Indigenous Climate Action: Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change

Indigenous Climate Action: Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change

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There are things happening on the land that
are very disturbing. Some of our lakes have become un-swimmable. Some of our well water has become undrinkable. The Elders can’t predict a lot weather patterns
or what is known in our traditional ecological knowledge. It’s affecting the maple. It affects the trees, some of the birds are
not even flying south anymore. The medicines that we used to be able to find,
we can’t find them anymore. We know that the animals are going to suffer. If the animals suffer, and the land suffers,
we’re going to suffer. Communities are slipping into the ocean in
the Arctic. Or their houses are literally sinking into
the permafrost. And it feels like the only people that are
being like “Woah, woah, woah, what are you doing?” have been Indigenous communities calling
for an end to these things. Transition needs to happen now. We need to stop doing what we’ve been doing,
and begin something new. That’s where this idea of Indigenous Climate
Action has really come from. This idea that Indigenous Peoples aren’t just
the first to be impacted, but can be the first people to provide solutions that are grounded
in more than just economic solutions. Canada, and it’s whole system, it’s whole
economic paradigm is fundamentally out of sync with what real tangible action on climate
looks like. What I see from grassroots movements like
ICA, Idle No More, they’re putting together plans that are ambitious and something that
actually reflects the type of knowledges that we are talking about all the time when we
talk about Indigenous Knowledge. We are our own experts. We don’t have to translate ourselves all the
time through the lens of the mainstream. We want to work towards a recognition of our
fundamental role as the leaders in this discussion. Because we can’t just be addressing climate
from a science perspective. We have to be addressing it from a human rights
perspective, and an Indigenous rights perspective. Indigenous Climate Action and other Indigenous
led initiatives and mobilizations are going to be critical in making that happen in the most
effective way.

3 thoughts on “Indigenous Climate Action: Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change

  • m woo Post author

    As long asp net is involved they will play along with the scam. What a bunch of bullshit.

  • Jens Larsen Post author

    I'm an enrolled member of the Lower Sioux Community in Minnesota. I'm finishing my master's degree in Natural Resources at Virginia Tech this semester and hope to pursue my PhD in British Columbia next year. I hope to research climate change impacts on watersheds and the indigenous communities who have lived as part of those areas for millenia. Thank you for your work and for being a voice!

  • Kerry Redwood Atjecoutay Post author

    Animal agriculture, this industry is destructive and is linked to planetary degradation!

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