Greta Thunberg: The GOP’s Teenage Climate Nemesis | Full Frontal on TBS

Greta Thunberg: The GOP’s Teenage Climate Nemesis | Full Frontal on TBS

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Welcome back to the show. To most of America,
I’m Samantha Bee the comedian, Samantha Bee the style icon, Samantha Bee the author of
the 12th-most popular line of self-published dinosaur
erotica on Amazon Canada. But at home, I’m just “Mom”.
From my own parenting experience, I can tell you there’s nothing more terrifying than a
teenage girl. And right now, one teenage girl in particular
is scaring the crap out of all of us. Moderator: “What’s your message to world
leaders today?” Greta: “My message is that we’ll be watching
you.” And she means it, too.
This morning, I woke up to see her standing over my bed. That, of course, is
Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who’s been traveling the world with
one simple message: She’s just a girl, standing in front of a
group of world leaders, asking them to do something before the whole planet melts and
we all die. Greta: “You all come to us young people for
hope. How dare you!” “For more than 30 years, the science has been
crystal clear. How dare you continue to look away and come here saying that you’re doing
enough when the politics and solutions needed are still nowhere in sight.”
The only thing scarier than a 16-year-old girl is a 16-year-old girl with an agenda
who knows how to hold a grudge. Greta Thunberg terrifies me, and I love her
for it. She doesn’t want to inspire us or give us
hope. She wants to give us nightmares because we
deserve them. Greta is bringing something very important
to the discourse about climate change: shame. She’s traveled all over the world, ripping
into our craven leaders like a miniature Don Rickles in braids.
And you know what? It’s working!
Her international shaming tour has led the E.U. to commit
hundreds of billions of Euros to combating climate change;
she got the British Parliament to declare a climate emergency and pledge to
zero out its carbon emissions by 2050; and she got the band Scorpions to finally
stop rocking everyone like a hurricane. Hurricanes are dangerous, Scorpions! Also, you can’t
rhyme “here I am” with “hurricane”! Oh you can!
Of course, Greta’s campaign has brought out a fierce backlash from misogynists, because
preserving a liveable planet has somehow become a threat to
“the entitlements of masculine primacy.” According to a recent study,
men may even be less likely to recycle just because they’re worried people will think
they’re gay. The only way people will think you’re gay
for recycling is if you return cans on a date with your partner, who is a man, and also
gay. The ludicrous resistance to climate change
has become so deeply entrenched, especially among America’s right-wing man-children, that
an actual woman-child is now our best hope for
survival. Greta: “You are failing us, but the young
people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon
you and if you choose to fail us, I say: we will never forgive you.”
Do you like the Backstreet Boys? Which one is your favorite?
Thank you, Greta. You scare me because you tell the truth.
And the next time I’m considering turning up the AC because my heater’s too hot,
I’ll see your face, because I painted it on my wall.
And if you ever forgive us for failing you, I’ll never forgive you.
We’ll be right back.

100 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg: The GOP’s Teenage Climate Nemesis | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Bucky Pinata Post author

    She looks hungry. Someone toss her a baby….

  • Ross LaFleur Post author


  • Matrix Explorer Post author

    The solution sfor clean energy are all held back by Gretas financiers, that‘s what we should worry about. She‘s a complete fraud.

  • Rahul singh Post author
    India ?? is a great country
    U understand…?

  • zama202 Post author

    The only thing dumber than Greta are the

    grown ups who think she's brilliant.

  • Hush Money Post author

    That little Girl is AOC….not Greta

  • Scott Bros Post author

    This winter I want to see you spend your days outside with nothing on except the clothes you wore to the "How Dare You" recital and when spring arrives you can explain to me how CO2 kept you warm through the winter….

  • BearDog Post author

  • John Smith Post author

    I think she needs to be medicated. I think the left need to be medicated #Trump 20/20 #climate hoax

  • oli Jr Post author

    People after 100 years will watch this and say she was right.

