Weekly 7 day Weather Forecast for the U.S

Weekly 7 day Weather Forecast for the U.S

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happy Wednesday everybody it’s David Schlotthauer here with a full look at your seven-day forecast for the entire United
States here as we are keeping an eye on more rainfall and more flooding on the
way for the southeast and very dry weather for the West and some really
warm temperatures in certain areas here will be explaining about that in just a
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there is a link in the description below this video so let’s take a look now at
the precipitation forecast here on the European model this is off of pivotal
weather really awesome weather website that we could find here looking at the
high-resolution European model so this is for Thursday morning and you can see
there more snow still continuing for the Northeast more moderate to heavy rain
there for the southeast so if your movie or if you’re traveling across northern
Georgia also for Eastern at Tennessee much of the Carolinas there for West
Virginia for Virginia all the way across there of the panhandle of Florida also
for Alabama you could see some thunderstorms some of those could be
severe we’re talking a marginal to slight risk for severe weather in these
locations and then behind it some cooler air that will explain here in just a
little bit a Canadian high pressure system 1038 millibars will bring in dry
cold weather behind this system so you can see that’s going to be moving out of
Canada moving across the Midwest there so really dry weather but also really
cold mornings and rather chilly afternoons on the way as that high moves
through the area and it looks like just about everyone if you’re doing any
outdoor plans this weekend if you’re going any
doing any hiking if you’re going anywhere it looks to be pretty good for
your Saturday morning into Saturday afternoon we’re looking at some really
nice weather all the way across the high plains the Midwest the Great Lakes might
be a little iffy you might see maybe a sporadic here and there of a snow shower
that’s gonna kind of just move on through nothing too significant we might
only see an inch or less out of that system as that system kind of skirts the
Great Lakes really dry and quiet weather otherwise except for Oregon and Montana
Idaho could see light to moderate snowfall there for Oregon some pretty
impressive aural graphic rain showers that could be pretty heavy at times
there that’s either where the rain is sitting either across the Great Lakes
the Upper Midwest the southeast or the Pacific Northwest all of this is going
to be missing the desert Southwest and California really really dry the last
few weeks we really need the rain and it doesn’t look like we’re getting any
anytime soon here as of what the European model is showing also the GFS
is not showing a lot either maybe a couple of blips there for northwestern
California but really gonna stay dry very unfortunate we really need to keep
our fingers crossed for any rainfall that we really need or any snowfall
anyways though for Montana for Utah for Colorado for the high deserts there and
also for the Rockies you’re gonna see some light to moderate to perhaps heavy
snowfall more additional snowfall this weekend that would be for your Sunday
but otherwise much of the East is looking really quiet rather ly quiet we
should say maybe a couple of hit and miss showers here and there nothing too
significant and that will continue all the way into the early part of your work
week next week now we are keeping an eye on a winter storm that I’m not going to
talk about yet since it’s a little far still we’re more than five days away
from this winter storm of developing but the European model is really showing
something trying to develop here you’ll see that
here for Monday morning Monday afternoon a surface slow developing out of western
Texas and a high building across the North will more likely produce some
light to moderate rainfall maybe some severe weather with this system and to
the north there across the nebraska area you can see light to moderate to perhaps
even heavier snowfall has had develop some really strong winds with this this
could be another blizzard on the way we’ll really watch the european model
really closely that GFS also has something in there but it doesn’t look
to be as significant as what the european model is showing but the two
Global’s are pretty close hand-in-hand of showing some sort of a system here
developing more likely by Monday night next week or Tuesday you can see here
lots of snow there for the Great Lakes for the south though warmer moist air is
gonna kind of funnel up across the Gulf of Mexico up from the Gulf of Mexico and
there’s a cold front so again a threat for severe weather including damaging
winds and more and likely maybe a tornado threat once again as this system
moves its way through across the Northeast and also the southeast and
there’s the warmer air there to the warm front really going to be moving on
through you can see that line there a really intense rainfall as that front
rolls through and then that looks like it will definitely move across the
Northeast right now the positioning of that low is gonna be key of where and
who’s gonna get the heavier snow right now looks like most of the snow will
happen across on the Quebec also for Ontario Canada looks like it’s gonna
miss most of the Northeast but a couple of speckles there of snow showers
expected with that and then dry weather and really quiet weather could proceed
after that so really not a winter wonderland
this year for many locations other than we had winter storm Jacob winter storm
Kade and winter storm Isaiah but that was about it
nor Easter’s what’s going on actually winter storm Kaede you can say that’s a
nor’easter in some sense but we’re not talking a classic nor’easter where
