Turkish Tea Time Challenge In One Hour / Fruit Pie & Poacha In Food Processor

Turkish Tea Time Challenge In One Hour / Fruit Pie & Poacha In Food Processor

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Hi everyone merhaba, this is Aysenur Altan. Welcome to Turkish Food Recipes
In this episode I am visiting my mom and dad. There I end up finding myself in the kitchen,
facing a challenge with what’s in my mom’s pantry. Moreover, since my time was limited I gave
myself one hour to bake it. Even I was amazed by the result. So lets get started. It was a beautiful, warm day of Fall (my favorite
season) in Bahçelievler district in Istanbul where I grow up. At that time none of these buildings were
there. At my parent’s house, we chatted for a while. I usually bake some cookies for them so they
can keep it in a jar and enjoy it for a while with their coffee. I asked my mom if she wants me to cook something
for her. She said, “some plums are waiting in the refrigerator”
and asked me if I can make a tart with them? So I checked them. They were not much but there were some apples
too. So I decided to make a lattice pie with them. After I washed the fruits, I cut the plums
in half and pitted them. I peeled the apples and take out the seeds
and cut it in four. I am slicing the plums in wedges and since
the plums are harder I will begin to cook them first and than add the apples. I am going to cook them until they are bit
soft I decided to cut the apples in big cubes so
they don’t overcook with the plums. I am adding the apples after about 4 minutes. Adding little more than half a cup of sugar. I am going to cook them in low medium heat
with no lid. After 7-8 minutes they release their juice
and the color from the plums is looking gorgeous. To flavor it, I am adding 2 pieces of cloves
and a cinnamon stick. And I am going to continue to cook until it
thickens and most of the juice is evaporated. Meanwhile, I can make the crust. I am going to use this food processor for
it. It is very handy in this kind of recipe. I have a recipe for it but at my mom’s house,
since I cant scale the butter I am going to eyeball it. I added about 125gr. butter. It is cold
half cup + 2 tbsp sugar 2 cups of flour, I am not going to add it
all at once. leave 3 tbsp on hand
1 tsp baking powder, it is half-packet I am going to pulse everything until it has
a crumbly texture The butter is broken in small pieces. Make sure it is cold. Now I am adding 2 tbsp plain yogurt. I gave the recipe recently for making yogurt,
have you tried? And adding 1 egg
Now pulse everything until it becomes a dough. We shouldn’t work the dough too much to have
a nice crumbly texture after it bakes. So be careful with that. Here when you check the dough if it becomes
nicely together, playable then we are good to go. If it is a little bit sticky you can add a
bit more flour. You can do this on the countertop too. It is always better to play less as possible
with the dough. I am going to transfer my dough on a countertop
sprinkling some flour. And I will divide the dough into two pieces
one is bigger than other which will be the bottom of the lattice pie. I am going to roll the big piece bigger than
my pie pan. In here my mom was trying to find pie pan
she never used. And when I saw it, I was in love with it. It was so cute. I said even I didn’t have this kind of pan. She said it was from Sweden where my sister
lives, and my sister gave it to her as a gift years ago 🙂
As you can see I am checking the dough if it sticks to the countertop or not by moving
around. It is important too. And here is the pan I am talking about. I need to roll it a bit bigger and now carefully
transfer it to the pan. You can make some patches to complete the
sides as I do here. Because the pan I am using is bigger in size
than mine, my dough was thinner, I couldn’t roll it more. To make it extra flaky, I decided to bake
it for about 15 minutes before I continue, in preheated 170C degree oven. Meanwhile, the filling was done. My mom put it over cold water so it cools
down. It smells delicious and it’s like a marmalade
now. So yummy. In no time I decided to make something savory
to go with our afternoon tea. Since the oven is already heated and the kitchen
is in a mess 🙂 it is not hard to put together a simple poacha or biscuit with this handy
food processor. The idea is the same, I begin with some cold
butter and flour. After pulsing added some olive oil, 2 eggs,
keeping one yolk for the top, some yogurt, vinegar to help to give a flaky texture, baking
powder, baking soda, and some salt. I again eyeball it here but I will give my
favorite recipe amounts for this under the video. My dough is ready in no time and now I am
in the best fun part. I am going to roll the top for the lattice
pie. I took out the piecrust. It is in golden color already. I cooked about 15 minutes. And pour the filling over it. And unfortunately, this is where the battery
of my camera was dead. So I couldn’t continue filming how I shape
it. But it is simply cutting strips and making
a lattice over the filling. You can watch from the video link, it is in
Turkish but you can still understand. And here is the result. My work was done within one hour without baking
time. Of course our Turkish tea is ready and these are our biscuits. I wanted to add a feta cheese but I forgot. Lets pour the tea and go to our balcony. My father always likes his tea extra hot so heated the glass before I pour it for him After I set the table my mom is making the last touches
🙂 She wants the flower design on the tablecloth to be seen. In how to make Turkish tea video I suggest
you drink the tea without sugar to get the taste but let me tell you. My father puts a lot of sugar in his tea and
there are many Turks using it too 🙂 It is your choice! Looks like my mom cannot wait to taste the
poacha. Actually, she didn’t know I was still filming
when I was serving the pie. So this was the story behind this afternoon
tea I had with my beloved mom and dad. They really liked both dishes and we eat a
lot and shared some with the neighbors too. Yesterday I shared a photo from the scene
in the community tab and asked you about if your parents are around you and how often
you see them. I have read all your lovely comments and even
cried. I wish we know the value of them, all our
family and spend a great time with them as much as we can. thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this vlog style recipe
video and I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish Food Recipes and Vlogs. Afiyet Olsun! (Enjoy It)

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