This is what sea level rise will do to coastal cities

This is what sea level rise will do to coastal cities

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– Picture a map of Florida with its long sandy beaches and wetlands, or cities like New York,
Venice, and Alexandria, all metropolises with some
pretty watery boundaries. Now, try to picture what these
might look like in 100 years. The Sunshine State might
look very different than it does today. The same goes for
Manhattan Island or Mumbai. This is our best guess of a warmer future, one where sea levels are gnawing away at the corners of our
carefully drawn maps. Coastal cities are first
in line for big changes, and some that can afford it are
gearing up to spend billions to make sure they survive. – You might think of the great ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica
as giant banks of freezers. And we’re running down those rows of freezers unplugging them. – That’s Ben Strauss, CEO and Chief Scientist
of Climate Central. They’re a non-profit organization that researches and
reports on climate change including sea level rise. Researchers like Ben have
concluded that the world is guaranteed to see four
feet of sea level rise by 2100 just based on greenhouse gases we’ve already put into the atmosphere. – Once we unplug a
freezer, it’s unplugged. You can’t plug it back in
and it’s going to melt. – That’s pretty scary, especially
if you live on a coast. And according to the UN, more than 600 million
people live in coastal areas that are less than 30
feet above sea level. And any amount of further emissions will cause sea levels to rise higher, with scientists like Ben expecting a rise of 10 to 20 feet or more
by the end of this century. Some coastal areas are already struggling. During some high tides in Miami, water already slides across city streets. This is happening now and it’s a physical sign
of rising sea levels. – There are already neighborhoods
in the United States that I know about where real
estate value has evaporated because floods that used
to be rare or non-existent now happen multiple times a year. It’s a block here or a block there, but it’s really affecting people. – Climate Central created a
visualizer called Surging Seas to drive this point home. It shows how coastal cities will fare as the climate heats up. Look at New York, New
Orleans, Shanghai or Lagos, and you’ll see how melting ice
could push shorelines inland. It’s one of a few projects online that are designed to make
the threat feel immediate. – I think climate change
tends to be such an abstract and distant seeming
problem for most people. We want to make it as real
and personal as possible. People being able to look
up their own neighborhood, their own home helps to do that. – Here in New York, the sea
level is actually rising faster than in lots of other
parts of the country. We did a whole video about it. Anyway, earlier this year, the city unveiled an ambitious plan to keep the lower part of Manhattan safe. – I often said after
Sandy, you don’t find a lot of climate change
deniers in New York City. – They plan to fortify the city. It may actually build
outland into the East River by 50 to 100 feet. It’s not the first time that New York has
reclaimed land from water, but prior expansions were mostly done to increase living space, this one will be to keep the water away from our living rooms. The plan will cost an
estimated 10 billion dollars. – We can’t overstate the
disruption that it would cause to take no action, so we
absolutely have to act. – Jainey Bavishi is the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency. Her team collaborated on a big study that looked into the climate
risks faced by Lower Manhattan. – So we didn’t just look at
sea level rise and storm surge, but we also looked at
(mumbling) precipitation and extreme heat. And across the city, we’re taking steps to address
these multiple hazards and multiple risks that we
face from climate change. – For anyone living near the coast, sea level rise presents problems. But for cities, the
issues are really unique. – Imagine water pouring into
the streets on a regular basis just during high tide. You open your door and you walk into a
street filled with water. It would impact underground
infrastructure that we rely on. Imagine subway tunnels getting
flooded on a regular basis or the foundations of buildings corroding. – In addition to building
out into the river, the city plans to install
flood gates at critical places that would flip up in a flood to keep water out of low-lying land. But for now, these plans
are still just concepts. They aren’t even sure how
they’ll pay for it yet, but private funding is still on the table. – We’re not planning for development, but that also depends on whether or not we’re able to get funding
from the federal government. We’ll have to figure
out how to finance this. If funding doesn’t come
from the federal government, then development might
be part of the solution. – [Mary Beth] Wandering
around Lower Manhattan, it’s spooky to think
about how dramatically climate change could
redraw these city blocks. And it’s obvious that
one threatened area here is driving a lot of the
urgency, Wall Street. – So Lower Manhattan is an
economic center of the city. One in 10 jobs are located
in Lower Manhattan. 75% of subway lines go
through Lower Manhattan. So we know that we need
to protect Lower Manhattan in order to protect the economic
vitality of New York City. – But in a lot of places
in the U.S. alone, extreme preventative measures like New York’s are out of reach. Two communities, one in Alaska
and another in Louisiana are relocating to get away
from rapidly eroding coasts. And a 2018 study found that as many as 311,000
houses in the United States will be vulnerable to
chronic flooding by 2045. In other words, climate
migration is already a reality. And policy makers here in New
York want to avoid the chaos that could come from displacing a city of almost nine million people. – You can’t just pick up
and move a city very easily and because cities are such
important concentrations of human lives and economic activity, I think we will invest a
great deal in defending them. I don’t expect us to be
trying to move Manhattan. I expect us to be defending
it as vigorously as we can. – We might not have as much time to build out the barricades
as you might think. While most projections focus on 2100, it’s not like sea levels will wait ’til 2099 to suddenly attack. Water will trickle in slowly,
seeping into our lives and disrupting infrastructure,
property values, and coastlines in the process. It won’t be sudden, but it will be fast. – It’s the speed of change that I think is the most
dangerous thing about it. A bullet isn’t dangerous if
I’m holding it in my hand or throwing it at you. It’s the speed of the bullet
that makes it dangerous. It’s the speed of climate
change and sea level rise which are going to make them dangerous. – If you want to learn
more about sea level rise including why it doesn’t rise at the same rate in all places, check out our other video and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks.

