How to Rid Yourself of Brain Fog

How to Rid Yourself of Brain Fog

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Correcting Brain Fog,
how to do it? A lot of people complain
about brain fog and you really want to know
how to do it, we’re here to talk to you about it. I’m Dr. Carrie Lam.
This is Dr. Michael Lam. So, one way you can help
to correct brain fog is by doing detox. Is that a correct thing? Well, yes and no. Detox is a two-edged sword. In a mild adrenal fatigue situation,
some detoxing can be helpful. But, if you have advanced adrenal fatigue,
detoxing can actually make you worse because when you do the detox,
you’re actually increasing metabolic load and this can be cumulative. And, if you overwork the body too much,
you can actually cause an adrenal crash. So, it’s not recommended
unless it’s under professional guidance. And, do labs help us to know
where people are in brain fog or not? Well, there is no lab
at this point in time due to the lack
of sensitivity and specificity in the lab numbers that we have. Yes, we have signs of inflammation
such as CRP or interleukin but they are not specific enough
in terms of brain fog itself. So, it remains a clinical
and a narrative deduction, so to say. A lot of people really try
to have a quick fix when they have this brain fog. They take a supplement or something
to help clear their mind. Is that a right way to do it? Well, the supplements that are purported
to help brain fog are usually stimulatory in nature. They can include things
like ginseng or gingko, they tend to increase blood flow
but it has a positive and a negative because if you do those supplements,
they tend to be stimulatory, this is the problem. And, if a body is already in
a sympathetic mode with adrenal fatigue and you stimulate more,
you can actually not only crash the system but you can lead to anxiety,
nervousness, irritability and it’s just not
a very, very good thing to do. So, without proper guidance to understand
what brain fog etiology is all about, you know, you can actually make
yourself worse if you try those things. Are there also certain foods
people can avoid that are known to be worse
for brain fog? Well, in particular,
foods that contain gluten, wheat and corn, are particularly,
insulting to their body, the detoxification system
and especially the liver. Bear in mind that most people
with adrenal fatigue especially in the advanced stages, invariably have some level
of congestion in the body, whether it’s in the liver,
the ECM or extracellular matrix because the NEM stress response,
the NeuroEndoMetabolic stress response has six circuits and twelve systems
and invariably some of these systems are going to be involved. So, without that well-functioning
and rebalancing first, you try to do any detox or supplementation
is a very dangerous move and many people actually get worse. What is just one thing they can do
if they have brain fog? Well, you can drink water. Regular water, filtered is okay. A copious amount usually helps to help
the body detoxify in a very gentle way. You can add a little bit of lemon
but if you have adrenal fatigue, again, you have to be very careful
because fluid can overwhelm the body especially if you have
electrolyte imbalances. You also want to make sure
that any supplements that you take, in very common people think,
“Oh, I take a milk thistle,” for example, to help the liver to detox
thinking that actually is helpful but there are different forms,
different delivery system, different standardized processing
that you have to know how to do it right and especially if the people are weak,
if you have had recent crashes, you really don’t want to
just kind of go blindly and use your bodies
as trial-and-error because you’re going to be punished. So, just so you know,
like what you were saying about the detox, if you over-detox,
you could actually cause more brain fog but in the long run,
if you do gentler detox and you go slowly
and you be patient, it could over time actually
help your brain fog. Yeah, in my NeuroEndoMetabolic therapy,
we have factored that in. It’s not just about getting you the detox,
anybody can just do– you can go on the Internet
and look on how to do the detox yourself. Why does it fail? It fails because your body
does not agree with you and you have to learn that lesson
so we are very, very careful. We do detox, there’s no question
but the way you do it, the degree, the intensity,
the frequency, the duration, all makes a big difference if you want
permanent and long-term healing. And so, that is correcting your brain fog
in the correct way.

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