Massive crater under Greenland’s ice points to climate-altering impact in the time of humans

Massive crater under Greenland’s ice points to climate-altering impact in the time of humans

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66 million years ago an asteroid longer than Mount Everest is tall hurtled toward the Earth crashing into the Gulf of Mexico. More than 75% of plant and animal species, including the dinosaurs, vanished. it took over 4 million years for life to flourish once again, but the environment was altered forever. So scientists were shocked when they discovered another large impact crater, buried a kilometer under Greenland’s Hiawatha glacier. What was even more shocking was the crater’s lack of erosion, which suggests that the asteroid could have made impact when humans were roaming the earth. To be certain that their find was really an impact crater, researchers used ice penetrating radar to get a sense of the shape of the bedrock underneath the ice. The radar revealed one tell-tale characteristic: a raised area in the center, where the ground would have rebounded after the asteroid hit, like water struck by a stone. Further evidence came from the sediment draining out of the glacier itself. Shocked quartz grains were discovered, which could only be formed by extraterrestrial strikes or nuclear weapons. It was, indeed, an impact crater. 31 kilometers in diameter that makes it one of the 25 largest known craters in the world, though it is smaller than the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs, and the Chesapeake Bay crater. The asteroid making the Hiawatha crater would have needed to be enormous too, with a diameter of more than 1.5 kilometers. Scientists still aren’t sure how young Hiawatha is, but it is new enough that it is the only crater of its size still visible to the naked eye– at least, if you could see through the ice. Evidence suggests it is between a 100,000 to 12,000 years old, though it could also be millions of years older. If the impact happened when Greenland was covered in ice, which is most of the past two million years, billions of tons of ice would have vaporized in an instant, leading to an influx of fresh water into the world’s oceans. Just such an influx may have happened about 12,800 years ago, helping to set off a thousand-year glacial period called the Younger Dryas. But evidence for such a flood remains inconclusive. When the asteroid did hit, faraway regions would have felt the impact. Hurricane-force winds would have engulfed the region and objects as far away as a hundred kilometers would have been leveled. The next step is pinning down precisely when this massive asteroid arrived. And then the search can begin for other craters lurking beneath the ice.

90 thoughts on “Massive crater under Greenland’s ice points to climate-altering impact in the time of humans

  • _Paws_ Post author

    That's a cool discovery.

  • Bruce Keller Post author

    Might help account for one of the two great meltings. I wonder if this would have been enough to raise the Earth's water levels by 60 meters some 12k years ago?

  • Artus Meyer-Toms Post author

    Will the AI traffic video be reuploaded?

  • Антон Борисов Post author

    Very intresting

  • dressler666 Post author

    the younger dryas impact possibly?

  • wayne p Post author

    science magazine staff.. get into google maps satellite view and look about 200 miles west of Sitka Alaska.. you can see it in the bathometric data . its about 18 miles across.. since its a mile deep in the ocean .. there may not be any shocked quartz.. there may be signs of massive tsunami's caused by it.. i would love to ask researchers recovering frozen mammoths in siberia to take ice samples from around them for microscopic analysis. seeing if there are any signs of sea life left in the ice. the entry of something of that size and speed would have thrown out the ocean water at a tremendous speed as a spray that could have fallen frozen thousands of miles away.. i recall years ago that a frozen flower may have been found in a mammoths mouth.. this could have caused this as ice fell around them from the sky. i do know somebody took some drop cores on an east west pattern across the middle of this feature but i don't know who did it or what the results are. i could see if on a core location map.

  • Travis Norseman Post author

    So… Not ONE word about Randall Carlson????

  • Not That Guy Post author

    Boogie boogie boogie.

  • Assemble The Army Post author

    Kind of amazing that it was hiding in plain sight. Anyone who has google earth could've discovered the crater formation

  • steve tafe Post author

    this could overturn the official record, an amazing discovery. lets see what the carbon dating gives us but if its from 12k years ago, this could be the reason and the skeptics were right.

  • Grant McDaniel Post author

    Good job. Now you get to report it and pretend like you did anything to help the theory

  • GazZy BwOi Post author

    More signs of God's work. Absolutely amazing

  • Adam Steidl Post author'55.7%22N+66%C2%B012'07.3%22W/@78.733152,-66.7319324,450627m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d78.7488056!4d-66.2020278

  • me nkat Post author

    Amazing find!

  • Mr. Cottrell Post author

    I'm not so sure…AA Tektite creating impact, perhaps, but YD Impact…Hmmm:

  • In anna Post author

    When Randall Carlson and graham Hancock talked about this years ago….the critics always asked for the impact proof and finally the proof has been found and critics can go fk themselves!

  • SteakAndChips Post author

    Graham Hancock and others are right.

  • nagasako7 Post author

    Joe Rogan brought me here

  • Exile89 Post author

    Graham Hancock has the last laugh

  • Frost Post author

    Well, at this pace Atlantis might have very well been much realer than we thought.