  • mindsqual Post author

    what ever happened to the "One Thing" movement? you know; where each person thought of one-thing they would do to conserve energy and combat "climate-global-earth-warming-change" greta; i'm so, so sorry that I have failed you. How dare I waste electricity watching useless youtube videos. I am going to stop doing that today. I know it's a HUGE sacrifice because I will never get to watch another Samantha [try-to] Bee [funny] video again. For Grater I will do it. Farewell electricity wasting YouTube community. Remember Greta is watching you as you waste electricity on this site.

  • Noram Funkywagon Post author

    what the f is wrong with that kid? and…is Samantha Bee American? Just wondering.

  • Harry Tuttle Post author

    From one Kunt to another .

  • martynblackburn1977 Post author

    This echo chamber of estrogen-derived opinions.

  • Red Markers Post author

    Don't forget to join the fight! Act now and Get your Greta mugs and t-shirts. Only 20-50$!!
    Other Merch includes bumper stickers and keychains. Only 5-15$!
    Show your support and be apart of the world change magic that is Greta. Also be the hippest at school, or in the office.
    And for the diehard Greta lover, autographed pics, magazine covers and various items!!!!
    Only 1000.00 -3000.00 dollars.

  • Red Markers Post author

    Also don't forget to read Gretas mums book, and Gretas book too! And books about Greta. Act now! Before the planet is destroyed!

  • James Royce Post author

    Nemesis? What a joke, no one gives a toss what this little girl is told to say.

  • Wild one Post author

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in the comments ?

    Poor Leftists.. ?
    How come no one talks about the "hole in the ozone layer" anymore?! And why wasn't and still hasn't there been a Global climate crisis that was suppose to happen around the year 2000 that scientists predicted?!… Yeah we definitely gotta take care of our beautiful planet, but what you progressive Leftists ask for with climate control ideas, is the equivalent of Astronauts asking space agencies for the technology & space ship to reach Proxima Centauri by the year 2050 with current technology. It's just not going to happen!

  • Randy Post author

    Conservative "MAN CHILDREN" are your veterans, police, and firefighters. Don't get us confused with your side of snowflake, tree hugging extremists.

  • Belisario H. Romo Post author


  • NOT SURE Post author

    Why hasn't she gone to China or India to spread her message?? Two of the biggest polluters as well as both being extremely overpopulated… Yes, we do need to clean our air as well as our oceans. However we don't need a huge propaganda campaign to scare everyone. When in reality most people don't care or are extremely ignorant to anything outside of their own little bubble. Unless Facebook, or some other major media outlet tells (the legions of zombies) them how to think.Wake up and educate yourself… Do your part to make tomorrow a better day. Don't let others dictate to you how to make it better.

  • Daniel Belchakov Post author

    I hate Greta she needs to go to the hospital she is sick for her sickness she will to be the boss of the world the 16 years old f#*! Sorry but what have the girl for the world dis is sick what she do

  • John Butcher Post author

    As things get worse what will the young do to climate deniers? Better start doing penance people!

  • Colin Brown Post author

    No amount of money could cause me to pretend to like her

  • Small Honey Bee Post author

    sorry but i'm not afraid of cabage patch doll face lol

  • Shubham kumar Post author


  • Shubham kumar Post author


  • chris mclean Post author

    Eww female comedians. Sooo funny hahahahah. Sarcasm btw

  • antitroller101 Post author

    Her only accomplishment in the life of politics will be providing the internet some Grade A meme material…oh and being the best tool hippies can ask for :3

  • C Angel Post author


  • pcdoctor48 Post author

    Until Greta yells at the Chinese, she can be mad all she wants, the earth is still doomed.

  • Blacks4 Trump Post author

  • ab soultde Post author

    Cliamte change is a hoax Trump 2020

  • Scipio Africanus Post author

    01:43 Oh, thanks a lot Youtube! Like I couldn't already sleep because of being worried about global warming now you show me this Nightmare fuel. And I thought Momo was scary af.

  • AuralAudacity ASMR Post author

    only a little autistic girl could take on the world by herself. #neurodiversity

  • AuralAudacity ASMR Post author

    I literally got up to put on my heater again because the a/c made my room too cold a minute ago

  • smokeyjayshouse Post author

    30 years ago these same crackpot activists were screaming that an ice age is coming. What is cristal clear is that the world governments want more of everyone's money while deciding who lives and who dies. Her family is a bunch of rich, famous, elite drunks that take soros money.

