How to repair the Temperature Control Flap Motor V159 for a 2009 Volkswagen Passat, 01810 error

How to repair the Temperature Control Flap Motor V159 for a 2009 Volkswagen Passat, 01810 error

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Hi I know that many passat owners have problems with the heat in the car In this tutorial I will show you how I repaired the servomotor V159 from the climatronic of a passat B6 3C Cold weather came and I did not have the heat on the passenger’s side Considering that on the tester (VCDS) I had an error on the servomotor V159, in charge of the right temperature flap, I said that before changing the radiator I should try to repair this servomotor, hoping the hot air problem might disappear From the beginning I want to tell you that after all I had to change the radiator but that I will show you in a future tutorial Here are the steps to uninstall and repair the servomotro V159 from the climatronic of a PASSAT 3C from 2009 This is the servomotor, I initially said I should put a new one but when I saw the price of almost 110 euro I changed my mind and decided to open it to see what is wrong with it It is made by BOSCH labeled with DENSO it has the role of adjusting the right temperature flap the climatronic is dual we did not have the heat on the right side of the car, and on the left the air was just warm Start by unmounting the plastic on the center console in the dashboard Unscrew this torx screw, pull down plastic so that you don’t break the clamps, then you can remove the plastic easily I removed a clamp but I put it back very easily After removing the plastic we can loosen the torx bolts from the glove compartment The one marked with yellow in the picture will help us in the future Pay attention, at the top there are four screws, two on the side and two in the middle I did not see the two in the middle, I just found that I did not lower my glove compartment it was still in two screws, these are the ones On the right side we unlocked this cover because the glove compartment is held by two plastic ribs Unscrew the 3 screws and two more from the passenger leg panel that masks the climatronic There is a clamp that must be pushed with a small screwdriver so that the glove compartment can come out at the bottom This screw is unscrewed to facilitate the play of plastic components near the servomotor As I said, the problem is that on the right side I was just getting cold air On the VCDS, I had an error on the V159 servomotor After we unscrew the 3 screws from the bottom and the top 4 screws, I inserted a screwdriver in this hole, I pressed, and the glove compartment slid to the bottom All you have to do is move the plastic ribs from the right over the obstacle in the dashboard and the glove compartment goes down to the passenger’s feet Unplug the plugs to remove the glove compartment from the car, the CD changer sockets the airbag the bulbs the rear hose is from the cold air entering the glovebox there are clamps attached to the insulating strip that need to be opened to detach the cables and on the left is a clamp that is removed from the dock to remove the glove box. After removing all the plugs thers remains “space” to get to the servomotor. To facilitate access, you should remove the air duct from the feet and the cold air hose entering the glove compartment. Remove this panel this is the pollen filter As you see, the servomotor goes crazy When the climatronic starts, the arm stops moving when the climatronic stops, the arm begins to turn left-right Unscrew the torx screw that holds the air guide tube at the passenger’s feet and this hose which currently blocks the tube removal If we remove the hose first, the tube is removed much easier I pulled the tube over the hose Remove the hose on the climatronic Unscrew this screw, which allows the left-hand movement of this module, also disconnects the white plug. The actuator is trapped in three torx screws One has very easy access, but the other two slightly harder It is possible to make a fixed wrench from the sheet of 1 – 1.2 mm cut out after the size of the screw 5.5, with which I only unscrew the screw from the bottom This helped me a lot because I was able to move the servomotor a bit, and I managed to unscrew the other screws The bottom screw is hardly accessible I first screwed it off very little and then I unloaded the top one, forcing a little in the board that masks the servomotor I had to dismantle this module to gain access to the screw at the top So I first unplugged the screw No. 1, unscrewed the bolt 3 a little bit then loosened the screw No. 2. Finally, I screwed out the screw No. 3. You can drill the board in front of the screws I honestly did not want to drill the board This is the servomotor, it has a lever that acts, with the help of another lever a flap It gets out in a certain position Remove the blue plug I opened it, I prepared the sprays for cleaning Inside is the servomotor, a potentiometer potentiometer that is designed to change resistance depending on the position of the temperature flap Remove the potentiometer with a screwdriver rises to the right, remove the cursor press it from the back until it detaches from the potentiometer It will deteriorate a little but it can be reused even a little damaged There is only the tape on which the cursor slides, it is worn at the top We initially used to clean a contact spray and isopropyl alcohol after which we used a graphite mine pencil to restore the strip on which the cursor slides I plugged it into the socket, connected the VCDS to the car and reset the servomotor twice to learn the basic setting, it looks like it works perfectly, so I saved about 110 euros and workmanship I entered the climatronic module, accessed the basic settings and started the test It looks like the servomotor makes a complete move Installing components to place is done in as reverse order What else can I say, this time when I record the sound for this tutorial I have already changed the heat exchanger, the problem of the lack of heat in the car not being generated by this motor I think the problem with the hot air in the car, even if you have the hot on the left and the right cold only is caused in about 90% by the heat exchanger. I’ll show you how to change the heat exchanger in a future tutorial I wish you good luck if you want to repair the servomotor. Thanks for watching, share & subscribe to this channel. If you want to donate link it is in description.

24 thoughts on “How to repair the Temperature Control Flap Motor V159 for a 2009 Volkswagen Passat, 01810 error

  • emy nightman Post author

    Sal. Bun tutorial, dar pe cand pui si cel cu schimbul radiatorului?

  • Razvan-Alex Neculai Post author

    Un numar de telefon? De unde sunteti?

