What It’s Like to Navigate Chicago in a Wheelchair – Rolling On, Ep. 1

What It’s Like to Navigate Chicago in a Wheelchair – Rolling On, Ep. 1

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I live downtown now. My apartment is a block away from the bus that takes me directly to my office. I did that intentionally, because I know it’s not easy to get around. It’s like playing the lottery, you never know
whether train stations have working elevators, if the sidewalks are free of
construction, curbs It’s always a challenge getting around. I’ll read the newspaper. Did you read this? So interesting. When I was 20 years old, I was involved in a pretty horrific car accident and I sustained a spinal cord injury where I pretty much broke my neck. I was told you’ll never walk again,
and yeah, here I am, sitting. Not walking. Daniel, can you bring me my coat? It’s been a journey. It’s been a challenge. Learning every day. I guess our greatest issue usually
is just getting around town. You know, we always have to kind of think about “Where are we gonna go?”
“How are we gonna get there?” Makes it a little bit more complicated for
us to kind of plan our, you know, weekends and vacations and things like that. So I work in downtown Chicago, and I work in Corporate Treasury. It’s kind of a finance job, sitting in front of
the computer most of the day. I’ve picked where I live so I can get on the bus that takes me directly to my office. But, that in itself has been a challenge
sometimes, because everyone’s trying to go to work during rush hour and nobody
really wants to make space for, you know the person in the wheelchair, because they’re looking at their phone didn’t even notice that I’m there. The state of accessibility in Chicago, I
think, it’s… okay. There’s a lot of work to be done. New public spaces that are being designed are intentionally being incorporated with wheelchair access and
ramps, but the biggest challenge for me, I think, being in a wheelchair is just getting around like everyone else. We were out today earlier and it was
raining. People don’t realize that if you’re in a wheelchair you can’t really
hold an umbrella and steer your wheelchair especially for the folks like me who
don’t have a lot of finger function so we’re just kind of at the mercy of the
weather. We tried to call a wheelchair accessible Uber and it was like 20 minutes away. You don’t want to wait in the rain for 20 minutes and so we tried to hop on the next train and there was no elevator. It would have been great to
be able to get up and take this train from this subway platform but, there’s no
elevator yet again so here we are going two or three more blocks to hopefully
find a train station that we can use. Just to get home, like everyone else can
just hop in an Uber and they can get home, but it was it was a challenge just
to get home. So are you excited to try Bar Siena? Yeah I can’t believe we never went. I’m always reading online about new
restaurants opening, I’m always really excited, so I book a reservation,
I’m like Daniel we’re gonna go here and I drag him out and we get there and
there are steps or there’s no way for me to get in. I’m just, I’m always really angry
when I get somewhere and it’s not accessible because it just feels like
it’s segregation because this establishment is open to everyone else but me and it just drives me crazy that I can’t go there. It’s made me not want to go to a lot of places because of that. Sorry. I think the more data out there, the
better. Accessibility is important and the
more people that contribute to this data I would say, the better. It would matter in my day-to-day life so
much because it would make it so much easier for me to feel confident when I
go outside the door and I would encourage everyone that I know to do it, too.

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  • Jackie Alba Post author

    Awesome! What a inspiration she is to all. I am going to be in a wheelchair oneday due to my military disability. I really enjoy donating my time to help other's. Local guide's ROCK!!!

  • Scott Swope Post author

    Thank you for sharing your story Michele. Great to know that something like a review can be helpful – I will do better paying attention in my own reviews

  • Roy Sandoval Post author

    This is a bit touching.. I didn't realize something so small can make a big difference. I'll keep at it

  • FRYM MERINO Post author

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  • James G Post author

    Michele Lee Thank You for being a voice for many who like who have struggles getting around from A to B to be a part of the growing number of people making this information available it's a great feeling knowing that it helps people. You are an amazing women and once again Thank You for being a voice for those who like a lot of us are able to get around without troubles. Many blessings to you.

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  • Sajid Sabir Post author

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    Ya nice one. Pointed something we should notice in mind and can do write about way of accessibility.

  • Pusalieth Post author

    Good video, and good revelation of the need for the "unknown" effect of the "unknown" person. Definitely not good though for others to expect it, just because they are _______. Victim mentality should not be encouraged. Overcomer mentality should be. Otherwise a divide occurs, with true power only in one group's hands. The power to overcome, the power to decide for yourself, to power to be self responsible, and the power to achieve past what you're born with, or environmental conditions have been set in.

  • mee too Post author

    99% of ALL OF US….TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED! It's Time to start Paying Attention to Others, And Not just Our Electrical Devices!

