Greta Thunberg urges all to join Friday’s climate strike: ‘See you on the street!’

Greta Thunberg urges all to join Friday’s climate strike: ‘See you on the street!’

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Please welcome Greta Thunberg.
[applause] It may seem impossible to
pull the emergency break and yet, that is what we have to do. But right now I think there is
an awakening going on. Even though it is slow,
the pace is picking up and the debate is shifting. This is thanks to a lot
of different reasons, but it is a lot because of
countless activists and especially young activists. Activism works.
[applause] So what I’m telling you
to do now is to act because no one is too small
to make a difference. I’m urging all of you to take part
in the global climate strikes on 20 and 27 September. [cheering and applause] And just one last thing,
see you on the streets. [cheering and applause]

100 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg urges all to join Friday’s climate strike: ‘See you on the street!’

  • Anthony Lloyd Post author

    What a disturbing goblin

  • bom Woon Post author

    @ Global Warming and Global Seismic Activity

  • Sallent R Post author

    Go back to school. Activism isn't going to teach you the science you need to develop more environmentally friendly technologies.

  • HaiC Tran Post author

    Yeah see you on street. Make sure each of you bring a tree to plant instead of signs and sticks made from trees.

  • Laura Reed Post author

    Drive there in your cars, make signs with trees and chemicals, don't forget to wear your favorite handmade raw silk outfits. Practice what your being told to preach and tell your parents to stop exploiting you. No we won't pay more tax which is inevitably what your promoting without knowing it.

  • Vuzee Post author

    What is the 10 year old doing on the stage?

  • OC Pussyfoot Post author

    Greta has Asperger’s syndrome (in addition to high-functioning autism and obsessive compulsive disorder, per The Daily Beast), and Beata has ADHD.

  • Elisabeth Francisca Catherina Nieuwenhuys Post author

    You are the very thing you swore to destroy

  • Lee Turnbull Post author

    Spectrum much?

  • Lee Turnbull Post author

    Activism works? Does it? So what viable changes have you instigated to prevent global warming? What technological solutions have you provided?

    Crying and shouting doesn't change anything.

    At least terrorists get results when they do activism

  • George Forall Post author

    Child Abuse

  • 31kilo Post author

    David Hogg has a sister.

  • Michael Slawson Post author

    she is being played a puppet a scam

  • F A T I M A Post author

    Thunberg sounds like thunder 🙂 a greta thunder

  • Barry Crane Post author

    This kid is a sociopath. She should be institutionalized.

  • Cord Bullard Post author

    Why is she dressed like that?

  • Paul Atling Post author

    Children voting for no school on Fridays, wish we had thought of it when I was a kid!

  • HarlowsKorner 101 Post author

    And as long as its a liberal talking point this lil girl isnt being removed from her parents for traumatizing her and allowing her to skip school all together. Try that with ur kid to "save a bird". Ridiculous and they all applaud smh.

  • Kim Hjortsbjerg Post author

    Greta , You are not telling anybody to do anything , you are suggesting it ! Happy friday !

  • Jimmy Cline Post author

    I’m not doing anything your telling me! ?

  • Chop Art Post author

    And few years later…she will not matter and everything she says will be forgotten and climate change will still be there…Sad…but true…

  • Paul Thatcher Post author

    Just come home from the Budapest Fridays for change strike/demo: 6000, the biggest demo against climate change yet in Hungary, 20 times bigger than the first, which was only some months ago. The average age was late teens. I was one of the oldest there, at 55. Greta, you have inspired people, and that's why these trolls and detractors here are meaningless noise – we are on the move, they are already yesterday!

  • CAP RICOSM Post author

    She is a strange looking 16 year old girl. Looks more like a 10 year old.

  • Navraj Johal Post author

    I uses to really admire guardian news but look what has become of it

  • Navraj Johal Post author

    Guardian news is not news anymore

  • paul pentony Post author

    Tidy your room and walk the dog.

  • William Singht Post author

    I think we should call for FBI, some special Lolice department

  • Game Smasher Post author

    No planes? Are you stupid?

  • Mick Peacher Post author

    Nothing has ever been achieved by simply shouting! Do something constructive instead! Turn off your air conditioning unit. Don't drive cycle instead. Air dry washing. Don't waste electricity. Recycle and reuse everything.

  • Bladerunner Blues Post author

    She has set the climate change agenda back 5 years with her bad acting skills

  • John Paul neanderthal Post author

    bus pass please

  • Daniel Clark Clark Post author

    Global warming is fantastic so was the Iraq war.

  • Samuel Golding Post author

    Why can't they do it on the weekend, instead of skipping school hmmmm

  • kane thebutcher Post author

    New Justin Bieber

  • honkingantalope Post author

    16 years old maybe the kid should worry bout eating something. She looks Anna.

  • ShadowZZZ Post author

    wtf why all the dislikes? shes right, smh

  • Paul Lorenzini Post author

    Creepy creepy creepy creeps.

