can not regulate the global climate by controlling the CO2 emissions. We do have to preserve Nature and its biodiversity, but not because of global warming and not by reducing CO2 emissions, this is NONSENSE.

  • ULTRA Blade Post author

    Give up your education not something that we need for are future you care for and also find ways to make renewable fuel more cheaper and better

  • Ratnrsh Jaiswal Post author

    From where to get the information about protest going to held near our location…..

  • grovesister Post author

    Try asking Extinction Rebellion about 5G They dont seem to mind 5G but phone companies are pulling down trees everywhere as trees block the 5G signal, not to mention frying our brains.

  • alindartist Post author

    AND leave fossil fuels in the ground. It isn't just about planting trees! Don't cherry pick > LISTEN to All the words> < Ditch Fossil Fuels and Plant trees. Protect / Restore *& Breathe.

  • Red Mustang 1976 Post author

    H o W d A r E YoU

  • Nicko Blicko Post author

    Oh how the uneducated are easily manipulated. With rage and vitreal they will spout nonsense. I have yet to see one mass day of cleaning or tree planting to be organised. Virtue signals in overdrive.

  • Steve Dvernichuk Post author

    Burn that fossil fuel. I am not complaining about my tax dollars going towards fossil fuel

  • Olaf Holm Cox Post author

    Thanks so much Greta for sharing your clear ideas, your proposals. I admire your courage and wisdom.

  • DEW Post author

    The new Cullis Suzuki. history repeat it self.

  • Charles Saysoon Post author

    Greta needs George to suck out her virgin innocence out of her!

  • Bruce George Peter Lee. Post author

    Canada don't want you there, go home. And gorge it's creepy to be friends with children you don't know

  • Leonardo Post author

    Enjoy capitalism, Greta

  • Happy McKay Post author

    This video is attacking vegans on a personal level

  • JAZZZ Post author

    What about clime works?

  • shahbaz saghar Post author

    great work

  • chrichip TM Post author


  • mateo todaro Post author

    I don't know who is this girl, only talks and screams and don't do anything for what she is "fihting". She is 16 yersd old, she don't know how the world works, she don't gonna change only for this kids talk, are things more important like cops killing people, steling things for the store. you can fight for the planet, but what does matter if there is dictatorship and the media don't want to talk about it

  • Alternative Headlines Post author

    Taking a day off school = "Giving up our education"

    silly girl.

  • jan simonides Post author

    I want more CO2!!!

  • Anatoly Wein Post author

    Two points.

    Striking school will not help YOU. Striking work is a monetical problem for your boss. He may have to deal with you or fire you. Striking school makes you uneducated. Some aspects here are true, while some are no information, just a “you should do”.
    Call me Egoist, call me inhuman, call me whatever you want, but IT IS NOT IN YOUR JOB to insult head politicians. You want climate change? Do it, but DO NOT assume the fault is in the politics. You are suggesting a DENY OF THE FREE MARKT. You are denying the FREEDOM OF EACH HUMAN. You are trying to START A COLLAPSE OF THE WORLD ORDER. Not everyone wishes to go out and plant hundreds of treees, not everyone wants to become a vegetarian or even a vegan, not everyone wants to do what you say, and since you are trying to make people do what you say, I see this as a dictatorship, for the sake of humanity. No matter for what sake actually, dictatorship stays dictatorship.
    Don’t understand me wrong. It’s fine to safe the world, as long as it’s for the sake of the world, not for the sake of spreading an ideology.
    As an example, the words ‘beginning of a mass extinction’ are emotional, but not true. At this point, you are like Thanos and the sin of the movie – an extinction will not happen, but a population decrease, which are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT meanings.

    TLDR I’m out, but you can keep saving us.

  • Military Mad Post author

    At last someone with a practical solution not a hair brain socialist. Get planting trees.

  • Веня Рублёв Post author

    Greta is nice, I want to make something with her.

  • Munawarah A Post author

    Please Indonesia subtitle

  • Tortoise Post author


  • MomentofTruth666 tom Bronski Post author


  • Kelli Votel Post author

    Green New Deal: Or Climate Initiative 2020

    So many people should be involved in the writing of this. ALL variety of scientists from Climate to Oceanographers to earth quake watchers. Economists. World Leaders (Yes I do mean ALL). UN Community. Every single influential group that serves the interests of humanity as a Whole. Then a plan of action needs to be put in place where each country is responsible for certain things both individually and as a unit to contribute to all encompassing global efforts. Those countries with more economic stability will need to put forth more to save the whole.
    Think how this might unite us as a species through cooperation! Think how we could be united in purpose and turn away from wars! Think about what happens if we CAN’T cooperate and accomplish Nothing!

