How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

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This RealLifeLore video is sponsored by the upcoming film, An Inconvenient Sequel. You’ve probably heard news, at some point in your life, that the Earth is warming, and as result is that the Arctic ice is melting. There is no debate that Earth is warming up. The planet’s average temperature as increased 1.1 °C since 1880. And 16 out of the 17 of the hottest years, ever on record, have been since 2001. NASA estimates there is 95% probability that this current warming is a direct result of human activities since the mid 20th century And 97/100 active publishing climate scientists agree that human activity is extremely likely to blame As a result of this, ice around the world is melting and raising the planet’s sea level The oceans already rose 6 cm during the course of the 19th century. But they rose by 19 cm during the 20th century, over 3 times faster than they rose in the previous century. NOAA estimates that global sea level could rise by up to 2.5 meters by the year 2100. Which would have devastating consequences. If this happens entire island countries like the Maldives, Marshall Islands Kiribati, and Tuvalu would be submerged beneath the ocean and cease to exist Their entire population has to be transplanted somewhere else And this will create a situation in which hundreds of thousands of state-less people would find a new home 150 million total climate refugees from around the world may exist by 2050, and by 2100 that number could rise to 2 billion people 18% of the global population at that time. But in an even worse case scenario than this, however what would happen if all the ice on earth melted? If all the ice on Antarctica, Greenland, and the world glaciers melted in to the ocean it would rise global sea level by an incredible 68.3 meters Such a catastrophe would take 5,000 years of the current rate of the ice melting to happen, but it would severely alter the geography of our planet, in North America, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and most of San Diego, and Los Angeles would be underwater. San Francisco would be an island and San Jose would be destroyed by the waves. The San Francisco Bay would greatly expand in size, to completely swallow Sacremento. The Gulf of California would expand so far North, that Palm Springs would become a coastal city. While on the Atlantic Coast, the ocean would expand to swallow the cities of Corpus Christi, Houston, New Orleans, the entire state of Florida, as well as the entire state of Delaware, almost all of Long Island, and the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Boston. South America would also be severely flooded with two new inland seas existing on the continent. And the cities of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Rio de Janeiro, would all be underwater. Europe would be one of the most devastated areas of the world. The entire country of the Netherlands would be underwater. And so would nearly all of Denmark and half of Belgium. The British Isles will become more of an archipelago. And London would be TOTALLY buried beneath the sea. And Northern Germany would also be entirely underwater including the city of Berlin. And Venice in Italy would be long since be claimed by the Adriatic Sea. Istanbul would also be underwater. The Crimean Peninsula would become the Crimean Island. And the Black and Caspian Seas would be connected with one another. Which would mean that Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan, would no longer be landlocked countries. Africa would be perhaps the least severely effected continent. But Egypt would be severely damaged by having both Alexandria and Cairo going underwater The Persian Gulf, meanwhile, would swallow the entire the entire countries of Qatar, and Bahrain, and the city of Baghdad. India and Pakistan would be badly damaged. But the entire country of Bangladesh would cease to exist in this catastrophe. Hundreds of millions of people would be underwater in China, including Beijing and Shanghai. In addition to the cities of Seoul, Pyongyang, and Tokyo. Australia would be home to a new inland sea. And finally, Antarctica would become more of an archipelago. But unlike the Antarctica of today, this Antarctica would likely be habitable and easily colonize-able by future humans. So what can we do to prevent this nightmare future from happening? Reducing humanity’s usage of fossil fuels is perhaps the best way of mitigating our warming climate.These following countries produce At least 75% of their power from renewable energy resources, like solar, wind, hydro-power. Global investments in renewable energy rose by 57% between 2008 and 2015. The European Union alone more than doubled it’s renewable energy production between 2000 and 2013. And recently 195 different countries signed the Paris Climate Accord in which they all agreed to cooperate in combating global warming. While the stakes have never been higher, we are close to seeing a true energy revolution. If you want to learn more about climate change, or want to take action yourself, then I strongly encourage you to go watch the upcoming film, “An Inconvenient Sequel”. Watching the film is taking action, and it goes into far more depth than I ever could in a short YouTube video. The film will be released in New York and Los Angles on July 28th and will be released nation-wide on August 4th. Please go to the description below for more detail. Be inconvenient. *Narrator in trailer talking about global warming* If you enjoyed what you just watched, then I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel for future videos by clicking here (windmill icon) You can visit my Patreon if you’d like to support my channel directly and receive some cool rewards And I hope to see you next Friday for another RealLifeLore video then

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  • Roman Post author

    Don't care. I wish for humans to die.

