Please Stop Doing This to Your Car (It Broke My Celica)

Please Stop Doing This to Your Car (It Broke My Celica)

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rev your engines now sure modern cars are
complicated and over the last 52 years I’ve seen some really simple fixes that
you can quickly do it yourself and not have to mess with the mechanic now the
first one is rather straightforward let’s say you’re driving on the road and
your brake light comes on not could be a serious problem it could be nothing you
can have a leak in the system you could have a pressure loss where it
goes down maybe the boosters going bad or the ABS system you could have
forgotten I left your emergency brake on but you could just be low on brake
fluid and check the brake fluid level it should be up to the top line in
this case it’s low realize inside that master cylinder reservoir there’s a flow
when the float gets low turns on the brake line usually just major low on
floor sometimes the float itself breaks and if you tap it and the light goes out
your float is starting to break it’s kind of you’re trying to put a new one in
but if adding brake fluid turns the light off then just watch your brake
fluid week or two or three and it’s not losing any that’s fine because your
level can go down for more reasons than just the leak of course if it’s leaked
and it keeps going down you got to fix that leak but as you drive the brake
pads wear and as they wear they push in so the brake calipers that squeeze them
go in further and that takes up fluid so just over time the fluid love will go
down as the brake pads wear and there’s also a tiny amount of evaporation
because it’s a vented system but normally it’s as your brake pads wear so
if your brake light comes on once every few years
hey just add the fluid but of course check your brake pads then to if it’s
been years because they might get real then and add you can look at physically
but a lot of times just they had in the fluid fixes it as long as it doesn’t
leak out fast it’s perfectly fine to drive it that way if your brakes are
hard and the only problem was the light was on it’s cuz things have worn in the
fluid level goes down in your and a little up now of course that’s not the
case for radiator your radiator hey it should always be full it does not lose
overtime if it does you got a problem but the brake system over years it’ll go
down so if every so many years your light comes on you add fluid it’s totally
normal now the next easy fix has to do with
your EVAP system me anti-pollution system in your car if you check engine light
comes on you get a code like p0457 evap emission system leak
detected now evap systems can get leaks in many places sometimes you got to drop
the gas tank to find it but in this particular code it’s often either a
loose or missing gas cap but you can easily replace stuff as you can see
right on the inside here there’s a rubber seal guess what happens the
rubber seal goes bad over time and check the lip if it’s dirty it corroded you
want to clean it off a little carburetor spray so if there’s any crud it’ll get
it off and it was sealed correctly just realize gas caps wear out over time and
you got to change them every once in a while and my advice says don’t go online
and buy the cheapest gas cap you can get your hands on you’re better with the OEM
ones they’re made correctly they have the correct pressure I’ve seen it where
people buy aftermarket gas cap and some discount auto parts store they still
have the code they bring it to me I go to the dealer and buy an OEM one guess
what the cold goes away maybe don’t even need a cap if it’s not tight turn until
it’s tight and it click when they collect they’re tight yeah won’t wait I
can’t remember how many times people have brought me a car but didn’t have a
gas cap or it was not tight enough and it tripped that code you can easily
check that out yourself and just either replace it or tighten up now let’s say
your car isn’t putting out much heat well heater systems are pretty basic a
heater core inside the dash that takes the hot water from the engine air blows through
it makes your hot then it goes back into the engine gets heated up goes through
the radiator comes back it’s an endless cycle but today those things are all
computer control but there’s still a very simple thing that often makes them
not work right and that is the car is low on coolant now either car it’s just
your radiator what generally they’re one of the highest points of the cooling
system soft your low on coolant what happens the air rises to the top of the
system so if your heater core has air in it instead of hot water it won’t work
right now it might sound a little crazy because
hey the heater core would still be full of hot air
but the specific heat of air so much lower than water you won’t get hardly
any heat when there’s air in it instead of water the heater core is a heat
exchanger made for liquids not for gases like air up your heaters not working
right or if it’s just going weak check your coolant up to the top could be as
simple as your just low on coolant now if you’re low on coolant anyone want to
check I know once a week at least to see if is there a leak or something you got
to keep adding because I mean some people they don’t check the coolant ever
two cars three four years old and you add a little heater works great now if
it keeps going down you got to find out what’s wrong but on the plus side cars
all have temperature gauges if you have a serious cooling system leaf or problem
you see the temperature gauge starts running warmer then you want to work on
that if you add coolant you get heat and everything works fine for weeks or
months I don’t worry about it you fixed it by just adding coolant now the next
simple fixes perhaps the simplest of them all I’ve had scars of customers
bring me cars that fail the yearly emissions test that didn’t run right and
what was wrong the only thing that was wrong was the air filter was clogged the
car burns thousands of cubic feet of air every day the filters dirty hey you
can’t have problems now I keep mine pretty clean you see this is the dirty
side that’s the clean side you can look at the Sun with it if you can see
through really clearly you don’t have any worries it’s clean
I got customers bring me cars that this is all black full with crud it was amazing
the car ran at all hey we live in a dirty place and getting dirtier by the
minute filters can clog up much faster than they used to find where your filter
is jacket every once in a while when it comes to replacing your filter my advice
you best stick into the original equipment ones that came the cheap
after-market wants often if you count the
number of pleats less of them they don’t filter as well the material can be
