How to Clean Exterior Windows : Weather Considerations for Window Cleaning

How to Clean Exterior Windows : Weather Considerations for Window Cleaning

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DAVE BARKER: On behalf of Expert Village,
I’m Dave Barker showing you how to clean windows. In this segment right here, I’m going to talk
to you about weather conditions and what to use. I implied a little bit when I was talking
about the water that you can use hot or cold. If it’s warm outside, you want to use colder
water because that sun hits that window and it will evaporate. Right now in Salt Lake
City, Utah it’s probably about 32–between 32 and 35 degrees, probably 3 to 4 degrees
above freezing. If you’re looking, there’s snow on the ground. I clean windows year-round
here in Salt Lake. So I like to use warmer water. On this, I put some warm water in the
bucket here and if it gets really cold, I can also use an antifreeze which is like denatured
alcohol or possibly like an RV freeze so it will not freeze the window. And then when
I use this antifreeze, you can use car washer antifreeze, but you want to be careful. If
you’re using that outside, you want to be able to rinse it down so it’s not contaminating
the environment or something like that. You want to just–that’s why denatured alcohol
is very good because it just evaporates. But I generally like to clean windows in the sun
in the winter time a little bit more but it can evaporate on the glass. If it’s windy,
it will evaporate. If it’s sunny, it will evaporate. I want to always work in the shade
if it’s possible in the summer time or even in the winter time. When I was cleaning around
the south end, it was so hot–below subzero temperatures, I had to warm–I had to use
cold water because it was evaporating. That’s good weather conditions. And we’ll go on to
how to clean a window next.

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