[Weather] Cloudy and rainy Thursday, big chill on Friday

[Weather] Cloudy and rainy Thursday, big chill on Friday

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good morning it was a rainy store for to
Chengdu and other southern provinces and on enough showers are forecast to
prevail for this afternoon Jeju and Pusan though will see rain into
this evening Jeju could see up to 20 millimeters of
rainfall the mountainous regions of Jeju and the easternmost islands of Tokyo and
Illumina however could see some heavy snow during the day today central
regions could also see some snow flurries but despite some precipitation
other than trade rumors regions will be covered with fine dust today the capital
regions could see very bad air at times so have a facemask ready
temperature-wise chilly air is going to move in this afternoon highs will be to
the 8 degrees lower than yesterday so this afternoon may actually feel just
slightly more bearable than this morning big drop in ratings tomorrow then
nationwide rain on Sunday and Monday will bring bone-chilling last day of
2019 that’s Korea for you and here’s the International weather for viewers around
the world you

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