  • jaye Platt Post author

    Well, when the Muslim migrants take over Sweden… which current projects say won't be that far away we won't have to worry about what teenage (they don't say Global Warming anymore) Climate Change extremists feel MUST BE DONE. No, then all Swedish girls, teens or our own Samantha Bee will be banned from speaking and banned from showing their faces in public and forced to wear Islamic black Burkas and well, it's probably all for the best. I think we've had too much White Western cultural imperialism, and let's face it – the Islamists have much more practical ways of dealing with these annoying idiot female creatures who just don't know what they are talking about.

  • HuckleB680 Post author

    and of course the right is using her "mental issues" as a scapegoat to avoid taking any responsibility for our climate crisis.

  • TrollYou Vids Post author

    This maybe a joke but the people here is serious how dare you make fun of this girl trying to fix our, this girl is helping our future generations and your here telling jokes that are not helping at all, why would you make fun of her when your not even helping our planet you are just making fun of this teenage girl and your here making jokes for what ever reason at least she's doing something, your not even helping our planet you have no idea how dangerous climate change is, this is happening he cause of people like you are not helping our society.

  • Martin Tunys Post author

    I still think that they invited her because if need of some fun. It was like we do not have budget for stand-up comedian so let's get her. It will be a good laugh.

  • William Povlitz Post author

    "the one sixteen-year-old girl old Republican men don’t want to talk to" ? I apologize… Don't you mean Joe Biden?

  • J. S Post author


  • julian lecei Post author

    I finally understand all the twitter memes and I’m so happy ?

  • SsSs RoBbSs Post author

    When your entire identity is based solely on the same ol' tired "looks ats thems dums Twumps" just somehow worse and in mom jeans, you are neither a style icon or even really a human being anymore.

  • Jackson Bayliss Post author

    Earth will get rid of us if it wants too, we cant even trust people to keep reusing their bag for life, we're dreaming to think we hold the power of the planet in our own hands.

  • Filipek Krasný Post author


  • annihilationHaven Post author

    Let's get this straight, you're getting paid by someone to promote climate alarmism, so that governments can justify charging us things like carbon taxes, which figures into the price of almost everything, making all that we buy more expensive, and doing nothing for the environment; and you call that dumb and upset. Uh, right. I think we all know who is dumb and upset, and it's not us.

  • Daniel Brooks Post author

    This is a case study in "rejecting the present moment", and a sad sight indeed. I was once very much like this child, so it is not criticism but recognition I am expressing. Thankfully I am much older and wiser, now I undertand that there is no such animal as "security" not for Humans, or the environment. Collectively we have failed our children, by not giving them the true facts of life like; We humans are a dangeriously insane and very sick species (fact not judgment), dispite this we are capable of being aware (conscious) of our divinity. The idea that any life form must persist indefinitly is nonsense. Nonresistance, nonjudgment, and nonattachment are the three aspects of true freedom, and being at peace in the present.
    We are not here to take prisoners but to experience ever and ever more deeply divine courage, freedom, and light. Greta I love and accept you for who you are, but you do not have to be the poster-child for this political agenda, please look at what you are doing closely, and ask yourself, Am I more than this body and these fear-based thoughts in my head? Can anything really be taken from Me? When and under what circumstances is it going to be acceptable for humanity to go extinct? You are a very sweet and compassionate person, but cynicism (blaming and shaming) will not serve you, or anyone else. The message we all should embrace is unity, acceptance (cleverness divides; intelligence includes). Human life is precarious, and temporal, all forms are unstable, therefore we all need to become aware of our formless (spiritual) Being in order to have inner Peace. Be the poster-child for that Inner Peace, which is much more valuable in the end.

  • Rich Smith Post author

    Greta is not allowed to be criticised. Just look at how youtube removed Paul Joeseph Watson's video on her.

  • Arcane Digital Post author

    “Sailing around the world”, yup, sounds like a stolen childhood to me.

    Also: autism is unstoppable. Sit down, puppet.

