Ishq Mein Marjawan – 8th October 2018 – इश्क़ में मरजावाँ – Full Episode

Ishq Mein Marjawan – 8th October 2018 – इश्क़ में मरजावाँ – Full Episode

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I have always trusted you, Deep. But what did you do in return? You have always broken my trust… …and deceived me. You have betrayed me. The night you were supposed
to kill Aarohi… …you gave her the most
precious gift to her. A sign of your love. That baby. For Aarohi, he tricked
me into believing… …his 24 hour plan
and ditched me. I promise… …within 24 hours I
will make sure… …that Deep sees Aarohi
suffer to death. I will decimate her! Not just her… …but her baby too. If I fail to do so
within 24 hours… …then I will shoot myself. Stop talking like a
foolish person, Tara. I have told you so many times… …not to risk your life
for that traitor. We will take revenge for sure. But this time, we will be
prepared for it completely. We will kill Aarohi first. After that, it is Deep’s turn. Aarohi… …used your trust for
Deep against you. Now, we will… …use Aarohi’s
belief against her. It is time for your medicines. Here, have it. Get some rest. Deep will be here soon. Then we will leave from here, okay? Give me that. It’s 2:30 pm. Why isn’t Deep back yet? Tara, the last time you
saw Deep and Aarohi at a place… …which they have left. Now you will find out… …where they are. Hello. Aarohi, I was missing the two of
you a lot. How are you? Where are you? Aunt, I’m with Deep’s mother. It was time for her medicines… …so I gave them to her. I was just
going to prepare some juice. Okay. Aarohi, danger
still lurks around. You aren’t by yourself, right? Deep is with you, isn’t he? Deep has gone to arrange for
us to go far away from here. He must be on his way. By the way, Kashyap and Surekha are
here to take care of us. So, we’re okay for now. That’s good to know. Since you’re about to leave… …it’s a good excuse
to meet all of you. Aarohi, I have prepared
ladoos for you. They are good for you and
your child’s health. Tell me your address so
that I can get them to you. Aunt, there’s no need of all this. When a woman becomes a mother… …at that time, the most
important thing is… …the support of her mother. She looks after her the most. But, I know… …that because of your
facial surgery… …your parents’s
are not convinced… …that you are their
daughter, Aarohi. I’m not your mother… …but doing this for you… …will make me happy. Anyway, you’re like
a mother to me… …which is why I
don’t miss my mom. I miss my parents a lot. But, I… …cannot speak in front of Deep
because he may feel bad. This face has snatched
everything from me. I wish I could get everything… …I was entitled to. Aarohi, I’ll make sure
you don’t miss your mom. Tell me your address quickly. Write it down. Shreevansh Bungalow… …near Vrindavan,
Akashvani, Malvani, Malad. Mom, I’ll prepare
some juice for you. Nice. Good job. I knew… …that our work will be done. Aarohi’s biggest
weakness is her mother. I just took advantage of that. You’re way more smart and
cunning than I thought. Where is Tara? Tara? Tara? She’s definitely
gone to see Aarohi. And if she reaches
there by herself… …then her madness
can ruin our plan. Oh, God! She’s forgotten her gun. If she’s caught… …then she doesn’t have any
weapon to protect herself. ‘I promise… …within 24 hours, Aarohi… …will die a horrible death.’ ‘And if I fail to this
within 24 hours… …I’ll shoot myself.’ No. Before she reaches there… …and attempts any foolishness… …you must reach there. Why is Deep’s phone switched off? Deep keeps everything
in front of me… …so that I don’t
face any difficulty. Why did he leave this towel here? Look at this. What’s this?
– I saw it in a showroom and… …I couldn’t resist
buying it. Clothes for children? This is for our princess.
Look! Hold it. ‘How did Deep reach
here so quickly?’ ‘We can’t harm Aarohi
in Deep’s presence.’ ‘Because if Deep has any doubt… …he can even sacrifice
his own life… …to save Aarohi.’ ‘He can even kill both of us.’ ‘He won’t let Aarohi suffer… …even a minor scratch.’ ‘Hence, if we want to
seek our vengeance… …we must kill Aarohi smartly.’ How do you know
we’ll have a daughter? If we’ll have a son will you
get him wear this frock? If we won’t have a daughter… …we’ll try again. We’ll try until we
have a daughter. Deep, you are too much! It’s been said that it’s
inauspicious to buy… …new clothes before
the child’s birth. Forget about auspiciousness
and inconspicuousness. None of the evil people we knew
exist in our lives anymore. A girl like Tara who is so ominous
has gone out of our lives forever. You don’t need to worry at all. Wow, Deep! Tara is ominous to you, now? Traitor! Both of you have betrayed me.
I won’t spare you. Keep it inside. I’ll