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    water hits the wall and gets into America
    Donald trump: Get The f**k outta here

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    This is great and informative but has anyone taught him how to pronounce Qatar yet?

  • Mike Miller Post author

    There will be no more iced tea and iced coffee

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    Nooooooo Why the Netherlands!!!!!!!!???????
    The country where I was Born…

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  • Walang kwetang account Post author


    RRL:Skips South east Asia

    South East Asia:Are we a joke to you

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    Let's just send the sea water to space!

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    4:09 no Bangladesh

  • Cuda Tom Post author

    People do your own studying don't repeat Propaganda.

  • Sandlin22 Post author

    The disease, war, and famine would kill a few billion people. Overall we'd be ok though. There's already too many people ?‍♂️

  • ThirdPartyEJ Juliana Post author

    Netherlands: sinks

    Countries with high mountains: laughs We are still thriving!

  • Rentendo 64 Post author

    Can we just keep the Paris climate change agreement…and in addition build a vacuum pipe that puts ocean water into space until we're comfortable with our sea levels? Like a pipeline in the air instead of underground

    We could built it on earth…then when it's complete…put one end to a rocket and lift it into space…and have it lock into place here (im just gonna leave this here so ppl can come back and laugh at this later…i didn't realize how far away outerspace is)

  • Saloysuis Post author

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  • John W Post author

    The earth will be just fine! Enjoy every day We're only along for the ride.

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  • Patryk Podróżuje Post author

    dude its not humans literally every one is telling that the sun is getting bigger so its getting closer to us so the earth is warmer simple man

  • Owen Bell Post author

    what a load of cods wholope, do the math correctly, and you only get a high tide rise of a foot or 2,
    the rise they refer to is from the last ice age melt, we only have a small fraction of ice today and The oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth's surface and contain 97 percent of the Earth's water,
    wake up you fools ,

  • Old World Post author

    3 billion being eradicated is a good start.

  • kurt klosiewski Post author

    The temperature has increased 1.1 degree C. since 1880 ? Maybe because the"Little Ice Age" ended at that time. When temperatures had dropped 2 degrees !!! What caused the "Mid Evil Warming Period" 900 a.d. to 1300 a.d., & temperature increased 4 degrees ? Or the Roman Climatic Optimus, 200 b.c. to 400 a.d., when temperature increased 2 degrees ? Or the Minoan Period, 2000 b.c. to 1400 b.c., when temps rose 7 degrees ? No cars, boats, planes, or industry during those periods. How about 50 million years ago when for 100 million years there was no ice on earth, & the Arctic was tropical. Stop blaming man for what the earth has been doing for 4.5 billion years !!! YES, the Climate is changing, & always will.

  • t0r Post author

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  • SimpleGeometry Post author

    Bro this video is completely wrong

    You didn’t include the ice cubes in my fridge.

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  • Musical Demon Post author

    Moral Of The Story : Dont Live Near A Beach Or The End Of A Country.

  • 摩天楼オペラ Post author

    Global warming is natural. The only thing man does is create paranoia.

  • John Doe Post author

    Finnish scientists have come to the conclusion that the man-made global warming theory is a hoax. Its a hoax to get more tax money from the population. The oldest trick in the book. After 2025 we will be entering a global cool down period.

  • eric williams Post author

    So what youre saying is that all the places where the worst shit clumps together would be flooded. California would be gone . All those people would drown ? And the down side is what? Fuck windmills . Lets do this . Ill be buying real estate in Greenland then.

  • seizure boy aka golf ball Post author

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    Me: laughing in northern connecticut

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  • Aaron Ely Post author

    I think it's a false premise to assume rising carbon dioxide levels are causing a rise in temperatures because several times in the past they have caused the inverse. I think we should get off fossil fuels as they are garbage and hydro is cheaper and more reliable. But I think everybody's freaking out for not a good reason about temperatures rising. This map is also assuming the plant life doesn't absorb a lot of the water going to the ocean also. I want more than someone's opinion if there's a tax talking about being implemented…

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    Fresh water+Oceans=Ice Age. Global Warming-The Big Money Grab.

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    I’m kidding

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  • Danijela Maric Post author

    Yes and no.


