Sneak Peak: New Season of Treasure Quest

Sneak Peak: New Season of Treasure Quest

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(machinery running loudly) – [Shawn] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – Got a hole?
– Jav, we got a hole! – I’m going down. Wait a minute, wait a minute,
we’re at a dead end here. – A wall, that’s manmade. – [Javier] Listen, this is hollow. – Let’s blow this thing out. – There it goes.
– There it goes. – Go, go!
– Go, go. (explosion) – [Shawn] Everybody good? – [Jeremy] Shawn, what are you seeing? – I think they buried their
hoard underneath a big lake. I’m going down. – [Jeremy] Guys I got a hit. Watch it, don’t lose it. – [Javier] We got a silver coin. – This is a Spanish
coin, a piece of eight. – [Jeremy] We got more coins guys. – Oh my god.
– This is samite. That’s real
– That’s gold. – This is big money. We’re about to uncover the
world’s greatest treasure. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] A colossal
hoard of gold is rumored to be hidden in a remote
valley in western Bolivia. Over the last three centuries, hundreds have died for
this legendary treasure, that could be worth over
two billion dollars. Now, a brave group of treasure hunters, – [Shawn] This is the spot. – [Narrator] Armed with a new lead, – The treasure is down
underneath the monastery. – [Narrator] And intel from
a century of past attempts, will use cutting edge technology – [Jeremy] That’s a void. – [Narrator] And heavy equipment to take the valley’s dangers head on. – Get down. – [Narrator] And if they
can solve the mystery of the Sacambaya, they can
find the trail to the treasure. – This is Jesuit gold. – Jeremy!
– Hold tight. – [Jeremy] Three, two, one. (explosion) – [Jeremy] Incoming! – [Narrator] Treasure Quest, all new season premiers
Friday August 24th at nine on Discovery and Discovery Go.

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