Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at four school strikes in a week

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at four school strikes in a week

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[Music] [Chanting] Greta! Greta!
Greta! Greta! For way too long, the politicians
and the people in power have gotten away with
not doing anything to fight the climate crisis. But we will make sure
that they will not get away with it any longer. And we are striking because
we have done our homework and they have not. Some say that we are fighting
for our future but we are not fighting
for our future, we are fighting for
everyone’s future and we will not stop
until we are done. [Cheering] We need to focus every inch
of our being on climate change because, if we fail to do so,
then all our achievements and progress have been
for nothing. And if you still say that we are
“wasting valuable lesson time”, then let me remind you that our
political leaders have wasted decades through denial
and inaction. If I were in charge, I would tell
the truth [about] the emergency of the situation and what we need
to do and what we need to do to try to save what can be saved
because most people I talk to they don’t have even the basic
knowledge about the climate crisis. They don’t know what
the Keeling Curve is, they don’t know what
the Albedo effect is and that is absurd that
people don’t know these things.

85 thoughts on “Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at four school strikes in a week

  • JonnyRed801 Post author

    This kid has seemingly popped into the limelight from nowhere.
    Or has Greta’s celebrity status less to do with chance and more to do with a carefully orchestrated public relations campaign?

  • Zenmasterme Post author

    I would like to see her go to china ?? The number one polluter in the world! China does not enforce its pollution laws! China has so much pollution. That that massive toxic cloud hits the west coast of the United States nearly every day!

  • Blazed and Confused Post author

    Imagine how unbearable she's gonna be when she's an old lady.

  • cookies2050© Post author


  • Ice Man Post author

    Gonna burn leafs tomorrow just for you gonna smoke up the neighborhood

  • Czeckie Post author

    0:11 pretty ironic for global warming activist to be in winter coat wearing knit gloves and cap. What a scam.

  • z4k Post author

    She's fantastic.

  • Wakey Post author

    Just build nuclear power stations and be done with it, the whole idea of global warming was to push them anyway.

  • WILD ROOTS Post author

    We love you Greta.

  • mhffc Post author

    Take their mobile phones away and see how quickly they change their minds about living an industrial nation..Stupid little sheep…

  • o k Post author

    What a great speaker.
    Ok Guardian… why add odd music to your videos? Might as well put sexy saxophone or other inappropriate audio to the next one of these because you're almost to that level anyway.

  • Pedro Lopez Post author

    Poor kid, is destined to become a cliche of hippie.

  • wade5941 Post author

    Now, if only she had a clue as to what she is talking about.

  • mark larkin Post author

    Students tend to bandwagon jump. This bunch jump any bandwagon to be popular at school. The majority don't know why they are there. Selfies come first.

  • Voice of Reason Post author

    The most underappreciated thing about her is that she actually looks Swedish. The diversity quota team must have let this one slip through.

  • Johan Van Angeren Post author

    So sick to use children to promote your political agenda.

  • Aes Cel Post author

    So, a cocky kid telling adults they are uneducated. What next?…dragging adults into the street to be whipped and re-educated? This whole movement is orchestrated by adults with an agenda. Agenda 21.

  • Theophilus Jedediah Post author

    Amazing! In my youth I climbed many mountains. Eventual I fell and hurt myself in Switzerland. Now I read that the last mountain I climbed is losing the permafrost and glaciers and is splitting and falling on the village below. This hurts my soul that I will never see the village of my ancestors as it was and never see the mountains as I once did. Thank you! We must hold those who are destroying the planet accountable for change.

  • Aadi Alpha Post author

    Stop protesting….do something…stop talking coz ppl dont care….put your energy in action?

  • therealong Post author

    @0:28  – 0 : 46 – There is NO Planet B … "Some say we are fighting for our future, but we are not fighting for our future, we are fighting for everybody's future! And we will not stop until we are done! Thank you!" (Some people don't get that!)

  • Watschel Post author

    Please bring this sick brat in a hospital.

  • cary bary Post author

    Those children didn’t do it out of free will.

  • solveig sommerfeld Post author

    What is the truth?

  • stan hootzz Post author

    GOD bless ya in all yer Endeavors there Greta.

  • Guardian News Post author

    Climate crisis and a betrayed generation ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/mar/01/youth-climate-change-strikers-open-letter-to-world-leaders

    Youth climate strikers: 'We are going to change the fate of humanity' ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/mar/01/youth-climate-strikers-we-are-going-to-change-the-fate-of-humanity

  • Crazy Erge Post author

    Great little Activist! Listen and try to change yourself.