cheaper made they’re not all that expensive even the original equipment
one you’re much better doing that then you are buying the cheapest one you can
that isn’t gonna work as good when you consider the hundreds of thousands of
cubic feet of air you’re gonna be burning and the thousands of gallon of
gasoline you’re gonna be burning you’d actually save money buying the more
expensive filter if it works better than a cheap one it doesn’t filter as well and you get less power worse gas mileage in the long run by a quality filter don’t save
pennies and lose dollars I has a simple fix that really isn’t effects it
prevents you from having to do a very expensive fix and that’s your gas gauge
fill your car up don’t want to get all the way to the e good advice when you
get down to about a quarter of a tank refill it and here’s the reason why all
modern cars have electric fuel pumps they hide inside the gas tank what
actually lubricates the fuel pump is gasoline may sound crazy but yeah
liquid gasoline is somewhat of a lubricant so the bearings of the pump
are lubricated by gasoline flowing through them so if you do actually run
your car out of gasoline the fuel pump will then suck air air does not
lubricate the bearings so you run out of gas and you actually have none in a tank
you keep cranking the engine the fuel pump is pumping air it will burn out the
bearings ruin your very expensive fuel pump some cars you got dropped a gas
tank it cost you over a thousand bucks to change out a fuel pump just making a
point of when you get a quarter or less fill it back up don’t just see how far
you can go and then end up running out of gas and now let’s say you’ve been bad
you let it round a gasps look at that gauge if it’s way down II don’t keep
cranking the engine to try to start it that will burn the pump up let’s say
you’re driving the car and you actually run out of gas it stops Ronnie if you
look and see it’s on E just go get some gasoline and pour it in and do not keep
trying to start it cuz starting it will burn that pump off you don’t want to do
that so if you’re really don’t want to get involved in any of this nonsense in
the first place just keep it above a quarter of the tank all the time go like
I do pretend that
part of the tank is empty and when it gets near a quarter fill it back up
again no my last quick fix is a simple easy to do one let’s say you try to
start your car all you get is click click click
if you jump-started and it starts right up odds are you just need a battery
because let’s face it if your car doesn’t start you’ll have a total
mechanic you got to pay for very expensive tow and there’s a lot of
dishonest mechanics out there trying to sell you all kinds of crap the
numero uno reason a car goes click is because the battery doesn’t have enough
power to go to the starter to start the car and if it jump starts right up odds
are you just need another battery and related to this quick fix is another one
let’s say you jumpstart it still just goes click then get a hammer or a giant
piece of wood and beat the starter as someone turns the key if all of a sudden
it starts or at least it starts going and tries to start that means your
starter is bad now some cars like my Celica starters just sitting there out
and hoping you can change it in ten minutes
some cars they’re real pain but at least you’ll know what’s wrong with the
car if you’re not gonna fix it yourself and if you are gonna fix it yourself hey
you’re gonna save yourself a ton of money and now you know some easy quick
fixes for very common car problems that you can do yourself in a flash and not
have to waste any money in time paying somebody $100 an hour to do it for you
and here’s some bonus questions and answers,
like a sun says Scotty I have a 2014 Impreza automatic do you recommend sticking to the factory transmission fluid or can you use a different one
modern cars are so particular what kind of fluid is in it your best to
stick to the factory fluid on all the modern cars now ages ago when I was a
young mechanic in the 1960s there was like automatic transmissions lewd to fit
most cars and sometimes ford had especially one just for Fords and that
was it but now there’s a zillion different kinds there’s all kinds of
different transmission designs CVT regular automatics
and they all come with a particular fluid that engineers designed I wouldn’t go against the engineers on that one so what if one you
can get for $3 a quart and the other one is seven hey you only using three or
four quarts generally you don’t want to mix different things who knows what additives are in each one you got the factor one that has the additives it was
designed for you by an aftermarket one hey it might be the same I might have
slightly different had a test don’t mess with success that’s what I say when
it comes to fluids in any modern vehicle because they become so ultra high level
of technology you don’t want a mess so that by using some generic fluid that
may or may not have the correct additives, journey 19 says scotty I got a
2000 chrysler 104,000 thousand miles runs great my my heat is only lukewarm
I’ve changed the fluids I had a guy flush out the heater car but it still
look warm help I workout enough with all those things to tell you 99.999% of the
time that means you need a new heater core chrysler max some of the worst
heater cars in the world and i mean hey it is a 2000 so the thing lasted for 20
years i mean you really can’t gripe about that but when you find out how
much money it’s gonna cost change that heater core because you can take the
dash apart you gotta take all kinds of crap off to get to that heater core the
problem with the heater core yes heater course have hot water i’m just like your
car’s radiator but unlike the radiator they don’t have full flow they only have
a little bit of flow going through them and as they age and corrode they don’t
dissipate heat as well and even though you said i got flushed it out those
things are so cheaply made that the flushing often doesn’t help because the
metal inside is just flat-out corroded it doesn’t dissipate the heat anymore
now that said and if you find us it’s gonna cost you seven eight hundred bucks
to change the inner core you might try this and I’ve seen it work I believe one
was called lime away I’ve used that and you could put hoses going into the
heater core take off the regular houses put hoses in and fill it up lime away clr
and let it soak there for like an hour too and then flush it all out to get it
out of the system sometimes that can take enough of the
chemicals off that the heater will be usable then you might give it a try,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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