10 thoughts on “Pressley joins field of prominent figures openly living with alopecia

  • Roberta Whitfield Post author

    And she is still beautiful, inside & outside PERIOD 🙏🏽!!!

  • JD Post author

    She is gorgeous 😍

  • Conservative Californian Post author

    Everything is political because you choose to make it political.

  • Anna Vajda Post author

    Good for her I had a friend with that condition who was very insecure about it.

  • vince lakatos Post author

    Just because you get rid of that fake hair doesn't mean you're a good person Miss Presley trying to get attention. President Trump has nice hair and don't you forget it Presley. Trump 20/20 and forever.

  • Maria Golanski Post author

    You look so beautiful and I think they are not to be political how are you caring you heair long sure I think is everybody personal their own business of the person not the people now we have a new generation that we had to think and do it the things we like to please are ourselves not the people you look beautiful thank you for all the things you do for us to be in Congress keep it up when love God bless you♥️🌻♥️🌻♥️🌻♥️🌻♥️🌻🥰

  • David Turner Post author

    I am good with the hair thing,,, Now if she would come clean about the Muslim thing and hating America and out President. Throw her out…

  • i tell d truth about what i see Post author

    She didnt say women of color

  • andybrophy100 Post author

    I may not agree with her stances politically in some respects but that has no bearing on the fact she has taken a very courageous step and should be admired for that courage and the encouragement it must give to others in similar circumstances. Laudable.

  • Rip Off Post author

    Eyelashes is not proportional, looking good tho!!

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