  • Ionita Gheorghe Post author

    salutare ptr demontarea lui V 158,am juns la el dar nu-l pot demonta ptr ca este o tabla care nu o pot inlatura are 2 suruburi iar eu am ajuns doar la unul,ceva sfaturi te rog.

  • Liviu Chirita Post author

    Foarte util, am aceeasi problema si in urma informatiilor furnizate de dumneavoastra pe youtube mi-am dat seama care este situatia cu adevarat, nu imi vine sa cred cate piese au dorit mecanicii sa imi schimbe legat de aceasta problema si nu aveau legatura cu ce ati pus dumneavoastra aici. Fiind mai sceptic, nu am ajuns decat sa schimb decat un intinzator la distributie, (problema fiind pornirea ventilatorelor de radiator avand un sunet mai profund la cu motorul avand apa la 50-60 de grade). Daca mai zic ce piese au dorit sa inlocuiasca devine de dreptul hilar si chiar as fi fost victima unor escrocherii practic.
    Tutorialele sunt foarte utile si se vede ca au fost documentate corespunzator in urma unei cerecetari riguroase. (Model Passat B6 2009 – Problema: nu a bagat caldura suficienta iarna trecuta, si ventilatia din dreapta a bagat chiar rece, acum odata cu venirea primaverii nu se mai opresc ventilatorele de la radiator si da am avut eroare pe V159 Actuator for Temperature Flap dar desigur mi-au sters-o cei care detin instrumentarul necesar si ar fi trebuit sa rezolve problema, probabil daca mai pun VAG com ar fi reaparut intre timp).

  • daniel katona Post author

    Salut, cat a tinut reconditionarea lui ? Ce fel de creion cu grafit ai folosit ? Mersi

  • Mihai Mateescu Post author

    Ziceai cumva in text ca e motor pas cu pas ???? Dar te pricepi, nu gluma…. :))

  • Ancutescu Liviu Post author

    eu nu cred ca e motor pas cu pas i rest totul e ok

  • ZAHARIA COSMIN Post author

    Roman adevarat! DIY perfect.

  • A.K Post author

    Mine was stuck in the middle when i put it on hot, did what you showed and it is now working great again! Thanks.

  • marian rau Post author

    Salut. La mine am vazut ca inchide si deschide bine cand primeste comanda, dar aerul este doar caldut, daca opresc ventilatorul vad motorasul ca este intr-o continua miscare.Ce-ar putea fi? In schimb pe partea stanga am gasit cuplajul iesit din motoras ,l-am blocat pe cald( am impins tija spre motor blocando), ca acum este nevoie . Nu am putut vedea acolo cum este acest cuplaj aveam si conductele de la calorifer calde , nedandumi seama daca este ceva rupt sau doar iesit din locas.Daca cunosti sistemul imi poti zice daca e demontabil? Multumesc..

  • Sorin Mudi Post author

    Salut. La mine, pe partea stângă baga fierbinte, iar pe dreapta rece, anul trecut baga cald, nu fierbinte, ca pe stânga, iar acum rece – rece. Am demontat torpedoul și se pare că motorașul, lucrează (face cursa, cap – coada). Știe cineva, care ar putea fi cauza?

  • marian dulciku Post author

    Salut ! Am un pasat din 2002 si in mers baga caldura amortita asa si cand stau p loc la semafor sau oprit cu motorul mergand plimba doar aerul din habitaclu desi apa e la 90 de grade la motor ! Ce e de facut

  • Casian Iuliu Post author

    multumesc mult de tot!!!

  • Mario Dinu Post author

    Multumesc pt tutorial ,am respectat tot asa cum l,ai prezentat si functioneaza ,va doresc multa sanatate si succes pe viitor.

  • Seba Seb Post author

    Salut! Am o problema similara pe golf 5 aer rece pe partea dreapta( si ceva zgomot in bord cand e oprit climatronicul) crezi ca este vorba de acelasi motoras?

  • Петро Будько Post author

    как ты умудрился его снять ,у меня неполучается снять моторчик

  • Matti Ripattila Post author

    Is there another motor on the driver's side?

  • Stelean Dobrev Post author

    I have a problem with my v158 motor. The motor itself is working fine when I change its position to v71 for example. When it's in the original place, its stuck in the middle. On the measurement blocks of the vcds, however, its minimal and maximum positions are both 129 and the motor is stays in 129 position. Do you have any idea how to fix it?

  • Daniel Fedeles Post author

    Am urmat si eu tutorialul si a functionat o perioada, acum trebuie sa schimb potentiometrele de pe motorase. un motoras nou e peste 500 lei :(((((((((

  • Marius Sociu Post author

    Salutare, am apriximativ aceeasi problema doar ca inloc sa imi bage aer rece baga cald pe partea dreapta . Daca schimb motorasul de pe partea dreapta credeti ca rezolv problema ? Multumesc !

  • stitronic Post author

    Do you think will work it if install the part number 3K0 907 511C???

  • tapirdea leonard Post author

    Esti din hunedoara?? Unde sa vin sa mi schimbi si mie astea ??

  • WolfganG Post author

    I have the same issue only hot air on the driver side but I also noticed hot air only comes at first when I turn the air on and then all vents have cold air. What do you think the problem is aside from heat exchanger because I already replaced it. Thank you!

  • xbalbyx Post author

    salut am un sharan 2013 7 locuri cu incalzire auxiliare webasto caldura in fata merge ok in spate randul 2 si 3 de scaune nu au caldura nici sus nici la picioare pe vcds nu am nici o erore pe clima ai idee care ar fi problema?

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