100 thoughts on “This is what sea level rise will do to coastal cities

  • Verge Science Post author

    How else do you think life in coastal cities will have to change to cope with sea level rise?

  • Al Stewart Post author

    Spending billions or trillions of dollars to try and stop the oceans from inundating cities is fallacy. All the materials and recourses needed to construct such defences has to come from some where, that means a degraded environment where these materials are extracted from. All of this will only buy a short amount of time and what ever attempts are made will eventually be overwhelmed by further sea level rise. If you own property at 15 feet above sea level or lower and want to leave your family a legacy, sell and relocate or your families wealth and your legacy are going to be washed away.

  • Fake Post author

    It's a scam ! …Land grab !

  • Fake Post author

    What happens in 2 Centuries !

  • Fake Post author

    Just wait for it to happen !

  • Roger Diogo Post author

    The sea level has been rising for the last 12000 years, why worry know, I blame the people that projected this cities, not nature!

  • Unknown Post author

    What about foreign coastal islands and countries that can’t afford flood gates??? As an American I am worried that Americans honestly believe we are the only country. We need to invest in flood gates for all countries. Not just America, come on guys. Wake up! Do you think a fort around a city will stop a hurricane or a tsunami???

  • Ray Bod Post author

    Food shortages will happen before major cities go completely underwater. Don't forget, we're destroying the entire environment, not just causing sea level rise.

  • Ryan Swick Post author

    Why hasn't this happened yet? I was told this would happen 20 years ago.

  • Emeneld Ray Rolando Post author

    I came here for this video because I'm worried, for our sea is getting nearer to our coast. Especially im living on an archipelago.

  • Justin Case Post author

    Verge Political Science Instill enough fear into the population; and they will surrender their last bit of freedom.

  • Bryan Koerselman Post author

    Ocean levels have risen like 3 inches in the last 25 years according to NASA. But some guy made map of what it would look like of see levels rise 30 feet so it's going to happen, science…

  • Patrick S Post author

    Get your 8-ball out and ask it what will happen. You will probably get results as accurate as these anti-science forecasters. Carbon Dioxide raising the temperature? Get real. Do some actual scientific tests, not computer simulations that just spit back what you tell them.

  • Aaron - Rotful Post author

    I'm studying civil engineering, my job is probably gonna be pretty hard with climate change stuff going on. But I'm glad to take on an important role.

  • Raymond Shevchenko Post author

    SeaWater dropping down cause of geothermal movements

  • M Lou Post author

    Global Warming is a LIE….its Earth Changes !!!!!

  • daLi demo Post author

    And some that can afford

    Mumbai : I Don't Feel So Good

  • Richard Wood Post author

    Where is the water extra water coming from?

  • ARUD08 Post author

    This is a puff piece for De Blasio. He has been an eager tool for the real estate industry.
    Now, he wants to spend public money to shield Wall Street.

  • Philip Freeman Post author

    Get 100 mi inland & or 6000 ft above sea level NOW SUDDEN WORLD WIDE WATER RISE is coming.

  • king clement Post author

    2:03 ship from the Spider-Man backdrop ???

  • Nixon21 Post author

    Yet US has done nothing to combat global warming.