  • Doug Smith Post author

    The Nazi's "Its all for the behest of the Children"

  • Silvia Balateera Mittelstaedt Post author

    This hate speech by people using the internet as their toilet is also a very bad pollution. If they treat the earth as they treat the social environment it becomes clear that this movement greta is initiating is about environmental health on many levels. Thank you Greta for being so open and honest. I know that most people just open up seeing and hearing you. These people cheating are just an expression of the lack of responsibility and trust in our society.
    I am looking forward to the 15th of march. I will be there with my children demonstrating for a change in action and in consciousness.
    Let us be the change we are looking for. Love to everyone and to Pachamama.
    Thank you so much for your conscious being and acting.

  • TONIOFSFV Post author

    I'd rather kiss Hitler's dog than Hillary

  • solveig sommerfeld Post author

    …." have got no way of not doing anything" a Greta- qoutation . It speaks for itself.

  • Hriiyizhuo Siikruna Post author

    I'm on you Greta..
    From India..

  • Ethan Gladwell Post author

    I absolutely love this girl

  • Jeremy Sun Post author

    And this is why Volvo is owned by the Chinese now. Westerners have become weak, lazy, crazy, complacent. China will dominated this century.

  • Jeremy Sun Post author

    She's a kid with special needs. It's disgusting how they pulled her from the streets to do their anti West agenda.

  • james ohara Post author

    Our schools should not be being used as a political platform, I urge the internal security services to arrest those responsible and fine them with the amount of hours lost to our children's education.

  • ab9957 Post author

    You kids are too young to be stooges, but will maintain your status as dupes for now. You know nothing about science, money, or how governments work. You don't know that you don't know.  And, you don't know when you are being used. Your best thinking is years in the future. The earth is part of a system of conducted, convecting  and radiated heat altered at just the right times by periodic earth rotation and tilted on axis, and has been put in place by a force much smarter than you are. Your computer models really mean nothing in the real world of how things work, but rather how the modeler wants them to work. Carbon dioxide is not a factor. The scientific method requires that your study of temperature change should have started with the sun, since it provides almost 100 percent of radiant heat on earth. That the climate change issue is split left and right is strong evidence that the scientific method, even the null hypothesis does not apply here. But, much like NIST did not inspect WTC7 for being rigged with explosives and coming down in free fall, the climate scientists ignore any cause for insignificant temperature variance other than by man. And if you speak English you better study 9/11 and find out how planes crashing into buildings cause them to fall by controlled demolition, and how that is connected to insurance policies. Now get back to school.

  • Francesco Post author

    Greta chose a plant based lifestyle. Following her example also means changing the way we eat and buy. We need to stop eating meat, fish, dairy and eggs. We need to boycott products derived from animals if we are going to stop climate change.

  • MARUBA SILAEN Post author

    Stop kekerasan, titik.

  • Brer Rabbit Post author

    Total fraud.
    We are "hip" to your game.

  • Lego Terminator Post author

    the Guardian is the worst enemy of every climate activist!!!

    Alan Rusbridger is a puppet of the Gates foundation… if sombody 'd tell me the good ol' Guardian crowned Bill Gates king of the (activist) world I'd say: get out of here!!! what might have sounded like an april fools joke gone bad is the sad truth, plz observe it by yourself on /watch?v=8Hj35q9y6W4

    the notorious Gates foundation is by all means then dangerous and who ever gives voice to Bill Gates doubly so… Bill Gates is deeply and diretctly intertweened with the neoliberal power elites from DAVOS and who ever gives voice to Bill Gates gives voice to DAVOS!!!

    long life Greta Thunberg.

  • MARUBA SILAEN Post author


  • The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind Post author

    I've done my homework, ma'am, and I can tell you this: Kinda hard to believe you guys when the media, which promotes it, LIES, 24/7. Not to mention the scientists, a great deal of them were proven false or they just wanted attention.
    Also, your speech at COP24 wasn't "inspirational". You insulted people, and inflated your ego, without providing a solution.

  • mohamed ali jassem Post author

    One thing for sure the Swedish politicians are getting away with stealing soooo much tax money and are using her as a plan to distract the people from knowing the truth

  • Martin Wehning Post author

    Ich wünsche mir Demos gegen Urlaubsflüge: Die würden etwas bringen und wären glaubwürdig.

  • Strandas Post author

    ok kids so basically if you dont go to school you will end up like this

  • Armando Zessar Post author

    Sorry,but don't listening to much to this young girl's She's Sponsored b a Vegan's food
    Producer! .Firstly it's too later for doings something ,secondary never become a Vegan's, yes about vegetarians

  • Miki Dewberry Post author

    a perfect example why feminist are not fit for power.

  • Ken Van de Burgt Post author

    Its pathetic that people will get their guidance from a teenage girl who has yet to finish school rather than listen to scientists that understand the climate model projections are remarkably discordant from the observed [email protected]

    I am reminded of the story of Nongqause. Her deluded dreams caused the demise of the Xhosa people in South Africa. "Kill your cattle, every beast in the Kraal. Empty your grain baskets and burn every field." 50 000 Xhosa died in the national suicide. @t

    National Suicide … destroy the basis of our economy … this is what comes of listening to deluded children.

