Weekly Detailed Weather Forecast – Bipolar Pattern Continues

Weekly Detailed Weather Forecast – Bipolar Pattern Continues

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good afternoon and evening everybody
it’s David Schlotthauer here with your weekly weather forecast
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aware content so we’re looking at the European model here for Monday morning
so this is for Monday morning when you head back to work there are a couple of
showers and thunderstorms stretching across Virginia Beach all the
way across the Carolinas the Georgia area Alabama the Mississippi area
stretching into Louisiana here there could be an isolated spin-up here maybe
a little bit of strong winds associated with this leftover moisture from the
storm with winter storm what was it winter something with a winter storm
that’s all we got to say a winter storm Isaiah that’s what it is it popped in my
head finally what a big winter storm that was and so a little leftover
moisture from that but there’s more snow up across here that in the northwest
also for the Rocky Mountains some isolated areas a very heavy snow out
there for your Monday morning and this will continue all the way through
Tuesday there’s another system here moving into California bringing in more
cooler air then more showers and thunderstorms here just stalling out
just kind of parking themselves here across the south and North Carolina for
the Tennessee area Alabama Mississippi Louisiana northern Georgia getting in on
those showers and thunderstorms kind of tropical like temperatures will be well
above average so it’s gonna definitely feel like
spring there for California though we’re in and out of showers and some snow
there for the Pacific Northwest and for portions of the Great Lakes but
otherwise we’re looking at some really rather quiet weather all right this is
for Tuesday now you can clearly see on just really quiet weather maybe a couple
more showers and thunderstorms there for the Tennessee area for the Southeast
region but here comes our next storm alright this is going to be for a third
for Wednesday afternoon you can clearly see those showers there for the
southeast and then here comes that storm bringing in a lot of snow and a lot of
rain okay this is going to be a really powerful storm system delivering some
pretty impressive rankness snowfall totals and some very intense
rainfall across the Bay Area also for much of northern and central California
can see some very powerful winds with that system all right and then there’s
more snow here kind of leaping its way across the Great Lakes at Great Lakes
storm is gonna kind of continue moving east here into Wednesday impacting the
upstate New York also for Vermont Massachusetts Maine getting in on the
snow there could be heavy at times and then for the Pacific Northwest 978 area
of low pressure really strong surface low they’re going to really bring a lot
of impacts and then that system okay across California could rapidly
intensify here our next named storm on this zooming here we me alter and pyro
al have been really watching the storm really closely this could be a really
powerful storm system for the high plains for the north and also for the
Great Lakes this is for Thursday for Friday morning and then into Friday
afternoon more ice more heavy snow there’s gonna be problems are I’m sure
there’s going to be more severe weather associated with this system definitely
probably us right more less than a moderate risk
there we’re looking at more of an enhanced if that on the Severus side
that front looks to move continuously across the Northeast the mid-atlantic
and the southeast impacting the Great Lakes 995 millibars and again lots of
freezing rain okay I’ll probably be staying home this weekend again to keep
you guys weather aware information on this upcoming storm system there’s
another storm system moving into the Pacific Northwest this is going to be a
big one also on the European model alright bringing in a lot of snow a lot
of wind for your Saturday morning timeframe and looking pretty quiet there
for the Midwest and then looking at more snow 986 towards the end of the run so
lots of rain lots of snow to talk about very active weather pattern going
through this whole entire workweek more kind of towards the middle to the end
though we’ll see the most active weather all right so we’re now gonna look at
temperature anomalies I haven’t done this in a very long time and I want to
cover this this week or for today for the rest of the week you can see here on
the European model for Monday morning it has been really warm it’s been a
blowtorch across the southeast for the mid-atlantic states also for the Great
Lakes scene these really warm temperatures temperatures at least five
degrees all the way up to as much as 30 degrees above normal
all right that’s really really warm definitely record-breaking temperatures
out there we did we did break several records across the southeast yesterday
and we did it again today I believe will do the same thing again tomorrow
thanks to these really warm temperatures on the other side of the United States
cell across portions of Canada it is a freezer we’re talking temperatures here
as much as 35 to 50 degrees below average
this is going to be some very cold arctic air that will break free from nor
North Western Canada and should move into the United States here or the
middle part by kind of the end of next week but until then it is going to be
really really warm all right temperatures again at 15 to 30
degrees above average all across the southeast like oh my goodness you guys
you have not had a winter yet isn’t that funny you guys have not had a winter yet
unfortunately okay I have to say to myself gosh I’m glad I’m in California
we’re getting a really chilly ah week here with temperatures in the mid to
upper 40s in some areas with daytime highs at the warmest locations in the
low to mid 50s so really chilly in California but this continues into third
Wednesday this is for January 15th definitely not feel like January at all
across Indiana the Tennessee area Alabama mobile over
there Pensacola Florida really really warm spots temperatures 15 to 30 degrees