  • kevin beers Post author

    From another article elsewhere: "It’s a little puzzling that scientists should be surprised that the Earth’s coasts aren’t shrinking. After all, relative sea level changes are not the predominant determinative factor affecting the growth or recession of land area. Coastal erosion and accretion, tectonic uplift and subsidence…are far more influential." This means the coastal land is getting LARGER, not SMALLER. Yes, Florida may be losing coastal area, but over the entire Earth, it is not true. That doesn't mean we shouldn't work at figuring out how to help Florida and other coastal cities fix their problem, but it does mean that the data for this video was "cherry picked" to create fear.

  • Bruce Frykman Post author

    If the science is settled why are we still wasting hundreds of billions studying what we already know?

    Why not fund hundreds of billions of dollars studying the Pythagorean theory as well. We could all benefit from a deeper understanding of it and at convincing deniers that it's really true. We could fund this science with an international tax on all right triangles.

  • jacob vazquez Post author

    Rising see levels is bs like do any of u even know how ice works like put a ice cube in cup see what happens when it melts

  • Dink Martini Post author

    Ice takes up more volume than water.  When the ice on the north pole (90% of which is under the water line) melts and turns into water, the sea levels will go down.  I'd bet that they will go down a nearly equal amount to what melts on Antarctica that WILL add to the sea levels.  Don't believe that ice takes up more volume than water?  Put a bottled water in your freezer and take a look at it tomorrow.

  • Pizz Uff Post author

    only in some progressive kunts fantasy of climate change

  • Ron Horn Post author

    You should change the name of your website to vague science.

  • San Francisco Post author

    Lets try and capture as much of the fresh water that flows into the ocean and pump it into aquifers. How much will this affect the level rise ?

  • norcalreppin1 Post author

    "Once you unplug a freezer you cant plug it back in" hmmm.

  • dave goldfarp Post author

    ten to 20 ft ok

  • dave goldfarp Post author

    we are all dead run for the hill and stockpile food

  • Chuckles Post author

    How is this rubbish believed by anyone?

  • 小白野原 Post author

    climate change denier ~ thrump

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    Why does every news station use crappy Skype calls to talk to guests.

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    I did it, absolutedly nothing hapened.

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  • JMAC LIVES Post author

    You're wrong.

    This was supposed to have happened by now, according to the zealots a generation ago. Now we have a new wave of useful idiots.

  • AG Post author

    Feet and legs and fingers-……. just give me Metric!! not limbs

  • Chase Jordan Post author

    Lols the words that come out of your mouth say one thing but the world we are living in is doing another. It just wont comply.

  • James Mckellar Post author

  • Peter Asbjørn Hansen Post author

    I hope that Trump tower will drown

  • Gacha Superhero’s Post author

    And people are tryingtl think how to stop the water to vapor

  • Gacha Superhero’s Post author

    But it’s a good thing cus in 2050 it’s going to be real hot and we will have good amount of water and then the water will vaper as well

    Well it’s not a good thing but in 31 years it will happen

  • TG&D. Ratcliffe Post author

    Brilliant video on here to watch. 'Shameless sea level'. Great pics on here of before and after.

  • robert hicks Post author

    They will have to deal with it the same way it would be if no co2 had ever been released.

  • stapme Post author

    It’s not happening…relax

  • INF1-NITE Post author

    I got an ad about saving our oceans, now I need an ad about saving our land.

  • Modern Modern Post author

    Reinitiate freezing at the poles again through whatever and however means, that is a solid solution but I don’t know yet how!?

  • Andrew Hanson Post author

    It's happening in Michigan. A lot of the beaches disappeared this year.

  • S Gill Post author

    I switched to electric car. Doing my part.

  • Ox Alek Post author

    No, they predicted it would all freeze solid by now. How could climatologists have been wrong?

  • Peter Gadd Post author

    The cost shouldnt be a problem the money those fossil fuel corporations have made is hundreds & thousands of trillions of dollars.

  • BigPapaOG Post author

    we can loose NYC

  • first name Post author

    sea levels are NOT going to rise LOL
    they've been predicting this for decades

  • Mr Cabot Post author

    Fortifying limited areas of some cities is a waste of time and money and is clearly going to help the privileged few rather than the people. Stop building walls and start moving people back, this is the price for neglecting these issues. The elite must pay for these changes and more besides. Miami must be abandoned. Parts of New York and New Orleans must be abandoned, but two examples of many cities on a long list in the USA and a longer list worldwide.

  • Mr Cabot Post author

    Close the tar sands projects, close the pipelines and ban petrol and diesel fuels progressively.
    Time to act is now, already we have to run to catch the bus.

