SOTT Earth Changes Summary – October 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

SOTT Earth Changes Summary – October 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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Earth Changes Summary – October 2019 Severe drought hits Chile – 01 OCT Severe duststorm hits parts of Kenya and Tanzania, signalling start of rainy season – 01 OCT A week of tropical storm Narda leaves a trail of damage on Pacific coast of Mexico, killing at least 2 – 01-02 OCT Torrential rain brings floods across Britain prompting evacuations and rescue – 01-02 OCT A ‘double Gigantic Jet’captured over Puerto Rico in what could quite possibly be the first record of this phenomenon – 02 OCT Hurricane Lorenzo wreaks havoc on the Azores on its way to the UK – 02 OCT At least 9 killed as Typhoon Mitag slams into South Korea – 02-03 OCT Multiple waterspouts form in Niihama, Japan – 03 OCT Meteor fireball spotted flying over Portugal – 03 OCT Man walking dog struck by lightning in Spring, Texas – 03 OCT Waterspout in Nongsa, Indonesia – 04 OCT Huge landslide destroys highway in New Zealand – 04 OCT Waterspout at Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico – 04 OCT A large and damaging gustnado touched down in Samutprakan province, Thailand – 05 OCT Meteor fireball blazes over Irelandand is seen from Scotland and Wales – 05 OCT Nearly a month’s worth of snow hits southern Yukon – 06 OCT Over 100 report seeing large meteor fireball over Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – 07 OCT Winter comes early to Stevens Pass, Washington; up to 10 inches of snow – 08 OCT Meteor fireball lights up sky across California – 08 OCT Large waterspout filmed off Summerland Key, Florida – 09 OCT Intense hailstorms strike Argentina, damaging crops and property – 9 OCT Cold air waterspout filmed at Lake Pueblo, Colorado – 10 OCT Temperature drops more than 50 degrees as ‘all-out blizzard’ sets sights on Dakotas – 10 OCT Manitoba, Canada is getting pummeled by an early winter snowstorm – 11 OCT Brilliant midnight meteor fireball lights up sky over northeast China – 11 OCT Super-typhoon Hagibis slams into Japan, one of the most powerful storms to hit the country in 60 years… – 12 OCT …87 killed and property damage estimated to be greater than US$9 billion – 12 OCT Meteor fireball over the Mediterranean – 13 OCT Floods displace hundreds of families in Marsabit, Kenya – 14 OCT Huge lightning strike on truck kills herd of animals in Karnataka, India – 14 OCT Lebanon battles worst wildfires in decades – 100 fires break out in 24 hours – 15 OCT Volcanic ash covers villages on Merapi’s slopes in Indonesia – 15 OCT Another ‘rare’ gigantic jet caught on camera, this time over the gulf of Mexico – 15 OCT Flooding and landslides wash away roads, leave 4 dead in El Salvador – 16 OCT Freak tornado in Arles, France, rips off roofs as it tears through town damaging 173 houses – 16 OCT Powerful shallow 6.4-magnitude earthquake rattles the Philippines sending people running into the streets – 16 OCT Bomb cyclone slams US Northeast, knocks out power to half a million customers – 17 OCT 100 birds die after flying into NASCAR Hall of Fame building over 1 hour period in Charlotte, North Carolina – 17 OCT California wildfires ravage state: 2 million face blackouts and 100,000 people ordered to evacuate – 17-25 OCT Fireball captured over Playa del Carmen, Mexico – 17 OCT Strong storm brings gusts of wind, hail and rain to Caracas, Venezuela – 17 OCT Half-meter snowdrifts and minus 32°C in Russia – 18 OCT Security camera captures the moment when a landslide is recorded on a road in Chongqing, China – 18 OCT EF-1 tornado, waterspout hits near Shelton, Washington – 19 OCT Tropical Storm Nestor leaves path of destruction in Florida – 19 OCT Second freak tornado to touch down in France in one week – 20 OCT One dead, thousands displaced by East Java tornado – 20 OCT Major damage reported in Dallas after powerful overnight tornado – 21 OCT Tornado blows rooftops off and destroys 20 homes in Malaysia – 21 OCT 20 cows killed by lightning bolt in Castilla and León, Spain – 22 OCT Flash floods and landslides in Italy after almost 10 inches of rain in 12 hours – 22 OCT Flash floods hit Gaziantep, Turkey – 22 OCT Meteor fireball spotted over San Antonio, Texas – 22 OCT Another portent? Chinese farmer finds two headed snake – 23 OCT 8 dead after chaotic day of heavy rains, flooding in Egypt – 23 OCT Deadly floods in Karnataka, India after days of torrential rain – 23 OCT One dead, two missing after severe storm brings waterspout and flash-flooding to Spain – 23 OCT October snowstorm hits Texas and Colorado with up to 20 inches of snow in áreas – 24 OCT Mutant ‘spider-pig’ born with six legs in Uruguay – 24 OCT Deadly storms batter southern France, nearly 5 inches of rain in under 3 hours recorded – 24 OCT Hailstorm hits Santa Rita do Sapucai, Brazil – 25 OCT 10 dead after more floods and landslides hit eastern areas of Japan – 3 inches of rain in one hour – 26 OCT Damaging tornadoes strike southern & western Alabama – 26 OCT Bushfires continue to rage in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia – 26 OCT Waterspout filmed off Maasim, Philippines – 27 OCT Strong winds, massive hail and flash floods hit Saudi Arabia, 7 killed, 11 injured – 27 OCT Waterspout makes landfall in Limassol, Cyprus – 28 OCT Meteor fireball spotted over UK and Ireland – 28 OCT Philippines hit by 6.6-magnitude earthquake, two weeks after deadly tremor in same region… – 29-31 OCT Three days later, another 6.6-magnitude earthquake strikes again – 29-31 OCT Evacuations after Cyclone Kyarr brings coastal floods to UAE and Oman – 29 OCT Meteor fireball over Timmins, Ontario – 29 OCT Lightning strike leaves 15-foot hole in parking lot in Fort Worth, Texas – 30 OCT If you like this video, please share! 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40 thoughts on “SOTT Earth Changes Summary – October 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