  • nox scythe right to the face. Post author

    The problem is they coach a child to do this, so no one can rebuke her, without tomorrows headlines being: "Horrible Right-Winger, argues with a little child, how low will they go?"

  • Jim T Post author

    Thunberg can't speak without a written script in front of her. She's ignorant as h*ll!

  • Dangle Baggins II Post author

    You should get her on your show. Greta Dumbsperg is a heaps bigger joke than anything your garbage writers can come up with.

  • Player Review Post author

    'Republican men' 'old men' 'smart young women'. The video description alone is so party polarized, sexist and ageist that even identity politics driven Samantha Bee viewers will be offended. Seriously though, what a hack, can't write any real material so it is just filled with petty childish jabs and Bee's oozing unending hatred is anti-charismatic. I am bewildered why anyone would enjoy her material, outside of those that enjoy tribalized bigoted hive mind hatred and a skewed collectivized desire for ill informed confirmation-bias. Absolutely disgusting. Greta is cool though, while Samantha Bee is not; I won't dehumanize her and I'm sure she isn't 100% evil, but her material is just so hollow and her message so negative. It is unfortunate that she chooses to encourage her viewers to embrace and engage in hate instead of love.

  • J.S. Hawkins Post author

    99 trillion on this maybe working is just going to hinder our future generations indefinitely. We may not agree on this but I'm a Christian and over half of you believe man can beat Gods plan and its ridiculous!! Mother nature will never beat put out by man sorry folks

  • Shane Stephen Post author

    Why is this puppet lady host standing and acting like that?

  • Steven Post author

    This is the new Climate Change Religion and ignorant people are being brain washed into it. The earth is fine, we are still exiting out of the Ice Age and millions of years ago the entire earth was tropical. Also the Sun is getting hotter… Carbon Dioxide is important to the life cycle of plants. Get rid of carbon, you get rid of plants, then you destroy all life due to starvation… Get it, got it, good!

  • ArcaneSoakesTV Post author


  • G M Post author

    Greta is a crazy nut and global warming is a HOAX

  • Andrew Robson Post author

    Yes yes yes, thanks for sharing, I’m grossed out these zombies make such bogus claims about Greta and others with 0 proof, only lies and conspiracies.

  • Melvorgazh Post author

    Greta Soros ?

  • kay van Post author

    Sorry Sam you are no comedian, and how dare you condone exploiting a girl with aspergers ocd and depression?.
    How hard do you think Greta is going to crash when her 15 minutes of fame is up?

  • kay van Post author

    Here is an example of how the feminuts fool you "Men invented high heels" Yes men did invent high heels and you know who wore high heels? MEN look at a picture of King Henry the viii if you think I am lying

  • Westernman Fisher Post author

    Man Made Climate Change like Socialism is a "Mental ILLNESS"

  • Ace Diamonds Post author

    were not all going to die. some of us may live to see mad max and/or waterworld.

  • Danny Lee Post author

    We liked her better as Wednesday on The Adams Family.

  • David Meyer Post author

    The Earth can only take so many people. Its over population that is the main problem.
    And every day more humans add to the population. So stop going out stay in stop eating stop farting and turn off the power.

  • bill hanna Post author

    Climate Change = Rothschilds trillion dollar WORLD TAX scam for dummies.

  • Danny Balint Post author

    The truth Hedge fund titan George Soros threw his support behind Tesla Inc.'s (TSLA) bonds when they were being heavily shorted. The billionaire's investment firm Soros Fund Management LLC took a $35 million stake in the electric automaker's convertible bonds in the first three months of 2018, according to SEC filings.

  • XFERD Post author

    Now lobbies think we are afraid of this girl?? Laughing so hard I’m crying

  • sora shiu Post author

    I just love how the west media and their people are supporting her and talking about climate change when you guys are at the top list of individual consumption and not forgetting making the 3rd world countries your dumping ground by giving them little sum of money so that you guys can live comfortability and clean. Talk about recycle only about 5-10% are recycled and the rest shipped to poor countries.
    I say TAKE BACK YOUR TRASH and consume less that will be much better for the whole world than trying to stop oil exports which the people need on their daily basis.
    And by the way its not like people aren't trying to find an alternative to fossil fuels.
    I say stop listening to celebrities talking about such issues they're just a bunch of RICH hypocrites who just wants spotlight and acknowledgement from the people.

