Video: Tom Messner is watching snow and mixed precipitation tonight. 1.17.17

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[email protected] P>>FIRST ALERT WEATHER [email protected] CHIEF METEOROLOGIST TOM [email protected] TOM: YOU HAVE PROBABLY HEARD [email protected] HAVE A WINTER WEATHER [email protected] IN AFFECT IN ALL OF NORTHERN [email protected] YORK OTHER THAN THE [email protected] NORTHERN ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY [email protected] FRANKLIN COUNTY AND [email protected] EXCEPTION OF THE NONE TIER [email protected] [email protected] OTHERWISE, IT IS HAPPENING FOR [email protected] COUPLE OF [email protected] WE WILL GO TO STORM TRACKER: [email protected] HAVE A MIXED BAG IN PARTS OF [email protected] ADIRONDACKS TO [email protected] ST. LAWRENCE VALLEY WHERE [email protected] WILL FIND IN ADDITION TO SNOW [email protected] WILL FIND RAIN, MAYBE [email protected] RAIN AND [email protected] BE AWARE O [email protected] USE GET TO VERMONT IT WILL [email protected] ALL SUNNY, AROUND T [email protected] [email protected] AND UP TO 3 TO 6 INCHES OR [email protected] ALONG THE WESTERN FACING [email protected] OF THE GRE [email protected] AN ADVISORY IS I [email protected] WE HAVE A FREEZE ADVISORY [email protected] ST. LAWRENCE AND THE [email protected] SO SARANAC HAS A DEFICIT [email protected] MIXTURE GOING ON WHERE IT [email protected] MORE LIKEFULLY THAT PART OF [email protected] WORLD TO FIND LIQUID MIXING [email protected] OPPOSED TO SNOW WHICH WE FIND [email protected] PLACES LIKE THE [email protected] QUARTER AND RUTLAND [email protected] THE LEADING EDGE OF THIS [email protected] LOOKS LIKE IT I SNOWING IN [email protected] AREA AND OVER TO LEBANON BUT [email protected] KNOW THE ATMOSPHERE IS [email protected] [email protected] A LOST WHAT IS COMING FROM [email protected] SKY IS EVAPORATING ON THE [email protected] DOWN AND WILL DO WHAT THE [email protected] IS [email protected] IT WILL SNOW IN THE AREAS [email protected] IT LOOKS LIKE IT IS SNOWING [email protected] MAY NOT [email protected] ALONG ROUTE 7 WE HAVE A [email protected] GOING ON AND YOU CAN [email protected] TEMPERATURE-WISE THIS IS LIKE [email protected] METEOROLOGIST’S [email protected] IF YOU HAVE SNOW YOU HAVE [email protected] [email protected] IT IS ALL [email protected] YOU KNOW YOU WILL HAVE [email protected] DIFFERENT THINGS GOING [email protected] THAT IS WHAT WE [email protected] THIS SELL, WITH LOW PRESSURE [email protected] ASSOCIATED FRONT AND A [email protected] FRONT HERE, IT WILL MOVE OUR [email protected] AND SECONDARY LOW IS GOING [email protected] DEVELOP OFF THE COAST AND [email protected] WILL BE THE KEY TO THIS [email protected] WHEN YOU HAVE A LOW SOUTH OF [email protected] WE ARE GOING TO HAVE AN [email protected] WIND AND BECAUSE OF THAT WE [email protected] THINKING WE WILL FIND [email protected] HIGHEST SNOW TOTALS IN [email protected] FACING SLOPES OF THE GLE –@ GREEN MOUNTS AND NOTE [email protected] DIRECTION OF THE WIND TO [email protected] SOUTH, THE AIR IS PUSHED [email protected] THE GREEN MOUNTAINS [email protected] CONDENSING AND THEN [email protected] THAT IS THE CASE [email protected] ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, IT [email protected] STILL [email protected] THAT IS WHY WE THINK THE [email protected] FACING SLOPES WILL SEE THE [email protected] [email protected] TEMPERATURES IN THE 30’S [email protected] MOST OF US, A [email protected] CLOSE 32 DEGREES AND COLDER [email protected] PLAC LIKE THE TRI-LAKES [email protected] LIQUID THAT COULD FREEZE [email protected] [email protected] 7:30 TONIGHT, SNOW IN [email protected] CHAMPLAIN VALLEY AND THE SNOW [email protected] STILL THERE TO THE [email protected] IT IS AT MIDNIGHT [email protected] [email protected] THEN I DIES [email protected] THE MOUNTAINS STILL HAVE [email protected] TOMORROW BEFORE IT MOVES [email protected] ON THURSDAY, WE HAVE A LOT [email protected] [email protected] IT WILL BE MORE DRY BY [email protected] HOW MUCH [email protected] IN T MOUNTAINS, 3 TO [email protected] 1 TO 3 INCHES IN THE [email protected] [email protected] SNOW AND MIXED PRECIPITATION [email protected] THE [email protected] TEMPERATURES AROUND [email protected] TOMORROW IT WILL [email protected] MAYBE A COUPLE OF RAIN [email protected] TEMPERATURES IN THE 30’S [email protected] MOST OF [email protected] 36 IS DOING IT FOR US [email protected] SLIPPERY TOMORROW [email protected] 42 MOSTLY CLOUDY ON THURSDAY [email protected] PARTLY SUNNY O SATURDAY [email protected] [email protected] WE HAVE A CHANCE FOR A MIXED [email protected] LATE IN THE DAY ON MONDAY [email protected]

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