Incoming Deadly Heatwave – U.S Weather Forecast

Incoming Deadly Heatwave – U.S Weather Forecast

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while everybody we’re gonna be talking
about the hot temperatures happening across the southeast the deep south the
Southwest and also for the west coast as temperatures are expected to soar in the
upper 90s to right around 100 120 degrees before I do get started with the
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to 5 uses so here’s a look at the daytime temperatures everybody on the
European model for Thursday afternoon you can see there for Phoenix Arizona
for Tucson for Las Vegas for Palm Springs for Death Valley you got
temperatures in those areas a hundred and fifteen plus degrees so that’s gonna
be extremely hot Death Valley probably even a hundred and twenty-five degrees
over the next couple of days that’s extremely hot for this time of year so
make sure you are inside with the AC running make sure you don’t leave any
pets plants or any animals siblings inside hot cars as those temperatures in
the cars get extremely hot 150 160 plus degrees in the matter of hours all right
Sacramento Fresno you got some very hot temperatures down there so make sure you
do drink a lot of water we know here in the Bay Area that’s gonna be pretty hot
so locally very hot temperatures well also for the deep south here you got
some very hot temperatures that are expected here for the Texas area for
Dallas you got temperatures right around 95 to a hundred degrees for the
southeast you got temperatures in the low to mid 90s but the heat index is
gonna make it feel much hotter I will show you the heat index here in just a
little bit in the video so make sure you stay tuned for that right okay for the
Northwest you got temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s especially for
the Tri Valley for the Tri desert here of Oregon Washington you got those
really hot temperatures and then of course
for Idaho you got locally hot temperatures in for the Nevada areas
also down up here across the Upper Midwest you got some really warm
temperatures what about Friday so Friday afternoon it’s gonna be a little cooler
for the desert Southwest but still really hot for this time of year for
California really gonna be some hot temperatures there across the Central
Valley once again take the advantage of the morning hours as temperatures will
be at their most coolest before the afternoon comes around with those
temperatures really heating up Phoenix once again to triple digit heat
you’re gonna see temperatures right around 110 hundred and fourteen degrees
probably Palm Springs Death Valley 115 plus degrees for your Friday for the
Deep South here for Texas once again you got those temperatures in the 90s and
triple digits so make sure again you do drink plenty of water as the
temperatures are gonna be really hot not too bad though for Florida you’re gonna
see temperatures in the upper 70s to mid 80s during the day really nice for this
time of year for Saturday though temperatures are gonna be backing off a
little bit during this heatwave but still really gonna be hot there for the
desert Southwest once again much cooler for the immediate Central Valley for
Stockton for the Sacramento for Lodi you can see temperatures there probably in
the upper 80s to lower 90s not too bad for this time of year
however Fresno Bakersfield you could flirt in right around 100 degree
temperatures but it’s better than 110 112 degrees over the next couple of days
alright for the Phoenix Arizona you’re gonna see a lot cooler temperatures
probably right below 110 degrees over but for Death Valley or Palm Springs
probably could hang in there at around 115 degrees so both very hot locations
so make sure again you do take extra precautions for the south east and also
forward the deep south here you do got these temperatures that are gonna be
extremely warm but once again in fact the heat is gonna be moving a little
further north with time so included for Indiana for Illinois for Ohio for
portion they’re of the Michigan area you got
some upper 80s to low 90s with maybe some triple digit heat here for Kentucky
by Saturday so Saturday daytime highs for the 17th of August do look to be
quite impressive however though for the southeast for portions of Florida not so
bad for this time of year in the sea in fact below average temperatures at times
in that current area for Sunday temperatures do warm up quite a bit as a
high pressure builds in across a Texas area here the prediction go calls for
probably about a hundred to 105 maybe one hundred and eight hundred nine
degree temperatures there for Central Texas for western Oklahoma really gonna
feel the heat and also for a little spot here of the Upper Midwest really gonna
feel those really hot temperatures it’s just gonna be excessively hot everybody
really not good when you got the high pressure that’s really gonna be building
an across the area compressing the air down so when you get that compression
you get compressional warming you get adiabatic warming you get these very hot
temperatures that really cause problems so keep in mind all right if you’re out
and about alright make sure you don’t leave any pets anyone in cars those car
temperatures really get hot alright so we’re gonna take a look at the
temperature anomaly forecast so this is the departure from normal
so areas in the orange so we’re gonna look at the graph down here so you got
areas actually we’re gonna just look at the map here so areas in the light
orange mean slightly above average temperatures which is not usually
significant versus a dark red and these gray colors and these bright white
colors indicate more far above average temperatures now you get these areas of
in blue so the blue green the teal blue colors indicate well below average
temperatures not usually indicating freezing cold temperatures but it
indicates the departure from normal so in this case it’s summertime so these
temperatures would feel quite nice this time of year but if you if this was
wintertime it’d be very downright bone-chilling cold right we’re not
seeing that but just in general the above-average and the departure from
normal that’s the colors that we’re looking for here okay so for D or
Thursday look at much of the desert Southwest here you got tempters here
slightly too well above average temperatures probably about 5 to 15
degrees above average for portions of California you got temperatures there 15
to 25 degrees above average for this time of year that is really significant
we could see all record-breaking temperatures for this time of year we
just have to wait and see if that actually happens we got close yesterday
I think we could break a record maybe today and likely tomorrow tomorrow could
