London Weather Forecast ? British Autumn / Winter what to wear ?

London Weather Forecast ? British Autumn / Winter what to wear ?

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OK lets talk about today’s weather I get asked
about the weather all the time various questions about what will it be like it a week two weeks
a month what should I wear its an impossible question to answer its September right now
it should be transitioning well we should be well into Autumn if you look out the window
today it would look cold completely grey and overcast its raining intermittently its warm
its T-Shirt and shorts weather you see people getting off the trains in a coat and very
quickly taking it off yeah the weather is completely unpredictable and its impossible
to plan for what do you wear when its T-Shirt and shorts weather but raining who knows that’s
why the British have a European wide reputation for dressing like well at best eccentric nutters
worst way just badly we we have some of the best British fashion designers British fashion
designers are the best in the world but even they can’t come up with a collection for this

6 thoughts on “London Weather Forecast ? British Autumn / Winter what to wear ?

  • minion8 Post author

    been to london last weekend and i agree. best thing to do is probably just wear thin layers and have a bag or rucksack to store them in if it gets to warm. the funny thing was that we saw people in shorts and flip flops as well as some in boots and fur coats ^.^ (btw: thanks for putting up your videos, we got scotch eggs and the tai yaki – wouldn't have stopped at that shop while walking by on chance if i hadn't recognized it from your videos!)

  • Maldwyn Roberts Post author

    It's October and rightly chilly this weekend…

  • Daniel Hammond Post author

    The weather is crazy everywhere. We are in Spring now and I am truly dreading summer. Dreading it.

  • MrLetmein2011 Post author

    I hate what they're doing to Victoria, its like a building site… and will probably be full of ugly buildings with Luxury (badly built)
    apartments for overseas zillionaires 🙁

  • Nicholas Anderson Post author

    whats the weather right now?

  • Stan Kormy Post author

    Lemme guess it's going to rain. It always rains in the UK!

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