LOOK UP – Weather Modification – Chemtrails – GeoEngineering – Must Watch

LOOK UP – Weather Modification – Chemtrails – GeoEngineering – Must Watch

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what I’ve decided to do is create a new
form of media it’s an initiative based documentary you get the app sky to alert
and when you see this taking place and something doesn’t look right in the sky
above just take the picture and it automatically will send to your
appropriate congressman or legislator to look up look up take the picture the
photos are evidence we need participation we need your help this is
an initiative based documentary it’s not just a documentary that you can watch
and think about get the app go on the website send us your photos let the
lawmakers know that you’re not okay with it so what I came across in July through
the stop-motion time-lapse photography by accident was this this aerosol
spraying that has showed up to be a geoengineering type experiment or
possible military activity on at least a u.s. scale possibly a a global scale
it’s not natural the clouds are being manufactured
there’s fallout from it it’s washing down and form of rain into the water and
the soil resulting in us drinking whatever the chemicals are at this
aerosol spray and the other by-product which is the global dimming which is
also disturbing so whether it’s a solar radiation management or
engineering effort there are absolute side effects and consequences that that
may actually be catastrophic an increasing amount of days saw these
patterns occurring in the skies overhead and subsequent diminishment of my solar
uptake and it increased with every year so about 2004 is when I really started
my investigation as to what could be happening in the skies above because it
was too inconsistent one day would be a grid pattern and another day would be
virtually nothing with very similar atmospheric conditions I’ve been
studying meteorology since the late 90s as well so clearly there was something
happening and it took no time at all to come to the the geoengineering issue and
a mountain of data as I researched the subject of geoengineering which seemed
to describe exactly what I was seeing in the skies above which was solar
obscuration that’s the the primary goal of sag stratospheric aerosol
geoengineering and SRM solar radiation management the primary goal of these
patents like stratospheric welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming
was a primary patent and the stated goal is to block the Sun and quite clearly
that’s what was happening with my solar PV system so seeing the first ingredient
in that patent is aluminum I began to do rain tests my first test was seven parts
per billion which according to a hydrogeologist was already quite high
given my location a filtered forested location it’s not near any sort of
Industry urban setting anything subsequent tests over the next five
years escalated as much as thirty four hundred and fifty parts per billion of
aluminum in a single rain test so if you have virtually every dot connecting and
we know these materials aren’t coming from China that’s the first thing many
people state but California air quality Resources Board has done studies on the
aerosols from China and aluminum simply is not amongst them metals don’t float
across oceans with the exception of mercury global dimming is a term most
are not familiar with and and the latest figures show fully
20% of the sun’s direct rays that reached the planet several decades ago
no longer do I mean that this is the biggest elephant in the room absolutely
the biggest in the room and I believe that if it could be brought to a level
where there was enough cover for all the scientists all the meteorologists all
the biologists that all the academia that knows this is going on I believe
they would pour from every corner I do but they they would have to have the
cover because I know people with California Department of Fish and Game
that are absolutely beside themselves that this is going on aerosol
geoengineering looks like it is so cheap that the cost is basically not going to
be an issue that means that implementations decisions will be risk
to risk decisions the risk of doing it against the risk of not doing it and it
makes the problem of how we govern it fundamentally harder and different than
normal but I think the more we do research the less easy this will look
the more complicated the environmental effects will look and that’s a good
thing because right now it looks too easy
so I think that if we do more research we’re likely to find out that it’s
harder and more complicated we thought and the side effects are harder to
manage of course the opposite reactions possible it’s an empirical question how
people actually react to knowledge about this another reaction is to say if these
crazy scientists are so concerned about putting co2 in the atmosphere they want
to think about these things and that man actually mean we should be more serious
about the risks of co2 in the atmosphere and by the way it’s not really a moral
hazard is more like free riding on our grandkids and by the way it’s not really
a moral hazard it’s more like free riding on our grantees quality studies including from carb
California quality resource board have named submicron sized particulate as
being particularly harmful for human respiration through all the discussions
today I have not heard any mention of this fallout and has has this been
studied and also the effects of a highly reactive metal like aluminum on
toxifying soils and waters the collaborator said my working on the
aerosol schemer actually folks from Carnegie Mellon who focused on human
health impacts and while we haven’t published it that was the very first
thing we did was do the order of magnitude calculation and bevel pencil
paper but with an expert on human health impacts about whether that could be an
issue and and for aluminum or other particles there’s a lot of talks
illogical things that need to get looked at seriously geoengineers now are moving
very close quickly to get legislation passed to spray the primary ingredients
into our sky knowing the damage that we have had not only to human health we’ve
