Weekly US Weather Forecast East Stays Mild, West Cools Down

Weekly US Weather Forecast East Stays Mild, West Cools Down

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what’s up everybody, happy Tuesday
afternoon Here I am David Schlotthauer with your five to ten day detailed
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notification Bell icon so let’s get rid of me here because we are now gonna get
deep into this video with your next 5 to 10 day forecast on a weekly basis so for
the next three six to ten days here we’re looking at temperatures still
above average not as significantly but still somewhat above average with those
temperatures 33 to as much as 50% above average
especially from southern Texas all the way across the southeast up across the
Central Coast and the Northeast here we’re looking at a really mild weather
pattern setting up through February 7th this is lasted for the entire month of
January and it looks like it’s gonna continue all the way through early
February here with these temperatures slightly above average in fact in the
long term we could be looking at temperatures probably well above average
over the next eight to ten days for the West however we’re looking at equal
chances to slightly below average temperatures here we’re looking at a 33
to 50 percent chance for those temperatures to being the below average
with equal chances stretching across the northern plains the great
Lakes portions of the Great Lakes I should say actually not really much of
the Great Lakes and the Midwest across pretty much portions of the deep south
that would include maybe Oklahoma more Midwest ish or so and then the Arkansas
area but the pattern doesn’t really change very much over the next eight to
fourteen days in fact I somewhat disagree on this and you’ll see why here
in just a little bit on the European model we’re looking at slightly above
average temperatures still continuing here across the deep south and the
southeast you have not had much of a winter at all this year or this winter
we should say and I think it’s gonna end up like that for the rest of February
we’ll have to really watch the conditions closely with below average
temperatures not only across the Great Lakes but it’s been this rather cold
January across the West even so were slightly too well above average this
week though but if you look at the long-term average since mid-december you
can kind of see what I’m talking about with those temperatures below average
across Washington California Nevada and the four corners there the Great Lakes
again could see some below average temperatures they’re right around 33 to
near 50 percent below average of that occurring again this is the departure
from normal probability above and below the next three to four weeks here this
takes us all the way into mid-february right around Valentine’s Day and you can
still see somewhat above average here for Texas also for portions of the
southeast and the deep south with below average temperatures here possibly
across the Great Lakes then extreme north and the extreme
northeast with a 50 to 55% chance for that to occur again we’re kind of in
this weird weather pattern I cannot really explain it it’s it’s been kind of
very zonal or of a ridge across the east and that’s
why it’s been above average now there’s a temporary change but that shouldn’t
last too long here as what we’re about to look at
all right so precipitation anomalies again well below average I mean we’re
certainly gonna stay dry here across California and Nevada at least through
the short term we’re looking at no rain in the forecast all the way through
Sunday and Monday even Tuesday next week maybe a brief chance maybe on Tuesday
but that’s about it we’re staying really dry and really warm
all right but a cool down on the way and then for the Rockies and the north and
the portions of the Great Lakes you’re seeing slightly above average
precipitation we’re looking at a 33 to 50 percent chance of that occurring what
about the southeast well we’re looking at 33 to 40 percent chances for
precipitation of above-average there and below average right down the Midwest
into northern and southern Texas kind of a warm dry pattern kind of setting up
here for portions of the Midwest at least the Oklahoma Arkansas and Texas
area with that slightly below average let’s look at the 8 to 14 day outlook
again taking away that below average here replacing it with equal chances
from Eastern Texas Arkansas all the way across Indiana
the Illinois portions of Kentucky there this is really not much to talk about
here just a 33 percent chance for above average precipitation in the form of
snow rain or ice or sleet either way you put it depending on the temperature
profile all right but again we’re not looking at 70 80 90 percent above
average we’re looking at kind of slight areas here and there for above average
precipitation however still that ridiculously resilient ridge of high
pressure really dominating California Nevada
or again and even for portions of Utah we’re not seeing any rain okay probably
to end January to start February or looking pretty dry over the next eight
to fourteen days but when you do look at the week three to four outlook still
below average for the less unfortunately and that will carry on all the way
across the Midwest this is what happens when you get a neutral ENSO or in other
words of the Southern Oscillation index it’s just bringing in equal chances of
everything just the patterns not really active to be quite honest we have really
went pretty good well I’ve seen winters a lot worse than
this one and we’re pretty thankful that we’re not seeing a whole lot of nor
Easter’s massive Colorado Rocky lows we’ve seen a couple of them winter storm
Jacob and Isaiah but other than that it’s been pretty flat ever since then or
just not a lot of activity however 50 to 55 percent above average precipitation
there for Montana for Wyoming and for portions of Colorado so now let’s talk
about the European model one of the most accurate models you could find here on
my youtube channel and I will tell you what over the next 36 hours temperatures
especially across Canada Hudson Bay you’re looking at temperatures as much
as 15 to 35 degrees above average again the seasonal average the long-term
average we’re looking at those temperatures above average all across