  • christie crawford Post author

    Juat a thought– but imagine everyone having to move inland from the coastal cities in the U.S… California and Florida are in the top 3 of the most populated states. It would be a LOT of people scrunched together, looking for jobs, and they'd be moving where the farmland is. Feeding everyone would become a struggle too. Yikes! Lol

  • S Webb Post author

    According to Uncle Al, all the ice in the world soild be gone by now and we would be under 100's ft of water! NOT!!!!

  • IMcringy 101 Post author

    Yay estonia is not gonna die

  • Patrick Robinson Post author

    Melting Ice does NOT create additional water. The volume of water stays the same.
    Put some ice in a cup all the way to the rim. Now let it melt.
    Does it overflow ? NO.
    The so-called science behind this is absolute RUBISH.
    Listen to the way the narrator speaks – she sounds incredibly ignorant.
    Her 'Britney-Speak' sounds like an airhead girl in high school who is trying to impress her dopey friend by sounding like a Valley Girl.
    How can anyone take this nonsense seriously given the faulty logic and airhead narrator ?
    At it's core – this is all about Politics. This topic is nothing but a recruitment tool for the Socialist Left.
    They deliberately chose an airhead 'Britney' sounding speaker for the part – so as to appeal to the voter base that they seek.
    Seriously – melt a cup of ice and tell me if it overflows. I can assure you – that it Will NOT.
    No new water will be created – this video is total nonsense. Besides – the South Pole is accumulating ice. This video is purely Political.

  • Blake Belladonna Post author

    Not sure how we'll pay for it. Here's a thought, all those oil and coal companies that have made trillions by causing this problem? Yeah, make them pay for it. If the corporation goes bankrupt (it will), then start suing shareholders! Make the billionaires liable for the destruction they have caused!!!!

  • Edward Wolski Post author

    So many talking heads,supported by our taxes..
    Such a waste..

  • Edward Wolski Post author

    Wall Street money exchange building,has to be destroyed.
    If not by human hands,then let the nature show its strength..

  • Simon Ruszczak Post author

    But sea level is now falling
    Sun-made global cooling.

  • Meme's 'Anal'yst Post author

    Can't wait till california and florida drown.

  • Kari H Post author

    "The seas will rise. Within the next century and a half, they will rise over a hundred feet. Where are you going to live? What will happen to your ports and cities and your prime farmland? What will happen to the deltas of the world and the millions who live there? Who will take them in when they must flee their nation, unable to survive there any longer? It is this you must consider." [The Great Warning, 2015] newmessageorg

  • Erika Welindt Post author

    Hey Trump, build a wall to keep the waters out. You got money, buy mother Nature

  • kim weaver Post author

    Would be nice if you would linger on the maps for more than a second and a half. Gives me a headache. Same with her vocal fry. People who speak in public need to learn how to do it well.

  • Jacob Monnin Post author

    So the last ice age. Did greenhouse gases from humans cause that as well. Or is the world constantly changing and is unpredictable.

  • robert petty Post author

    Oh no, we are all going to die. The sky is falling. If you buy this climate change hoax you are a fool.

  • robert petty Post author

    Can't we just throw a couple of virgins into the volcano to control the climate like we use to?

  • robert petty Post author

    How many '' Dooms Day '' predictions have people fallen for in the past?

  • Randor Garcia Post author

    Fuck em scientists warned them about rising sea levels along time now it’s their problem

  • Rebecca Conn Post author

    Guess rich elites should have made better choices. They can manage without robbing us blind.

  • Constantine B Post author

    The Arctic has no where near Antarctica's melting. Without the world helping save the Great Barrier Reef which supports mangrove systems that feed all natural river systems these systems including Oceans die. Without The Great Barrier Reef there will not be life. BUILDING WALLS DOESN'T STOP THE PLANET NOT BEING ABLE TO SUPPORT LIFE. SEA LEVEL RISE RESULTS IN THE PLANET NOT BEING ABLE TO SUPPORT LIFE.

  • Raymund Swales Post author

    Looking at some world maps, there is often a pale blue outline around areas of land. Some seemingly actually joining land masses together.
    This is shelves or offshore shallows, where once there was land.
    The process continues, if now at an accelerating rate.
    I live in Key West Fl, US.
    4.3m above sea level.
    Property values are extremely high here. One day it will just disappear into the rest of the pale blue patch surrounding it.

  • Dexter Ohlsen Post author

    and still they talk about green house gases WE put into the air but they can pump out as much CHEMTRAILS as they want without even admitting to doing it …………….What a fucking joke.

