Reporters blown off-camera during live blizzard update

Reporters blown off-camera during live blizzard update

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We’re in Grand Etang, Nova Scotia. This is home of Les Suetes winds– south-easterly – they’re more easterly right now, gusting about 170 kilometres per hour. You can’t quite look the wind in the face because your face gets sand-blasted. Yeah, you know, it’s very much … the only storm I can compare this to is hurricanes. Definitely out in the middle of a wind blast of a hurricane, this is what you’d feel but this has the added bonus of having the snow in the air so as soon as your face is exposed to it, it’s like, just feeling like you’re standing in a sandblaster and it’s actually very dangerous because you have the added bonus of frostbite. So this is a big problem so why we are very well done up right now … whoa! We’re fine. One thing I notice too, Mark is that … it’s actually … I don’t know if it’s sunny … not quite. But the sky is getting brighter, and we thought that the precipitation is easing up, but the winds are getting stronger so we’ve got a couple more hours of this before things settle down. Back to you.

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