seen aluminum related illnesses go through the roof but what freeform
aluminum aluminum oxide does to our environment is devastating and it
literally destroys crops it destroys forests it destroys our earth we have an
earth that is being molested our ozone layer is being shredded for from top to
bottom the calm trails change the amount of sunlight and energy that pierces the
atmosphere it’s in several articles that I can show you so the phenomena of
changing how much Sun gets in energy gets into our atmosphere that heats it
up is printed every day it’s just printed in such a way as as to not say
this is a tool for climate change it’s saying it is in fact a phenomena that
will in fact change the climate by reducing the amount of Sun that that
gets into our atmosphere geoengineering is one of the things that are on the
table and it’ll probably be it on a large enough scale that will be pretty
obvious to everybody and it’s becoming more obvious everyday look at the way
the contrails persist and become an entire white blanket over the whole sky
look at this photograph of the sky I thought that the clouds looked a little
strange that’s why I took them some pictures but then when I saw a plane go
through the cloud and leave a void in the cloud that lasted for half an hour
or so planes don’t leave holes on clouds they’re just not clouds when you begin
to introduce clouds to the sky you’re changing how much energy from the Sun
reaches the Earth’s surface that’s a given your increase in cloud cover and
we’ve had a market increase of high cloud cover in particular Cirrus and
Alto cumulus clouds over the last 30 years the quotient or the ratio between
low clouds and high clouds has nearly doubled the number of high clouds and
what you’re doing is trapping heat you’re keeping some out but when it
comes to nighttime you’re pulling a blanket over all right let’s just take a
summer afternoon in LA we have a high cloud bank come in
it won’t come in in the morning it’ll come in in the afternoon so we get all
of that morning sunshine we get all of that midday sunshine the clouds come in
the Sun begins to set in the West the clouds thicken up you’ve already got
your heat in for the day and then the clouds stick around for 70% of the night
and the heat stays and so in late 2004 I started by cameras I bought two little
webcams and then two other mini DV Canon cameras little tripods stuck them out
around the house and then about two computers and time-lapse software and so
I could get north south south west and then east I was hoping to catch movement
of clouds things happening with the clouds so I could deliver a better
forecast tonight what I caught after four months in was in about 25 minutes
and I’ll show it on the video is a series of flights and what happened was
one plane was come along it was a relatively dry day in April a plane
would come along and only a little bit of the trail would stick only a part of
it remained visible what was curious is that another plane came along and hit
precisely the middle of that segment that’s all and that another play came
along and hit the end at an angle not not bisecting or perpendicular but off
at an angle and I thought the light went off there’s something they’re doing with
geometry it is establishing and setting up these resonances zones because what I
had observed with a time-lapse camera is that the atmosphere had literally been
layered layers each 2 3 4 5 8,000 feet is probably variable from day to day and
the clouds would come up and then literally be chopped off but as would
only happen after a plane had come through and then the storm would
collapse and you can see it today you can step out anytime you see
thunderstorms beginning to go the planes will be there you know so it all comes
back to the Sun the Sun is the power source for this solar system Sun drives
the weather in the fall of 1998 I was asked by my employer Environment News
Service a worldwide wire service dealing with environmental issues to have a look
at a VHS videotape when I viewed the tape I started laughing frankly I
thought here’s an hour and ten minutes of shaky video footage of contrails
after 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes I stopped laughing because as a former
pilot an ocean navigator I was well familiar with normal contrails and what
I was seeing on this videotape was not acting like a normal condensation trail
the trails coming out behind multiple airplanes instead of dissipating we’re
lingering spreading across the sky until a blue sky day had turned into a milky
murky overcast in my first story for environment news service in January 1999
I said that these mysterious contrails were sickening Americans the illness
patterns coincided precisely with so-called heavy spray days particularly
on weekends people would see this gridding unusual activity aerial
activity in the sky they would start to cough they would get
asthma attacks severe enough to send them to emergency rooms doctors were
telling the New York Times we’ve never seen anything like this people were
dying in great numbers in the early days of this project and the CDC Centers for
Disease Control went on record said we really don’t know what this is it’s not
the flu they called it an epidemic of mortalities that was their their
phraseology this is 98 99 and 2000 the winter months this was reported in the
United States Canada in Peterborough Ontario the hospital there had 307 acute
asthma admissions in a single day in Birmingham England 8,000 people died in
three weeks mostly elderly was in all the papers BBC they were using meat
packing trucks as portable Ward’s it was very drastic all I can say as a
journalist is this was coincident to videotape and visual reports of
tic-tac-toe patterns and unusual grinning in the sky exactly coincided so
very dangerous they’re very dangerous program I’m standing on the roof of my
building and the Bronx New York and as you can see the entire sky as far as you
can see it’s blanketed but these chemtrails stretching all the way over to Manhattan
it’s in New Jersey there’s another one being made as we
speak Saturday March 10th 2012 it’s around noon time and look at this you can see this