  • Punk Hyena Post author

    I think global warming is a real threat.

    The problem however is most of the people talking about it are virtue signalling snobs who contribute more to the carbon footprint with there multiple cars and bigger homes and trendy yuppie lifestyles then most of the common working people there criticizing. No your fucking hybrid isnt making much of an impact nor is your trendy organic buyer diet that most of us don't have the disposable income to afford. How about you actually specify what efficient green energy is and how it can benefit the working and middle class both environmentally and economically in the long run. Instead of simply saying "invest in green energy" and then cite countries that have less population then most of our states and rely significantly on Hydroelectric as proof you can go 100% renewable with current technology.

    Most people who deny climate change only do so because you are the ones advertising it and the association it has with that Slob Michael Moore and crooked Gore both hypocrites owning multiple big homes privates jets and SUV's. >:(

  • Человек, который проходил мимо Post author

    There is a great chance nobody will ever read this, but I hope that I’ll get at least one answer. Well, the problem is the fact I do not know whom exactly I can believe. There are dozens of deferent researches each one saying opposite things. From “WE ALL GONNA DIE” to “Nothing is happening, lol”. Both sides sound for me like they are trying to manipulate people, and I get suspicious about them. Does anybody know anyone who digs into the problem, goes through many facts e.t.c?

  • Sarah Kovner Post author

    Don't listen to this Jewish liar Tom Steyer. When you hear these baboons say the word "emergency" they mean "give us power". Here are the facts.

  • Gusantro77 Barbo Post author

    A hundred Years!!! Oh no Lady, in 10 Years the shore of coast lines Will be totally different

  • lakecrab Post author

    Will the Government(s) do buyouts as we retreat?

  • Dan az Post author

    If that were true then Cuba and Haiti and all the rest of the islands would be gone. Notice they didn't bother with that?

  • Dan az Post author

    When you have ice in your cup and it melts why doesn't the level change?

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    80% BULL SHIT..

  • Vintage Souffle, LLC Post author

    They're not thinking or talking about how heat causes water to rise and couple this with storm surges that can lift water incredibly high also you've got water as high as four or five stories. I don't think people are quantifying this. One hundred years is seriously optimistic. The water is rising now so now is the time for families to consider moving to higher ground. There are no second chances when it comes to escaping storm surges.

  • poodtang2 Post author

    4:45 Funding from the Federal Government, yeah good luck with that one.
    Get in line with everyone else. Infrastructure upgrades, electrical grid replacement, health care overhaul after swamped by many more old people ….. etc ….. etc.

  • Valerie Garcia Post author

    This video scares me rather than to inform me.

  • Siddhartha Lama Post author

    oooooooo shit

  • C J C Post author

    At worst case sanario by 2100 if global temperatures rise by 5-6C sea levels would rise by about 20 feet!
    A most likely snario by 2100 is a 4-5C rise in global temperatures and sea levels rise by about 10 feet!
    Best case snario Global Temps rise about 2-3C and sea levels rise about 3-5 feet!
    During Hurricane Sandy the storm surge in New York was 14 feet now imagine sea levels by 2100, the storm surge could be at 30+ feet! Global Warming is real and scary!

  • Paul pittbull stevenson Post author

    We’re all going to die you fucking idiots talking like we have a chance FOOLS

  • Jaime G Post author

    heat up the ocen water it will lower the ocen

  • Jaime G Post author

    heat up the ocen water with water proof heat machen's that will work your best chance

  • Riitta Puhjo Post author

    You never mentioned what's going to happen to the hundreds of nuclear power plants around the globe! It amazes me that people can still envision a future for us on this planet.

  • Riff Raff Post author

    Since year 1900, sea level is increasing between 1 and 3 mm per years. It's nothing. The rest is just lies and apocalypse trade.

  • Riff Raff Post author

    Since year 1900, sea level is increasing between 1 and 3 mm per years. It's nothing. The rest is just lies and apocalypse trade.

  • Joe Jameson Post author

    In 50 years, my home will be considered beach feont property! No complaints here!

  • Susie Adare Post author

    Perhaps moving Manhattan will come to pass. Start now.

  • BeautyfromAshes1971 Post author

    Couldn't have anything to do with all the dredging up of the sand from the ocean beds though right?
    It has to be "Global Warming"
    What if there isn't such a thing as "Global Warming"…What if that's a lie told to the masses?

    What if the Weather is being manipulated, like a weapon?
    Instead of believing what we are told is happening we should all research. Ya know just in case we are are being deceived.
    That's just my opinion.

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