  • michael demopoulos Post author

    This climate crisis is all about new taxes and regulations intended to control all aspects of the economy. Give up all your rights and become a slave in order to save the earth. It's the only way!

  • Jennifer Ashworth Post author

    The Amazon forest is burning down now too

  • mar mar - agar Post author

    The lakes would have more water bc the water is carried by clouds and pours the water on the lakes

    I know this bc the lake that i live right by is rising

    Edit: the the extra water would be carried through the rivers then into other rivers and lakes

  • jazmyn lemar Post author

    You’re welcome landlockers

  • Ryan Post author

    British people: Well let's see, our capital is gone, a bunch of land of mine has disappeared, the world is in ruins, entire countries have been swallowed.
    But I can colonize Antarctica so it's fine.

  • Roy Rice Post author

    The world is now in “auto defrost mode”. It will correct itself, but nobody will be here to see it…………

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    If the ice on ther South Pole melts the sea level would increase.
    If the ice on the North Pole melts the sea level WOULD DECREASE, BECAUSE ICE HAS MORE VOLUME THAN WATER…
    Leave a glass full of ice and water to the rim, and by the time the ice melts the water level WILL HAVE DECREASED.
    Bunch of dummies!

  • dmith smith Post author

    BS liar…
    Fact: earth's ice caps contain approx 3 million cubic miles of water, earth's oceans contain well over 300 million cubic miles of water…
    If all the ice caps melted, it would raise the oceans water level by approximately 1 inch…
    Put that in your green new deal hippie bong and smoke it…?
    P.S. Fact: the earth's oceans have risen about the thickness of a dime in the last hundred years.
    Fact: many record breaking coldest temperatures of all time have been recorded in several areas in the last 10 years..
    I could go on and on but a climate scientist just put a gun against my head for stating some facts.

  • Challenge Gaming Post author

    Malaysia is the safest country hmmm quite habitable to be more specific

  • John. Beimheim Post author

    This is illogical. In order for the ice to melt the temperature must rise. If the temperature rises so will the overall temperature of the oceans. If that rises so will the rate of evaporation. If more sea water evaporates there will be no significant rise in sea level, but there will be more weather.

  • The Warrior Post author


  • T0TAL FR33D0M Post author

    AOC's Green New Deal will impement Socialism and Justice and completely reverse this potential disaster.

    I understand the seriousness of this however at the same time this could be globalist propaganda and the great RealLifeLore [which I highly love and appreciate] would not even be aware. No one can deny the United Nations and NGO's do and say anything to mass influx millions of Africans into Europe and millions of Latins into the USA.

  • TheGamingEagle24 Post author

    R.I.P. Florida Man

    Also if this does happen the worlds pollution rate would greatly decrease as Beijing, Seoul, and more cities would be destroyed

  • Andrew Cutler Post author

    Bull [email protected]

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    Fake panic to supply more power and money to the elites. Don't believe this junk. Normal climates change all the time. It was hotter just a few hundred years ago and a thousand years ago.

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  • The Newman's Post author

    I wonder why no one seems to consider the expansion of water when heated? Water expands when warmed and again when it's frozen. Just a thought.
    "It's wiser to float then to be underground"

  • AmsterdamHeavy Post author

    ..and what they dont tell you is that they also rose in the 17th century…and have been rising ever since the little ice age ended. The 18th century rise would have been substantially higher if it wasnt for that ending around 1850ish.

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  • StruckOne Post author

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    Life lore this event will actually happen 60 million years later in year 10000 were no longer polluting

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  • The Dutch man Post author

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  • Heath Barrett Post author

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  • Polar Post author

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    Laughs in Texas

  • jonsmyth91 Post author

    Theres no proof that Global Warming is happening. The idea was invented to sell "green" products to mass consumers. Just look at all the business that are trying to sell the hybrids and Teslas, its a scam that is fooling the masses.

  • Shadow Coyote Post author

    Rest In Peace Galveston

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  • UnderTails Post author

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  • Jewish Redneck Preppers Post author

    These same folks are the same ones in the seventies that claim that we were in Global cooling. By 1999 we were to be in a new Ice age. Liberals suffer with a mental disorder.

  • AA3 Post author

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    lucky boi

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    Global warming kooks…
    Or the dystopian movies
    That obviously went to
    Their brains. What do you
    Think…soylent green..
    Or Waterworld?

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