  • DarkContrast Post author

    Large enough to alter the the Earth's orbit by 3/60 of a degree, which is what the Giza Plateau is off True North by. Also major floods like everybody has said ad nauseam. Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson be my n***

  • kostasz7z Post author

    Billions and billions……

    Another BS story made up from assumptions on top of assumptions.

    Those holes are not impact craters and they were certainly not created tens of thousand years ago.

  • kevin jachim Post author

    One that big?It would not matter if ice was there or not.Take core's from it and the surrounding ice?

  • Kristovis Post author

    Randall Carlson!

  • AlexKasper Post author

    Can this be considered something that supports the tale of Noah's Great Flood?

  • jimboy de juan Post author

    wow The Hiawatha Crater Existed was created by Asteroid impact Greenland on Earth!

  • Puli Ukko Post author

    Vindication for Hancock and Carlson and all truth seekers!

  • Igor MGTOW And Video Games Post author

    bright insight haver said something about this

  • L C Post author

    Ah! The truth. Not millions of years ago, but yes, 12,900 years ago will fit the geographical evidence nicely. Inconclusive? Perhaps, but only because mainstream Scientists fail to admit they were wrong. Time to re-write history books. And fire some Physicists.

  • Trevor Paris Post author

    Ground-Zero for the rise of our current civilization. This is the smoking gun for the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis. Civilizations from across the globe have a tales of a great flood.We now have proof . Please look into Randall Carlson!

  • Bare Beauty Bodypainting Post author

    Proof of the destruction of Atlantis you say? We've all put the pieces together, why can't mainstream academics? The Richat Structure MUST be studied extensively.

  • bipola telly Post author

    "Science" Magazine.

  • bipola telly Post author

    Garbage on many levels.

  • TheTgall11 Post author

    Jimmy @bright insight…..has the real scoop…loveya Jimmy!

  • Distorted Post author

    Advance ancient humans were brought to near extension because of this

  • Mike R Post author

    Give justice and credit to the people that already suggested and proved this years back! Especially the comet research group, they invested their own money to get to the truth because they couldn't get funded because of ignorant mainstream thinking

  • Mike R Post author

    I Dislked because you are selfish reporters. Mention RANDALL CARLSON and GEORGE HOWARD.

  • jorge pearl Post author

    when this asteroid arrived is of the most important, we have an extermination that happened in north america, wiped out all big animals, including men, could be explained by this asteroid

  • Macs Headroom Post author

    The Dinosaur Ender nastapolka Arc Meteorite

  • How do I do this Post author

    They don’t know the date yet though

  • im Jus St ChiLLin Post author

    Magicians of the Gods
    That book is even more beautiful

  • escapefromobamastan Post author

    Graham and Randall are somewhere chuckling,

  • bluebird Post author

    Amazing stuff, but they need to get a precise dating of the crater. A lot of scientists will be holding their breath until then.

  • Lightning Rod Post author

    Randall , Graham and Jimmy at Bright Insight are all right, in relation to the current Climate EMERGENCY (the Earth is BURNING) , the good news is that a perfectly good Earth was incinerated and flooded in about an HOUR, and WE as HUMANS came out of it, …… just fine. please, oh please gawd wake the F57K up people. Try to show some action before YOUR bills dont matter anymore

  • davidsirmons Post author

    More like a climatological disaster. Human civilizations at that time would have been shattered, and ice cores record indeed such a climate devastating event occurred. Further, I contend that the shockwaves of this event, both literally and figuratively, were remembered by cultures around the world, entwined with our legends, and are remembered to this day in the long-standing historical perspectives of each culture's religion.

  • gavri'el Post author


  • 77leny Post author

    this could be the event ancient people called great flood

  • William Hughes-Games Post author

    Surly, such a large impact would have left a layer of all the usual debris of meteorite impacts in the ice cores and indeed there are indications of a meteorite hit about that time. But the signature in the ice cores is weak and tenuous. A hit of that magnitude and in such close proximity to the rest of the Greenland Ice Sheet should have left a whopper of a signature. No such signature has been observed.

  • Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon Post author

    My theory: this asteroid slammed into the earth and caused the megafauna population to plummet and humans merely finished them off

  • thousandaire radio Post author

    It can be seen by the naked eye if you could see through ice so no, not the naked eye.

  • whynottalklikeapirat Post author

    The younger dry-ass. Pervy geographers.

  • Edward Owens Post author

    You will see a lot of videos like this until the Good Ole Boy SCIENCE HERD network like TED Talks and other front organizations for New World Order Group Think absolutely cannot deny it any longer. Like Harlen Bretz, Alfred Wegener, Clair Patterson ( who saved us all from being poisoned by leaded gas) and the countless other REAL SCIENTISTS who habe been marginalized and not academic grant money sucking machines that pass for scientists or celebrity scientists spewing out the Church of Science dogmatic tripe like Tyson, Cox, and Nye.