  • MagicKirin1 Post author

    They don't want to waste valuable time talking to an ignorant brat who is being funded by George soros.

    She and extinction rebbelion have nothing useful to contribute

  • jk jkk Post author

    Mentally ill child being used by abusive parents, lock them up

  • DrQuadrivium Post author

    She's incompetent, there's nothing valuable to us in her cognition, we should ignore her ramblings.

  • old man vollox Post author

    tony heller vids even this group can understand lol

  • Thunder, lightning and fire Post author

    The biggest scam of the decade.Please worry more about nuclear bomb explosions.Forget about climate change.

  • jasons1231 Post author

    Dumb girl

  • Native Redman Post author

    This creepy kid is a national treasure! How dare you question her motives!

  • Hua Chu Post author


  • Lynda Schroeder Post author

    SOoooooooo great and well done!!!

  • James Rutherford Post author

    She needs to go to china and india first, sad really i feel bad her parents took her meds away.

  • The Ultimate Reductionist Post author

    And nothing you rightards say is important or relevant or true. Greta Thunberg is still 100% correct.

  • The Ultimate Reductionist Post author

    Notice how rightists NEVER ADDRESS a SINGLE POINT of Greta Thunberg's.

  • The Ultimate Reductionist Post author

    We've KNOWN what the solutions are for 30+ years: stop breeding, go vegan, stop giving trillions of dollars to fossil fuels, give trillions of dollars to build electric cars and trucks and solar and wind farms. But you RIGHTWING SHITHEADS (in comment section below) give EVERY EXCUSE NOT to do that, because YOU DON'T WANT TO. You cuntservaturds want everybody ELSE to pay for YOUR mess and force the YOUNG to pay for it.

  • Bird Manic Post author

    Who is providing Greta Thunberg with her information? Greta needs a reality check. She needs to wake up every day without fear of dying before hitting her 28th birthday. I think a series of debates will help her reach the truth. Too many self-serving politicians and activists are filling her head with apocalyptic futures, of mankind dying prematurely in a ball of flames, choking on the air they breathe. If Greta is writing the words she reads to the world, then a series of debates will help ease her mind about world termination caused by inhumane conservatives. If she is provided with the words she speaks and being brainwashed into thinking the world will end within her lifetime, once again debates will help her realize the truth. Greta, I wish there is something we can do for you, but we are not your parents, we are not your guardians, and we are not the evil people you believe us to be. Please, please, please, open your mind to the truth and stop listening to the nay-sayers who think we can control the world.

  • Double D Post author

    Only this girl has learned is how to take Money from Soros. Democrats should be proud. NOT.

  • Dwayne Ball Post author

  • Chakka Kon Post author

    She’s a tool.

  • Lucas Liso Post author


  • Captain Bigot Post author

    There's a GofundMe account to help Greta Thunburg to buy a Sail boat to get back home.

  • Buck Weet Post author

    What's with the "pigeon toed" stance, Samantha???

  • Lynda Schroeder Post author

    So well done!!! Cracken me up! Listening to all her speeches has been a unique gift and has expressed what l have felt for 70 years living out in nature. Thanks!

  • Hercool Poirot Post author

    I am all for fighting climate change, but this girl has some mental issues that need to be adressed.

  • The Germanic American88 Post author

    Travels via boat and airplane while preaching climate change. I assure u no of us take her serious but is yet a huge joke

  • jino j Post author

    ????Fake greta thunberg illuminati

  • Lorenzo Blum Post author

    Greta's not fighting the sun or the oil. She's fighting corruption. Corruption is the main cause of pollution.
    If the world wasn't corrupted as it is because of GREED, people would get proper education and with proper education, solutions would come along.
    But corruption brings vices. Not wisdom

  • MICHELE IEZZA Post author

    Greta for president of the planet

  • Brian McCutcheon Post author

    the truth about climate change

  • Andrew Ralte Post author

    And now she's Time magazine's Person of the Year.

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