the four Manitoba link then this is Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta and
British Columbia all above average here and for Quebec these two states in
Canada kind of confuse me a little bit but either way you put it you know where
you live right we’re still seeing above average there not as significantly here
a the portions of the Great Lakes and also
for the southeast but still two to five degrees above average that doesn’t mean
it’s winter temperatures right you’re not seeing below average you’re seeing
above average all with the long-term they’re also for California for Nevada
that Ridge is building on in so temperatures are going to be warming up
each and every day we could be looking at upper 60s to almost low 70s and
portions of California especially Southern California you might squeeze
out some 80s out there so definitely warm for this time of year also for the
Intermountain West looking at near average temperatures for to end January
here the last few days of it and then for Washington and Oregon you are
looking at temperatures two to four degrees above average look at that
Oklahoma hanging in there with below average but that will be going away
slowly all right so here’s Thursday again above average warming up though
for the North especially for Minnesota North and South Dakota really warm here
with those temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above average again really warm also
across a central and northern Canada temperatures almost 50 degrees above
average that is really really significant
alright you could be seen temperatures in the 40s maybe some mid forties up
there all right where you should be seeing temperatures in the negative
territories so definitely well off the charts with those temperatures really
warm that would be shorts weather for
Canadian standards if you’re up there right and then of course across the
southeast and the Great Lakes really warm and that will continue for a while
this is Friday this is Saturday no joke at all folks this is definitely warm for
Montana for the Dakotas for Nebraska for Colorado just about everywhere you go in
the United States here except for a little bit of Washington I can say there
for Arlene and for Seattle and for areas here for
Miami you’re gonna be sparing the lot here maybe the Apple actions here
sparing the best with above-average there we’re looking at below there okay
and maybe for portions of the Wasatch Front there for Utah conceding below
average temperatures but I will tell you what red where ever you go
orange red okay and that continues but there’s more blue on the way for Sunday
and that’s that cold airmass that is going to be rolling through this cold
front we should say across California across Montana that’s gonna be aiding in
cooler unstable air maybe a chance for a couple of sprinkles but it’s gonna be
rather dry and moisture starved but it’s gonna bring in a lot of very strong
powerful winds with it and a lot of cooler air that’s definitely going to be
the drill for Sunday but ahead of this definitely warm like really seriously
folks this is not good 15 to 25 degrees above average you’re not seeing a winter
this year I guess I guess winters gonna be warm instead of cold and I think the
groundhog will keep winter short this year instead of extending the next six
weeks that’s what it looks like if I was a groundhog winter would been done
already alright the Great Lakes the Pennsylvania
area again really really warm temperatures all the way through Tuesday
and maybe even Wednesday next week as this ridge of high pressure dominates
the pattern just kind of keeps everyone mild there okay and then continuing that
all the way into Tuesday and Wednesday next week with these temperatures they
even look at that Oh Ohio Indiana and the Kentucky area you’re seeing
temperatures probably 30 degrees above average but if you go across the West
we’re looking at temperatures 15 to as much as 30 degrees below average
especially for central Nevada definitely a really cold
one from very cold to very warm hey there’s gonna be like four seasons
in the United States hey everyone should be okay with that
well sort of unless you want to go traveling on a road trip to find that
cooler weather if you don’t like this wintery warm weather for the Northeast
and for much of the nation cooler weather yes there’s a possibility that I
can’t say because it’s 204 hours out we’re looking at literally the middle of
next week not yeah pretty much the middle of next
week we’re looking at February 6th here and we’ll see some below average
temperatures there to end this kind of 8 to 10 day forecast but you can see there
for the Northeast really staying warm and also the Dakotas really staying mild
now the GFS can say something different for all I care but I’m gonna really
stick to the European model so for the next 2 to 7 days of the overall average
here we’re looking at again really warmer than average temperatures here
across much of the nation including for California but that will change over the
next 5 to 10 days to start off February we’re looking at some cool weather for
California Nevada the desert Southwest Albuquerque New Mexico western Texas
potentially but on the overall five-day average temperature anomalies still
above average there for the next 5 to 10 days again I’m surprised a Climate
Prediction Center is not really going by this but I think they should and maybe
they’ll change it up without anyone knowing it I’m sure that’s why I’m kind
of giving you guys a heads up that this is definitely in the making this is
possibly in the deck of cards with well above average temperatures alright so
actual air temperature out there for way why did I put Thursday there I’m two
days ahead of schedule everyone but all this say tomorrow definitely like it
will be on Thursday we’re looking at temperatures in the set
these and maybe close to 80 they’re for Florida for the deep south you’re
looking at temperatures there into the mid to upper 50s for California upper
50s to mid 70s that would be for Southern California for the Northwest
you’re looking at temperatures above average but still on the rather cool
side we’re seeing temperatures in the upper 40s to maybe some mixed bag of low
40s out there and of course of for portions of southeastern Canada you’re