  • Kathryn Watts Post author

    She would have better luck if she lived in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • nordy2010 Post author

    Inspiring story! I already contribute to Google Local Guides, but I'll definitely be making it a point to do it more regularly. I honestly hadn't thought about accessibility with regards to the service. It's on the forefront of my mind now. Kudos to Michele and Daniel!

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    Thank you Michele Lee for staring in this video. Your intelligence, personality, and insight have helped me realize just how important this issue is. Going forward I will do more to try and help make it a more accessible world for all.

  • Lorena Mayen Post author

    I work w/ppl w/desabilities (i take them where they need to go, i am a bus driver) and till now i don't understand companies who build a wheelchairs why they don't add hooks to make easy to tide them down that way they can be comfortable to ride on bus. I like my job but i can't get it why this companies don't care how this person is going to be transporte??? Suppose to they work to make they life easy, huhh … yeah rigth!!!

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    I've never thought about it like that when using Google locals for updates and pictures. When i visit my next location I'll keep people just like yourself in mind to make sure you have access to right information.

  • Dan Comden Post author

    Kudos to Google for this effort. That said, they are really lagging when it comes to accessibility of their major offerings, like Docs, Sheets, etc. I work with a guy who is blind and we can't use the Googleverse because they fail so hard at basic accessibility. It's because they won't adhere to standards that have been around for a long time. I say this as someone who uses Google tools every day, but I have to go elsewhere in order to collaborate with my colleague (who happens to be blind and has a CS master's degree)

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    Hand in hand to build the Nation, humanity is the best response

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    Google! I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart the good work keeping in place for the disadvantaged people around the world. Keep it up

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    My fiancee (who has paraplegia and uses a manual chair) and I were just in Chicago and had similar challenges. Luckily we're used to travelling and piggy backing through inaccessible metro stops because none of our destinations had elevators. We're so glad to see Google step up with this effort and hope to see it continue to grow to make the world more accessible.

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    The buses are fuel efficient. There's also the light rail train. The light rail is quiet and smooth. I take both the bus and light rail because the bus passes are also good for the light rail. The reduced fare passes are best, depending on how long you gonna be in Phoenix, Arizona. Central Station is located on Central and Van Buren, where you can get a bus pass.

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    Thank you Google for reminding me about this and wheelchair accessibility! I work for a company that is supposed to be wheelchair compliant. We are however CUSTOMERS SUCK! We have so many people who just DO NOT THINK that the person who is coming in behind them useually is HANDICAPPED! Some of our customers will take the wood wedge out of the doorways so that others cannot get in or out of restrooms without help. We have people who Just slam the doors in others faces. I have seen people close the bathroom doors then ARGUE with the staff for reopening them for the person whom is obviously handicapped. Then their flimsy argument is " The baby changing table is too close to the door. Someone might see me changing my child." ADN? Who in HELLS BELLS CARES ABOUT A DIRTY DIAPER?! Adults: you are TEN TIMES, then times the size of a small baby. Ok? You can BLOCK THE VIEW OF YOUR BABY WITH YOUR BODY AND THE STROLLER! If you have a cathiter you can go into a STALL to change it! I understand about the single Mom or Dad traveling alone. I get that. I understand that. You have to protect your kids I get that.; but people come on. A little HUMAN OLD FASHIONED DECENCY goes a long way.

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    Loved the video. As an accessibility coordinator in NYC I approach intersections, buildings, bathrooms, events, etc with an accessibility eye, always thinking or putting myself in others shoes who happen to be in a wheelchair and how they might be able to independently move around, get services, food, transportation etc and there are still many challenges ahead to make cities in the US and around the world more accessible to people with disabilities. Let's not forget that providing accessibility is not just about putting ramps, elevators and automatic door openers but also high contrast signage (for people with low vision), braille, auditory signals, truncated domes, ASL interpreters, CART services, etc . I Will be happy to keep contributing to local guides to allow more independence within the disability community.

  • Colin Bennett Post author

    I'm glad I'm a guide. I've been looking for things like this since it isn't cool for businesses to not make it accessible. This really hits close to home because I was so close to being in a similar position. I had two bulged discs that pushed on the nerves that let you walk. I almost lost my ability to walk. Thankfully I got my surgery in time. I encourage other guides to look for wheelchair accessible places as anyone's situation can change at any moment.

  • Fatima Oliveira Post author


  • Gulzeb Rao Post author


    Will any one help me?

    I have a sixth level of Google Local Guide.But Google did not contact me.And I did not get anything from Google.I've done a lot of things in the Google Map but everything is pending.Tell me what I do?

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    This was very eye opening. I am a level 6 local guide and try my best to pay attention to detail when it comes to places I visit. I will definitely start being more focused on looking out for which places are wheelchair accessible and listing that. I don't even know her and I am so proud of her! You are an inspiration!

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  • Charlie le'muel Southerland Post author

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