Jacinda Ardern urges world leaders to act on climate change: ‘Nothing to fear’

Jacinda Ardern urges world leaders to act on climate change: ‘Nothing to fear’

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You don’t have to cede power
by acting on climate change. There’s nothing to fear about
your individual political status. Actually, this is about being
on the right side of history. Do you want to be a leader
that you look back in time and say that you were
on the wrong side of the argument when world
was crying out for a solution? And it’s as simple
as that, I think. – Yeah, well said.
Well said. [Applause] – David, I’m going to
ask you the same question – I asked the prime minister. – If you could have
a heart-to-heart – with a head of state
who is not yet doing anything – on this, what would
you say? Think of the children. – Think of the children. Think of your children
and your children’s children and what we are doing
to the planet at the moment. And could you look them
in the eye and say: “I knew what could be done
to stop the degradation of the environment and
of the climate but it was too difficult
and rather boring.” – Yeah. “And I failed to do it
and you are now going to take
the consequences.”

8 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern urges world leaders to act on climate change: ‘Nothing to fear’

  • Guardian News Post author

    UK has biggest fossil fuel subsidies in the EU, finds commission ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/23/uk-has-biggest-fossil-fuel-subsidies-in-the-eu-finds-commission

  • sumerbc Post author

    History ALREADY records you on the wrong side of the Climate argument ….

  • Bouziane Chaouch Post author


  • Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj Post author

    She would. She is merely a mouthpiece for liberal dogma. I could write speeches for this dreadful creature. New Zealamd I'd fucked. Next, she'll demand the All Blacks change their name as it's racist.

  • ReeceAUS Post author

    "Think of the Children" meanwhile David met with the elites in Sicily and agreed that we need to remove 2/3 of the worlds population. lol

  • Miki Dewberry Post author

    political lies on climate, she and the left are con artists

  • Raniel Pangilinan Post author

    These comments are made by the stupid Aussies.

  • John Donwood Post author

    Nothing to fear? Then why is Extinction Rebellion making a nuisance of themselves? Right side of history? Ardern's been listening to Kruschev again.

  • popcorns house Post author

    Attenbourgh is just a dottery old man these days . Blind to the facts that the planet fluctuates between ice house and greenhouse house temperatures and has done for billions of years . Along comes man and suddenly it's all new and must be our fault .

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