    Fuck TED Talks

  • Bob Frazier Post author

    Interesting to note that Youtube throws a big banner under some of Randall Carlson's videos directing viewers to "approved versions" of climate change. Bastards.

  • Nelson3300 Post author

    2:07 An asteroid impact of that magnitude would cause massive tidal waves that would cover much of North America, not just flow into the world's oceans.

  • Nelson3300 Post author

    The real question is whether this caused melt-water pulse 1a 😀

  • JonLaWit Post author

    This is a fascinating discovery. Another thing is Gobekli Tepe has stone megaliths believed to be 10,000 BC depicting a comet hitting the Earth. Kind of corroborates the story that around 12,000 BC something occured that changed the climate and caused disasters.

  • RYXZVKI Post author


  • David MacArthur Post author

    So that's what happened to The Arctic's 100m+ thick Northern polar ice cap.

  • David MacArthur Post author

    I believe iron is still being found from the astorods impact.

  • Siver Byo Post author

    It´s a project

  • Gareth Hooper Post author

    Had to see in honour of Graham Hancock 🙂

  • Nerinav Nerinavian Post author

    If this impact had occurred around 12000years before as evidence suggests, it would explain the sudden extinction of woolly mammoth, saber tooth tigers and numerous other large species. Perhaps this impact triggered a massive tsunami that annihilated an advanced civilization, the survivors scattered throughout the world. The seeds of new civilization.

  • shadowdance4666 Post author

    The Flood stories Smoking Gun it is.

  • Lost Angel Post author


  • Mister Backster Post author

    it seems awfully strange how NASA is so worried about an asteroid strike in the last year or two. someone knows something, some people somewhere know, what do they know? perhaps they read graham hancocks book, then went did their own research on a black project because they know if true, 12800 years is the magic number for catastrophe to mankind. we enter an area of high interstellar activity.
    i like to think that in 200 million years the dinosaurs evolved into bipedal reptilian humanoids. then an asteroid wiped out their world, geologic activity did the rest. maybe they didnt get as far as space but that doesnt mean they couldnt have been long lived, intelligent, lived in family groups had culture. why were the apex predators bipedal? maybe they were truly ancient and had evolved cartilege instead of bone.

  • Karen O Post author

    Hmm. All that ice vaporized into the atmosphere. Is this the origin of the Noah's flood story?

  • chris binckes Post author

    otto mück's 1930 book 'the quest for atlantis' has corrsponding theories to the above….

  • kopfgeldjagar Post author

    So… Something Randall Carlson has been saying for 25 years…

  • mjpayne95 Post author

    Hmm I remember some guys saying there is evidence that around 15 thousand years ago that meteors hit the northern American continent and caused a mass extinction. But most scientists have disregarded them as loony hypothecators.

  • A V Post author

    I clicked just to thumbs down.

  • Patrick Wolfe Post author

    Randall Carlson wasnt shocked

  • Steve L Post author

    It brought the Clovis culture and the megafauna to an abrupt end. Out with the Clovis people, and in with the Folsom culture. Just imagine what the world would be like had the Younger Dryas not happened. We still might have megafauna roaming north America today.

  • Admiral Alpaca Post author

    Graham Hancock hittin the default dance

  • 1 thepackgawd Post author

    Carlson crater

  • bello770 Post author

    Thanks for not adding Political Spin to the video..!

  • black pearl Post author

    10mths, old p,,

  • Michael Davis Post author

    Hancock and Carlson should be acknowledged by the mainstream

  • Stephen Young Post author

    The fact they don't mention Hancock or Carleson is the most bullshit thing I have ever heard of.

  • Roger Dudra Post author

    About time someone besides Randall Carlson has seen the evidence for the Yoynger Dryus issue.

  • Dee Love Post author

    This is great! Can you do a video on all the things that can cause a shock wave? A shock wave that would be global.

  • Boss Ross Post author

    Team Hancock assemble!

  • Apollo's Vader Post author

    learn to swim

  • Sigh Kronmiller Post author

    What if the two impacts were only hours or minutes apart. Hale-Bopp impact on Jupiter as an example.

  • David Willis Post author

    Now they found a second not far from the first

  • nickacelvn Post author

    Younger Dryas!

  • user_mac01 Post author

    The Acraman crater is larger than the Chesapeake Bay crater (going by these size charts – 1:23 ).

  • Wilfredo Rodriguez Core Post author

    Nuclear war gods war mahabaratha……

  • Happy Robot Post author

    Randallllllll Carlson !! He says things just so. For many a year.

  • Jim Bintz Post author

    The craters seem to all have a circular profile, which points to a perpendicular strike angle. Surely some cosmic impacts would have been grazing hits? The Carolina Bays are blamed on glacial ice bombs, with a 35 degree impact angle, generated by a Michigan impact on the ice sheet.

  • Louis Quatorze Post author

    The impact needs to be dated, however, I do believe it is the smoking gun for Younger Dryas

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