meet mother and be back. Tara, listen to me carefully. Please, don’t attempt
any wrong move. Otherwise,
our plan will get ruined. Deep has abused my love. He made fun of my love. He said that I’m ominous. I’ve vowed to kill
Aarohi within 24 hours. I’ll kill the child she’s
about to give birth as well. 3 hours have passed
out of 24 hours, already… …and I can’t wait anymore. Tara, please wait for a while. Then, I won’t stop you.
You can do whatever… …you wish to with
those traitors. Just hold on. Okay? I won’t spare you, Aarohi. Just knock on the door. Aunt!
– Aarohi. Be happy. Welcome. Hold on. No problem. Don’t do it. I’ll do
this. I’ve brought a lot of them
for you. So that you can give some to
Kashyap and Surekha as well. How are you?
– I’m fine. How’s mom?
– She’s fine. Her blood pressure is
a bit high. You’re taking your mom
on a long journey. You should consult a
doctor, before leaving. What if there’s a problem
once you’re out? Aunt, don’t worry. I’ll get her treated where
I’m going. Why hasn’t Deep come out yet? I hope, Deep hasn’t got
a hint… …about our conspiracy. Or maybe aunt is cheating on us. What’s going on there? Tara, have patience! Let
her do her part. I’m standing here
because of my patience. But, this time, I’ll… …not let anyone cheat me. You may be right. But, hasty decisions
turn out wrong at times. She was held captive
since a long time. She’s not even completely cured. Why don’t you call
a doctor here? What’s wrong in consulting
someone? Yes, I think aunt is right. We can leave a bit later, but
mother’s health is our priority. I guess, you should
get the doctor. Okay, if you say so,
I’ll get the doctor. I’ll be back soon. Hey! What are you doing? You aren’t allowed to
carry loads, right? Deep, it wasn’t that heavy.
– Yes, I’ll be there. Let me complete my work first. These cab drivers
are very impatient. It 8:30 now. We should leave by 11. You take care, I’ll be
back with a doctor. The first level
of this game is over. Now, aunt will make the
next move of this trap. Oh God! Aunt, why are
you doing all this? Why so many sweets?
– You need to have strength. Firstly, I’ll give some
to Kashyap and Surekha. Absolutely, they’re standing
outside since a long time. Come and eat some sweets. She’s still sleeping. She’ll go later. Deep’s mother is fast
asleep. Now you eat this. Aunt, please eat one of these 2. No, it’s for you and your baby. Stop sharing it now. Here, you eat this. Aunt, you’ve made this!
Please have one. No, you eat it. It’s delicious. I’ll check on mom. Now, we’ve to take
things ahead from here. Both of them are unconscious. No doubt, even Aarohi must
be unconscious by now. Aarohi, you’re so stupid. You’ve had so many
betrayals all your life. Still, you don’t stop
trusting people. Hey, she’s still sleeping. We can just carry her away. Yes, I trust people,
but not blindly. ‘Aunt, you have it too.
You prepared it so well.’ ‘No. You have it!’ ‘Really aunt, it’s very nice.
I’ll go check on mom, once.’ Do you think I’m stupid? Tell me, who told you to do this? Where’s Aarohi? I went to the bathroom,
for a little while… …and by the time
I came back, she was gone. Maybe she fled
from the back door. How could she flee? How could you let her go? Maybe she had a doubt about me. She didn’t even have
the sweets given by me. ‘If they see my phone,
they will know I’m here.’ This is Aarohi’s phone. No. This is… …my phone. It was Deep’s call. If he had asked me
about Aarohi… …what could I have answered?
So I disconnected the call. But I don’t think Aarohi
has gone too far. You should go out
and search for her. Be careful. Leave me! Let me go. I was blinded by my greed for
money. I promise you!
I’ll go far away from here. You’re about to become a mother. How can you kill someone? Leave me for
the sake of your child. I’m Aarohi,
so how could I kill anyone? No, I won’t kill you. On one condition… …you’ll have to
eat the sweets made by you. No, dear…
– Wait! Don’t call me dear! A foul-mouthed traitor like you,
shouldn’t address me that way. Now eat the poison
made by you. Come on! No. After having this, you will be
unconscious for a long time… …but you will
never ever attempt… …to deceive Deep and
Aarohi again. Come on, eat! They are delicious, right? So filled with your love! Kashyap! Surekha! My phone! Yes Aarohi, speak to me. What? Aunt? That woman double-crossed me! Deep, Tara and Virat
have gone out to search for me. But they’ll be back at anytime
and your mom’s with me here. Taking her out of here alone,
will become very difficult for me. Deep, come back as soon
as possible. I’m really afraid. Nothing will harm you.
I won’t let anything harm you. You don’t worry, I’ll be there. Hello! Hello, Aarohi!
What happened?

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