  • F Ffi Post author

    Ww3 planet x mahdi ww4 antichrist Jesus

  • Bird Fifty Post author

    Love the earth changes videos been watching for a couple of years now❗️

  • Swisschris65 Post author

    Thanks Scott for this Videos. It is importend that more and more People understand and see what happens on Earth.

  • Mur Rum Post author

    La Natura è stanca pure lei degli ABUSI ….come gli esseri umani manipolati e uccisi dalle religioni e i loro asserviti !!!

  • Wales grand solar minimum channel Post author

    Great video the grand solar minimum is here

  • Alan D Post author

    More and more events happening. The dollar value of just one months damage is getting crazy. The earth is tipping over into a real apolitical landscape. We can only go for the ride. On so many levels we are seeing the end times! I for one see the predictions bang on for 10 to 20 years before the end.

  • Jan Woodward Post author

    Thank you for these. I’ve never seen the like anywhere. It helps put the events of climate change in perspective. You’d think that some official government agency would do this or maybe the weather channels but no.

  • Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall Post author

    MAY GOD FORGIVE US ALL!!! GOD DESIGNED MOTHER EARTH TO DO THIS FOR HER SAKE…AND SO "THE GREAT CLEANSING" HAS BEGUN!!! And our poor creatures of Earth are dying by the masses, just like the Bible predicted, and there is so much more that was prophesied and it's ALL coming to pass!!!! ALL OF IT!!!

  • Dany Leclerc Post author

    Thank you!!!!!!!

  • typhoons.earthquakes.tsunamis.floods KARMA Post author

    Hopefully there are tsunami and volcanos in the Philippines in the near future. 😉😆😘😄

  • justagirlsd 007 Post author

    Why isn’t this on TV? You should be picked up by the weather channel. There’s too many climate deniers including the orange lying mofo in charge.

  • typhoons.earthquakes.tsunamis.floods KARMA Post author

    Every month the typhoons in South Korea killed more and more people. Maybe even more typhoons and floods from now on that killed more than 100 people each months. 😘 😍😆😉 Combined floods, mudslides and landslides.

  • typhoons.earthquakes.tsunamis.floods KARMA Post author

    There WILL be more and more earthquakes and eventually tsunamis in the Philippines in the future.😆😉😇😍

  • typhoons.earthquakes.tsunamis.floods KARMA Post author

    Thank you so much for uploading the videos, there will be more and more subscribers to your channel.

  • 12 Post author

    Hey! You lost 2 videos in VietNam :
    1. TS MATMO hit Quy NHon :
    2. Tornado hit Quang Nam :
    ON Octorber 31, 2019

  • chefjimmie1 Post author

    Tornadoes occurring multiple times in places all over the world where they have never been seen before; Tornadoes forming out of clear skies and causing damage; Softball size hail stones being reported all over the world; Hailstorms dropping FEET of ice pellets in the middle of summer; Lightning striking and killing entire herds of animals – never before seen and now is a regular occurrence and lightning destroying a parking lot, leaving a gaping 15 foot hole in the ground! Yet the rest of the world goes about as though nothing is out of the ordinary.