chemtrail here it almost looks as if it’s falling falling onto the ground you can see I was dissipating at the
very end there falling into the river or falling geoengineers are proposing
spraying ten to 20 million tons of toxic aluminum and other substances into our
sky for the stated goal of cooling our planet so let me distinguish these two
different kinds of geoengineering as clearly as I can so the first one is we
call solar radiation management and that’s the idea that you could put
reflective mostly reflective particles or other means to make the earth whiter
weather is part of our plan and as part of our nature weather drives everything
weather drives all of our food so yeah whether it’s creation it’s part of the
creation and many people call that God and people who play with their weather
or control our weather playing God because they want power you control the
weather you control the planet the IPCC is the organization within the wmo and
that’s the international organization dealing with weather and and it
basically says the climate change is human caused and will have impacts on us
now and those impacts will become more and more significant over time I believe
the data shows very clearly for anyone who truly does objective research that
although they can cool regions very large regions temporarily and of course
toxically the overall effect is a much worsened warming the real issue in
chemtrails is what causes them to be persistent and I don’t know that answer
yet but but but if if you can cause a calm trail to be consistent that is
persistent that is to stay out in the atmosphere longer so it can create a
cloud what is the mechanism for that what what has changed in that jet to
cause the calm trail behind it to persist as opposed to dissipate
is that a natural phenomena because we have more moisture in the air is it a
natural phenomena because the stratosphere is getting colder
is it an additive that they put the jet fuel is it truly a chemical that they
spray with the jet afterwards I don’t know but but but the very term
persistent contrails is is used so as to indicate it’s different from a contrail
so my question is what’s the additive what what what got added to cause it to
be persistent I can say this that for any skeptic I would ask them why would I
not believe geoengineering is the source of this when one the patents describe
exactly what we see in the air the express goal is to block the Sun to the
ingredients on the ground or exactly what those patents state is primary
ingredients three you have administration officials like John
Holden of the Obama administration openly stating their support for
geoengineering before you have scientific groups like the Arctic
methane emergency group openly calling for emergency wartime geoengineering
it’s it’s can easily be found in researched by anyone who chooses to look
up the AMA group the Arctic methane emergency group my personal opinion is
that we have to keep Pheo engineering on the table we have to look at it very
carefully because we might get desperate enough to want to use it the danger of
course with geoengineering is the one I was referring to a moment ago we don’t
understand the system well enough to predict its responses in detail and that
means there’s always a danger if you try to engineer the system on a large scale
that you will do something that has side effects that are worse than the
dimension of the problem you’re trying to cure with the geoengineering in the
first place there are a variety of schemes that have been discussed for
geoengineering a classic example is injecting reflecting particles into
Earth orbit what is occurring is the deliberate and systematic alteration of
the ecosystem of this planet through a
physical means injecting particulate matter extremely fine particulate matter
into the atmosphere I look at it at this point as a global
scale operation and I I examined those questions about whether or not it was
physically feasible to modify the entire atmosphere and at the beginning that
seemed a little bit of a stretch it was not a set answer to me at all but you’ll
find when you study the atmosphere that actually it is quite feasible and the
atmosphere is much more delicate and fragile than many of us might realize if
you just want to trust government you can just let it all happen but if you
want to try to get a public dialogue going I think the best thing is for
state governments who are at risk to begin inquiring as to what the
government is going to do I’m just wanting the government to be truthful so
that the citizens can make honest decisions about their future pictures
don’t lie that’s all there is to it it’s like it’s like the way the government
uses red-light cameras to enforce traffic violations the photographs are
evidence it’s that simple look at this picture of Central Park does this look
normal to you I mean the coloring the weird purples and greens and blues that
are in these stripes I remember this day December 6th I was walking towards the
Empire State Building and I saw a plane cutting directly across the building and
I called Steve and I said Steve we got to take some pictures today man
so we went out and we’ve got these photographs unsuspecting people just
going about their daily lives in the mean time look up what do you see
does that look normal to you I’m a director of photography by trade that’s
what I do I take pictures I’ve been doing this for 20 years plus and I can
tell you what I’m seeing in the skies is different now than it’s ever been
they can’t you can’t hide this you simply can’t hide this that’s why I
believe this issue will be known one way or the other we want people to look into
this we want people to question we want people to look into what geo engineers
are denying they’re doing but state they urgently want to do the problem is when
you do the research there’s a clause that’s called informed consent and
informed consent my understanding I’m not an attorney but my understanding of
an informed consent is when you don’t protest
you’re basically allowing the government or allowing the military to experiment
on you and your children so when they say well possibly we can modify