be the hottest day above average temperatures extend across northern
Georgia where portions of the Appalachian Mountains up across here
with below average temperatures for the below for the for the Florida area and
also for southern carolinas included here for the Dakotas and also for the
Upper Midwest you got below average temperatures they’re not so bad that’s
probably the getaway spot to go to for this heatwave that much of the region is
experiencing right now not so bad to go up there to the north all right still
those above average temperatures do continue across the deep south to
southeast actually spreading a little further northeast here into the region
also for the California area you got those above average temperatures still
gonna continue but we do got some manjar minor cooling on the way for the
California area but then guess what for the weekend it’s gonna be really heating
up here look at this for much of the Appalachians you got well about average
temperatures probably 15 to 20 degrees above average and then 10 to 15 degrees
here across the Texas area it’s just gonna really be hot out there and the
hot weather continues all the way through Monday Tuesday next
week obviously so keep in mind with that alright we’re gonna take a quick glimpse
at those temperatures everybody on the heat index I meant to say here because
it’s definitely gonna be heating up once again it’s gonna feel hotter than the
actual air temperature okay so the heat index is basically when you
factor in humidity and dew point it equals to this so say you have a dew
point of about 85 degrees and you got dew points of about 85 degrees well the
heat index is probably gonna be in the triple digits it’s what your body thinks
the temperature actually is then the actual air temperature right so the body
is gonna make it is gonna feel probably like it’s maybe 110 out down there
across southern Texas because of the heat index we’re really not gonna use
the heat index here for the Southwest and for the west coast just because the
air is gonna be really dry this is a dry heat the heat index really takes effect
only for the southeast for much of this region as those dew points are really
gonna be high out there gonna show you the dew points here in just a bit okay
look at the heat index so over the next couple of days here the heat index by
Saturday than by Sunday look at the heat index there for Kansas or Texas probably
about a hundred and five to a hundred and ten degrees really dangerously hot
in these areas all right and then probably even close to a hundred and
fifteen degrees there for northern Central Texas for much of this region
really gonna have dangerous heat indexes because of the humidity and also due to
the fact that the dew points are gonna be quite elevated for the Ohio Valley
you’re gonna have heat indexes right around 90 to 95 degrees not so bad for
this time of year it could be a lot worse but guess what it’s summertime get
with the temperatures everybody right you know how summer is gonna feel right
summers hot its dreary its muggy in some area
wait until wintertime then people are gonna be complaining about the cold
temperatures and they will want summer back it’s how our body works okay so
here’s a look at the geopotential height so this is basically where these high
pressures are where these low-pressure areas are I drew up a little map here
with the areas of low pressure indicated with L red L H for high pressure so big
H down there across the Phoenix Arizona area and the values of the geopotential
height here so anything usually in the the redder the colors more likely so to
speak here across the desert Southwest you’ve got so those hot temperatures so
big H is placed over the desert southwest over the next couple of days
that’s why temperatures aren’t going to be really hot there are a couple of
areas of low pressure that I drew up there across the Ohio Valley
that’s gonna bring in some cooler temperatures also for the northern
northwestern part of the United States you’ve got that low pressure this is
gonna be the area of low pressure that might try to impact our weather as this
will probably most likely slide further south with time alright this is for
Thursday here’s a look at Friday you can see there there’s the area of low
pressure and this kind of backs its way across basically the Oregon and
Washington area as we go into Friday here all right actually here’s a look at
Thursday night basically and you can see the ridge right down here really
squashed about then for Friday afternoon early afternoon you got this high that’s
gonna be really well smashed and squashed down we’ll get enough cooler
weather though to feel the impacts and definitely the Bermuda high is over here
and then you got another disturbance up over here obviously but this is why the
southeast is gonna warm up there’s gonna be a little bit of a ridge that’s gonna
be building up over time you can it’s not here on the map though but over the
next further out beyond this we do got a little bit of a ridge that’s gonna be
kind of developing that this is how the heights are gonna look like over time
you’re gonna have this Ridge that’s gonna bring this flow out of the
southeast and it’s just gonna bring in that muggy hot weather across much of
the southeast the mid-atlantic states including the North East alright
everybody I think that’s gonna do it actually you know what since were 13
minutes in we are going to be looking at the precipitation really quickly alright
so let me go to weather Bell here really quickly let’s take a look at the
European and let’s look at precipitation because I’ve not gave that out for you
all this is just an add-on package you can see here a couple of areas of severe
weather expected over the next couple of days obviously there especially for the
high plains that’s where the severe weather is really gonna be well
concentrated over the next few days and that’s really about it we’re not really
seen any organized type winter storms hurricanes tropical systems nothing out
of the ordinary we’re just kidding these popup showers and thunderstorms
associated with a couple of short wave troughs that want to move through but
the association with that will be some severe weather over the next three days
we do have an enhanced a slight risk for severe weather so keep in mind the
tornado threat today is gonna be two to five percent and of course for the next
couple of days watch out for the severe weather everybody could be a little
rough out there well everybody that’s gonna do what this forecast I sure hope
you liked it a lot if you did please make sure you do subscribe check out my
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have a great day everybody

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