  • Aron Darius Post author

    Please go home an make your home work for school!!!
    It's more important ????????

  • rick robbin Post author

    according to her mom shes mentally ill

  • Mark Imel Post author


  • Bryan Tittle Post author

    Whoever is behind this blatant case of child endangerment (abuse) should be ashamed of themselves.

  • BRUH Post author

    So give the government more power so they could tell me how to live?? Gotcha

  • The Otherme Post author

    Creepy vibe for some reason

  • K. Bauer Post author

    And the left sheep follow and are not capable to understand why they actually do what they do.

  • J W Post author

    "Mummy, why don't the people just travel on thier solar powered yacht? Are they stupid?"

  • J W Post author

    Activism=blah blah blah. That is the most life-like puppet I've ever seen.

  • Janis Bester Post author

    I'm not going to listen to a 16 year old tell me what is wrong with the climate, is there really a climate problem or is the people behind it making it all up, who knows what they are doing or where they are getting their info from. If there was a climate problem than where is the proof ? Show us don't tell us !⛈️

  • Sea Angler Post author


  • Edward Sallow Post author

    Children of the Corn type beat

  • old man vollox Post author

    and the dumb one in the middle doesnt go to school lol lol lol lol

  • GP M Post author

    01.20 "If I ere in charge I would tell the truth".. What truth?

  • GP M Post author

    Why don't you protest on Saturday or Sunday why on a school day? I get so mad at you thinking about Malala and other people that is fighting for education on their country… Who are you little thing? Why do you disrespect peoples education why do you take that for granted?… Not everyone have what you are ignoring. Be thankful and most important, respect the education

  • Francesco Cecchetto Post author

    Malala Yousafzai got a bullet in her head fighting for the right to education and access to schools and books while Greta Thunberg invites and promote school skipping!!!

  • J Glow Post author

    Hahaha, people are so gullible

  • Francesco Cecchetto Post author

    Do not promote school skipping: if you want to protest just do it on Sundays!! Very soon you will be rich by giving all these speeches and interviews and you will buy a car and travel on yachts and private jets!!

  • Lily Smith Post author

    y’all really out here caring that kids skipped ONE DAY of school to protest a future for this entire planet, we aren’t the ones that need to grow up

  • Mike Lazzara Post author

    Hey people. Pardon my ignorance but according to the science how much time do we have. And how do we all die from climate change?
    I need to set my affairs in order.

  • Jeannie Hardesty Post author

    She doesn't know that climate change is man-made, and it's all in God's hands. She has no future without Him.

  • Mr. B Post author

    this is what happens when the swiss throw garbage in the ocean, it washes up over here

  • Perse Reikänen Post author

    She is mentally disabled

  • Peter Zhang Post author

    And now you are ruining other children's lives.

  • usermcgee Post author


  • usermcgee Post author

    You are waisting time

  • nemonucliosis Post author

    Liberal education at work.

  • Emunah Sacks Post author

    I vote Greta for president!

  • ALOK MEHTA Post author

    I don't know but when I see liberals I just sense that they never had real life problems and it's just fashionable to become a rebel instead of being a part of solution

  • Andrew Coggans Post author

    She couldn't spin 2 words together if her parents didn't write her speeches!! Get to school!!

  • El Chingon Post author

    The only people who have stolen her dreams and childhood are the leftists using her as a pawn for their ideological agendas, and her parents, who allowed this to happen to her. And BTW, her parents are both theater people. And this is what this is: a scripted alarmist drama starring a child actor. The only people that buy into this fictional narrative are the already-programmed liberal-leftist sheep. And the leftist ideologues behind the curtain are all laughing their hypocritical asses off.

  • Chris Haunton Post author

    So they didn't go to school because of climate change? If it's that big of an issue….wouldn't u think they would be studying twice as hard to fix this imaginary problem instead of hanging out with a mentally ill 16 girl with no qualifications from another country.

  • Elaine L. Post author

    The future Will be yours. You have rather light top much for stopping the climate chances. Congratulation for the world strike!

  • Sam Lair Post author

    Action is the best antidote for anxiety.

  • 41 Pembroke Post author

    Holding signs made from plastic and trees… great statement

  • Tore Foncello Post author

    Aiooooo tutta la generazione umana si svegli per il loro diritto di umanità non toca solo ad una come Greta dobbiamo essere tutti coinvolti al diritto umano in tutto il mondo ok grazie mille per tutti noi

  • MICHELE IEZZA Post author

    Nobel Prize Peace for Greta THUNBERG

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