  • Science Junkie 5 by 5 Post author

    I need to indoctrinate more children into my sudo science believes.
    My billionaire business sponsors told me to get fresh young minds involved in my opinions.
    See you on the streets, forget your education, it's time for action, it's time for indoctrination.

  • John Smith Post author

    Please somebody feed that child. Take her 2 Taco Bell or Burger King she needs some red meat in her life. How dare you not feed her

  • LJ Post author

    She's going to grow up to be so conceited.

  • Andrew Bourgeois Post author

    This is just insane

  • Koby Porter Post author

    My only thing is she acts like she doesn't know she's a pawn in a game

  • Michael Scoggins Post author

    Most of her video have a very high percentage of thumbs down. Why is that?

  • Shaun Clark Post author


  • pushy sniff3r Post author

    Scientists confirm climate change. It changes from spring to summer to fall to winter then back again. It goes from cold to warm. Haha proof. You climate deniers. Stop the climate from changing!!!. If i type in all caps is it scarier?.

  • pushy sniff3r Post author

    Get that girl a stripper pole.

  • old man vollox Post author

    take  this down for the forth time  ill just put it back   ther was a young girl from nantucket who told donald trump he could suck it and later that day when it weht on e-bay some guy paid 3000 dollars for her bucket   lol

  • Anime foxy Post author

    They think blocking streets and keeping people from doing their jobs
    And not personally doing anything for the earth
    Is gonna do anything?

  • CanAmRydr Post author

    I think she meant to say "acting" works

  • Agram420 Post author


  • Shane Stephen Post author

    Nice try globalists. We aint falling for it bruh

  • Mark Patterson Post author

    Wow! You can literally see the puppet strings!

  • Unreleased / sneekpeaks Upcoming hits Post author

    Does she have a way to solve ?

  • Fluff Swifter Post author

    I bet after the protest on Friday every one just went back to there nice house made of wood

  • James Roa Post author

    This is a setup for fucks sake we can all see this. Poster child.

  • Arcane Digital Post author

    I’ll be at work. Fruck off. Go stand your naive self in the street, I have deliveries to make.

  • Arcane Digital Post author

    BTW, she won’t be on a street, she’ll be on her yacht.

  • Haunter Cuenca Post author

    Dang nice british accent for swede mellenial huh but its a no for me sweetie cus you're too young to understands everything what's really going on about climate change so instead wasting alot saliva yelling on the streets about the world leaders what should they do on climate change,why dont ya focus on your studies and do what really makes you happy and for real you're too young to be an activist that's all I can say

  • Frank Elwert Post author

    The mummy is risen! She saw the light in an surprise egg. How dare you!

  • Frank Elwert Post author

    She invented the lettuce leaf anew. Don`t eat it: be it ! It.

  • Roger Moto Post author

    How cute. When she has a real job and has to support herself, we will see how many strikes she goes on during her hourly hob…..haha ??‍♀️

  • Roger Moto Post author

    She needs to eat more as well. She is so unhealthy looking. Poor thing, she is an autistic, anorexic puppet.

  • Rick Harrison Post author

    Why did it feel like i was watching sesame street and someone had a hand where it didnt belong…her final "street" statement was nothing short of off script weird

  • UFO TRAILERS Post author

    So stop the entire worlds infrastructure? Or what just cars? What about trucks, what about power? Yes electric ⚡️ power? And your million other oil related thinks like your rented TESLA! No see you on the streets protesting what freezing with no power or heat you stupid little FOOL!

  • Jacob Kudrowich Post author

    She looks like she's 9 years old

  • skully 10 Post author

    if you did more solving than talking they would be no problem HOW DARE YOU

  • fisch kopf Post author

    she is lazy and needs money

  • Nelson Chicas Post author


  • riley2369 Post author

    For a 16 year old she looks ill

  • mark mcdonald Post author

    Canada read buffalo Chronicle about Trudeau very disturbing !!!!

  • Samueladdis Post author

    Global Warming Or Global Cooling?

    Hopefully, if you read this, many in the northern hemisphere are able to stay warm! All over is now seeing the beginning weather change of what is going to occur over and over. This "absurdly cold weather not seen before"
    "Cold is coming." The main controversy is that this information is totally odds from the current popular on-going push about global warming. The planet will survive with or without us.
    we are in a water cycle that is profoundly set to create a mini-ice age. It may seem to us that it gets hot before it has to get cold, but if we will look into our geology records, we will find the exact same thing that has happened before. "
    What is happening now while Humans are here, is the same as what happened before when Humans were not here. It's a cycle of weather that we did NOT cause, and which the planet has seen numerous times. It is linked to the cosmos (the sun), and the ice-core samples clearly show this cycle.
    Climatology is like Economics: Very few will agree. "We don't have time to argue. Eventually, the issue will solve itself when we simply look out the window." The entire reason for this message is that the electric grid will fail, and many may not survive.
    The grid is not used to generate the heat we need with the temperatures that are coming. We are out of time. Instead, in admonishes, the power industry allows the new inventions for electricity production, which are here, available, and not being developed fast enough.
    These inventions allow individual homes and neighborhoods to produce their own power off the grid. This interest is not political, but compassionate. I warn you to make these changes now to save thousands of lives.
    What can we do about all this? Have a very strong visualization of seeing industry on-board with this new technology. I believe that if we are aware of "what is out there," synchronicity will occur and that our consciousness will prevail.
    Look at what is happening already with how society is starting to wake up to inappropriate things that have always been there. Now it's time for the same thing to happen with old energy technology. We can do it!