you’re getting storms that develop here and then they kind of move up like this
bringing all the heavy snow along the coast none of that so far this winter
season but I’ll tell you what there could be more snow on the way over the
next 10 days you can see here that snowstorm that we are keeping an eye on
for Monday and Tuesday next week could deliver maybe a foot or so of snow there
for northern Missouri very very far out in time relatively speaking we’re
looking at about six to almost seven days five to seven days out and
therefore the models will change here that on me every one the models will
change and so what you see here probably will not be the same I guarantee in a
couple of days or so but none of the less there could be some snow moving
across these areas this is a time for snowfall still across the Great Lakes in
the Northeast so definitely cannot ignore that and then more additional
snowfall expected here on the European model over the next 10 days all right
rainfall uh lots of it it is going to be an ongoing process folks southeastern
locations you have seen more than enough rain more than enough rain
ie I’m afraid to say there’s more rain on the way 2 to 4 inches of rain
actually 1 to 3 inches I should say there across Tennessee the Kentucky
Fried Chicken state also for Georgia Alabama Mississippi what about the
mitten state we’re only looking at about a half an inch to maybe three-quarters
of an inch of snowfall or rainfall that would be in the form of snow obviously
there let’s see how much the mittens state can catch yeah or capture the snow
maybe build a snowman that would be awesome right but nevertheless lots of
rain there for the southeast continuing also for the Northeast ten days out well
not closely and then more rain here but also below average therefore Washington
and Oregon unfortunately we really need the rain and I’ll tell you Arizona and
California not a drop in sight especially for Southern California’s
central a southern and central California really dry and you’ll see
that here on the ten-day precipitation anomaly so we’ll call it above-average
here that’s what the models are showing in the next 10 days also above average
here below average here across more likely the Oklahoma the Kansas area well
below so we’ll put well below over here across California WB means well below
we’re seeing precipitation anomalies about an inch all the way up to as much
as three and a half to almost four inches below average for California for
the probably for the rest of February we’re looking at a very dry continuous
February for much of the West here including especially for California
there’s not any more red colors than what you see here especially for
Washington not even kind of comparing that to California because Washington
will still get rain but look at this California really dry and even or
portions of the extreme I mean like Florida extreme maybe along the coast
they’re seen average to slightly below average precipitation anomalies for a
10-day period the triple are ridiculously resilient Ridge is
responsible for our very dry February here in California we really need the
rain really badly but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime in our 10-day
future so let’s look at the actual air temperatures here for tomorrow morning
very cold arctic air in place for Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa the Dakotas for
Nebraska even for Missouri okay talking temperatures five degrees above
zero to ask hold as negative 30 and some wind sheltered locations so really
really cold temperatures tomorrow morning the first time thing you wake up
in the morning definitely some frost out there some hoarfrost could be a really
big problem out there really bundle up okay wind chills probably negative 35 to
negative 45 degrees that’s why there are wind chill warnings wind chill
advisories in these areas because of how cold this arctic air is going to be in
place it’s really gonna be felt across the upper 48 states here the lower 48
not so bad temperatures for tomorrow morning starting off in the mid to upper
30s especially look at that for Georgia we could be looking at upper 60s to low
70s in the morning so a really warm start for your Thursday California
really warm to in the mixed bag or rather warm for this time of year
starting off in the mid to upper 40s to even perhaps some low 50s out there
really gonna night warm will warm up nicely tomorrow across the region for
Washington Oregon temperatures in the mixed bag of the mid 20s
upper 20s into the overnight hours in the Rockies really cold but not as cold
as the Iowa Minnesota rule it’s gonna be really cold out there I’ll tell you that
right now and then daytime highs tomorrow ain’t
gonna get out of the negative territory I’ll tell you that right now Minnesota
probably negative 10 degrees in certain locations out there Minneapolis maybe
minus 4 to minus 6 degrees really gonna stay pretty cold out there ok make sure
you really wear to the heaviest jacket possible because it’s gonna be pretty
darn chilly out there George you’re gonna feel some cooler air as a cooler
air moves out on the north but look at this Florida also for Phoenix Arizona
California temperatures in the upper 60s to upper 70s
really gonna be warm gonna feel like spring in these locations tomorrow and
then another cold start for Friday morning across the Great Lakes and also
for the Wisconsin Minnesota area gonna see those overnight lows even for Iowa
Cedar Rapids they’re negative 10 Nate maybe negative 20 degrees all right and
then the colder air should finally lift out to the north slowly but surely but
even look at that for upstate New York really gonna feel the very cold
temperatures out there and including from Michigan to really gonna have
overnight lows they’re dropping into the single digits to the lower teens all
right so really bundle up if you are headed out and about for the next couple
of mornings all right then as we go into the weekend for your Saturday afternoon