    Look at my youtube moniker; its people rising up into the sky, called out of this world by their Creator. It's a time in the very near future when God will remove those who love Him in the long-awaited Rapture or "Catching Away of the Saints" understood by born again Christians as our Blessed Hope. (Titus 2:13) The Biblical prophecies being shown to us in this age indicate that we are in the time directly before the great Tribulation when God will pour out His Wrath on this world for its rejection of His Grace and Free Gift of eternal life with Him in unspeakable glory and peace. This is spoken of throughout Scripture and is approaching at breakneck speed.

    The weather has been completely taken over by the military industrial complex in an effort to hide the things that are coming on this earth and as we approach the date of our departure, these things will not be so easily hidden as we can see them happening already. Do you want to be left on this earth as billions of people die and the most horrific nightmares are released in real life for those who survive? Or do you want to be one of those in the little pic on my channel avatar, escaping what will be the absolute most catastrophic occurrences all over the globe as the spiritual powers prepare this world for the coming antichrist? Get a King James Bible (long story but all others are PER versions of the KJV) and read the Book of Romans in the New Testament.

    If you have read thus far, you are either interested in knowing God or you are curious, wanting to ridicule me for sharing the truth. If you are part of the former, ask God to help you to understand. He will guide you into all truth if you are sincere in your heart and want to be saved. He will forgive you by His Plan of redemption in Jesus Christ and you will be born again. You will be sorry for those sins and you will no longer fear death but will LONG for Him in your heart. Please, even if you're not interested in what I am saying, you should at least TRY to learn the truth instead of believing what the world believes which is a lie (Darwinism; Abiogenesis) He is waiting: What is your choice?

  • Wild Fish Post author

    @19:16 … 6.6 earthquake and this guy on the couch just continued his nap (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • G V Post author

    #GrandSolarMinimum and lots of weather mod too. 99% of those tornadoes were geometrically identical and wound with super tight intensity; 100% perpendicular to the ground. Not natural.

  • hestor Post author

    interesting vertical fireballs without beam of light…

  • William Christopher Post author

    SOTT I really like, the elemental kingdom is sentient. Man is so twisted and the elemental kingdom is just not recognized with the level of delusion and self centeredness. Actually world wide legalization of cannabis is the only thing that will make it change for the better. Ending the evil Pharma control and ignorance we are programmed with is necessary. Um alladda purdy much.

  • Diane Morgan Post author

    Okay……so, you are still utilizing video segments that have been used in your previous months videos….lol.

  • William Christopher Post author

    July 3, 2005, 21 inches of rain in 7 hours Marble Falls Tx. I sent them a post card on the 1st, Return that to sender, to the post office. My association with Mother Nature taught me how to control the weather. No one listens to me, so this is the result. 5/27,1997 Jerral Tx had a EF5 KVUE was on the scene, I'm Talking to Linda Adams on the phone, we are both watching the news live. Then, a tornado has just dropped down heading toward us. I said watch it disappear at the count of three 1,2,3. it disappeared on live TV.

  • Birdseed Auction Post author

    meanwhile….lol so much for everybody's thoughts and plans …thanks

  • Hardened Structures Post author

    For military grade risk mitigation including fortified homes, fire defences, underground bunkers / shelters & defensible luxury off the grid survival retreats checkout the Blog & US website
    #SHTF #TEOTWAWKI #CaliforniaFires #WildFires #Fires #HotEarth

  • Freedom M Ishii Post author

    God’s judgments 😢 it will only get worse because of peoples wicked ways and hearts 🙁

  • Ancestral Soul Post author

    Still people dont believe that Nibiru is here. With six more planets, thousands of asteroids and his own Sun. You gonna realise it too late.

  • m r Post author

    and the world will not end from flood but by fire!

  • m r Post author

    ty guys for your diligence in bringing these videos . am a 4 year watcher

  • m r Post author

    y know in day after tomorrow i laughed at the notion of 10 pds chunks of ice falling from the sky ti;ll i saw almost that size chunks of hail on sott reeport last year . i guess in nature anything can happen

  • m r Post author heres another song good for your videos

  • Elena Gonzalez Post author

    I love SOTT

  • Veronica Harris Post author

    Sign Of The Times: Many Thanks for your excellent work.

  • Ricardo Castillo Post author

    Always a reminder of the world we are living in and the powers that be

  • Alban1 you’re to blame Post author

    20:21 this is what i’m talking about , lighting was merciful the whole time , not anymore

  • Scott Amun Post author

    When we see this stuff we know how lucky we are.

  • PainNoir Post author


  • Dave Tan Post author

    We need more severe weather worldwide to jolt people out of their complacency.

  • David Pate Post author

    SHTF 2019

  • Григорий Семёнов Post author

    Who wants to know, what the cause of climate change, learn about #НАУЭРА (Russian language). Just find out a little more…. maybe.

  • cacbh7 Post author

    Please anyone can say the music name.PLEASE

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