Product Review – Rosco Vapour Fog Machines

Product Review – Rosco Vapour Fog Machines

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♪ [music] ♪ – Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. Today on
the Slanted Lens, we’re going to review Rosco’s Vapour Series of smoke machines.
I am so excited about this series of machines because there’s a
little bit of something for everyone in this series. They have discontinued their
1700 and their 1900 series and replaced it with three machines. And they’ve also
added a hazer, which is very exciting to me. So, let’s take a look at each one of
these things and what they do. First off, we’ve got the Mini-V. This little Mini-V
is perfect for a introductory level smoke machine. It’s going to be 1,000 watts,
it’s going to give you about a liter of fluid an hour. It’s portable, you can move
it around, it’s a great machine. Really, under $500 is a great entry point for this
series of smoke machines. Downside, it doesn’t have a great control on the back,
you just turn it on or off. But you know what? For a small machine like this,
that’s absolutely plenty. But, when we step up to the Vapour, this is now a
machine you can use on set and really make work. The Vapour’s going to kick out like
3.6 liters of fluid an hour. It’s going to give you great smoke on set, it’s going to
fill a room, it’s going to do a great job. The Vapour is a strong machine. A 1200
watt machine, it’s going to kick out 3.6 liters of fluid. It’s really going to kick
out the smoke. But, if you are out on location, if you want smoke, this is a
beast. This is really the machine right here. It’s going to kick out 7.3 liters of
fluid an hour, it’s going to give you a ton of smoke out on location. So, when
you’re dealing with wind and atmosphere, this baby’s going to keep up and make it
happen. I love this machine. It’s $1,000, it’s a 1500 watt machine, gives you 7.3
liters of fluid. It really is going to do anything you need it to, because you can
dial it way down. I love the fact you can point this thing up. The cage rotates so
it’s a square-end format. Point it up, rotate the cage, and shoot the smoke
straight in the air. Or put it on the floor, rotate the cage,
and shoot it across the floor. This machine is very versatile.
I love the format, the square format. Now, the downside for these machines
is they’re heavy, they’re heavy. That’s just the way they are,
but you know what? They’re going to last you for absolutely forever.
See, there you go. Still alive. Now, the one that I think is so exciting
is the V-Hazer. It has its own V-Haze fluid. It’s not a smoke machine, it’s
a hazer. So, it’s going to give a nice atmosphere in the room. It’s
going to fill the room full of atmosphere. You can maintain that atmosphere
because you’ve got a control on the back where you can say, turn it on for
three seconds, and off for ten seconds. Each one of these, the Vapour.
and Vapour Plus and Hazer, have that control in the back
to give you a tremendous amount of control of the smoke bursts, in order to
keep a constant fluid on set, the whole time. You know, the one thing you have to
look at, is that they do have this control here. It comes out. You can daisy-chain
these together with an XLR cable. So you can put two or three together in a room,
and they can all run off one control. That’s a nice thing. And XLR cables, we’ve
got, so you can just daisy-chain these together and run them off from the same
control. I like the fact that the control is portable so you can pull it out of the
bag. It’s got a cable, work it away from the machine or run it from off set. So,
these are great machines. They truly are great machines. Under $500, about $850,
about $1050, and $1200 for the Hazer. There’s something in here for everyone. I
am thrilled with the Hazer. It’s something we will use on set constantly when we’re
shooting commercials and things for video. I think Rosco’s really hit a home run here
with regards to the different machines and different price points to be able to fit
their market. So, check them out. The The Vapour Series of smoke machines
by Rosco. I know they’re our sponsor, but remember, I used them long before
they were our sponsor. I’ve used them for 30 years. They’ve always been
extremely reliable, dependable machines that have done exactly what I needed them
to on set, and that’s why I love them. ♪ [music] ♪

8 thoughts on “Product Review – Rosco Vapour Fog Machines

  • Adam Barefoot Post author

    these things make me want to film a horror movie!

  • Tavis Gordon Post author

    Which light were you using on your right side? Looks very much like sunlight

  • Simon Anderson Post author

    Great looking product and great video.

  • Ryan Johnson Post author

    Does Rosco come with instructions on how to produce a consistent thickness of fog in a volumed space (such as a non-leaky, closed room)?  

  • Doctoberfest598 Post author

    We get it you vape!

  • deric tan Post author

    Does the Mini V always need to connect the AC/DC wire on some kinda power pack outdoor or need to plug it on the wall to make it run? i am finding a portable fog machine for on locational shoot in the future as i don't want it to run with any heavy power pack or plug to the wall kind. can you help me by introduce me any of them? Thanks in advance~

    This is Deric Tan from Singapore.

  • Donovan Capron Post author

    have you tried other fogs with this? interested in trying code 6

  • Ady hiryu Post author

    Can this machine be used for room disinfection using H2O2 ?
    If it can be used for disinfection using H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) and does not damage the tool, I will buy it.

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