Weather News with J7409 This Weekend SNOW Ice and Very COLD Temps.

Weather News with J7409 This Weekend SNOW Ice and Very COLD Temps.

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good day everyone it’s time for weather
news with J7409. the name you know. the news you can use. for today Friday the
18th of January 2019. boy oh boy has this month just gone by
very very fast. what we’re looking at here is the in NDFD map and this is a
combination of the models put together. ok so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to
turn it on or let it roll and just give you a few places of what’s going to be
going on over the next few days now I’d like to tell you that this map goes
through today is through Sunday the twelve the reading for today through the
twelve Z reading through Sunday now what’s going on well we all know we got
these storms happening in Boston Boston Massachusetts expect four to eight
inches of snow Saturday night through Sunday and Sunday you’re going to get a
hundred percent mix of freezing rain sleet and snow so just go ahead and get
right you’re probably going to get anywhere from four to eight inches of
snow in the Boston area Long Island New York two to four inches of snow
Youngstown Ohio seven to nine inches of snow between Saturday and Sunday night
if you’re north of there expect the same thing if not a little more now north
central Pennsylvania to the north of i-80 12 to 15 inches of snow between
Saturday afternoon and all of Saturday night that’s north of i-80 in north
central Pennsylvania now northern and northwestern a 5 to 8 inches of snow and
ice accumulations from Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon
portions of central northern and southern New Hampshire and
south-central Southwest and west central and western Maine what you’re going to
get a foot you go you might even get more okay say go ahead and expect that
that’s should happen and occur between Saturday evening through Sunday evening
Hartford Connecticut two to three inches of snow with freezing rain and sleet
here’s the GFS man 3 km near service surface reflectivity map the latest run
of it courtesy of tropical tidbits it’s going
to show you what’s going on as well as the other map did so let’s turn it on
and get going thank you so much Levi we appreciate you letting us use this okay
the low pressure system that’s been tracking across the Pacific and then the
western US for the past few days is about to exit the Rockies into the
central plains now the low pressure system will be re-energized over the
plains as it merges with a strong surge of arctic air from Canada
now snow combined with very strong winds is going to spread across the Midwest
and parts of the central plains tomorrow Saturday now as a storm intensifies
further on Saturday night heavy snow is forecast to develop and rapidly
overspread the Ohio Valley reaching much of New England early on Sunday now the
storm is expected to become quite intense on Sunday as its Center passes
near 4 just south of New York City conditions over interior New England
could approach blizzard criteria as a storm brings very strong northerly winds
together with heavy snow now nearing to the south of the storm track much milder
air from the South’s going to keep all of the precipitation is rain and over
the deep south strong severe thunderstorms a forecast for
Saturday from the lower Mississippi Valley eastward as a strong cold front
approaches now in the wake of the storm an Arctic surface high is going to
plunge southward from Canada and result in frigid temperatures across the plains
and the Upper Midwest with temperatures 25 degrees below normal
meanwhile mountain snows are going to be across the central and southern Rockies
associated with the exiting low pressure system and they are expected to
gradually taper off today however more energetic alok pressure systems and
associated fronts are forecast to reach the Pacific Northwest bringing heavy
precipitation and gusty winds across the region by Saturday the precipitation is
expected to shift further to the south across Oregon and Northern California
Saturday night into early Sunday I keep telling you guys we’re having a new
storm that’s going to march across the US through the end of this month and
it’s looking like now possibly even into the first or second week of February so
go ahead get prepared for what’s happening now try to stay that way when
you get a break from all this mess and you’ll be ok but it is going to be a
mess so don’t forget the reap eeehm this afternoon with the good Lords we’ll have
a live show wherever you live if you want to know about your area at that
time just in the chat tell me where you live I need a town and a state and then
I’ll be glad to look it up for you and we’ll discuss the stuff so the real
clock this afternoon now before we get out of here where in
the world is Chris well chris says he don’t know exactly where he’s at
I love it Chris at least you’re honest but and I appreciate that so much in you
sometimes out on the water it does get very confusing I know I grew
that way my daddy was a deep-sea fishermen so it’s like yeah you can’t
get mixed up out there but this is beautiful this is the Sun rising and
Krishna say he does not know where he’s at
exactly but isn’t them pretty my goodness is just beautiful and if you
have any pictures that you would like to share with us please
click show more below this video scroll down you will find an email address to
send them to and I’d appreciate it all of the subscribers will love to see
and watch these pictures as they come up and Chris thank you so much we are
enjoying our trip with you up and down the East Coast if you haven’t subscribed
to this channel and you’re into the weather like all the rest of us over
here please do so we’ll welcome you and we’ve got a great group here we get
along we love each other we care about each other so if you would like to keep
up with the weather please click my face down in the bottom right hand corner
then click the bell check off the email notifications to ensure you get all the
latest and weather news forecasts watches warnings and storms that are
approaching of any kind I’d appreciate it a lot and we’d all love to have you
over here with us so with that all said and done have a good day a safe day I
bless today in a warm day peace loving kindness tall and thank you so much for

12 thoughts on “Weather News with J7409 This Weekend SNOW Ice and Very COLD Temps.

  • Shiloh Saves Post author

    GOOD Morning Brother… Stay warm..See U soon. GOD Bless you.. Thanks

  • Roberts Girl Post author

    Good morning have a blessed day Jewel

  • jerzeydolphins Post author

    You just make sure your WARM J ok, , Everyone please be safe and stay as warm as ya can and try to eat soup as it warms body an soul

  • jerzeydolphins Post author

    [email protected] chris

  • Jim Perry Post author

    Good Friday morning, J. I really like the map you open with. You were spot on for our snow overnight, some lite powder for Josie to play with. Thank you for the forecast, and the pic from Chris, lost-at-sea. 😉 I'll check back later for your live, I think you are going to be busy, J. Be well and stay safe, my good friend.

  • Sexii K Post author

    U really think 🤔 Long Island ny will get 4 inches but either way stay warm


    You never mention INDIANA
    You talk All around it but you never mention it.

  • Barbara Duffell Post author

    Great report Jewel. You have been so busy with the storms and looks like you will be for awhile. Appreciate all you do for us to keep us safe and updated on what we could have coming our way. Thanks so much to Chris for sharing his trip with us! See you in a you..💜

  • Pathway Heaven Post author

    That picture is beautiful.

  • XXS POWER Post author

    Wow cold – RALEIGH going to be chilly too! Any updates on the polar vortex?

  • Thanastasia Amadeus Post author

    Information on North Texas please! Lubbock and Amarillo to be precise.

  • Ann Marie Post author

    Buffalo, New York.. Need to know about Lake Effect Snow! 2014 We had 10 Feet of Snow.. accumulated

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