hurricanes or we could modify the storm they don’t really need to say what the
other things are or how they do it or what the human health implications are
or the environmental health implications are but by not refusing you are
basically giving your informed consent that you’re okay with being a guinea pig
for these experiments so do I think there’s persistent calm trails in the
sky yes clear day you can go up and look at anybody wants to look at them can see
them they’re not short streams of cloud-like things you can see they’re
very long they go from Horizon to Horizon so it isn’t there isn’t a
question of what they are or are they in existence they are that the literature
talks about including the IPCC so the word persistent contrail is in the
scientific documents where they’re observing phenomena so I’m hopeful that
as the discussion enlarges around geoengineering and the public is invited
to enter the debate or intercept regardless
that chemtrails will be brought out of the closet will be brought forward and
that the chemtrail community the movement can enter this discussion and I
would suggest first of all by dropping the word chemtrails it’s become a
poisoned word and we can use it as code among ourselves for the media for the
public we use the words of the scientists of the international debate
we call it stratospheric aerosol which is what they are we call it SRM solar
radiation management we call it geoengineering we call it climate
engineering all of those are accepted scientific terms if we can do that we
can bring this whole chemtrails discussion into the broader discussion
of geoengineering and finally have a public influence on a very dangerous
program so now let’s talk about what we’re gonna do what can we do what are
the options obviously this is taking place so my question is while we’re in
these times of tight budgets and firing school teachers and firing emergency
services and discontinuing food for the needy and help for the elderly how much
does this program cost how much is it costing taxpayers every day or every
year we need public oversight we need public disclosure so this technology the
these actions in these these massive budgets can be used for the people and
not against the reason I’m in this this battle one that I never wanted in my
worst nightmare is because if I can’t walk out my door and breathe without
sucking in a lung full of toxic metals and my children can’t breathe without
sucking this stuff in I simply have no choice but to try as hard as I can to
expose this issue so what to do we need participation we need your help
this is an initiative based documentary it’s not just a documentary that you can
watch and think about this is a documentary that hopefully helps you to
take action with a grassroots type strategy get the app go on the website
send us your photos let the lawmakers know that you’re not okay with it all
right so I guess this is the official start something really strange happened
I got this 5d camera and I got a time-lapse on it I was filming some
clouds but then yesterday something really crazy happened I noticed
something that’s really disturbing the trails from the Jets turned into the
clouds they wouldn’t evaporate they didn’t go away and as the day went on I
noticed now there were in patterns it looks like they’re spraying something it
looks like they’re spray coming out of the back of the planes so now
as a director photography I’ve got a variety of high quality tools at my
disposal and I’m going to go get some some new lenses and I’m gonna I’m gonna
take a closer look at this and I thought that it’s appropriate that I I don’t
know but I start this I start documenting what I’m doing
you know it’s the next day Thursday and I got some new things to get some better
shots from from whatever’s going on here and I’m going to adapt this telescope to
a real a real tripod and then figure out how to put the camera on the back of it
that’s the story hopefully this will be the new lens what this is gonna work and
get it to work well here it is let’s see if it’s gonna work I see here it it’s a good time alright
so I’m at exit 103 and it looks like I’m at the edge of where the spray has been
taking place to see if I can get a good shot that take some bonuses damnit
alright so I’m in Harris and I am chased by the cops again what Harris New York
I do not know what’s going on man but nobody wants me taking any pictures of
the black sky I gotta find a place to hide I can’t believe I gotta hide to
take pictures of the damn sky I can’t go to Clark so I am back at the East
Delaware intake for the New York City water supply
and I was thinking of maybe setting up to shoot over here but there is a New York City hazmat truck parked where I was thinking of filming
this is where the cottage cheese to be away last kind of strange for a hazmat division to
be at the new york city water supply let’s see if i can set up some cameras
here we got a GoPro mounted on here they go
I guess they left the EP trucks on the other way all right well
anyway they have it shut up the other camera curious

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    . not you govt debunker. you won't be paid anymore once you learn it"s not a hoax.

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    Dane Wigington is controlled opposition. He gets all his info from the government and the military-industrial-intelligence complex that runs the geoengineering program in service to the Space Fence (wireless) lockdown. He is totally against Orgone which we know counteracts the saturated ionised sky from chemtrails. The solution is orgone.

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    Edit: 2 hours ago it was clear blue sky now it is a bright white Haze

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    It is all satanic. Geoengineers are a brood of vipers taking vile liberties on the people and God's Creation.

    There appears something that can be done though as incredible as it may appear to non-believers. Pray against this demonic agenda. Check out the following https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eIvY6RzPHj0

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