36 thoughts on “Massive heat wave blamed for at least 6 deaths

  • Richard Japa

    Global warming

  • Joseph Dubeau

    Blame Donald Trump.

  • YOUNG-i the GOD

    “May the sun be my food. Fuel my molecules.”

  • J. Wes Ulm and Kant's Konundrum

    More telltale manifestations of heatstroke: flushing, racing heartbeat/breathing, and confusion to the point of irritability and even slurred speech. I'm a doctor who's treated this before and it's alarming how quickly it can progress once your core body temp approaches 104 F, esp. if you're on high blood pressure or heart failure meds (beta-blockers like atenolol, diuretics like hydrochlorothiazide), antidepressants, Adderall and Ritalin, or antipsychotics like thorazine and prolixin (they make it harder for your brain to compensate with greater blood flow near the skin, which cools things down). It's a medical emergency so if you see or suspect it, you have to call 9/11 and move fast. Get into the shade, strip off heavy clothing and use anything you have, a sprinkler, pitcher with cool water, hose, dampened cloths or sponges, to moderate the temperature in the interim. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and avoid too much alcohol when the mercury surges!

  • Patricia Davis

    Repent and he will heal your land

  • Got Ghost

    It's the year of the pig everybody gonna be bacon b4 fall

  • Hung Vu

    Drink enough water and survive these days


    CBS , no headline too dramatic . 90 year old dies after long battle with multiple health conditions during an extremely hot day, heat wave blamed . Tens of millions are set to broil in record-setting high temperatures , with no possible way avoid the deadly heat , expecting tens of thousands to succumb to the deadly heat wave !

  • M K

    Peace & Love brain washed is when you scapegoat issues and reduce their points with no facts. Record break heat waves. Record breaking snowstorms. Record breaking crop failures from shorter growing seasons. Record breaking droughts causing massive forest fires. This is not a joke. By 2050, if we do nothing their will be 1 billion climate refugees. Lost their homes to sea level rise (heck our military bases are going under the sea from sea level rise) . People dying due to lack of water in areas that seen record heat and droughts. People dying because all farm animals are dying from extreme unexpected cold. Crops failing as the intense heat encourages invasive pest to feed on crops when the cold should have keep them at bay. Acres of forest that provided habitat for rabbits, dears, wolves, elk, birds, etc and in turn provide food for us or the biome are rotting away being attacked by beetles that should have died during the cold seasons but due to irregular warming periods the beetles are invading. The ship we are on is sinking. We are all going to drown especially 14.29% of this worlds human population will immediately loose their homes, love ones, valuables, and in some instances – these refugees will loose their life.

    These people are in 6 out of 7 continents. Hurricane Katrina, Mathew , and sandy caused 32,000 families to be homeless per hurricane.

    Wildfires in California uprooting thousands and tossing people into poverty because insurance companies compensate if your lucky 70% of your documented possessions.

    You are the person on the ship screaming their is no hole in the hull…. I see a large hole and we will perish as a human race if you do nothing. Are communities of diversity are dying off. We as humans can not survive if our ecosystems an the animals that up keep those ecosystems collapse

  • Angela Buyck

    Well it's called summer it happens every year. Summer gets very hot end of story. I thought kids playing in a fountain was cute I think soldiers would think it was cute.

  • Dee Dee Winfrey

    Sounds like another sultry day in the South. We are used to it down here.

  • Margaret Dell

    I cannot tell you how many times I heard "How can you move to Florida…it so hot." Well, we are at a balmy 90 degrees and breezes off the gulf are so sweet. No triple digits here ever!

  • Paul Autry

    I'm a senior citizen at 55 years old and it was hot on July 18th but I still washed and waxed my Harley and won the bike portion of the Tecumseh Classic Car and Bike show. It was the only bike entry.

  • Soda_can

    birds are literally exploding in arizona

  • Badness Nards Collecting

    The government will save

  • Regina Keogh

    We're at a Grand Solar Minimum which brings out extreme weather cycles.

  • Elephant In The Room

    I was on the inverted roller coaster batman at six flags on friday when it was 96 and almost passed out, and at the end of the ride I was literally seeing double vision

  • bongo fury

    The double marathon starts at 1:30 p.m.

  • bongo fury

    “It’s that goddamed, racist Trump’s fault” – The Squats.

  • Scott

    You all about got North Pole axes wobble low estimated wave patterns? Already North sighs is West Colorado..?

  • F D

    100 plus temperatures:

    New Yorkers: State of emergency
    Saharan Nomadic Tribes: Hold my camel

  • Caroleanne Hoy

    Global warming the planet is finished up until 100 years ago people traveled the same way as Jesus by sail ship and on animals. now days planes cars diesel ships and all the other pollution man .has killed the planet for his own greed and pleasures


    Y’all Dying from Weather that’s awful, it’s always this hot in Texas …….. Just another summer to us

  • Stav Neustadter

    so sad

  • Phoenician Writer

    It seems as the angel of the Lord has turned up the heat on our nation. The time for repentance is now, Yeshua is soon to return, forgive or you will not be forgiven. Today is your day of salvation, call on Him while He may be found.

  • Diane Brady

    No matter how hot I am…..i would NEVER splash, play, soak my feet…..in a memorial fountain as these pigs in DC are pictured doing. Ungrateful slobs. And the reporters are likewise disgusting for filming it instead of asking why all these people feel its OK to desecrate a memorial to soldiers!!!!!

  • jean skilling

    Here in Idaho were wearing sweat clothes. 2 blankets and having soup for dinner.

  • putrid flame

    Meanwhile in the south and west… Sips his/her chilled beverage while flipping brisket on a grill…. in 106° Fahrenheit conditions.

  • Aoeiu Bpmftd

    It feels like death !

  • jage

    Stock up on water as August will be 120+. Welcome global warming.

  • M K

    And people still don’t believe in global warming. If a city swings from -40 to 119 in less than a year in a region that does not see that type of swing for 2,000years then the extreme weather is caused by climate change. People died during the cold snap and now people are dying from the heat. Extreme weather in areas where is hasn’t been seen before is dangerous

  • OneButton Dash

    yea now people are starting to get worried and or at least taking notice…

  • Diana Robles

    Also make sure your animals & family pets are safe from this heat.

  • Mustang Guy363

    Normal day here in florida.. stay hydrated and stay hydrated. And lose weight most of all!

  • Alfred Wednt

    Who am I foolin. I ain't no😇  I might as well get use to it😈

  • Ky Glória

    This nothing here Europe cry babies lol

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