seeing temperatures right around minus 5 to minus 10 but that will be kind of
scooting it’s boot out of the area for Friday for your weekend again or kind of
not a school night but a weekend night you can say definitely warming up here
for California we’re definitely gonna need the shorts out this weekend I’m at
my grandparents house one of shorts okay for cowl up not for California for
Florida 70s and maybe a tad of an 80 there over Lake Okeechobee gonna be nice
to kind of get in the water there watch out for mosquitoes Oh folks okay and
then again up here in Canada definitely shorts weather for Canadian
standards and I would be wearing shorts at about 38 or 40 degrees to be quite
honest even so it’s cold but a I would enjoy it because it’s well above average
and then as we go into Saturday and Sunday really warm look at that 60s and
70s there wow that’s incredible really really warm weather here okay definitely
shorts weather in fact to your bodies this could feel like mid 70s or maybe
some low 80s to your body because they’re so used to the cold that this is
gonna feel really warm and then some 80s some upper 70s low 80s down here for
Southern California before that cooler air moves in and then guess what you go
from say 70 degrees on Sunday look at this to mid 20s on
okay so literally as 22 45 degree drop in temperatures from one day to the next
here if you are in Omaha Nebraska if you’re in the Dakotas as that cooler air
moves in but not much of a change there for Texas and for the deep south here
comes the cooler air here but again still somewhat above average there as
more warmer air does move in towards the very end of the forecast again that will
likely change I’ve said it way too many times in this video models change the
further out you go there’s more of an air forecast in percentage so the two to
seven-day forecast here’s the reason why you don’t got a very deep trough we’ve
talked about this in the past not much of a deep trough here okay like
you would sometimes fine and a very strong ridge here across the West there
is a ridge there but you can tell this flow is more zonal it’s not really one
extreme to the next right however that kind of does change a little bit not a
big change but somewhat you do get this trough that does extend down across
Texas and the high plains with ridging here but look what’s on the other side
of this you’ve got another ridge here which indeed on average you’re gonna get
more of a southerly flow around this ridge of high pressure therefore even so
you have slightly below average geopotential heights
it doesn’t matter here you can still see temperatures above average just not ask
crazy warm as it could be in the month of February all right so really quickly
I want to dis talk about the precipitation forecast here since we do
got some active weather there’s that micro winter storm not much of a winter
storm for your this is going to be for Wednesday morning all right
early afternoon more of a rain threat more snow and more strong storminess for
the Pacific Northwest over the next several days here you can
see that system that are moving offshore off the Florida coast one only the
really only active weather will be focused across
the Pacific Northwest for Thursday with more rain and more snow and strong winds
but literally were not seeing a really active weather pattern just up there in
the Pacific Northwest but otherwise everyone’s looking really quiet maybe a
snow shower here and there but nothing too significant to cover in a video
we’re just gonna kind of call it wayward snow showers and then for the southeast
we’ve seen a couple of snow showers there now the system here okay models
have been going back and forth right now it’s gonna be a rain event for the
Northeast but few model runs ago on the European it was showing a lot of snow
for the Northeast right now most of the models have kept this offshore right now
so we’re gonna keep it a ok but stay tuned for more updates this weekend for
maybe some active weather there for the Northeast but otherwise looking pretty
good with a couple of more showers there and then here comes the next system for
the West obviously a little bit of snow along to go with California and maybe
some rainfall for us but lots of cold air coming out of the north on the
backside of that system there and some really strong winds we could see winds
between 20 to 35 miles an hour possibly as that system moves through all right
and then maybe something up here by Tuesday morning next week which is very
far out in time and we won’t cover that until it gets closer as it can change so
snow totals again really not significant by any means this is all past day 5
maybe 3 to 6 inches of snow there for portions of the Great Lakes with more
significant snow for the West here especially for the Pacific Northwest
getting more significant snowfall coverage there you’ve had a really
active January can this precipitation stop for the Pacific Northwest
obviously not not for a while all right fortunately all right so rainfall totals
over the next 10 days another additional five to maybe 10 inches of rain up here
across Oregon and Washington over the cross the Cascade Range
Seattle Washington Portland Salem Oregon maybe Crescent City getting in on maybe
a couple of inches of rain there more significant rain and way far out in time
we’re not worried about it yet until it gets closer but there could be another
three to six inches of rain there for central Georgia and the Carolinas and
for Pensacola Florida Panama City Florida extending all the way across
Baton Rouge and also for New Orleans Louisiana keeping an eye on that
rainfall more flooding to be possible unfortunately that’s really about all
you had this winter too much rain we can call it way too much at least no one has
to worry about the snow melting which would be a bad thing alright everybody
thank you all for tuning into this video if you really enjoyed it give this a
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platforms alright everybody everyone have a nice
awesome night and I will most likely see you guys back here tomorrow I’m still
thinking about if I should do a monthly February forecast that if that happens
that maybe tomorrow or probably on Thursday alright everyone have a good
night see you in the next video

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