temperatures in the mixed bag of the mid-70s Unknowing mid 60s to the lower
70s in some locations that will do for Southern Texas Central Texas and then
low 60s middle part of Oklahoma like Oklahoma City 55 degrees there it’s
really somewhat above average for this time of year and that’s how it’s gonna
stay you above average for some of these locations and then southern Texas there
mid 80s really warm for this time of year and then staying really cold with
those temperatures dropping down into the teens and the single digits once
again and more colder air on the way but not as cold as what you’re experiencing
over the next couple of days there for the Dakotas and for the Minnesota area
by Wednesday and by Thursday next week again not too much change out there
really cold still but there are some good news in sight on the temperature
anomaly forecast not for the southeast but at least maybe for portions of the
North here so for tomorrow morning temperatures are going to be as much as
5 to 30 degrees above average really warm days passed across the
southeast like what is going on where
heck is winter you guys got a call winter out for me seriously like
temperatures 30 30 to 40 almost 35 degrees above average you got to be
kidding me all right broken winter broken busted destructive winter like
winter doesn’t even come true for the southeast this year but on the other
side of the country well especially for the north temperatures about 30 to
almost 40 degrees below average wow that is a really big change all the way from
the plains the Northern Plains all the way across the southeastern portion the
south eastern plains Georgia the Carolinas really going from warm to cold
okay and then you’ll see that here by the time we get into the weekend still
above average there for California Nevada and some warmer temperatures
obviously there but not too crazy we’re looking at temperatures about 5 to 10
degrees above average for much of the US not too crazy right for the Northeast
you’re gonna be seen some warm night warming up days here for Sunday into
Monday more warm weather on the way for the southeast and for the Northeast my
goodness I hope next winter is cold for you guys right but it doesn’t look like
it’s gonna happen we’ll see though it’s really far out
we’re over nine months away from winter again so let’s worry about one season
ahead of time folks right but anyways let’s not worry about spring but some
people are thinking about spring and summer plans already since these
temperatures are really warm for Tuesday next week really well above average 15
to 25 degrees there and then that could continue all the way into the end of
next week we’ll swatch the models really closely but they’re not being too nice
I’ll tell you that they’re not being too friendly for the southeast this year all
right it’s almost thinking that man we should manipulate the weather models
right but we can’t or do that alright so we’re looking at
the temperature anomaly here for the West and still above-average things to
the ridiculously resilient Ridge or Triple R for short okay it’s an acronym
right okay so we’re now gonna look at the six to 10-day forecast what those
temperatures once again well below average they’re potentially there’s a
70% for the four corners if that does verify this hasn’t been going too well
lately for the southeast however it’s been pretty stuck there with
temperatures a chance 33 to 70% above average temperatures will be equal to
above average for the southeast but maybe a little warmer there for the
Great Lakes maybe feeling the early parts of spring finally arriving but
still in winter this go-around with those cold arctic temperatures and then
the west really warm and dry weather and you’ll see that here on the
precipitation forecast so this is the next six to ten days and you can see the
precipitation there 33 to 60% below average for California for Nevada no
rain or snow in sight this ridiculously resilient Ridge is going to remain
really stubborn alright for the Midwest for portions of the Midwest the deep
south 33 to 50 percent chance for above average precipitation that will carry in
all the way through the 26th of February so could stay pretty wet here for the
southeast and for the deep south with below average precipitation maintaining
over California Nevada and even for portions of the four corners
finally drying out a little bit for portions of the Great Lakes and the
northern and high plains there but still some cool weather probably on the way
alright everybody that is going to do it with this 7-day
us weather forecast I sure hope you enjoy the video if you did if you really
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folks have a good night

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  • CandyS Post author

    Thanks for the forecast David!

  • Kreek Craft Post author

    Great Content David hope that this hit St. Louis it's a possibility at this point but won't know where it goes till Sunday

  • Joseph Karoly Post author

    Snow has started in my area btw wind chill will be between -5 to possibly -8 below zero tomorrow night when the snow is done

  • Mr G Post author

    Detroit Michigan won't get much snow. If any

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    Winter….rain….ugh….๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks, David.

  • LoS t E d Craze dog Post author

    Wow I really hate this dry weather David do you know when this dry weather will move away from the west coast also definitely impressive rain fall across the mid west and of course more rain across Oregon lol I feel bad for the people in Oregon theyโ€™ve been dealing with rain for like a month now lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Big Thunder Post author

    David i remember the blizzard of 78 we had 39ins of snow in Massachusetts

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