above average get this on the other side though you
just got these temperatures well below average all right we’re talking possibly
all-time record low temperatures and portions of Montana and also for
Washington due to the fact that temperatures are going to be seriously
well below average this continues all the way into Sunday and into Monday
here with this cooler air finally getting released if it does within the
next seven to nine days that continues towards a 10 day forecast with again
probably another warm-up in store you have just not have a really persistent
winter this January let’s hope February does turn around so we’re gonna look at
now the actual air temperature here we really want to cover this briefly again
it temperatures again well above average as we go throughout the day tomorrow
this is for Monday morning 10:00 ters across the extreme southeast into
the upper 60s to low low 70s overnight so really warm definitely summer-like
temperatures you’re not even gonna think and winter be honest and then for the
Montana area you got temperatures in the negative territory but it’s gonna warm
up tomorrow temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s across Florida the Texas
area Georgia not even a January at all it doesn’t feel like that over the next
several days this is for Tuesday this is going to be for Wednesday morning and
Thursday look at the cold air up there look it excuse me look at the big amount
of temperature difference here between Texas and for Canada look at that 50
degrees nearly below zero whoo gosh that’s cold right and over here you’re
wearing shorts and sandals it’s gonna be a whole different weather type flavor
you know it’s gonna be warm here okay here and too cold here right three
different seasons you got a laugh at me on that one all right for Wednesday
morning it continues look at Texas almost close to 90 degrees no way
southernmost Texas 81 hours out you’re almost at 90 degrees dude you’re gonna
be really really really warm alright this continues into Thursday morning
you’re only gonna cool down into the low 70s we get into Florida man managing to
get into the upper 50s overnight and then the cooler air just stays and stays
it doesn’t get really released too much temperatures in the negative territory
though towards the end of this forecast and then probably down to minus 20 in
some sense but for the northwest and for the west
definitely temperatures below average we’re looking at upper 20s overnight
maybe to mid-30s really really cold for January but we’re
okay with that and then as we look at the geopotential height alright on the
European you can see why this whole overall flow the jet streams do
more something like this right we’re getting more of this southwesterly flow
bringing in this warm air out of the South off of the Gulf and it’s going
around this Bermuda high over here and so that’s going to bring in some really
warm humid air which you don’t typically see until mid to late spring or early
spring in some cases and so that Ridge is going to continue for a while you can
definitely see there for Indiana all the way through the rest of this week you
got a really strong ridge of high pressure out over the West you we got a
pretty impressive trough that will remain until there is a change in the
forecast more likely to begin by in the middle of bore by the end very end of
next week into early next weekend all right that’s when I do see an overall
pattern change alright Wow only 12 minutes into this alright let’s look at
the National Weather Service really quickly because since we’ve got a little
bit of extra time I do want to show you the National Weather Service all right
there’s a lot of active weather okay now remember it was all crazy completely all
of those colors over here across basically much of the East here are
really painted in a picture but now it is our turn to feel the impacts there’s
high wind warnings we got winter storm watches there’s a lot going on okay I’ll
tell you that a lot of wintry weather then look at that for Montana you got a
wind chill advisory I believe I believe that’s a wind chill advisory euro no
wind chill warning wind chill advisory in the brighter blue which we don’t see
here actually there is well there isn’t all right you got a avalanche warning
here in blue so Wow this weather is going to get rough I’ll
tell you that right now and when this weather gets rough over here it’s got to
go somewhere and it’s going ahead east believe it or not so we’ll probably
tracking winter wonderland into much of this workweek believe it or not all
right we’re gonna have more updates on the upcoming winter storm okay oh wait
did I forget to show you all darn it I did forget to show you my snowfall
forecast here what my what my predictions are so let me bring that up
here so see when I go too fast I forget so I do apologize but the cool thing is
we could actually look on this picture and see what we got so we got definitely
a lot of snow here we’re looking at probably between a three to six feet or
more across the cascade range also for the Sierra Nevada mountain range a lot
of snow expected for Indiana uh not for Indiana for the Idaho area
for the Montana for the Wyoming area a lot of snow there too we’re gonna be
watching this area here getting more snow for this upcoming week will you be
looking at about one to three feet of snow possible all right that’s our
concern here to really monitor this whole week alright so make sure you guys
stay weather aware on my youtube channel to get the latest information subscribe
to the youtube channel check out more of my weather content that I did upload
recently on winter storm Isaiah I did a couple of live streams so be sure to
check that out give this a like share this with your family and friends and
ring the bell notification icon to stay weather aware alright and be sure to
check out my weather authority discord server ok be safe out there everyone the
weather pattern is only gonna get probably more crazier unfortunately but
that’s why I’m here to keep you weather aware think y’all for watching see you
in the next one hm

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