Rob’s weather forecast 3-4-19 6pm

Rob’s weather forecast 3-4-19 6pm

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PC weather lab here’s Rob’s forecast welcome back well certainly going to be a cold one tonight a cold Mardi Gras for sure and to add to the misery we have some showers right now impacting the beginning of the Queen’s parade but hopefully those showers move out quickly and you might get lucky and see some sleet pellets but the bottom line I just stuck my hand out there it’s cold rain let’s go outside and take a look at the satellite imagery we have plenty of clouds first off we’re gonna draw your eyes toward Dallas that’s the back edge of the clearing line I doubt whether this is gonna reach all the way to Acadiana by tomorrow morning but we’ll see if that happens if we do clear out we’re gonna see temperatures mid to upper 20s most spots lower 30s down toward the coast but if it doesn’t clear out maybe temperatures a little bit milder so we’ll be watching that now on the radar we’d not only see rain shower activity but on this composite we’re seeing where there may be some sleet involved and I did get a report of some sleet and around the villa Platte area might be seeing that in st. Landry Parish and certainly up toward Alexandra but nothing that’s sticking to the ground because temperatures are above the freezing mark in fact where it’s raining aloft in the atmosphere it’s above freezing but as those raindrops fall through the atmosphere there’s a cold pocket of air that’s freezing some of that rainfall and or at least chilling it and turning some of it into sleep but nothing that’s going to stick on the power Doppler HD and the local Doppler radars we see some of the heavier downpours here up toward Evangeline parish also st. Landry Parish and then down and Lafayette we have that shower moving right through downtown just as we speak impacting the beginning of the parade here we have Jefferson Street East Simcoe Evangeline Thruway so raining at the beginning of the parade and then the parade goes down Johnson then goes down toward Cajun don’t Boulevard a little bit beyond that so as we open it on up this is the story the main story right now freeze warnings for tonight for temperatures dropping into the upper 20s to lower 30s for a few hours just the plants and pets across Central Louisiana hard freeze warning so you may want to protect those exposed pipes but I don’t think it’s a situation where you need to drip the water in your home temperatures in the 30s at this hour 37 in Lafayette and as we mentioned temperatures not only cold but we have those very chilly wind chills the current windchill in Lafayette at 28 thanks to that north northeast wind at about 14 so as we move ahead the showers beginning to move out as we head through the evening hours with a rain chances diminishing by 9 o’clock tonight still cloud cover stays with us I think this H Triple R model is doing a pretty good job with the clouds clearing out briefly but more high clouds coming in for tomorrow morning a look at the windchill here 23 degrees with a temperature of 31 mostly cloudy for our Tuesday few intervals of sunshine during midday but then the clouds will come back in and then they’ll eventually clear out by late tomorrow evening Futurecast certainly much more optimistic on us clearing out but I think we’ll keep some of the clouds in at very least high clouds so that’s gonna make it feel colder for tomorrow if we don’t see full sunshine and it’ll still be breezy early but high pressure moves in tomorrow night through Wednesday morning it clears us out and also winds get lighter so we do look for another freeze for Wednesday morning for sure and nice and cool and sunny for Wednesday enjoy it we only had three sunny days in February and this will be the only sunny day for the next week or so moving forward so temperatures tonight mid to upper 20s northern portions of Acadiana one of the coldest nights of all winter long I don’t think we’ve gotten below 31 and Lafayette we may do that tonight upper 20s to lower 30s I 10 corridor and upper 20s to lower 30s along the coast and then after that chilly start temperatures tomorrow getting into the mid to upper 40s we’ll say 54 the projected high wind chill on top of that look at these wind chills for tomorrow morning lower 20s with that north wind still close at about 9 a temperature laughing it’s still at about 31 the windchill will be 23 and a few degrees cooler for the Careers up out in the country off to the north wind chill stay in the 30s most of the day tomorrow but climb into the lower 40s late tomorrow afternoon so patchy rain out there 50% early breezy and cold protect the plants and the pets don’t need to worry about the pipes south of highway 190 and then we’re Mardi Gras well it’s gonna be cloudy breezy and cold with those chilly wind chills we get above say the 39 degree mark at about 10:30 for the afternoon into the mid 40s with the skies clearing late and temperatures starting to drop by 4 o’clock in the afternoon so morning clouds breezy and cold morning chills very cold indeed some Sun from the midday on some intervals will go 50 for the high but it’s a soft 50 it’s not gonna feel like 50 out there with the breeze then we go into Wednesday sunshine and lighter winds after a frosty start we’ll have a nice finish and then milder temperatures back into the 70s as we head into the weekend next good chance of storms Saturday yet to be determined on whether there’s going to be a severe weather element with that next weather system likely so but whether it’s going to be an Acadiana we’ll have to wait and see all right thanks Rob

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