  • Mister Master Post author

    Great hat keine t*** hat sogar einen Plastikbecher mehr

  • Oscar Maximo Post author

    Does not work ! Too many people consuming too much ! People aggregated around cities, fed from far away ! Fuel boats instead of clippers of 1900. Not near enought ! With the present population there are no solutions ! For pollution, poverty, desertification, death of seas, etc.

  • beeflit supremo Post author

    I think George might be a nonce.
    Greta has more friends above the age of 50 than kids
    She should be becoming tik tok famous

  • Nathan mow Post author

    What about CHINA… why does she not make statements at that country???

  • thomas trapp Post author

    Nov. 2, 2019 💚 Because of our own experience in our childhood in Rhineland-Palatinate Germany 1980's 🌏 It's crystal clear that the sweet Greta Thunberg, 16 💚 Have lot of supporters like us, many experts. We're always totally agree and stand with the most beautiful, cute, nice, Swedish, Viking princess Greta Thunberg, 16 💚 Greta she have a sweet beautiful voice, she's an true angel.
    We love Greta 💚 so much, like a daughter + baby sister 💚 Some people say, why not Asia. And we go to all places in the world, with successful happy end. Some people babbling also trash about her + us. It's a fact, our way is far more better than the way of our enemies ( haters ) Trump, Putin, AfD and people like then 😐 The only thing what some people can do, is ridiculous trashy hate speeches, babbling trash about her + us. Greetings, Thomas Trapp, 41 alias Spartacus ⛧ Lucifer ⛧ + Riesenpanda 🐼

  • Magis Post author

    taking care of the land is important but it is about something more – it is a cover for other hidden activities. ecology is to be a depopulation tool. this is the plan of the new world order. In the name of saving the environment, they will order to reduce the number of people, introduce one-child policy and killing for various reasons and in different ways. full birth control

  • Adamantium Scorpion Post author

    What are you signs made out of? Paper (Wood) What's the Paper attached to? Wood sticks! So trees had to be cut down to make your protest signs. How did you get to the protest?! Pane! Car! Bus! All run on Oil! Go screw yourself Bride of Chucky!

  • Gwen Gg Post author

    I can’t do anything but I am downloady Ecosia

  • A Sustainable Retirement Post author

    Awesome thank you!

  • BloxyGum Post author

    Don’t talk about climate just grab a shovel and plant a tree

  • Dick Leijen Post author

    I hope you panic gretha because there is NO MANMADE GLOBALWARMING, it,s the SUN STUPID! go back to Sweden AND SHUT UP!

  • not famous Post author

    At least she's making money.

  • i ownmuteseliteskin Post author

    Are you trying to get me to join a pyramid scheme greta ?

  • mushthaq ahammed Post author

    When some people has got the sources of fuels someone else begin to start loving nature who themselves exploited it.

  • jean claude de jean Post author


  • mrmichaelmw Post author

    ye we can fix it with ww3 .
    THe paradox is in order for humans to survive we need to kill humans 🙂

  • The Green Swan Post author

    I found this 'job' online & don't want people learning how to sexually assault any creatures … especially when their offspring is destined for a life of slavery & unnecessary slaughter… Hopes of rewilding depend on ending animal farming & fishing… Veterinary Technicial – Artificial Breeding Company (sheep and goats)
    Farmgene Ltd – Shrewsbury SY4
    £20,000 – £25,000 a year
    Leading small ruminant breeding company, located near Shrewsbury, Shropshire requires a veterinary technician.

    Position full time with overtime and weekend work at our AI Centre in Shropshire and on farms throughout England Wales and Scotland.

    Skills required:

    Livestock handling and management
    Basic laboratory skills
    IT – Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power point, Access)
    Accurate record keeping
    Job will involve (training will be provided)

    Management and feeding of sheep and goats
    Semen collection and freezing
    Assisting with AI and ET
    Embryology (training provided)
    Assisting in maintaining the semen store
    Accurate data collection and recording
    Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

    Salary: £20,000.00 to £25,000.00 /year

    23 hours ago
    report job ?


  • Sunil Agarwal Post author

    Very well made.

  • Leo Carlsson Post author

    If u are going to plant tree! plant fruit trees then, we all need free food, both animals and humens 😉

  • Krümel Monster Post author


  • Trippy Buisness Post author

    So dumb, so so so dumb

  • LEO Post author

    Aaaaarhhh the sky is falling!!!!!!☠️☠️

  • リコピン Post author


  • BeVeganMakePeace Post author

    the simple solution is BEVEGAN.

  • Jaber Alwaily Post author

    BS you just want to hit oil and gas market because you can't control it

  • Mobey Dick Post author

    Proclamations, 15 year old's should be asking questions not making proclamations. People excepting proclamations by 15 year old's should think about their own mental fitness.

  • Order-OC2 Mosquito Post author

    I wish I could help

  • barleyarrish Post author

    there is no climate crisis.