    Samuel Kidane CEO at United Nation Africa

  • Kingen Post author

    Alla svenska ————————->>>

  • GotWood? Bushcraft and more Post author

    How dare you

  • THE CREW Post author

    Stop dressing like a 9 year old you're almost 17 yrs of age…

  • Just a piece of chocolate Post author

    For once she doesn’t sound like she’s being choked

  • Silverthorn Landscaping Post author

    Young & old , stop making the older people who have worked for years feel like they don’t matter , David Attenborough, Chris Packham & thousands of others who care actually , it’s about all humans coming together not just the young , I believe in planting trees & boycotting not trying to cause every day people to suffer & not be able to get to work , how do people afford to protest anyway, I have family & couldn’t afford to even do it for a day , I have a wonderful green project but will I get ignored because I’m not young enough , it’s about all of us not just the young & privileged people who can afford to take such a break to protest . Don’t push people away by excluding people of other ages , many have & do protect our ecosystems , oceans & life on this earth , we are all important ?

  • sparky12x Post author

    Poor little mentally ill girl needs to go back to school and get an education. Then perhaps she will see that she is being used by the Global Warming Industry to line their pockets.

  • Kyle T Post author

    The only thing I've learned from Greta is that she makes a great Death Metal Singer! LOL

  • Lucas Tanir Post author

    brain damage

  • Niklaus Fuchs Post author

    How come I'm unable to down vote a comment from 5 to 4.
    Where can I find the other fellow 2.2K guys thinking St. Greta is nuts?

  • Amphuims Post author

    she is 16 but looks like a malnourished 10 year old , every thing about this girl looks like she’s 10 years old the way she dresses an the way she speaks I just can’t help but feel like she’s has the mental capacity of a child an I won’t listen to her because of that , climate change is real but why are you a just gonna speak about it an not do anything about it , if climate change is so real why didn’t you take a air plane to American instead of a yatch from Sweden or you could have just not came at all an we would have been happy , she’s a hypocrite an a political puppet for Democrats because she’s basically bullet proof because she has a mental issue no one has the nerve to Call her out because they know they will get backlash , remember Algore no one listed to him because he was a white male they just made fun of him because it was funny a white old guy telling us to change our ways

  • aiden132 The best Post author

    Greta is mentally ill twitching person

  • J B Post author

    Faux Environmentalist pandering Carbon paranoia is a new wave of white supremacy.

  • TheT0nedude Post author

    oh, the debate is shifting all right. You might not like in which direction….

  • aiden132 The best Post author

    Only person that does not need to put on a mask on Halloween

  • Jason Nelson Post author

    It's gross how this girl is being sued

  • Onra P. Post author

    Many rich guys like kids in that type of clothes… but not because of their environmental activity!

  • tanker 69 Post author

    Zij is echt klein ik dacht dat ze 10 was

  • Prod. By Germa2K Post author

    using children as mouthpieces.

  • Badabingo Badabongo Post author

    lmao, greta thunberg is clearly a transgender boy, dunno why she is not being proud of it. i thought everyone is so positive about the lgbt community

  • Kevin Matthews Post author

    Activism does not work unless you are a paid brat and no nobody will be seeing you on the streets unless you have a lot of money you need to give away.

  • Herbert Vogel Post author

    Diese Rotznase soll dahin gehen wo der Pfeffer wächst, am besten aufen Mond

  • rumple stiltskin Post author

    Please "FLUSH" Greta Thunberg..!!!!

  • barleyarrish Post author

    greta does not look 16 to me, more like 13

  • The Righteous Right Post author

    everyone smoke more pot and fill that ozone layer with weed boi

  • SnowDogRedSectorEh Post author

    would be slightly more convincing if they took a day in the middle of the week in stead of giving themselves a long week-end

  • xmelodyedits; Post author

    oh i love what shes wearing ?

  • B Prepping Post author


  • torturedman Post author

    When every climate activist gives up all consumerism including ditching smartphones, all gadgets, computers, internet, paper for signs made by 'evil' corps, markers, pens, store bought clothes in exchange for hand stitched clothing and shoes, stop riding or driving cars, no airplane fares, no buses, no trains, no store bought food only homegrown garden food, definitely no housing built using 'evil' products in exchange for mud straw huts,….THEN I might take you blowhards serious, otherwise you are bunch of hypocrites disrupting others lives.

  • CarriUSA Post author

    Greta is 17….others have been saying she a boy…is that true? I’m wondering.

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