How to Stay Warm in Winter- New York City

How to Stay Warm in Winter- New York City

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how to stay warm keep warm dress warm in winter New York City winter cold weather clothing hacks to stay warm hi it’s AlaskaGranny I just returned
from a holiday trip to New York City with my daughter and boy let me tell you
even coming from Alaska traveling touring and visiting New York was cold
so here are my suggestions on how to stay warm keep warm dress to stay warm
whether you live work or travel into any of these cold northern cities this
winter the weather’s been extremely cold and the only way to make sure you’re
going to be warm and comfy is if you prepare ahead of time the first thing
you want to do to stay warm in winter is dress in layers start with a base layer your long underwear
look for some thin soft silky they’ll go right under your clothes and they can be
lightweight enough that they don’t add any extra thickness they just add a
layer that helps insulate your body heat and keep you warm dress for warmth from
your head to your toe start with a very warm thick and cozy hat look for a
stocking cap that’s going to be fuzzy insulated and warm choose something hat that
covers your ears most of your head and stays on even if it’s windy you can
even buy hats on the street corner in New York for only about ten dollars look
for winter hats when when you get there next you want to protect your neck with a warm
scarf look for one that sweater like or a pashmina
that’s extra thick and snuggly warm don’t get a scarf that’s just a decorative
thin scarf use a scarf that’s fuzzy warm thick and can wrap all the way around you the scarf
will help protect you from the cold and the wind then you want to protect your
hands this is another time when you want to layer start with a thin layer of
gloves and then cover them over with a thick glove if you only have one thin pair of gloves make sure you bring two and let me tell you I saw lost gloves
all over the place in New York make sure you pack an extra pair of gloves touchscreen gloves and when you
remove them for any reason taking pictures counting your money whatever
you’re doing stick them in your pocket so you don’t lose them then in your
pocket make sure you get some hand warmers warmers hand warmers are great they’re
made out of like iron powder and when you break them open the handwarmers warm up and
they can stay warm for six eight 10 even 12 hours get a couple of these take them
with you so that you’ll have them handwarmers how to use handwarmers can help warm you up you tear open the
package and then they’ll just heat up once they hit the oxygen or the air hand
warmers do have an expiration date so make sure you pay attention to that and
you’ll know they’re so good if they’re soft and flexible you may want to store
these in a ziploc bag just to make sure nothing punctures the outer container
and then when you want to use them they’re already expired now go to your
feet make sure you get some warm socks if you only have lightweight socks put
two pairs on or wear a thin layer and a heavy layer they’re like a sweater so
that your feet can stay insulated keeping your head hands and feet warm
make a difference in how you enjoy your time in the cold winter weather then you
need some warm boots I have some boots that are insulated and waterproof boots you need
to make sure that your boots are warm one of the tricks that I did is I added
a pair of foam insulation liners they’re inexpensive a dollar or two at the
drugstore and they give you an extra layer of protection from the cold
streets they make your shoes a little more insulated and they also keep your
feet a little cushion if you’re walking around more than you usually do it’s
wonderful to be able to go outside see the sites sightseeing
tour around and do all the things that we want to do no matter the weather but
it’s very important that you dress in layers you go from your head to your toe
keeping everything warm and snuggly as possible try these tips to stay warm no
matter where you travel in the cold this winter learn more at
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