  • 106060DV Post author

    Learn the facts. Dr. Patrick Moore can teach you.

  • Pachamama Te Ve Post author

    I am with you Pachamama

  • William marshal Knight Post author

    Give poor people cheap coal powered energy . And they will stop cutting trees down . Climate change agenda is racist

  • William marshal Knight Post author

    Don’t trees need co2 🤫

  • BRONIA HARRIS Post author

    What are those circles on the ground at 2:00 called, and where are they?

  • Solar Wolf Post author

    I honestly do not care at all

  • Pasya Aditya Post author

    equator countries rain is less now, and hotter…i never witness since a kid drought is longer than before

  • Sem van den Bergh Post author

    Ga eens een keertje naar school zou je middels weten dat dat ook niet echt waar is wat

  • STOPEJECTPLAY Post author

    Am I allowed to fart?

  • Lina Martins Post author

    Please Greta go to school and learn something about climate

  • south west Post author

    Give up your education to protest….. omg

  • Jon C Post author

    Put the gold in the air that's it's real purpose. Monotomic Gold

  • KESYL1 Post author

    ale gniot

  • Post author


  • OH YEAH YEAH Post author

    Greta is gay

  • midiot777 Post author

    Don't vote for advocates of a Carbon tax.

  • Fernando Carbajal Post author

    Greta shut up. You think that economy is easy, but it is not, you need fossil fuels to live. Also, nobody cares about your useless speech, because we are not rich like you think. George:Vote for people who defend nature😩😩. Sure and I will be poor if I do that. There are only rich people who talk about nature cause they don’t have any other preoccupation. Greta you live in another world then us so keep all your comments for you.

  • Ralf Lenz Post author

    Ihr seid alle so unendlich Krank.Die Menschheit wird für seine Dummheit noch bitter bezahlen.

  • Tommy Tucker Post author

    Tree-houses are the solution.

  • Chris Cooper Post author

    Where is disney at this reminds me of the lorax. As soon as he said tree.

  • liam student Post author


  • socially inept spider-man Post author

    Guys guys, crazy solution I know.

    But if we replace capitalism with socialism, that will also help out massively

  • fzzzGIEeezzzqqq Post author

    iam not be up here

  • Buffalo Man Post author

    send us money donate all your money hurry everybody send us your money now… we need massive money oh yeah money money money

  • Buffalo Man Post author

    send us your money or the world will end!!!!! oh no I cant find my wallet oh no

  • P. S. Post author

    Children like me are giving up their education. That sentence is a truly revelation.

  • Jim Stewart Post author

    right no more 4×4 school runs and no flying to disney land in florida for you all….

  • বাতাবি লেবুর ফলন Post author

    Hey Greta You was born and raised in a rich and privileged country, what about an Indian or Chinese? Why can't they can change their future just like your forefathers did? You and other rich nations should provide insensitive for destroying the world to the Africans, Indians, Chinese even to Arabs.

  • Vegtam Borsson Post author

    If you are in favour of the climate, you should be against mass immigration too, because all these foreigners coming into Europe and America are making the climate worse as the west becomes overpopulated, and these foreigners from Africa and the middle east tend to have many children as well

  • Smerfiaczek1990 Post author

    6.2l V8 diesel . I love it

  • EnvelopeUniverse Post author

    Very nice, and to foster some positive discussion I would like to add that when it comes to what "you" can do to help, this Protect-Restore-Fund solution could be an amazing trigger for deeper self reflective thoughts.

    Protect, restore and fund are actions and as such they imply some underlying motive. The way we generally act today (i.e. buying products off the shelves of stores without knowing how they got there or even what they are, and keep consuming without worrying about what we're actually doing when we consume) has also got some underlying motivations, namely we are chasing wellbeing/reward/satisfaction/happiness. It is a self-centered motive. Protect, restore, and fund are actions that stem from a caring desire, they are fostering and supportive actions which come from a much more care-oriented standpoint, or more parenting standpoint.

    I guess I'm not gonna go too far in saying that it is us in the first place who have generated this system that keeps us in a vicious cycle of evermore childish behaviours. This is really a call to our adulthood, which means waking up to our personal responsibility and personal power. We need to become organized and learn to connect and collaborate with each other. This is a bottom-up movement.

    Please let's open the discussion and think about this in more practical terms, I have many more ideas to contribute with.

  • Frank Sinatra Post author

    Yes i can be part of this.

    And you can grow up.

  • Rauchmelder AGM Post author


  • HUGO LIM Post author

    How dare you

  • Stéphane lejamble Post author

    Great video !

  • Krystian Adryanczyk Post author

    What about ozon hole ? It was so dangerous in 80's. It seems ecologic industry has now new ideas. In Sweden people are more afraid of getting robberd or killed than climat changing.

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